71 Ingenious RV Storage Ideas

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Whether you live in an RV full-time or are planning to go on a trip around the world in it, the experience is definitely fun. But it also comes with a challenge: living in a compact space.

Keeping everything in a specific order can help you have a stress-free RV stay. Moreover, when it is tidy, you can live in it as long as you want without having to worry about the clutter and dust. 

To help you use the most of your RV, we have compiled 71 ingenious RV storage ideas that are all cost-effective and user-friendly. Shall we check it out?


71 Ingenious RV Storage Ideas

1. DIY RV Sink Cutting Board

This DIY project works both as a sink cover as well as a cutting board. Even if your counter is a cluttered mess and you’re unable to chop vegetables over there, just place this cover over the sink and chop away!

2. Pegboard Organizer

Wall Control Kitchen Pegboard Organizer Pots and Pans Pegboard Pack Storage and Organization Kit with Red Pegboard and Blue Accessories

Pegboards hung on the wall can help in storing a lot of products like pans, pots, craft items, and more. You just need some wall space to mount it. This pegboard comes in multiple colors with hooks for hanging your stuff on it. 

Buy it on Amazon.

3. Under Cabinet Spice Rack

This DIY spice rack fits will fit under any upper cabinet and save a lot of counter space in your RV. It keeps all the spices in order and can be accessed opened when you need them. No more rummaging around and causing a mess.

4. Under Cabinet Cutting Board Storage

Via Thefamilyhandyman

Here is another DIY to make use of the space under your cabinet. Simply install some magnets on the back of your cutting board and a piece of metal under your cabinet so that your cutting board will stay attached to it. 

5. Over-the-sink Chrome Shelf

Home Basics Over The Sink Chrome Shelf

When we’re living in an RV, making use of every bit of space is necessary to save ourselves from clutter. Speaking of saving space, here is an over-the-sink rack that will utilize otherwise neglected space to keep soaps, cups, or anything that needs a place.

Buy it on Amazon.

6. Use Space-saving Containers

OXO Good Grips POP Container, Food Storage, 4 Qt

You’d probably have containers in your RV but we’re suggesting these because of the design. These containers come in a square design that is easy to stack on top of each other. They have an airtight seal and can hold several food products.

Buy it on Amazon.

7. PVC Pipe Toothbrush Holders

Via Craftingintherain

Bathroom essentials do take a lot of space so why not try these DIY PVC pipe holders? They can be used to store toothbrushes, toothpaste, and more bathroom essentials that fit in. Plus they are attached to the wall or cabinet door to save space.

8. iPad Wall Holder DIY

Via Jakandjil

Planning to buy an iPad wall holder so you can enjoy watching videos while laying back? All you need are 4 hooks!

9. Garbage Bag Holder

Having garbage bags in an RV is mandatory but keeping them unorganized can look unappealing. To store them, you can make use of any old plastic containers like shown in the video above. Moreover, keeping them under the sink will be a much better option to make your RV look neater. 

10. Wall Mount Triple Dry-Food Dispenser

Zevro Indispensable SmartSpace Wall Mount Triple Dry-Food Dispenser 39 oz

Do you have cereals or chips still kept in the boxes on the counter? If yes, then try out this food dispenser which you can install on the wall. This is an excellent method to clear up cabinets and counters by throwing away those boxes and just keeping the food.

These dispensers can be mounted on the wall using screws (available with the dispenser) or even heavy-duty double-sided tape.

Buy it on Amazon.

11. A Storage Unit Under Bed

Via Travelingtriads

Do you wish to make use of the space underneath your bed? You can integrate a storage unit under the bed to store things. Such storage units are easily available on Amazon or IKEA for a cheap price but if you’re into woodworking, you can try out this project yourself.

12. DIY Remote Control Storage

Via Briebrieblooms

This DIY is probably the most easiest yet effective project you’ll try. Do your remotes often end up on the floor or go missing? Then use velcro behind the remote and store it in a specific place. 

