18 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks Using Barkeeper’s Friend

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Spring cleaning or everyday use, it becomes taxing to get those pesky stains out of every surface. To add to our woes, finding specific cleaners for different parts of the house racks up quite the bill. Well, what if there was a simple solution that would clean all kinds of surfaces and not put a dent in your pocket?

The Bar Keepers Friend has been around for ages, and with good reason. This solution has the answer to most of the problems you encounter while getting rid of stains. It dissolves dirt without a fuss and gives you the bang for every buck you spend on it.

The main active ingredient in Bar Keepers Friend is Oxalic acid. This is the kind of stuff you find in rhubarb, spinach, and other vegetables. This helps you to achieve that deep clean, and remove the stains with ease. It makes Bar Keepers Friend less harsh and biodegradable as well.

Bar Keepers Friend has an entire range dedicated to niche needs around the house. The Classic Solution is the most versatile of them, which comes labeled as a soft cleanser.


18 Brilliant Uses of Bar Keepers Friend

1. For Sparkling Stovetops and Countertops

Kitchen surfaces need frequent cleaning, as they become the ground for all other activities. It accumulates all kinds of grime and dirt quickly. Use Bar Keepers Friend to get these stains out efficiently and quickly, without using much elbow grease.

2. Washing Sinks

If your sinks are now dull and drab next to your freshly cleaned countertops, give it a boost by giving it a quick scrub down with Bar Keepers Friend. It’ll impart a shine to your sinks while getting rid of grease rings, clouded over marks, and the like.

3. Pots, Pans, Bakeware, and Other Cookware

Say goodbye to blackened pots and pans. A bit of Bar Keeper Friend gently rubbed with a washcloth can work miracles to restore the true color of your crockery. Be careful to not use it on any nonstick surface. For other materials, it’ll work like a charm.

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Go ahead and try it on ceramic bowls to porcelain cups, its versatility even extends to the vintage Pyrex.

4. Getting Grime Out Of Dishwashers

The first step to achieving clean dishes is a clean dishwasher. Ensure you get the best of what your washer has to offer by giving it consistent wipes with Bar Keepers Friend. Remove residual oil stains, food, and general debris with the help of a washcloth and then rinse it to get even the smallest of scrap left behind.

5. Oven Deep Clean

From baking disasters to leaving the curry in a bit too long, the oven walls are the crux of a variety of scraps and residue. Due to high radiations, these bits and pieces remain glued to the wall. It can seem like a nightmare to remove them, but with Bar Keepers Friend, it seems like a child’s play.

6. Fix Burnt Trays and Dishes

Bid adieu to long hours spent over scrubbing burnt food off trays and dishes, Bar Keepers Friend does the job in minutes. It leaves the cookware looking as good as new, with no scratches or marks that come from harsh scrubbing.

Paired with the usual cleaning sponge, this product will save you both time and money in cleaning.

7. Use It on Glass Dining Tables

Smudges on glass top tables drive any neat freak crazy. Instead of opting for outdated covers, Bar Keepers Friend provides an easier alternative to achieve streak-free brilliance with no sweat. However, do keep in mind that it cannot be used for polishing wooden surfaces, and must be kept away from any wooden panels present.

8. Faucets and Taps

Faucets and taps gather stains through continuous usage. To get your taps in beaming condition again, all you have to do is mix the classic soft cleanser with water and wipe it away gently with another cloth.

9. Tiled Floors and Walls

For cleaning porcelain and ceramic tiles, nothing can beat the Bar Keepers Friend in a scrub-down competition. Be it bathroom floors or kitchen walls, grime and dirt are easily washed away with a little soap and a handy scrub brush.

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This works exceptionally well for grout, those lines of concrete in between the tiles that gather all sorts of grime. If they give you the chills even looking at them, get in there with a paste made by mixing Bar Keepers Friend powder and a bit of water.

10. Cleaning Bathtubs

If you have one of those old-school porcelain tubs at home, look no further, Bar Keepers Friend with a bit of time and effort can help you to restore your bathtub to its prior spotless condition.

For regular cleaning, go a little easy on yourself and just sprinkle Bar Keepers Friend on the tub and let it rest for a while. You’d be surprised at how effortlessly it lifts off stains with the bare minimum exertion required.

11. Shower Doors and Handles

Shower doors and handles tend to gradually accumulate soap stains over time. These stains seem omnipresent and do not budge with a simple wash. However, with a sponge and some Bar Keepers Friend, you can swipe them away without any trouble.

12. Shine Your Towel Rails

Any appliances in the bathroom tend to rust more easily due to the humidity created by hot showers (guilty!). Heated towel rails, while great at keeping your bathroom warm and toasty, often gather grime and tend to rust quickly. Thankfully, Bar Keepers Friend deftly eliminates all dross to revive the shine and luster of the rails.

13. Grills

One of the hardest to clean surfaces we could find, the barbeque grill. Rather than spending grueling hours over scouring on every piece, envelop them with a paste of Bar Keepers Friend and let it sit for a while.

Grab a scrub brush and get grinding, and you’ll see what a miracle worker this cleanser is. Be sure to thoroughly rinse it once you’re done, and you’ll have a grate that’s squeaky clean.

14. Open-air Furniture

If you love to spend sunny days out and have a metal patio set up in your backyard, keeping a bottle of Bar Keepers Friend is a must. Furniture meant for outdoor usage requires more love than any other, as they brave all kinds of climatic conditions.

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Go ahead and use the Bar Keepers Friend to remove even the toughest of stains from all kinds of outdoor equipment, from gardening tools to post boxes and pots. The list is never-ending, but the result will always be rewarding.

15. Remove Rust Stains

Rust looks and feels unpleasant, and often is the first sign of damage. Eradicate it at the first sight by using Bar Keepers Friend, which will not only return the item to its mint condition but also delay the process of weakening the metal.

This is especially useful in cases of bicycles, which are left outside for longer periods. Similarly, another forgettable item that tends to rust easily is our keys. Your property may hold history, but your keys don’t have to show them.

16. For Tidying up Exhaust Pipes

Exhaust pipes often gather dust due to smoke released daily. In certain cases, it may even clog up the pipe and reduce your car’s efficiency. Armed with a washcloth and Bar Keepers Friend, you can easily wipe away the dust in a matter of minutes.

17. For Cleaning Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are expensive, and often a one-time purchase. Keep them in top-notch condition by giving them regular swills with Bar Keepers Friend. It’ll maintain the shine and increase the longevity of your set.

18. Remove Sticky Residues from Labels

Probably one of the most vexing, and to top off, the prime spot for all kinds of dirt to stick to, the residue left behind by sticky labels. Where normal soap and water won’t get rid of it, go for the handy Bar Keepers Friend.

You don’t need to stop there. Bar Keepers Friend is an extremely versatile product and is designed to fit most surfaces. As a general guide, avoid using Bar Keepers Friend on porous substances or precious metals. For others, it works akin to a miracle.

What are some of the unique ways you’ve used Bar Keepers Friend? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below.

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