31 Brilliant Craft Room Organization Ideas

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It can be hard to keep your craft room organized and functional. The space can quickly become cluttered and unusable.

And if you’re like most crafters, your craft room is probably a mess. With supplies and materials scattered everywhere, it’s hard to find what you need when you need it, which can slow down your crafting process.

We’ve gathered some easy craft room organization ideas that will help you organize your craft room once and for all. From storage solutions to tips on how to use every inch of space, we have everything you need to get your craft room in order.


31 Brilliant Craft Room Organization Ideas

1. Giant Pegboard Craft Organizer

Via Gingersnapcrafts

This giant pegboard is both fashionable and functional. Not only does it look wonderful, but it also serves the purpose of storing all the craft materials you have on it. One of the biggest hits about this idea is that it’ll take really less time to set up.

2. PVC Pipe Paint Storage

Vai Hometalk

Who knew PVC pipes can become a fresh storage item? This simple method using wire shelves and PVC pipes can let you store your creative paints on the wall. This nifty idea will do the work of storing your paint bottles neatly while also giving off a unique look to your craft room.

3. Muffin Tin Hack

Via Tatteredstyle

An old muffin tin can be used as a storage container where you can put in your board pins, staplers, stickers, clips, and such tiny craft items. All of those little compartments are the perfect size for storing every tiny craft tool that is pretty dangerous to keep unorganized. Plus you can easily pick up what you want without rummaging.

4. Toilet Paper Roll Tube And Box Hack

Via thepartyevent

Toiler paper roll tubes are thrown away once the use is done. Well, hereafter do not because we’re going to paint them and place them inside a plastic box to create a craft pen/pencil storage. This will look so cute and creative that you’ll be blown away by the end result which only requires a few hours and less cost.

5. Stackable Mason Jars For Pens

Via masonjarcraftslove

Stacking Mason jars is a great idea as they’ll be in place and also naturally look very beautiful. If you want, you can also paint your mason jars or stick cute stickers on them to adorn them. Once they are stacked, these mason jars will look like tiny open shelves where you can keep your pens, pencils, and markers.

6. Organizing Embroidery Floss

Via heatherjslife

This is definitely a very vibrant and fun idea! If you have loads of embroidery floss then you can make use of clips to display your beautiful hues. This is a great idea to have a well-organized embroidery floss stash that can be done in just an hour.

7. Colorful Tin Hack

Via worldofpineapple

With this colorful tin can organizer, you can keep your craft items in order. These are ideal for use at your home, workplace, or studio, as well as as a one-of-a-kind handmade gift. For this project, all you need are tin cans, printable scrapbook paper, measuring tape, scissors, glue, or double-sided tape, that’s it.

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8. Cork Trivets To Store Pens

Via designformankind

When it comes to vertical storage, a stack of cork trivets with holes drilled through them makes for a pretty cute alternative. You can make this storage project and add as many holes as per your pen requirement. You can also make 2 to 3 of these and keep them around your house as well.

9. DIY Wire Basket Shelves

Via sugarbeecrafts

With a wooden board, a few nails, and a few wire baskets, you can make a stunning shelf that can be used to organize the paint bottles. This is such an easy and cute-looking idea that will do the work all fine and also become a decor, automatically. Trust the process!

10. Bucket Station

Via Polishedhabitat

Mini metal buckets can be used for various purposes. And today, we’re going to look at a tutorial that will guide us to create a cute bucket station that will hold craft items. With metal buckets, a towel rod, and some cloth to use as a rope, one can nail this cute DIY project in no time.

11. Spice Rack And Spice Bottles For Beads

Via Remodelaholic

Ever wondered how to keep the tiny beads all segregated and safe? If so, here is a way out for you. All you need is a 3 to 4 tier spice rack and tiny transparent bottles that’ll fit right in. Once this is arranged, you only need to put them in your beads category wise which will make things easier when you need them.

12. Plastic Container For Sequins

Via Instagram/acraftybeenamdgee

Sequins are again tiny colorful things like beads that need attention. With a plastic container with dividers, you can easily keep your tiny tiny sequin items in place. This hack is also great for keeping beads, pins, and other small craft items.

13. Use a Bookcase

Furinno Luder Bookcase / Book / Storage , 7-Cube, White

Who said bookshelves are only for books? Get a white color bookcase (white because it accentuates any wall color) and stack your craft items all together in one place. The taller the shelves the better the storage.

Buy it here!

14. Organize And Label With Altoid Tins

Via Flickr

If you’ve got spare altoid tins, grab them and try not throwing any of those anymore because they’re a great item for a hack. These tins stack well and will not slide about or tumble over. This means you can keep your craft tools that fit in the tins and label them for easy access. Cool and cheap hack, isn’t it?

15. Wine Rack For Yarns

Via repeatcrafterme

A wine rack with distinct compartments for wine bottles can now be hacked as a space for yarns! We all know yarns come in beautiful hues, and keeping them categorized is an easy way to make use of them. With this DIY idea, you can also get benefitted within a few hours of set-up.

