41 Space-Saving Desk Organization Ideas

desk organization ideas

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It can be hard to stay organized and productive when your desk is cluttered. Not only this is a major distraction but also it makes it hard to find what you need. The average person wastes 4.3 hours each week looking for misplaced items.

A cluttered desk can lead to a cluttered mind, and that’s the last thing you need when you’re trying to get things done. These desk organization ideas can help you declutter your desk and regain control of your workspace to get more done. From vertical storage to using trays and organizers, we’ve got the perfect solution for you.


41 Space-Saving Desk Organization Ideas

1. DIY Picture Frame Message Boards

Via Polished Habitat

One of the cheapest and smartest ways you can organize your desk is by minimizing the clutter of notes and lists you always find strewn around. These DIY picture frame message boards can be hung up above the desk and serve as excellent list makers. The glass cover protects them from dust and gives them a cute look!

2. Chalkboard Calendar To Keep You Organized

Via Goodhousekeeping

Your desk serves as a reminder for all your essential tasks and jobs for the day; however, a calendar, a list of notes, and other information end up taking a lot of space. One way you can quickly minimize this is by adding a chalkboard calendar. This way, you will have all you need in front of you without crowding the limited space.

3. Fold-Out Wall Desk 

Via Goodhousekeeping

The one thing that instantly pops up in our head when we hear space saving is a fold-out desk. This idea is perfect for those with limited space to work with and who don’t need a stationary desk 24×7. To make the most of it, you can use it as a showcase or a pinboard when not in use.

4. Rolling Cart To Save Space


When adding a full-blown cabinet shelf to your room doesn’t sound possible, you can use a much less space invasive solution – a rolling cart. It gives you the flexibility to store and display a plethora of items and move them around with ease. You can spray-paint an old cart or buy a new one, whichever way suits your budget best.

5. A Rotating Organizer 

Gamenote Rotating Art Supply Organizer - Lazy Susan Office School Supplies for Kids Desk Organizers and Storage Homeschool Craft Caddy Classroom Organization (Large)

A 360-degree rotating art supply organizer sounds like something that has the ability to solve all problems, as far as your messy desk is concerned. This 7- container rotating tray is an excellent space-saving product you can keep at your desk. It is durable and helps you stack plenty of stuff with easy access to everything.

Check it on Amazon.

6. Add A Pull-Out Shelf To Your Desk

Via Apartmenttherapy

Does having a box of wood as a desk make sense to you? To us, it doesn’t so we came across this solution of installing two doors in it. This gives you enough space to hide away your machines, like a printer, and doesn’t use any extra space, thereby keeping your desk neat.

7. DIY Wooden Desk Corner Organizer 

Via The Lovely Drawer

Piling files over one another is inevitable, but you can give it a modern twist with this DIY wooden desk organizer. It is a beautiful corner arrangement that can hold all your files in a sorted, neat way. 

8. Modern Corkboard Desk Organizer

Via Sugarandcloth

Corkboards are coming back in style and we totally recommend you create this modern cork board cum desk organizer. You can place it in a frame or place it vertically on your desk so that you can pin and organize your to-do lists and notes without taking any extra space.

9. Bridge Two Dressers To Make A Desk

Via Goodhousekeeping

If you already have or intend to keep dressers in your room, you don’t need to invest space and money on a desk too. You can simply bridge the dressers using a wooden plank to turn them into a desk. You’ll end up with a perfect desk that has good leg space and drawers for storage.

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10. Hide The Charging Point Inside A Drawer 


This concealed charging point is one of the best desk organization hacks we’ve come across. Having too many appliances on the desk can quickly become a nightmare, with all the cords and wires. So, hide them away in your in-built charging drawer and keep the area neat and tangle-free.

11. Use A Magnetic Strip For Craft Tools 


If you’re a craft person and have more craft knives than you can count, you will relate to the struggle of finding them cluttered all over your desk. Lucky for you, we have an easy solution – a magnetic strip. This will allow you to strap your tools easily and make sure they’re where you want them to be all the time.

12. Hang A Mason Jar Wooden Board 

Via Letsdiyitall

We have found a super cute and affordable way to save space and organize your desk at the same time. This idea uses a rustic wooden board with mason jars strapped to it. You can fill it with pens, post-its, and colors and hang it right over your desk.

