13 Best Dresser Organization Ideas

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How many times have you opened your dresser drawer, only to find it crammed full of clothes and accessories? It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Dressers can quickly become cluttered and messy, especially if you don’t have a lot of storage space. You may feel like you’re constantly digging through your dresser for that one shirt or pair of pants you need.

Not to mention, It’s a challenge to find what you’re looking for in a dresser when it’s cluttered and messy. These easy dresser organization ideas will help you get your dresser under control in no time! With just a few simple changes, you’ll be able to find what you need quickly and easily.


13 Best Dresser Organization Ideas

1. Use Acrylic Organizers

Amazon Basics Acrylic 6-Compartment Tall Durable Makeup Jewelry Accessories Storage Organizer Tray

An acrylic organizer is perfect to stash all your items in. This organizer can easily fit inside a dresser drawer. It also has multiple dividers to help keep different items in various grids. Every grid has ample space to keep nail polish bottles, lotions, makeup items, sunglasses, some light jewelry, etc. Store this organizer inside the top drawer so it is more accessible when you are getting ready in the morning.

Buy it here.

2. Repurpose a Tray

It’s best to keep all the delicate items you use on a daily basis on top of your dresser. But if you just spread everything on the dresser, it will definitely look messy and disorganized.

Reuse a simple tray that has no use in the kitchen anymore and place it on the dresser top. You can store your jewelry, rings, watches, night cream, lotions, and perfume bottles in the tray. You can even use a bowl to store your jewelry and a tray for your skincare products.

3. Make Space for Your Undergarments

6 Pcs Underwear Drawer Organizer Foldable Closet Clothes Dividers Nylon Dresser Compartments Storage Box Set Fit for Bras Socks Underpants Panties and Ties Organization(Grey, 6/7/11)

The space you assign to undergarments often gets messy really quickly, not due to lack of space but solely because of lack of organization. This compartment storage box is perfect to store all your undergarments and keep them organized.

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You can fold them and store them separately as the storage unit comes in a 6 compartment box, a 7 compartment box, and an 11 compartment box. Select the size of the storage unit as per the size of your dresser drawer.

Buy it here.

4. Stack your Jewelry with Jewelry Trays

Magic Stackable Jewelry Trays Closet Dresser Drawer Organizer for Accessories, Gadgets & Cosmetics, Storage Display Showcase Holder Box, Set of 5

These elegant yet simple jewelry trays will amplify the entire look of your dresser and give you a great feeling when you open the drawer to pick out jewelry. Made out of high-quality wood and rectangular in shape, they’ll fit perfectly in a dresser drawer.

Since these boxes have multiple dividers, you can keep a lot of jewelry organized right in a single drawer! This set has 5 boxes with removable dividers to change the layout of the trays. They also come in various colors so you can choose which one will look the best in your dresser drawer.

Buy them here.

5. Use Lazy Susans

Via Womansday

Place a lazy susan unit on top of your dresser and instantly create tons of space(not literally) to keep all your products! You can store your lotions, skincare products, and makeup items on the bottom unit, and perfumes, jewelry, watches, etc. on the top unit.

A rotating storage unit system makes your dresser look elegant and will definitely give your room a modern contemporary look. Shop Lazy Susans.

6. Rotate your Clothing

Via thespruce

Keep your clothing in the dressing drawers seasonally, instead of stuffing all your clothing in the drawer. This will give you so much extra space to arrange the clothes that you need for the current season properly.

You can keep your winter clothes in a box, summer clothes in another, and label the boxes. These boxes can be stored away under the bed or in empty closet space. Remove it when it is winter season, and store away your summer clothing! It is an efficient system.

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7. Make Use of Baskets

Via neatfreakmckinny

If you have spare baskets or bins lying around, now is the time to put them to use. Use some baskets as drawer inserts to create additional dresser drawer space. This is also an efficient way to separate all your clothing because you don’t want your gym clothes getting mixed with your night clothing accidentally. Plastic bins work great but you can use wooden baskets as well. You can also opt for a single deep basket or two small ones to fit inside your drawer.

8. Use Narrow Divider

Evelots Drawer Organizer-Divider-Sock-Belt-Scarf-Underwear-112 Slots Total-Set/4

A narrow drawer divider to store all your undergarments is perfect to fit inside a dresser drawer. Due to a large number of narrow cells, all your undergarments fit in a single drawer. Since the compartments are open from the top, all your clothing is visible and you can pick them out easily every morning. Buy it here.

9. Attach Expandable Drawer Dividers

Get some expandable drawer dividers to divide the space in your dresser. This will help you fold all your t-shirts and organize them in a systematic order. The dividers are very slim and don’t take up a lot of the space in your drawer.

You can also use clear expandable drawers that are made from synthetic plastic rather than wooden or colored ones, so they are practically not visible when you open the drawer. Expandable drawers give your dresser drawer a uniform look and your dresser will look very sleek and classy.

Buy them here.

10. Store your Linens Separately

You can’t mix your linens with your clothing, that is simply a big no when it comes to organization! Use this elegant white storage box unit that has compartments, so you can easily fold your linens and store them in the bottom drawer. The storage box is made of polyester and you can easily fold it away when it is not in use.

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You can also pull the box out easily with the handles that are on the side for easy handling of the box. This box is so great you can also use it in your other dresser drawers to store jewelry, socks, etc., and maintain a uniform storage system.

11. Use Compact Drawer Organizers

Via thecontainerstore

This set of dresser drawer organizers takes up lesser space in the drawer. You can adjust them easily in any drawer as they come with a spring-loaded mechanism to expand the organizer. This organizer fits drawers that are 12 to 18 inches long in size, and at least 4 inches in depth.

12. DIY Paper Box Drawer Organizer

Via iheartorganizing

This is a great little home improvement project to take up if you are good with crafts. You can make paper boxes easily, and they are good storage solutions for your dresser drawer. These boxes are shallow and you can fold your linens, undergarments, socks, and even arrange your jewelry and makeup in them.

All you need is some quirky scrapbooking paper, some tape, and your amazing crafty skills! Yes, it is that easy and you can make these attractive storage boxes in no time!

13. Use Dividers

Via Lushome

Buy some horizontal and vertical dividers to create small cubbies in your dresser drawer. Using at least 5 to 6 dividers can create so many cubbies for your drawer. You can fold your belts and keep them in these cubbies. You can also keep dainty jewelry, watches, small perfume bottles, etc. in these cubbies. Plastic dividers are a great way to create some spacious storage inside the dresser.

These smart dresser storage organization ideas are easy to implement and save a lot of space along with your valuable time. You will save a lot of time every morning once you have a great system in place for your dresser.

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