21 Brilliant Fishing Rod Storage Ideas

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It is rightly said, “No man is really happy without a hobby” because creativity is the key to happiness and hobbies are the doors to it. 

Fishing is one of the most fun and classic leisure activity that is known for spreading happiness. If you’re a fishing lover, we’re sure you’re concerned about safely storing the bulk load of equipment that comes along with it.

While garages are our go-to rooms to store them, having dedicated shelves would not hurt either. From overhead shelves to easy DIY holders in the boating raft, here is a curated list of fishing rod storage ideas that you will love!


21 Brilliant Fishing Rod Storage Ideas

1. DIY Fishing Rod Storage Racks

Via Onthewater

If fishing is a hobby that you’re proud of, you probably own a vast collection of fishing rods. They cater to every situation possible and you love them. It’s now time to create DIY overhead storage for them and show some extra love. You will need a long STF stud, J hooks, rubber foam stripping tapes, and wood screws to complete this easy project. 

2. Wall-mounted Fishing Rod Storage Rack

Via Instructables

Do you have a wall to spare for the fishing rods? Don’t just nod your head, get up and hit the hardware store to buy the essentials right away. This functional wall-mounted holder has got rustic vibes that will satisfy your aesthetics. Use this storage as a decorative element and you will surely earn loads of compliments for it. 

3. DIY Fishing Holder with Storage

Via Protoolreview

Who can say no to this holder with storage? A one-stop destination for all your fishing needs, this extravagant storage unit would make you fall in love with it. It has got 4 compartments and there are holes to keep those fishing rods in place in the corners. If you love woodworking, the best summer project is here to roll! 

4. Portable Fishing Rod Holder

Via Iamhunter

Stationary fishing rod storage and holders are good but we do need a protective case to carry them to the lake, right? Make the cheapest fishing rod holder with PVC pipes and customize it according to your needs. Other essentials include a reciprocal saw, knives, cable ties, and PVC primer to complete this versatile case. 

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5. Beautiful Fishing Rod Holder

Via Pinterest

How fun is it to attach a fish structure to an all-purpose fishing rod holder? Except for the wooden fish, this is a very easy wooden project and a treat for woodworkers. Don’t worry, you just need more patience and little perfection to carve the fish and you will love the results! 

6. Vertical Fishing Pole RackKaba Fishing Vertical 6 Fishing Pole Rack Fishing Pole Holder Spinning Casting Fishing Rods Wall Mount Fishing Rod Holders for Garage

Vertical storage racks for those fishing rods are no doubt very convenient to keep the rods on display. If you are looking for a wall-mounted rack on a budget, go for this one right away and use it as a showpiece. Aren’t you proud of your beautiful fishing rod collection?

Buy it on Amazon. 

7. Wooden Cabinet

Via Pinterest

If you own some 20 fishing rods, a slide-out cabinet like this one would be your best option when it comes to storage. The slim cabinet can be installed in any small corner or between furniture and it’ll be worth it. You can install as many slide-out drawers as you want and store the rods safely. 

8. Fishing Pole Storage

Via Instructables

Another overhead storage shelf for fishing rods and this one is away from the hassle of installing hooks. You will just need a piece of wood and screws to complete this and all the equipment is available in your hardware box. Make full use of those empty walls like a pro and those fishing rods would always look down on you with love! 

9. Fishing Rod OrganizerFishing Rod Racks Wall or Ceiling Fishing Rod/Pole Rack Holder Storage Hook Holds up to 12 Fishing Rods Wall Mounted for Garage Cabin and Basement

Perfect for home garages, this high-quality fishing rod rack is made of rust-resistant aluminum alloy which makes it durable. The space-saving design can hold up to 24 rods without any visual clutter and what else do we need? There are also highly elastic movable rod clips to adjust the spacing freely and the installation is a child’s play.

Buy it on Amazon. 

10. Rod Holder on the Boat

Via Diypackraft

One of my favorites from the lot, this is a dream for many. Having a compact holder like this on your raft can be very helpful because you are often short on space to keep the holder and increasing the weight is also not feasible. Be very careful while making this and make sure you test it on the water before you start the fishing expedition. 