13. Cover the Stove 

Oak Accents Universal Silent Top - 19-1 / 2" x 17" x 3 / 4"

Here is a way to add extra space in your RV’s kitchen—cover the stove with this wooden top with a solid oak finish that works as a cutting board and also offers counter space to place the food. 

Buy it on Amazon.

14. Keys, Sunglasses, and Caps Holder

Via Theshabbycreekcottage

Trekking or camping will mostly include the usage of sunglasses, caps, scarves, and such. To keep them all in a place along with your keys, this wooden drop zone is ideal. This DIY project is easy to make and is cost-effective. 

15. Shower Pocket Organizer

If you have an old shower/shoe pocket organizer then you certainly must try this idea. Well, even if you don’t, consider buying one because you can store your bathroom necessities in place. You can also use this hanging organizer in a different location to store small supplies.

Buy it on Amazon.

16. Tension Rod Shelves

Via Joyfulhomemaking

If you’re in for a no tool and no drilling DIY, then this tension rod shelf idea is a go-to. Tension rods can be used as shelves on which spices and other necessities are securely stored. This simple project is surely effective. 

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17. Rustic Wall Shelf

RHF Rustic Wall Shelf, Wood Wall Shelves, Hanging Shelf Organizer Rack, Decorative Floating Shelves for Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Office - 2 Hooks 2-Tier (White)

If there’s a space in your bathroom walls, shouldn’t you use it to store soap, towels, or even a mini-book to read as you finish your toilet business? You can even install it on the wall right behind your toilet. This 2-tiered shelf even has hooks for hanging towels and loofas.

Buy it on Amazon.

18. DIY Under Cabinet Mug Hooks

Via Ellisonmade

Mugs are very essential and are used daily. To have them secured and without taking up too much space, you’ll only need command hooks that require no drilling and no holes. Once you stick the hooks under the cabinet, the mugs can be hung on them.

19. Baskets On Towel Rods

Via Simplydiy2

Most RVs come with towel rods to hang towels or clothes. Even if you don’t have one, setting them up is pretty easy. But along with that, placing some baskets as shown in the picture will help you in storing multiple toiletries. 

20. Pot Lid Organizer

Via Instructables

Pot lids are pretty big and stacking them up inside a cabinet can take up a lot of space. To avoid this, you can simply use a towel rod attached to the cabinet door to store them. This hack can even work on the wall, and it will also look neat.

21. Knife Storage

Camco Knife Safe - Securely Mounts on Wood or Metal Surfaces, Holds 7 Cooking and Carving Knives, Organize and Store Knives While Creating Space - (9" x 11") Beige (43583)

While traveling, keeping sharp objects such as knives securely in one place is very important. In this case, this amazing knife safe is ideal. Unlike a thick knife block, this wall-mounted holder saves a ton of space and does its job well. 

Buy it on Amazon.

22. Under Shelf Basket

With these under-shelf baskets, you can expand the storage space in your cupboards and also neatly arrange your items. You just have to slide these wire baskets onto the shelves.

Buy it on Amazon.

23. Wine Rack

Via Instructables|gixxerjoe04

Should we miss out on sipping sweet wine just because we’re in an RV? Definitely not! Make a wine rack with old wooden pallets that also come with a wine glass holder.

P.S. While traveling, remove just the glasses.

24. Pan Organizer

YouCopia StoreMore Rack Expandable Cookware organizer, White

It can be difficult to find the pan you want when they are stacked on top of each other. To help you get rid of that trouble, use this organizer to store your pans. This cookware organizer is expandable and you don’t need any tools for its setup.

Buy it on Amazon.

25. Bedside Caddy

If you don’t have much space for a bed stand, then this bedside caddy is a great choice. As it fits on the side of your mattress, it is very convenient to access your bedtime essentials such as novels, spectacles, face masks, and more.

