31 Creative Makeup Storage Ideas for Every Budget

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Are you tired of digging through cluttered drawers and makeup bags to find your favorite products? A proper makeup storage solution can not only save you time but also prolong the lifespan of your cosmetics and also make your daily routine more efficient and enjoyable.

So, whether you’re a professional makeup artist or just someone who likes to have a well-stocked makeup bag, these makeup storage ideas will help you keep your products in tip-top shape.

From simple solutions like acrylic organizers to more creative options like repurposing old jewelry boxes, these ideas will help you make the most of your makeup collection.

So, read on to learn how to store your makeup in a way that’s both functional and stylish.


Upgrade Your Vanity: 31 Modern Makeup Storage Ideas for a Stylish Setup

1. Magnet Make-Up Board

Via Laurthoughts

So many of your makeup products often get pushed at the back and you can never find them on time when you need them. You can use some hot glue to stick the magnets at the back of your makeup products and put them up on the magnet board. You will never get late for work with this cute magnet makeup board!

2. Mount Jars on the Wall

Via thediyplaybook

Mount old mason jars on a wooden piece and hang them on the wall. You can store your makeup brushes, cotton swabs, glasses, etc. in this easy storage setup.

3. Candy Jar Storage

Via modishandmain

Repurpose an old candy jar and put it on display on your makeup vanity. You can store eyeshadow pallets, different nail polish, or even lipsticks in this jar. Since the jar is transparent you can always spot what you’re looking for and remove it from the jar easily.

4. Candle Jar for Makeup Brushes

Via domesticingenuity

Once your scented candles have melted completely, instead of throwing the jars away, wash them up and use these candle jars to keep all your makeup brushes in a single place. Your makeup brushes will never get misplaced again because they will be right on display! The candle jar looks cute on display and will add a charm to your room!

5. Sushi Mat Makeup Organizer

Via irinascutebox

This cute makeup organizer is inexpensive, and won’t take up much space on your vanity as well. You can keep your makeup brushes, mascara, eyeliners, etc. in this sushi mat. The best part? You can roll it up and tie it with a ribbon so it can even fit in a small organizer or jar!

6. Makeup Brush Caddy

Via cathiefilian

Use recyclable items to make a cute little caddy to hold your makeup brushes, eyeliner, lip gloss tubes, or any other tubes. You can make use of old paper towel tubes. Just stick them together for a quick fix! This is such a smart makeup storage idea and it looks really cute in the room as well.

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7. Plastic Bottle Organizer

Cut some old plastic bottles from the middle and use the bottom half as a container. Make sure the ends are not pointy before you use them as containers. You can keep your makeup brushes, lipsticks, or different lip glosses, cotton swabs, etc. in these plastic containers and place them over a shelf or your vanity.

8. DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity

Via thepolkadotchair

Make an awesome vanity on wheels! This is a great makeup storage idea if you don’t have enough floor space, as this moving vanity can be rolled around anywhere in the room. You can create different sections for nails, hair, and face to separate all your beauty products.

9. Repurpose Old Dinnerware

Via designsbystudioc

Your old dinnerware can turn resourceful in minutes with just a bit of drilling and painting. You can use this setup to store make-up brushes and other products, as well as light jewelry. This is a very classy setup and will amp the look of your room tenfold!

10. Hanging Buckets

If you don’t have much floor space, make use of the wall space by installing curtain rods. You can hang some buckets on these rods and store your makeup products. Label the buckets for different products, like makeup brushes, lipsticks, hair care, etc. to make it easier for you.

11. Use Eyewear Cases

Looking for a safe way to safely carry a few make-up products without carrying the entire make-up kit? Here is a simple solution.

Store lipsticks, eyeliner, mascara, kohl pencils, and other such simple makeup products used often while traveling in a spare glasses case. You can carry it in your bag without much hustle. You can even use glass cases to store tweezers and eye pencils and place them on your vanity.

12. DIY Toilet Paper Roll Organizer

Via Hauterrfly

Make cylindrical makeup holders using old toilet paper rolls. This is a very easy project to take on and once covered with some washi paper, your makeup holder will give a very aesthetic look to your room!

13. Wine Bottle Holder

Via Christy Taliaferro/Pinterest

Repurpose a wine bottle holder to hold not wine bottles, but glass cups that can accommodate all your makeup products. The average size of a glass cup matches a wine bottle’s width, so they will fit inside the holder perfectly. Arrange all your makeup products in different glass cups.

14. PVC Pipe Organizer

Via Rosalind Theresa/Pinterest

Cut some PVC pipes in equal circular shapes and fix them on the wall in a nice design to accommodate your makeup products. This design works well with holding lipstick or lip care products or anything which isn’t in glass packaging.

15. DIY Nail Polish Organizer

Via Vanitycasebox

Use some old cardboard shoe boxes to construct a nail paint organizer from scratch! This is a fun project you can take on in your spare time. It looks gorgeous and you will never have a problem finding your nail care products again! You can place this organizer on your vanity. Since it is an open organizer, you can grab any nail paint you like easily!