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11. DIY PVC Fishing Rod Holder

Via Instructables

One more cheap and durable PVC wonder to store those fishing rods, the compact holder can rest perfectly on any surface. Install as many pipes as you want in the wooden base and it is also conveniently portable. Add some sass to the holder by painting it with some vibrant hues. 

12. Garage Door Rod Holder

Via Pinterest

It is time to save the trouble of detangling those cluttered fishing pipes resting on one corner of the garage once and for all. Transfer them to the garage door and you have an organized rod storage system. There are Berkley rod rack holds to keep the rods safe and they are falling-free. 

13. Giant Wall Rack

Via Pinterest

Much like that garage door rack, this one has two wooden panels on two sides with vertical hooks installed. The hooks would hold the rods gracefully and they are always on display. Make sure you take the measurements correctly before installing the wooden panels and the rest is easy-peasy! 

14. Compact Fishing Rod Rack

Via Tingedblue

If you want a compact and hassle-free wall fishing rod rack, say no more! DIY this amazing PVC rack and store those rods safely. Install the pipes directly on the wall with crass hooks and anchors and it’s done. You can go for as many holders as you require and even paint the pipes for an attractive look. 

15. Fishing Rod Tackle CartRush Creek Creations 12 Fishing Rod Tackle Cart - 5 Minute Assembly, Black (40-0001)

A fishing rod tackle cart that takes 5 minutes to assemble can be your best friend when it comes to storing those rods. With a middle wire shelf and smooth-rolling casters, there is enough room to store 12 water rods and your favorite fishing gears. This could also be a great gift for people who love fishing!

Buy it on Amazon. 

16. Basic Fishing Rod Holder

Via Instructables

Make a basic fishing rod holder with just two blocks of wood and give yourself a pat on the back. The project is all about practicing basic layouts, marking, and space-saving options. Troughs on both sides are inclined perfectly to fit the rods without any hassle. 

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17. Stainless Steel Fishing Rod Holder4 Tube Fishing Rod Holder, XK MARINE Stainless Steel 4 Link Rod Holder, Rod Pod with Toolbar for Marine Yacht, Boat, Camper, Truck, RV

Here is a stainless steel alternative to those PVC pipe racks that you could DIY and this one is equally efficient. The strong base has good stability and one pipe can store one rod each. Keep this in your garage and don’t let those fishing rods clutter in the corner.

Buy it on Amazon. 

18. Customized Fishing Rod Storage

Via Pinterest

I am head-over-heels with a design like this and I am sure you can relate. This piece of art can hold up to 24 rods which is massive and you can DIY this product. Make the compartments as per your need and sketch the designs on the sides to suit your personality. Carry this to your fishing voyage in the sea or lake and it would steal attention! 

19. DIY Fishing Pole Cover 

Via Letscampmore

Another light and an easy-going case for those fishing poles to be your companion on the next fishing tour and it is super easy to replicate. You will just need a pool noodle and knives, yes, it’s literally a two-ingredient project and it is worthy of the efforts. Our goal is to keep the poles safe, right? 

20. Creative Corner in the Garage

Via Deanlevin

It would be great to dedicate a space for your hobbies in any corner of your garage and here is a nice DIY to store those fishing rods. This one also has PVC pipes as holders, lined in a wooden base which is finally mounted on the wall. Place a cabinet in front of it and use it to store other fishing essentials and your hobby corner is ready! 

21. Round 16 Fishing Rod RackRush Creek Creations Round 16 Fishing Rod Storage Rack - Features Traditional Handcrafted Wood Post - No Tool Assembly, Wood Grain Laminate

I love revolving storage racks, reminds me of beautiful Lazy Susans and this product could bring that beauty to your garage. The 16-unit round fishing rod rack comes with a wooden structure and it would keep those rods in place for years.

Buy it on Amazon. 

After stuffing your thoughts with these creative fishing rod storage ideas, I am sure you have shortlisted some of them. Don’t wait, start with the organizing right now!

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