Buy it on Amazon.

26. Repurpose Plastic Milk Jugs

Via Instructables

Honestly, recycling and reusing is a wonderful way to save money. If you’ve got some empty milk jugs, you can transform them into mini shelves and store plenty of goodies. They’ll also look neat and if you need to spice it up, you can paint them as well. 

27. Stackable Can Rack

Simple Houseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer, Bronze

Eating a lot of canned food is a given when you live in an RV and are always traveling. To keep those essential cans in place without letting them roll around, this stackable rack is a game-changer. It is small in size yet can hold 36 cans.

Buy it on Amazon.

28. Under-the-bed Shoe Organizer

Via Anikasdiylife

Another method to use the space below your bed is to store your footwear underneath. Even a single person can have a lot of footwear and if you’re 2 or more in number, then the count can be extreme. To get rid of the shoe mess, this shoe storage idea will surely lend you a hand. 

29. Matchsticks Storage

Via Fromliketolove

Matchsticks are very essential in an RV and if you have loads of them, then they must be carefully kept sealed to avoid accidents. To help you with this here is a DIY idea where a mason jar is used to store the matches inside with a strike pad glued to the lid of the mason jar.

30. Battery Organizer

THE BATTERY ORGANISER Storage Case with Tester, Clear Battery Case, Battery Holder for 180 Batteries of Various Sizes, Light Green

Batteries are often used in the RV for the radio, remote, or any other cordless gadget. The trickiest part about batteries is that when you need them, they can never be found. To tackle this issue, organize them in a battery organizer like this one which can hold up to 180 batteries of different sizes.

Buy it on Amazon.

31. Lazy Susan Kitchen Utensil Storage

Via Fromhousetohome

Who’d have thought we can use a Lazy Susan upside down to hang utensils? Well, this DIY blogger, certainly did. The Lazy Susan can be attached beneath the overhead cabinet, beneath the kitchen island, or even inside a cabinet. 

32. Pop-up Recycle Bin

Coghlan's Pop-Up Recycle Bin, Blue , 19" x 24"

A trash bin can take up a good amount of area in the RV, right? But, what if we buy a collapsible trash bin that can be used only when needed? Check out this recycle bin which takes up almost little space but is large enough to be used as a regular trash can!

Buy it on Amazon.

33. Tilt-out Trash Cabinet

Via Hgtv

This is a 2 in 1 idea where you’ll get a cabinet that hides the funky-smelling trash and also serves as a countertop to store things. You can even use the side of this cabinet by installing command hooks or rails to hang stuff.

34. Divided Lazy Susan

This Lazy Susan with dividers makes it easy to access your foods in the RV kitchen cabinets. It’s a 12-inch size with divisions so you can segregate your essentials correctly. 

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Buy it on Amazon.

35. Collapsible Laundry Baskets

Pop & Load Collapse & Store Collapsible Ultra-Slim Utility laundry-baskets, Large Rect - 2 Handles, GREY

Laundry baskets also can take up space even when they’re not in use. To make sure your space is clutter-free, here is a collapsible laundry basket. You can use it when you need and fold it back and keep it in the closet when the work’s done.

Buy it on Amazon.

36.  Magazine Rack

Amazon Basics Plastic Desk Organizer - Magazine Rack, White, 2-Pack

Magazine racks are versatile, utilize small spaces, and are also cheaply priced. You can store cutting boards, magazines, spices, food wrapper boxes, etc. neatly on the counter with these.

Buy it on Amazon.

37. Magnetic Spice Rack Idea

Via Livingbyfaith

This inventive magnetic RV spice rack is a great way to keep your spices and herbs close at hand and out of the way. 

38. Foil Paper Storage

Via Askannamoseley

If you have some spare space on your RV’s walls, then it is high time to utilize it for storing foil paper rolls. With a self-adhesive hook, you can hang in your aluminum foil paper and make use of it as and when you need it.