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16. DIY Magnetic Pin Holder

Via Sewlicioushomedecor

This magnetic pin holder will come in handy for any sewing project and will look great on your sewing table. All you need for this simple DIY project is a dollar store candy dish and some magnets. Simply hot glue your plate to your stand and tape the magnet to the bottom of your plate. All done!

17. Hanging Ribbon Organizer

Via inmyownstyle

You can make a really cool ribbon storage solution and hang it in your sewing space which will look so unique and functional. This project requires no sawing, drilling, or painting, so even a beginner can ace this project. Now that’s a boon, right?

18. Bobbin Bouquet

Via sewlicioushomedecor

Bobbin bouquets are necessary for every craft lover, we truly say. Simply place your bobbins in a shaker jar with a couple of skewers which will end up being super useful to you. You can keep a bouquet of bobbins by your sewing machine so that you don’t have to go looking for one when you need one!

19. Arrange Your Baker’s Twine

Via damasklove

This Bakers Twine Organizer is totally one of the cutest DIY you’ll see for organizing the twine. This beautiful square dowel back idea keeps all your baker’s twine in place while also giving an artistic appeal to the wall. Look at it, it is an art by itself!

20. Salt Shakers For Glitters

Via organizethings

Glitter sparkles are so beautiful to look at but if they’re dazzled everywhere due to an accident, the cleaning can become a hassle. To get that situation off the bay, you can use salt shakers as a storage place. You can pour different shades of glitter into each salt shaker and simply use the mini holes in the bottle to get the glitter out. Easy way!

21. Mason Jar Twine Holder

Via acasarella

If you have different spools of twine to store, this Mason jar twine holder project is for you! To put the spools on something, you’ll need to thread a bolt through the top of the lid, and then cut apertures in the top of the lid. After this to pull out the twine, keep the ends of the twine at the opening of the lid. Voila!

22. DIY Doily Pencil Cup

Via hellonicabella

Upcycling used doilies and cups can really become the craft of your day if you follow this tutorial. To add a splash of color to your workstation and keep it clutter-free, you can put a little effort and making this DIY cup that stores all the color pencils and pens in one place. A perfect solution for a simple DIY lover.

23. Picture Frame To Store Twine

Via 32turns

Got an old photo frame that you’re about to give out or throw away? Please do not, ‘cause here’s another antique-looking baker twine DIY that’ll look stunning. Using some cup hooks, you can keep your twines in shape and securely.

24. Lazy Susan Art Buckets

Via infarrantlycreative

Lazy susans are pretty trending, always, due to their multi-functional attributes. Speaking of them, you can also use one in your craft room, by placing tiny buckets on them in which you can keep all the “often” used craft tools. Whenever you want to keep changing your article, you can spin the lazy susan and reach what you need.

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25. Organizing Trims And Ribbons With Tic Tacs

Via prettyprudent

Tic Tac boxes are usually saved by many, not known for what, but are collected because they’re stackable and look cute. Well, let’s make use of them now! You can use these boxes to hold ribbons, lace, washi tape, and other craft supplies that fit right in. This is a very adorable solution that you can use for a variety of things!

26. Acrylic Paint Storage Using Spice Racks

Via Carlaschauer

If you have a large number of acrylic paint bottles, then it is high time to keep them neatly arranged. With any fantastic low-cost spice rack, you can create a special place in your craft room that will hold all these paint bottles in place. This is an easy and effective method to stop your bottles from breaking.

27. DIY Cereal Box Dividers

Via iheartorganizing

The best thing about DIY is that no money will be heavily spent but an expensive item’s lookalike can be made. With that being said, here is a colorful drawer divider DIY idea where you’ll be creating space for all your craft tools to stay category-wise. With cereal boxes and some craft papers, you can make this idea come possible.

28. Vinyl Paper Holder

Via sweetredpoppy

This is a truly wonderful hack from Sweet Red Poppy that will have all of your vinyl sorted in minutes for little to nothing! With their tutorial, you can make a picture-perfect spot that will store all your vinyl sheets neatly and in a decorative way. You’ll love it!

29. Mason Jar Craft Storage

Via Hometalk

Another quick and easy way to arrange a plethora of small items such as rubber bands, glue sticks, pearls, beads, and others is inside a Mason Jar. Damn, mason jars are really useful aren’t they? Anyway, by using mason jars you can keep all the tools neatly separated and also add labels to the lids. This way, you can spot what you need while crafting.

30. Ribbon Cart

Via thecraftingchicks

People can never stop swooning when it comes to IKEA products. Check out how an IKEA Raskorg cart has been transformed into ribbon storage. With just a beautiful shaded cart, some mason jars, and yes, your ribbons, you can quickly wind up this creative project in no time.

31. DIY Washi Wheel

Via ambersimmons

This Washi tape storage will surely make you fall in love with it. With an embroidery hoop, you can gather all the washi tape cuties and keep them in a terrific way. When these are hung on the wall, they’ll look so imaginative while serving the storage purpose perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Yay! We’ve made it to the end. So have you found your DIY idea? If so, let us know about it in the comment section. Have a nice day!

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