23 Creative Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

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Stuffed animal toys are adorable, fluffy, and pleasing to the eye. And It’s easy to see how a collection of stuffed animal toys can grow, starting with that unicorn at the carnival, the elephant at the zoo, and the teddy bear at the mall.

With more and more stuffed toys, the question of “how to store stuffed animals” becomes more pressing. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve put together a list of creative and practical stuffed animal storage ideas to store and display stuffed toys, that will keep your living space clean and clutter-free.


From Clever to Cute: 23 Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

1. Stuffable Zipper Bean Bag

WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair Cover for Kids | Stuffable Zipper Beanbag for Organizing Children Plush Toys | 38" Extra Large Premium Cotton Canvas

Bean bags are a favorite around the world—they are so comfortable to sit on. But who knew they could also serve as a storage solution? This wonderful bean bag not only works as a fabulous seat but also can be unzipped and used to store stuffed animals. 

Note: Stuffed animals are not available with this product.

Buy it on Amazon.

2. DIY Hanging Toy Storage

This DIY stuffed animal storage won’t cost anything at all because all you require is a cardboard box and rope, which are available in most households. You can customize the cardboard shelves with acrylic paint.

It’s also a good method to categorize each stuffed animal by type, size, color, etc. Moreover, if siblings dislike sharing toys, you can dedicate one shelf for each child.

3. Stuffed Animal Zoo

Via Thekeeperofthecheerios

To store all of the stuffed animals in an organized manner, this zoo concept is both practical and fun. You’ll need wooden boards, a black bungee cord (for the bars), and baseboard molding to easily make this stuffed animal zoo. You can paint your child’s name on this too to add a touch of personalization.

4. Use Garden Planters

Via Organizeitchallenge

The stuffed animal planter is one of the most creative stuffed animal storage ideas. It won’t take much space in your room as it only requires an empty wall. This is a great option for parents who don’t have time to install an elaborate system but still want to keep their children’s toys off the floor.

5. Woven Baskets

Via Instagram|sweetandsimple.organizing

Baskets can be used for storage in any room of the house as it takes only a little space but offers a lot of storage. When it comes to a kid’s play area, you can use these sorts of woven baskets for stuffed animal storage. As these baskets are woven and transparent enough, kids can easily see through and pick what they need.

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6. DIY Hammock

Via Lemonsqueezyhome

To hold all of your kid’s stuffed animals, why not make a DIY hammock? For this fun DIY, you’ll need some basic supplies like a basic piece of cloth, colorful trim, bias tape, and nails or hooks.

7. Wire Basket 

Via Prettyprudent

Another great stuffed animal storage idea would be to buy a wire laundry basket or repurpose an old one. Wire baskets don’t cost a lot and they are easily available online as well as in dollar stores.

As wire baskets are light in weight, kids can also carry them around while cleaning their toy mess. Just make sure that the wire spacing is big enough to pull out the stuffed animals.

8. DIY Rolling Storage Ottoman

Via Chaoticallycreative

One of the best storage ideas for stuffed animals is an ottoman storage box—it’s not only a storage container but also a piece of furniture! Despite its size, you can move it around anywhere because it has wheels. All the stuffed animals can be shut down inside the furniture and it can be used as a sitting area.

9. Stuffed Animal Corner Cage

Via Downredbuddrive

Here’s another clever zoo concept, but this one makes use of the corner. The corners are one of the most underutilized places in the house. You’ll need some basic supplies like pinewood for the frame and elastic cord for the “cage bars”.

This DIY stuffed animal storage is both a money saver and a space saver.

10. Shelf Them

Via Instagram|sweetandsimple.organizir

Floating shelves are fun as they help display our favorites and also make the room look artistic. If there are any toys your child is proud of, whether it’s action figures or stuffed animals, display them on the wall using floating shelves.

11. Stuffed Animal Corral DIY 

Via Shadesofblueinteriors

Here’s another DIY to save the nursery from clutter. You can easily construct one of these toy organizers to attach to your child’s bed which will save a lot of space.

The walls of this organizer are made of paracord and they keep those plush stuffed animals contained while still being accessible for your child.

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12. Dresser Drawer Storage Box

Via Twoityourself

Do you have an old dresser around? This DIY lets you repurpose it to store stuffed animals. Paint it a soothing color and use wrapping paper to decorate the inside.

Your child can grab whatever they want from this drawer conveniently.