39. Stackable Water Bottle Holder Stand Bin

mDesign Modern Plastic Stackable Water Bottle Holder Stand Bin - Storage Organizer for Kitchen Countertop Organization, Pantry, Fridge, Freezer - Each Rack Holds 3 Containers, 2 Pack - Smoke Tint

It’s always a good idea to place your water bottles in this organizer because who’ll like to see them roll all over the place? You can stack up to 6 bottles in this organizer which is made of durable plastic.

Buy it on Amazon.

40. DIY Bobby Pin Container

Via Lovelyindeed

This DIY is for the ladies who often remove their bobby pins, place them at a random place, and later forget about it. This DIY project makes a bobby pin holder out of an old tic tac jar.

41. 3 Tier Foldable Metal Rolling Cart

3 Tier Foldable Metal Rolling Cart, Mobile Slim Storage Cart, Metal Trays Utility Cart with Casters Wheels, 4 Rows of Detachable Hooks, Perfect Suit for Office, Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry Room

A foldable cart is one of those items that you should absolutely invest in. This one is sturdy, portable, foldable, and has 3 tiers. It can be used in the kitchen or bathroom to store items.

Buy it on Amazon.

42. DIY Fabric Storage Headboard

Making use of every available space in an RV is a good start to enhance organizational skills. Speaking of that, if you’re into stitching, this DIY fabric storage headboard with pockets is a fascinating project to focus on.

43. Collapsible Storage Boxes with Lids 

Foldable Storage Boxes with Lids | Shoebox Size Organizer Bins for Shelf Home Closet Office Photo | Decorative, Woven Fabric, Label, Handles, Extra Sturdy yet Collapsible, Stackable | Set of 3, Greige

Having storage boxes at hand is always good because they can be used to store shoes, accessories, toys, etc. With that being said, these foldable storage boxes can be used for various purposes. They are sturdy and stackable, and when you’re not using them, they can be collapsed and stowed away.

Buy it on Amazon.

44. Beeswax Reusable Food Wraps

HUNNYBEEE Beeswax Reusable Food Wraps - (7 packs) Beeswax Wrap Sustainable Products, Organic Wax Wrap, Eco-friendly Bees Wrap, Organization Storage Bags, Cheese Bee Wrappers Cling, Wax Paper for Food

If you often have leftover foods, then you probably would be storing them in containers that take much space in your fridge or counter. To save space, using reusable beeswax food wraps is ideal. Not only will they store your food safely, but will also help you prevent the clutter of storage containers.

Buy it on Amazon.

45. Spice Gripper Clips Strips

SimpleHouseware 20 Spice Gripper Clips Strips Spice Accessories Spice Organizer- 4 Strips, Holds 20 Jars, Black

These spice gripper clips can be mounted on the inside of the door of your kitchen cabinets so that the spices will be completely hidden from sight. This is a great idea for parents who struggle with kids who often get into accidents using spices or herbs.

Buy it on Amazon.

46. Storage Cubes

Storage cubes are large and enough to hold a good amount of things. But if you don’t want them to utilize floor space, then placing them on their side on a shelf can create more storage space.

47. Storage Ottoman

Storage Ottoman,Ao Lei 15" Ottoman Square with Wooden Legs Walnut Color,Ottoman with Storage for Living Room Linens Fabric Light Grey Color for Bedroom,Hallway(Light Grey)

2-in-1 products are our favorites because, for a good price, we get multiple benefits. This stylish ottoman serves as a chair to sit on, provides storage space to keep things inside, and will complement your RV’s interior design.

Buy it on Amazon.

48. Pan Lid Organiser

Via Instructables

Command hooks are super cheap and work fantastically. For the heavy pan lids that take up too much space and cause cabinet clutter, here is a quick fix. With command hooks attached to the inside of your cabinet door, you can easily place the pan lids and keep them secured.