13. DIY Chalkboard Desk

Via Sugarandcloth

Saving space is all about finding innovative ways to use already available tools to get the job done, like this DIY chalkboard desk that uses geometric pieces of chalkboard tape to make notes rather than a big chalkboard that would end up taking more space than required.

14. Embroidered Desk Organizer 

Via Thecraftedlife

Whoever said that simplifying storage and organizing is dull was completely wrong because this adorable embroidered desk organizer begs to differ. It is the cutest DIY project we are sure you’ll enjoy, both creating and placing at your desks.

15. Hook Cords To The Back Of Your Desk 

Via Cleanandscentsible

Clean And Scentisible have a lot of organization ideas up their sleeves, but this desk organization solution of hooking the cords of monitors, chargers, and other machines to the back of the desk caught our eye. It keeps your cords out of the way and uses only two stick-on hooks to do so.

16. Compartmentalize your Drawers 


Cardboard comes in handy in more ways than you can count, and one of those is to create compartments on your desk. Not only is this idea a classic space saver, but it also means that you don’t have to spend minutes finding those lost paper clips. It organizes and stores everything in neat compartments thus, making life easier.

17. Mount Storage Units Up High 

Via Apartmenttherapy

Desk space often limits our storage ideas to eye level, but this is changing with new storage solutions, like this storage box installed high up on the wall. It is an ideal solution to store all your old files, which are too important to be thrown away so that your desk is free of clutter.

18. Use Floating Shelves 


We won’t disagree that eye-level storage is a good idea as it keeps things nearby, but we would argue that there are better and more efficient ideas to go about it than just placing containers. Floating shelves, for instance, are sophisticated ways of using wall space over your desk without overcrowding it entirely. As a plus point, they’re very aesthetic too.

19. Recycle Coffee Pods

Via Apartmenttherapy

Did we mention that we can help you save space and be environment friendly at the same time? Well, reusing your coffee pods as storage holders for items like pins, staples, paper clips, and other tidbits seems like a great idea. You could do the same with old boxes or mugs too.

20. Personalized Monitor Wooden Platform 


A platform for your monitor may sound like something that will take more space and save less but trust us, it’s the opposite. You can personalize the wooden platform to include compartments where your phone, pens, etc. can be kept. Additionally, the risen monitor gives free under-platform space to keep notebooks.

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21. Mesh File Organizer

Via Polishedhabitat

File folders on your desk act as a great tool to remind you to not leave your files strewn around. What’s better though, are labeled file organizers like this gold-painted mesh one. You can organize your files in separate categories of read, shop, and plan.

22. DIY Pullout Keyboard Tray 

Via Yellowbrickhome

Having an office space in your home can take up a lot of space; add a keyboard tray to the desk, and you find yourself constantly bumping into it left, right and center. This DIY project helps you create a moving tray that will hide under the desk when not in use and give you space to move around with ease.

23. Add Wall Pockets To The Sides Of Your Desk 

Wall File Organizer Holder Wall Mount Hanging File Organizer Door Office Supplies Storage Magazine Mail Envelope Planner Single Pocket -- FKTXCO

It’s not very often that you come across affordable products that are super functional and don’t even take much space. These wall pockets are one of our favorite desk organization items as they can stick on walls, on the side of the desk without crowding it, and store all your files.

Get them here.

24. Use Clear Drawer Dividers

Via Wearescout

Almost everyone has a drawer in their desk, but not everyone has the time to DIY cardboard compartments, which brings us to these clear drawer dividers. This helps in two ways – it creates sections to store items neatly and allows you to spot what you need in the drawer right away.

25. Plywood Desk Organizer 

Via Poppytalk

Using vertical space is one thing, but no one mentions how. So we’ve included this plywood DIY desk organizer so that you can create your own. It manages the chaos of the desk and can be personalized by making a few tweaks in the design.

26. Build A Drawer With Diagonal Sections

Via Thekitchn

Using an entire drawer to store just one laptop charger may seem like a waste of space, so what do you do? You create diagonal drawer sections like the ones shown here. This will allow you to separate cords so that they don’t tangle and still be able to store more than one.