13. Neutral Colored Toy Baskets

Via Thehoneybee

Organizing is not about clearing the mess but making the place look tidy and beautiful. Speaking of that, check how amazing this neutral shade-themed child nursery looks.

You can easily replicate this look by buying neutral-colored canvas baskets. These baskets can be used to store stuffed animals and also to create an elegant room. 

14. Wall-Mounted Buckets

Via Itsybitsandpieces

You read it right! This organizer doesn’t consist of baskets but buckets. Get some buckets online or from your local craft store to make the ideal stuffed animal storage solution. You can customize the buckets with paint and ribbon to match the room decor.

15. Shoe Organizer for Stuffed Animals

Via Adayinmylife

Despite their name, shoe organizers aren’t simply for shoes—they are versatile when it comes to storage. The elastic bands can hold the stuffed animals in place and put them on display. 

16. Hanging Metal Bins

Via Lilblueboo

Check out this storage idea where metal bins are screwed onto the walls, serving as the perfect stuffed animal storage idea. This hack works perfectly for parents who don’t want to spend time on DIY or spend too much money on storage furniture.

You can find galvanized metal bins like these from any dollar store.

17. DIY Stuffed Animal Wall Storage

Via Prettylittlefishbowl

Do you wish to put your child’s stuffed toys on display? If so here is this clever concept that makes use of an empty wall and strips of elastic. Attach these strips to the wall using a stapler and just put the toys through them.

These elastic strips will keep the toys steady, safe, and accessible for kids.

18. DIY Pillowcase Stuffed Animal Storage

Via Houseologie

Pillowcase storage options are easily available on amazon. But if you wish to make one by yourself, this DIY tutorial can help you out. All you’ll need is a quilting hoop and a large pillowcase. You can even use an old pillowcase for this DIY.

This is a brilliant and easy DIY to store stuffed animals on a budget.

19. DIY Wooden Toy Bins

Via Themerrythought

Wooden storage solutions are a classic and have that rustic vibe. For that, these kinds of wooden bins work amazing as they also provide a soothing effect.

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You can also leave the wooden finish as it is or let your child paint it. This stuffed animal wooden bin is your child’s possession, after all.

Encourage your child to put everything back in the bins after playtime—make sure that your child can reach all compartments of the organizer easily.

20. Closet Organizer

Via Soeasybeinggreen

Here’s an ultimate money-saving stuffed animal storage solution: a closet organizer! A closet organizer will make it simple to clear up stacks of stuffed animals that your child has forgotten about or usually throws it around.

This closet organizer will also teach your child to make sure to always clean up the clutter after the play. Buy one with lots of compartments so that a lot of stuffed toys can be accommodated in this.

21. Under-the-bed Storage Containers

Onlyeasy Large Underbed Storage Bags Organizer Container (2 Pack) with 4 Handles and 2 Sturdy Zippers, Blankets Clothes Comforters Foldable Storage Bags with Clear Window, Herringbone Grey, MXRUBBP2

Under-the-bed storage is a great way to make use of space that one usually forgets. When it comes to stuffed toys, it’s sometimes necessary to keep them out of sight to help your child focus on studies as well. For this matter, under the bed is the ideal choice!

Moreover, this set of 2 containers is pretty affordable.

Buy it on Amazon.

22. IKEA Trofast Bins with Labels

Via Shanty-2-chic

Do you have many kids who have their own set of toys? Or do you have a child with lots and lots of stuffed animals? If so, categorizing them in bins with labels will make things easy and neat.

With this DIY storage idea, you can neatly organize toys based on which child the toys belong to or which category it belongs to.

23. 5 Tier Storage Organizer

5 Tier Storage Organizer - 12" X 59" - Hang in Your Children’s Room or Closet for a Fun Way to Organize Kids Toys or Store Gloves, Shawls, Hats and Mittens. Attaches Easily to Any Rod. (Pink)

For tidy stuffed animal storage and organization, this 5-tier net storage organizer is a great option. This beautiful hanging storage has 5 tiers that can store ample stuffed toys. This is a simple storage idea but works amazingly for small homes.

It will also make the nursery room look very cute and adorable. This organizer is available in multiple colors so you can easily match it to the room’s paint.

Buy it on Amazon.

With these stuffed animal storage ideas, you can keep your collection organized and accessible, while also maintaining a tidy home. Don’t let your stuffed animal collection take over your space.

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