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16. Use a Wooden Set-Up

Use an old wooden tray to keep on display on the vanity. You can place the essential products you need to use every day in this tray. This setup looks very chic and gives your vanity a modern and sustainable look. Make sure you don’t keep a lot of products so that the tray remains decluttered.

17. Floating Shelves

Via belizianfashionista

Install some floating shelves on empty wall space to place all your makeup products on them. You can assign one floating shelf to a specific product, such as lipsticks, foundations, etc. You can also color coordinate your products in order to give your wall a nice look while having all your products right on display.

18. DIY Shoebox Makeup Organizer

Via sparkandchemistry

Use an old shoebox and doll it up to make it presentable enough for your vanity. You need very simple materials for this project: a shoebox, hot glue, and scissors. You can keep many of your makeup products in the box. You can also install additional dividers in the box using cardboard if you wish to keep your products separate.

19. Copper Cup Organizer

Via abeautifulmess

Mount copper cups on the wall with the help of some leather lace. You can store your makeup brushes, eyeliner, pencils, lipsticks, etc. in various copper cups. The tinted look of these cups makes them stand out from other jar setups. These cups look very classy and will definitely compliment your room well.

20. Simple DIY Vanity

Via wellesleyandking

Arrange a simple vanity using one simple shelf. Mount it on empty wall space. Mount a simple mirror above it on the wall as well. You can keep a lipstick organizer, curling rod holders, makeup brush holders, etc. on the shelf. You can also purchase a nice acrylic chair to go with your vanity. This is a very simple and minimalistic look for your room.

21. Organize your Drawer to Maximize Space

Via andeelayne

Use shoeboxes or phone boxes to divide your drawer. This simple storage idea can maximize your storage space so much! Use different small boxes to store different makeup products. This also helps if you are looking for a makeup storage space that is hidden away.

22. Use Wire Grid Baskets

Via tatertotsandjello

Use some small wire grid baskets to store your lipsticks, nail paint, eye pencils, etc. You can keep these baskets inside a drawer, on top of a shelf, in a cabinet, or right on display on your vanity. They can fit it in properly just anywhere!

23. DIY Glass Top Vanity

Via lizmarieblog


Construct a classy makeup vanity set up by making a wooden shelf and mounting glass on top of it. Leave the front open to slide in your baskets or makeup boxes. Since the glass is see-through, you can spot all your products easily. This is a very simplistic yet gorgeous vanity setup for the bedroom.

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24. Hanging Makeup Organizer

Via agirlandagluegun

Make easy storage using a hanger and some fabric with pockets for storing makeup products. The pockets are transparent so you can see the products easily. You can hang this organizer behind the bathroom or bedroom door.

25. Two-Tiered Makeup Organizer

Via picklee

You can easily make a two-tiered makeup organizer for your vanity using a metal can and two old plates. You can even add more tiers to the organizer if you like. This will give you some extra space to store all your makeup in one place. This makeup storage setup has a nice rustic look for the bedroom.

26. Glass Vase Storage

Via hellomissnikki

Use transparent glass vases to store makeup brushes. Since the brushes need some fillers to stay upright, you can place some glass beads in the vases before keeping your brushes in them. It also makes your makeup storage look classy. You can also separate your brushes based on face and eye use, and label the vases for ease of use.

27. Fabric Pouch

Via centsationalstyle

If you enjoy embroidery, this is the perfect little project you can take up! Make a nice foldable fabric pouch to store all your makeup brushes in a single place. This is a great storage idea if you want to travel with your makeup.

28. Dish Rack for Palette Storage

Via Kandeej

Looking for an easy storage solution to keep all your eyeshadow, lipstick, and highlighter or blush palettes in one place? Repurpose an old dish rack from the kitchen and use it on your vanity! The slots in the dish rack make it easy to hold the palettes without causing any damage to them.

29. Ice Cubes Tray

Via designeatrepeat

If you have a spare ice cube tray lying around that has no use in the freezer, store your makeup in it! The slim tubes will let you hold makeup brushes, lipsticks, lip gloss tubes, mascara, eyeliners, eye pencils, etc. The setup looks very nice on the vanity.

30. Copper Tube Lipstick Holder

Via hammerandheelsblog

Use slender copper tubes and affix them on a glass slab. You can use multiple copper tubes to store many lipsticks or lip care products in each copper tube. The tinted tube set up give a nice rustic look to the vanity when placed over it.

31. Wooden Nail Polish Rack

Via product-hag

If you are a nail paint enthusiast, make a nice rack to store all your nail paints instead of purchasing an overtly expensive organizer. You can build this rack using basic hardware tools like wood slabs, screws, a hand saw, etc. Once it’s constructed, paint it with a nice metallic white color as it looks very classy once mounted on the wall.

With these DIY makeup storage ideas, you can now keep your beauty products organized, easily accessible, and in perfect condition. So, go ahead, declutter your vanity and try out some of these storage ideas.

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