31 Clever Clothes Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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If you’re living in a small space, you know that finding enough storage for your clothes can be a real challenge. With limited closet or dresser space, it can be tough to keep your clothes organized and in good condition.

But don’t let a small space get you down! With the right clothing storage solutions, you can make the most of your limited space and keep your clothes organized. From clever hanging solutions to space-saving organizers, we have shared a variety of clothes storage ideas for small spaces that will help you maximize your storage.

Whether you’re living in a tiny apartment or just have a small closet, these clothes storage ideas will help you make the most of your space and also keep your clothes accessible and easy to find.


31 Clever Clothes Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

1. Grab some hangers

Via awwsam

Hangers can help in storing a lot of clothes since they are thin and make stacking easier. You can easily buy hangers as they’re available. Moreover, opting for matching hangers is even much better as they’ll also look aesthetically pleasing. This hack will save a lot of room in your closet.

2. Rolling Cart

SimpleHouseware Heavy Duty 3-Tier Metal Utility Rolling Cart, White

Rolling carts are very essential as they’re small in size, deep enough to store things, and easily portable. Fill a rolling cart with your usual shoes, or store socks, scarves, and other small accessories to save space. The best part about rolling carts is that they fit in small spaces and create more storage.

Buy this rolling cart here

3. Add a clothing rack

IRIS USA Clothing Rack, Clothes Rack with 3 Wood Shelves, Freestanding Clothing Rack, Easy to Assemble Garment Rack, Standing Metal Sturdy Clothing Rack, Small Space Storage Solution, White


A clothing rack in the corner of your bedroom can save space in your closet while also adding beautiful decor to your home. The main thing is that it allows you to hang additional items that are taking up too much space in your current closet. You can also utilize it as a freestanding closet.

Buy this Clothing Rack here.

4. Fabric Storage Bins

DECOMOMO Storage Bins | Fabric Storage Basket for Shelves for Organizing Closet Shelf Nursery Toy | Decorative Large Linen Closet Organizers with Handles Cubes (Grey and White, Large - 3 Pack)

Fabric storage bins go a long way in your closet because you can stack them and make use of every inch of vertical space. In these bins, you can store bulky clothes such as puffer jackets or sweaters that take up most of the space in your closet. And they add an element of decor too if bought in a neutral shade.

Buy it here.

5. DIY Box Closet System

Via makingitinthemountains

Who knew making one’s own closet can be this easy? Thanks to the “Making it in the mountain” blogger’s tutorial! You can easily make a closet out of wooden boxes of various sizes. You’ll only need to arrange them according to your things’ needs such as taller cubbies for long coats, smaller cubbies for flat shoes, and so on.

6. Vertical Shower Ring Hanger

Via hip2save

Are you a fan of scarves and have loads of them? If so, then storing them at a good spot is vital. But if you’re using a hanger for each scarf, then that’s going to cause less storage. To evade this, use shower rings to build individual holders for your whole collection. You’ll surely get to buy more scarves and store them henceforth.

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7. Oversized Storage Bag Organizer 

Keep only the items that make you happy when you wear them. We’ve all been in a rut of wearing clothes we don’t particularly care for, and we don’t think to incorporate some of our favorite pieces into our usual wardrobe. Use a heavy-duty, big storage bag to keep anything you don’t need so you can simply donate it to a good cause.

Buy the bag here

8. Stacked Suitcases

Via 17apart

Stacking old suitcases can give your bedroom a wonderful creative flair while also providing useful storage for your clothes. If you have large outfits that are only needed say during winter, then keeping them stored inside these suitcases will surely work out. You can easily stack suitcases on top of each other without having to build anything!

9. Label everything

Via abeautifulmess

Many a time, we tend to forget what we have in stock and buy a new item. To avoid that, try labeling your storage boxes so you know what clothes you already have at hand. Memory power can really trick us, so this labeling hack will come in handy.

10. DIY drawer organizer

Via thriftdiving

With easy-to-make organizers, you can quickly locate scarves, socks, or your favorite swimwear. You won’t have to find a special area to store all these tiny clothes when you can utilize your available drawer and a DIY organizer. Use vibrant and patterned scrapbook paper to make dividers which also add a splash of color to your drawers.

11. Pant Hangers

SOSOPIN Space Saving Pants Hangers Non-Slip Clothes Organizer 5 Layered Pants Rack for Scarf Jeans Trousers (Grey, 2 Pcs)

Pants are essential and pretty much nobody in this era lives without them. If you’re a huge fan of pants, be it striped, plain, or another style, keeping them hung in a place can save some space. Invest in a couple of pant rack hangers as they’re cost-effective and serve the purpose well.

12. Hang them down

Via abeautifulmess

When it comes to arranging hats, bags, and jewelry, you needn’t really have to find a place inside your closet or even require one. Hooks are your best friend as they can be pinned anywhere to hang all these essentials which in turn will look like home decor. Sounds great ain’t it?

13. Use soda tabs in hanger for space

Via theshabbycreekcottage

Hangers stacked close to each other give benefits, but what if they’re stacked on top of each other? Too much storage space isn’t it? To make this idea come true, all you need are soda tabs. Then insert the hook of two hangers into the two holes each. Voila! A hanger over a hanger is ready.

14. Hanging copper pipe rack

Via abeautfiulmess

Speaking of small spaces, we should make use of each possible space but not cramp it. With this in mind, we found this amazing DIY idea where a copper pipe rack is attached to the ceiling to hang in clothes. This will keep your clothes high from the ground and give you floor space as well.

