8 Craft Room Organization Ideas You Definitely Need To Know

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Do you wish a stunning craft room like the ones you see in photos, even on google? I know that it is very difficult to keep the craft room always clean. This includes the time while you are working on some amazing crafts when the room is ought to be dirty. That’s why you can’t have it neat and tidy always. Keeping things tidy is a big problem for many crafters, they get so involved in the process making them the least careless about the rest of the stuff. And it’s very common. Artists are generally considered messy.

But keeping that temple of creativity organized is not impossible at all. You can be both creative and organized by changing a few things and changing some of your habits importantly.

The craft room organizing solutions that you need can differ because each and every crafty mind has different interests. For example, if you are inclined towards paper crafts, then you need ideas for your craft stationery and papers, if you are interested in sketching and painting like me, then you need a solution for your paint bottles, brushes, sheets; likewise if you are inclined towards wooden crafts, then your requirements would be different. That is there, some organization ideas can be used for any craft room.

Below are a variety of organizing ideas for your craft room to stay organized while you are boosting your creativity.


First of all, you need to plan the ‘craft room’. What I mean by saying this is that you need to figure out places for storage furniture such as shelves, and organizers. You need to look at the walls and find the most space friendly place and a place that fits well.

You are required to prepare a plan. This plan should simply determine how will you utilize the space or in how much space you will allow for the furniture? What type of furniture units you should include? Where will your working space be?

And answers to all of these questions will be different for everyone because you all don’t have the same room, so just these basic principles apply. You can answer these questions for yourself very easily depending on what scale are you planning your room or how much stuff you have or you want to keep in it.

If you have more stuff you need more organizers and if you are planning to keep it minimalistic you don’t require much shelvings and furniture. Space just should not look cramped. So plan your stuff according to the size of the room or the place.

Pegboard with bins for storage

Pegboard Bins - 12 Pack Black - Hooks to Any Peg Board - Organize Hardware, Accessories, Attachments, Workbench, Garage Storage, Craft Room, Tool Shed, Hobby Supplies, Small Parts

Pegboards are an amazing way to keep your supplies organized. It is very useful for organizing your stationery and tools so that they are handy. Install your pegboard such that it is within your reach when you are working at your regular place, generally the crafts table so that you have easy access to the tools which you require the most.

You can hang all the tools required for making wooden crafts and keep the smaller ones in the bins attached to it. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you, you can attach bins to it as shown in the picture so that more stuff can be accommodated. You can assign various categories to the bins and keep your supplies accordingly.

Having the pegboard near your work area has another advantage. You tend to keep the things back which belong to the pegboard immediately after using them as it is easily accessible. Otherwise, my guess is you and every other person generally scatters around the things. I can understand this because you get those things from different corners around the room and you don’t really wish to get up in between to keep them back, so they keep laying there.

Buy a pegboard and storage bins.

Craft storage organizer caddy tote

mDesign Plastic Portable Craft Storage Organizer Caddy Tote, Divided Basket Bin for Craft, Sewing, Art Supplies - Holds Paint Brushes, Colored Pencils, Stickers, Glue, Yarn - Small, 2 Pack - Clear

This basket is devoted to keeping basic stationery such as pens, pencil, crayons, paint brushes, and any other stuff you wish to keep organized. It is divided into various sections, thus giving multiple storage options.

Its portability is another advantage, its handle makes it easy to pull it off from the place where you keep it. Keep them on the racks to make them more organized and convenient to keep stuff.

You can use it for your other rooms as well. Get one here.

Multiple shelving units with a table

Ameriwood Home London Hobby Desk, White

I was scrolling the Amazon webpage and found this amazing piece of furniture. Wouldn’t be this kind of table very easy for you while working on your craft? You can keep many of your craft supplies in those shelves of the furniture piece and have an instant and easy access to it when you are working.

So this piece serves a 2 in 1 function. The table can be used when you are making crafts or even as a study table and the shelves provide good storage space.

Check it out here.

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Multi-Level organizer

STORi Clear Plastic Multi-Level Craft Organizer

Again, amazing stuff which will immensely help you in organizing your craft room. It is ideal for ribbon, paint bottles, and ink pads storage. It is easy to assemble and has a good storage option in the form of various compartments.

Does it utilize much space? Umm… I guess no.

Does it store a good amount of your stuff? Umm… I guess yes.

So I guess you should definitely try it out. Buy it here.

Get rid of unnecessary stuff

Whenever you are trying to organize, this is one of the most important steps and I will keep on repeating it every time, doesn’t matter if you get frustrated. It is the truth. Unless you get rid of the unnecessary stuff, things that you don’t require or I can say ‘waste’, you won’t be very successful with the organization. Because these things just eat up your space which otherwise you could have utilized to store something useful.

When you are cleaning up, you will surely find many things which you don’t require or things which you have kept for nobody knows what purpose. Toss them out and feel more spacious. Every useless thing which you throw away will make space for a useful thing.

Have some mobile storage

ECR4Kids 6-Drawer Mobile Organizer, Assorted Colors

Mobile organizer carts can be very helpful. Some things are required to be on wheels so that you can easily move them. You can use these for easy access when the space near your working table falls short of handling your frequently used supplies. Like, we generally require various types of paints but we can’t just keep all the paint bottles near our working place, so keeping all those different paint bottles in this cart will make things easy for you.

Whenever you are working move this organizer near your working table to use the supplies and then after finishing the work, just move it back to its place. Simple.

Yarn storage shelves

Innovative Home Creations Colonial 4850-BLK 6-Shelf Yarn and Craft Organizer, 48 by 11 by 11-Inch, Black

When you have this, you don’t need anything else for keeping your yarn balls. A must-have for people whose hobby is sewing and knitting! Buy one here.

What are your thoughts on these ideas? How are you planning to go about organizing your craft room? If you like the post, do share it!

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