49. Foldable Hanger

InstaHanger Closet Organizer, The Original Folding Drying Rack, Wall Mount - 2 Pack

These foldable hangers are versatile and can be used to arrange your closet or put up your ironed clothes. Once you’re done using it, you can fold it and place it inside your closet.

You can also use it as a drying rack.

Buy it on Amazon.

50. Hanging Shower Caddies for Him and Her

Via Thecrazycraftlady

Yes, most men and women use different bathroom products, and keeping them separately will surely get rid of tiny arguments. To solve such problems, these hanging caddies on command hooks are the way out. They’ll only utilize wall space. 

51. File Box Storage for Hair Tools

Via Dreamgreendiy

File boxes are not only for files—you can use one to keep the hair tools such as the blowdryer, straightener, etc. neatly on the wall beside a sink. No more dangerous cords lying around!

52. Vacuum Storage Bags

Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags. 80% More Storage! Hand-Pump for Travel! Double-Zip Seal and Triple Seal Turbo-Valve for Max Space Saving! (Jumbo 6 Pack)

These vacuum storage bags are a great way to store extra pillows, blankets, or bulky clothes if you’re running out of space. They are pretty heavy-duty and durable and come with a hand pump.

Buy it on Amazon.

53. PVC Pipe Holder For Hair Tools

Via Familyhandyman

We checked out a file box holder to store hair stools, and here is a PVC pipe project that does the same work but also hides the tools. You can easily install PVC pipes to the inside of your cabinet door and keep the cords neatly tucked in. 

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54. DIY Storage Ottoman

Via Thisoldhouse

Making your storage ottoman has a lot of benefits because you can customize the size accordingly to the space available in your RV. You’ll need plywood, a cushion, fabric, batting, etc, for this ottoman.

55. Mirror Storage Case

Via Shanty2chic

This DIY bathroom mirror storage cabinet is a great way to tidy up some of your bathroom clutter. Obviously, you need a mirror in an RV, so why not make the best use of it? This DIY project is fun to do and will also provide a tonne of storage space.

56. Cord and Cable Storage

Via Darkroomanddearly

Cables can cause an accident if they’re thrown on the floor or kept somewhere that you completely forget about. This DIY cable box is an excellent way to keep the cords and cables out of the way. 

57. Cord Organizer

Via Onegoodthingbyjillee

The previous DIY makes a box to store the cables and cords. But if you don’t have space for the box, then these tiny cord holders made of toilet paper rolls will be your savior. It is a very easy project which functions highly.

58. Travel Jewelry Storage Case

Via Howtohaveitall

We know that it’s really difficult to travel with jewelry. But don’t worry! To help you from losing your jewelry or getting all your earrings tangled, here’s a wonderful idea where you’ll simply use an old pillbox as storage to keep the tiny jewelry in place. 

59. Magnetic Strip Hack

Via Superwoman

Be it bobby pins, tweezers, bottle openers, and any other tiny metal pieces, keeping them safe is essential. To do that, simply stick a strip of magnetic tape to a cabinet or wall and assemble all your metal stuff over it. 

60. Hanging Fruit Hammock

Hanging Fruit Hammock Under Cabinet - 1 Macrame Fruit Hammock For Kitchen Under Cabinet + 2PCS Hooks - Handwoven Cotton Storage for Produce, Veggies, Banana - Usable for More Counter Space at Home, Boat, Camper, or Rv

Don’t have enough room for the fruit basket to hang? No worries, you can buy this fruit hammock, which can be mounted underneath your cabinet and can hold enough amount of fruits neatly. It comes with 2 screws to hang it up.

Buy it on Amazon.

61. Foldable Electric Kettle

Ultrathin Upgraded Food Grade Silicone Travel Foldable Electric Kettle Boil Dry Protection Portable with Dual Voltage and Separable Power Cord,555ML 110-220V US Plug

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and going outside the RV to enjoy the morning sky while sipping on a hot beverage. To help you with this and to save space, here is a foldable kettle that looks very cute and does the job pretty well.