27. Hang Your Headphones

Via Apartmenttherapy

Hanging a coat rack inside your study room is bound to sound weird to most people, but it comes in handy. Especially if you’re a gamer with lots of headphones, earphones, chargers, etc. It is ideal to hang them a little high so as to keep them away from harm and organized.

28. Replace Big Calendars With DIY Flip Calendars


We’re here to help you save space and organize your desk simultaneously, which means eliminating the oversized calendars and replacing them with this DIY flip calendar. It takes almost no space and can also act as a personal touch, breaking the monotony of your desk.

29. Dollar Store Cookie Sheet Magnet Board

Via Apartmenttherapy

If you’re someone who enjoys creative and fun DIY projects, then you’ll love this tutorial for creating a dollar store magnetic board to hang above your desk. It is an uber-cool DIY project that uses a cheap cookie sheet and can hold all your reminders for the day in one place.

30. Organize Notes Using Wall Mounted Clipboards


Some of you may not have the time or patience to create a magnetic board but still wish to have something to stick your notes on. This is where the wall-mounted clipboards come in. Stick them on your walls using hooks or tape, and plan projects effortlessly. You can even color-code your notes to organize them more efficiently.

31. Recycle Dish Drainer As A File Sorter


Upcycling things to reuse them for different purposes is not only fun but also suitable for your pockets. This idea of reusing the dish drainer as a file sorter is a go-to for someone who likes to use less desk space but still wants their files all sorted and ready to tackle.

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32. Clamp A Lamp To Your Desk 

Via Apartmenttherapy

Some things are important to complete the look of your desk, a lamp being one of them. But it gets very difficult to place a good lamp on your desk when you don’t have enough space. So, we came across the idea of using a lamp that can be clamped to the edge of the desk. It is extremely convenient and we’re for sure trying it out!

33. Upcycled Tin Cans 

Via Mountainmodernlife

Creating a single plank of containers to store everything you need on your desk is possible with this DIY tin can storage organizer. It is a fun project involving used tin cans to create an aesthetically pleasing desk organizer. You can even paint and decorate it to fit the look of your desk.

34. Install A Large Pegboard Behind Your Desk 

Via Fabricpaperglue

One idea we can never get enough of is a pegboard. For someone who has a lot of materials but not enough desk space, a large vertical pegboard can be a godsend. This enables you to hang everything in a practical yet stylish way – without using extra space.

35. Mini Pegboard For Desk 


A mini pegboard is a compact version of the large vertical pegboard we showed you previously. It is something you can easily find or even create when you don’t have space for a bigger pegboard in your room.

36. DIY Hanging Bucket Caddy


If you have a cute aesthetic that you don’t want to ruin just because you need to organize your desk, then this bucket caddy is the perfect idea for you. It uses tiny dollar store buckets that can be hung on a rod to minimize the desk space without any worry.

37. Create Cord Holders With Binder Clips


Our dislike for scattered cords makes us love any DIY project that keeps them organized and away from the working space. This idea of using binder clips and decorative tape to hold the ends of chargers and plugs at the edge of the desk is one of our absolute favorite ways to tackle wires.

38. Upcycled Cereal Boxes 


If you go through cereal boxes as fast as we do, then you can put them to good use. Why invest in a big magazine organizer for your desk when you can use cereal boxes to store them? You can even use them as file sorters after decorating them the way you want.

39. Spice Rack To Store Little Items 


As weird as it may sound, a spice rack is a very functional tool when it comes to organization, and that goes beyond the kitchen. This image, for example, shows us how to use a spice rack to store little items such as paper clips and stapler pins, without having to invest in boxes and holders.

40. DIY Pegboard Wall 

Via Placeofmytaste

As we said, we cannot get enough of pegboards. However, this one is a complete stunner as it saves space by using most of it. A pegboard wall covering an entire section of your room allows you to hang everything across the span of one wall and optimize space according to your needs.

41. Mix Shelves And Boxes 

Via Apartmenttherapy

We saved a classic for the last – boxes and shelves. Filling wall space with shelves and boxes is one of the best ways to go when you need extra space as it uses what’s already available. You can even label boxes to create your own storage system. 

All of these space-saving desk organization ideas work wonderfully well by themselves or when paired with each other. We hope you found some fun DIY projects to try from this list and found ideas that don’t require much of your time but give your desk an organized and finished look.  

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