21 Clever Toy Car storage ideas

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Kids love toy cars and are a kid’s best friend when they are growing up, so obviously, they have a ton of toy cars they love playing with. But they can be a hassle to store when your kids are not playing with them.

It’s hard enough finding storage space for all of our other stuff, let alone trying to find room for toy cars. But if you don’t have a proper storage system for your kid’s toy cars, they will start piling up and create a mess.

Fret not, here are some easy toy car storage ideas that will help you keep your kids’ car collection tidy and organized.


21 Clever Toy Car storage ideas

1. DIY Parking Garage

Via frugalfun4boys

If your big cars go in the garage once you’re done roaming around in them, why not the toy versions? Make a parking garage out of a wooden crate and some PVC pipes or toilet paper rolls so you can keep all the toy cars in one place.

2. Tackle Box

Via adventuresofactionjackson


This is a very inexpensive purchase and will help you for years to come till your kid is obsessed with cars! You can store over 100 matchbox cars in a tackle box. It is also very easy to carry around since it’s very lightweight. Buy a similar tackle box here.

3. Plastic Travel Organizer

Creative Options 531586 Home Storage Organizer, 14.5, Natural

This light plastic organizer is perfect to store all the tiny toy cars. It also has a sturdy handle at the side for easy handling. Your kid can carry it around and flaunt all their toy cars easily! Purchase this organizer here.

4. Covered Kiddie Garage

Via Momendeavors

This is a great storage idea for bigger cars. All you need to easily build this garage are some PVC pipes, a draw curtain, and of course the essential hardware equipment. You can also make your kids clean up after they are done by asking them to park their wheels in this cute garage!

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5. Metal Bucket Storage

Via Shanty-2-chic

For an extremely inexpensive storage solution, plop all your toy cars in a bucket, and clean-up time will get reduced by minutes! Label the bucket so you know exactly which bucket is assigned for the toy cars. Now of course this won’t organize them but it’s a good and cheap way to store toy cars.

6. Wall Car Storage

Via Littlebitsofhome

Build a straight shelf and mount it on the wall for a clean look. The multiple slats will let you accommodate as many toy cars as you want. You can paint the shelf the same as the color of the wall and add some cute décor on top of it.

7. Upcycled Shoe Rack

Via aloandbeholdlife

Turn an old shoe rack into wall storage for your toy cars. This is a very sleek arrangement system. You can arrange your toy cars according to their color and really flaunt your collection.

8. Rolling Toy Storage

Via Lizoncall

Use old drawers and refurbish them to make cute sliding storage. This can fit perfectly under your kid’s bed. You can use two/three drawers and store the cars and trucks separately. In all, a brilliant toy car storage idea that will keep them organized.

9. Hot Wheels Travel Case

Hot Wheels 100-Car, Rolling Storage Case with Retractable Handle

This easy suitcase look-alike is the perfect toy car storage option if you have a lot of cars to store as it can hold up to 100 matchbox cars. Wheels and telescopic handles make it super easy to carry it around without your cars falling out or getting damaged.

Buy this travel case here.

10. Vintage Crate Carts

Via ana-white

Recycle old wooden crates and add some flashy wheels to them to make a feasible storage situation for all your kid’s toy cars. Since the crate has wheels, your kid can easily push it around the room when it is clean-up time.

11. Car Jar

Via simplicityinthesouth

Do you have old jars? Repurpose them to store all your kid’s matchbox cars! If you’re looking for a quirky display on the kid’s room mantle as well, spray paint the lid of the jar and a car with the same color, and place the car over the closed lid!

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12. Hanging Organizer

Via pickupsomecreativity

If you enjoy taking up sewing projects, this is the perfect organizer you can sew up for your kids. All you need is some fabric and your skills! Each pocket can hold one or two matchbox cars!

13. Clear Toy Storage Bag

Via makeit-loveit

With just some fabric and clear vinyl, you can sew up the perfect see-through storage bag. It can hold many small toy cars and you can easily see them and pick the ones you like without disrupting the entire bag!

14. Hot Wheels Hanging Organizer

RHCOM Toy Car Storage Sturdy Carrying Case Compatible with Hot Wheels Cars Gift Pack/ Matchbox Cars and More

You can store all your hot wheel cars in this light organizer and hang them behind the door. It doesn’t take a lot of space in the room and keeps the room clutter-free once playtime is over.

Buy this organizer here.

15. Use Book Ledges

Via stacyssavings

Install some book ledges on the wall evenly so you can arrange all your toy cars on them. These ledges act like floating shelves and look really simple yet classy on the wall.

16. DIY Toy Car Storage Bin

Via 2littlefaces

Cut open old nappy boxes to make the perfect storage space for all your toy cars. You can cover it up with fabric paper and give it a sleek look. You can make multiple such bins to store various toys, just make sure you put a label to separate them!

17. Hang Cars on the Wall

Via keepingupwiththesouths

Install some magnetic metal knife bars on the wall. You can hang the cars on them and arrange them on display easily. This idea works only if you have metal toy cars. But a really unique way to store toy cars and keep them organzied.

18. Repurpose a Milk Crate

Via designertrapped

Spray paint an old milk crate and mount it on the wall. If it does not have small sections, install some dividers before you mount it on the wall.

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19. Repurpose an Old Tire

Via spaceshipsandlaserbeams

Put together a perfect car storage using an old tire that has been lying around in the garage. Drill the wooden slats in the tire and place your cars over them for a quick and inexpensive storage solution.

20. Cardboard Box Toy Car Garage

Via thebearandthefox

Build a small garage for your matchbox cars using a cardboard box, cardboard tubes, and some glue. You can also cover it up with some paper if you want. This also looks great on display and your kid can have fun with parking their cars after playtime.

21. DIY Light-Up Truck Grille Organizer

Via artscrackers

DIY a cute truck grille with lights on the wall and watch your kids light up with happiness while playing with their toy car collection! This organizer has dividers to separate sections that can help in organizing the cars accordingly.

These easy toy car storage ideas are inexpensive, easy to make, and can be done in no time! They will also attract your kids and teach them to store their toy cars all by themselves!

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