It’s also available in different colors and is made of safe food-grade protective material.

Buy it on Amazon.

62. Under Sink Storage Trays

Via Familyhandyman

Roll-out trays are an excellent method to keep the area beneath the kitchen sink tidy. All you need are supplies like plywood, maple, ball-bearing drawer glides, wood screw, etc. to create these slide-out drawers that will organize the cabinets. 

63. DIY RV Storage Drawer

This storage drawer can be made to store bug items such as your bags and suitcases. With these highly detailed instructions, plywood, and the necessary hardware, you can also do this, and it would cost around $50.

64. Wall Mounted Sticky Hanging Strips

Yocice Wall Mounted Shoes Rack 4pcs with Sticky Hanging Strips, Plastic Shoes Holder Storage Organizer,Door Shoe Hangers (White- SM02(4PCS))

These sticky hanging strips are very simple to put up and are eco-friendly. They can be used to store shoes, spices, and pretty much anything that fits inside. These are suitable for being stuck on a door, in the bathroom, on the bed frame, etc.

Buy it on Amazon.

65. Utensil Holder

Via Rvrepairclub

With a metal rod mounted on the wall and the buckets hung on it, you can make your own utensil holder in no time. Paint the buckets to suit your RV interiors.

66. 2 Tier Under-the-sink Organizer

Under Sink Organizer, Under Bathroom Sink Storage 2 Tier Organizer Bath Collection Baskets with Hooks, Black Under Sink Shelf Organizer Rack, Multi-purpose Under Sink Storage for Bathroom Kitchen

This 2 tier organizer is slim enough to fit in any place inside your RV without taking up much space. You can even place it under the kitchen or bathroom sink to store cleaning products. 

Buy it on Amazon.

67. Polyester Storage Bin

DII Non Woven Polyester Storage Bin, 11x11x5.5-inch, Starburst Gray, 2 Piece

If you have a long row of cabinets in your RV but without dividers, then adding these storage bins will surely help you. With these polyester bins, you can store your plates, cups, napkins, and other essentials separately.

Buy it on Amazon.

68. Over-the-door Storage Basket

Via Rvinspiration

If you’ve run out of space inside your cabinet door or underneath the cabinet, then it is time to use the door of your cabinet. With a storage basket placed over the cabinet door, you can easily store toys, fruits, towels, spices, or plates.

69. Collapsible Containers 

Thin Bins Collapsible Containers – Set of 4 Round Silicone Food Storage Containers – BPA Free, Microwave, Dishwasher and Freezer Safe - No more cluttered container cabinet!

A set of collapsible containers like this is another simple way to save space with your meals. You don’t need to try and stack your ceramic or plastic bowls on top of each other and cause a mess when these containers that also work safely in the oven are available!

Buy it on Amazon.

70. Soap and Shampoo Dispenser

Better Living Products 76335-1 AVIVA 3 Chamber Wall Mount Soap and Shower Dispenser, Satin SilverChrome

A soap and shampoo dispenser is a fun way to store your hygiene products in the RV shower. This dispenser will help you in saving bathroom space which otherwise gets cramped by soaps and large shampoo bottles.

Additionally, it takes up no shelf space and adds elegance to any RV bathroom!

Buy it on Amazon.

71. Seat Protector with Pocket

OxGord Kick Mats Seat Protector with Storage Organizer Pocket- 2 Pack - Universal Fit for Car, Truck, SUV, or Van - Rear Auto Bucket Seat Upholstery Protective Cover

With this set of high-quality kick mats, you can protect your RV’s seats. Now, why not make use of even that to store your goodies? With the pockets given in this product, you can keep your essentials if there isn’t any space left inside your RV. 

Buy it on Amazon.

Adding these storage ideas to your RV will not only save space but also will help you in keeping things that you only mandatorily require. Let us know which ones you love!

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