15. DIY closet shelves

Via lovelyetc

This idea is nothing but making your own fabric bins that look stunning and also act as a shelf. With the tutorial, some fabric of your choice, you can build these bins and keep them at a specific place. As these fabrics will match each other, they will look so organized and neat, anywhere you place them.

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16. Build your drawers

Via iheartorganizing

It doesn’t mean you can’t add drawers to your closet if it doesn’t already have them. Check out how this blogger bought mesh pantry storage and transformed it into a drawer system to keep clothes! With these drawers, you can organize your clothes by activity, such as work, weekends, and workouts.

17. DIY laundry hamper

Via makingniceinthemidwest

Instead of burying your hamper somewhere to not be seen, try to hang it on a hook on the back of your closet door. If you’re wondering why, well, laundry hampers needn’t always have to be for hampers. They can also work as cloth storage when you want to keep clothes that you’ll soon be wearing say for a meeting or a date. It’s a great way to not forget your dress idea as well. 

18. Use Pegboards

Pegboards are really multi-functional. And so, buying one and hanging it on your wall can help you in hanging your scarves, tank tops, and also the clothes that you removed after a short work outside! Either way, these pegboards will work as cloth storage and also aid in keeping accessories.

19. No-slip hangers

Via inmyownstyle

Even opening your closet to find your tank tops clumsily lying inside because of a slippery hanger that failed its work! Nothing causes havoc in your closet like shirts that keep falling off their hangers and we totally understand that. Fortunately, pipe cleaners can prevent that embarrassing mishap.

20. Add hooks to your closet door

Via centsandorder

Hooks can really work wonders if they’re put in the right areas. To widen your closet space, attach some hooks to the back of the closet door. This way, you can store additional clothes and not worry about space.

21. Cami Hanger

via flipflopsandsnowboots

Dear ladies, isn’t it amazing to open your closet and find your lingeries safely hanging without wrinkles? Yes, it is definitely a pleasure to see that. To make this happen, use a creative circle-shaped hanger to keep them all together on one hook. They’ll also look stunning and add a decorative touch to your closet.

22. Hang jeans in S hooks

HongWay 15 Pack Large S Hooks for Hanging, Stainless Steel Metal Heavy Duty S Hooks for Kitchen, Work Shop, Bathroom(4.3", Diameter 4mm)

Hanging S hooks on a rod is an easy technique to rapidly enhance your closet storage space. With these hooks, you can hang all your heavy jeans and pants to make your closet look less clumsy. These hooks can also be added to other racks ideas that we previously mentioned.

23. Mesh rack on the closet door

Via katelphotography

Here’s another hack to make use of the space behind the closet door. You can attach spice racks or mesh racks which will work as mini baskets to keep rolled t-shirts, scarves, undergarments, and such. You can also attach spice racks to your bedroom door or on the wall to store clothes, they’ll add a nice appeal to the room too!

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24. Keep clothes according to seasons

Via Instagram/thecreativemom

This Instagrammer’s idea caught our eyes as it is practical and easy to set up. This Instagrammer has filled baskets with items that are appropriate for the season, such as snow clothes or swimming suits. Then, as the seasons change, switching it accordingly will get her idea come out all done. Logical!

25. Use a Fruit hanger

You might wonder what a fruit storage product has to do with clothes. So, here’s the idea. Buying this hanger can help you to store scarves, lingerie, socks, and such small clothes that are often used. This way, it will allow you to never lose them while adding a unique touch to your room.

Buy it here.

26. Shelf above the door

Via the2seasons

The empty spot above your bedroom door is something to make use of. Check out this DIY where shelves are done above the bathroom door to store towels. In the same way, you can install a storage shelf above your bedroom door to store clothes.

27. DIY slide-out scarf and belt organizers

Via viewalongtheway


Belts, ties, and scarves might look smaller than other garments, but actually, their sheer length can take up a lot of room. To get rid of that trouble here is a slide-out DIY storage rack that can fit all three sorts of equipment in a small amount of space.

28. Under bed storage containers

Most of the beds come with a lot of space under them. So why not make use of it? Rather than dust accumulating, make use of storage containers, fill clothes in and send them under the bed. This is a convenient hack that will do its work all good!

29. KonMari method

Via Goop

Learning superior folding and hanging techniques will maximize your wardrobe space. Tucking bras inside each other to reduce drawer space, as well as fitting little purses or bags into larger ones, are some simple techniques. When organizing sweaters or shirts in a drawer, another helpful suggestion is to employ the vertical folding approach rather than piling. Learn more here.

30. Over-the-door shoe organizer

Here’s another over-the-door hack like the mesh rack idea before – using over-the-door shoe organizer pouches easily available on Amazon. These products come with transparent pouches which makes it easier for one to see what’s inside. You can employ this item and store undergarments, t-shirts and other tiny clothes.

31. DIY rustic coat rack

Via Lizmarieblog

Winter coats tend to take up the most space in a closet, leaving little to no space for the remaining dresses or pants. This is why putting a coat rack in your bedroom or at the front door will help you make the most of your space. Here’s a DIY that will also help you in grabbing your coat while you’re in hurry.

With these innovative clothes storage solutions, you can turn your small space into a functional and organized wardrobe. From maximizing hanging space to utilizing under-bed storage, these solutions will help you make the most of your limited space.

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