31 Brilliant Laundry Room Organization Ideas

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Do you love doing laundry? I know, I know, it’s a struggle! Honestly, all of us can relate to this because laundry chores are super tedious. You have a pile of dirty clothes, all waiting to be cleaned, dried, and folded – and that’s pretty boring.

To make your laundry days smooth and fun, I have put together some amazing laundry organization hacks. From incorporating super organized laundry closets and big, vertical racks to using canisters and lint bins to reduce clutter, you will find every storage solution useful.

Check out these brilliant laundry room organization ideas!


31 Laundry Room Organization Ideas

1. Laundry Room Closet

Via Bysophialee

The concept of a functional laundry closet is quite popular in small city apartments, where space is limited. How about adding an exquisite decor element to a full-fledged laundry room as well?

The small closet is decorated perfectly with similar bins and labeled for convenience. The lower racks are used to store linens and the big white tub keeps the extra comforters and blankets safe. 

2. Farmhouse Laundry Room

Via Simply2moms

Here is how you can decorate your laundry room to get those farmhouse vibes without digging a hole in your pocket. The before and after pictures have caught my attention the most – it’s all about organizing in the best way possible so you can say goodbye to clutter.

You have floating shelves, pretty storage baskets, rods and hooks to hang dry clothes, and a functional cabinet beside the machine.

3. Functional Laundry Closet


This cute and compact laundry closet has machines stacked on one side and a functional cabinet on the other. All the extra linens, towels, blankets, etc. are stored safely on the shelves and there is a beautiful weaved basket for tissue rolls as well.

Don’t forget to revamp the closet lights because they make a huge difference in the ambiance and reduce visual clutter effectively. 

4. Boho Laundry Room

Via Charlestoncrafted

Not a fan of chic and modern interiors? Well, this idea will surely excite that boho heart of yours! Whether it’s the unique green walls or plywood countertop with an oak stain or the fascinating shelves and plant hooks, you would love everything. Make an abstract basket wall and add some wall tapestry to complete the interiors. 

5. DIY Clothes Hanger

Via Goodhousekeeping

I know you have spotted those giant safety pins on the wall and I don’t blame you, they’re beautiful! But let’s talk about the suspended ladder above the folding station – it’s a hidden gem. DIY a ladder-like this and use it to hang those clothes on the rungs and they will be wrinkle-free always! 

6. Divide and Label

Via Crazytogether

You have already got a glimpse of the level of organization matching bins and baskets can bring to your laundry. Here is taking it up a notch by incorporating storage shelves full of statement white bins with labels. The shelves right above the machine are used to store detergents, softeners, and other essentials and those bins keep the clean clothes organized and ready to use. 

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7. Hide it Away

Via Catiezeehome

Wall cabinets are great storage when you don’t want things on display. A room as important and busy as the laundry room can get messy in the blink of an eye, so cabinets would be your savior. The shelves can be pretty packed with stuff but it won’t change the visuals because the doors cover them. 

8. Shelf Over Washing Machine

BAOYOUNI 3-Tier Laundry Room Shelf Over Washing Machine Storage Utility Rack Above Toilet Washer Dryer Clothes Hanger Width Adjustable Bathroom Organization Space Saving Shelving Units, Ivory

These shelves are very popular bathroom organization units and thanks to their versatile design, they can be used in the laundry room as well.

Optimize space by placing these shelves right above the machines and making them useful. Hang the dresses in the horizontal bar, use the racks to store cleaning supplies, or make them attractive with a basket storage system.

Buy it on Amazon.

9. Pretty Laundry Organization

Via Simplybeautifulbyangela

From the statement laundry board to the beautiful glass canisters and aesthetic spray bottles, everything about this laundry is attractive. Those wired baskets are used to store clean clothes. Instead of having multicolored bottles of detergents, dryers, etc. you have transparent canisters that look sophisticated and elegant. 

10. Smallest Laundry Room

Via Goodhousekeeping

Another efficient laundry closet idea and this one won’t even occupy one square foot of the floor space. You have the machines stacked on top of each other and the door is optimized and converted to a storage unit by installing hooks. Add shelves and rods wherever possible to get sufficient storage space and enjoy! 

11. DIY Slim Rolling Laundry Cart

Via Infarrantlycreative

Whether it’s in the kitchen or the bar, rolling carts have always proved their worth. It would be helpful to have one at the laundry as well. How about making it yourself as a fun project?

If you love woodworking, you would love to make this versatile cart and customize it according to the space you have. You will need wood glue, air nailer, saw, drill, and tape measure to make it. Refer to the guide here.

12. Beautiful White Shelves

Via Instagram @lacorraladegumiel

When it comes to organization, people mostly ignore the power of neutral hues and matching furniture. A laundry room as simple as this one can make us go gaga and the credit would go to the all-white décor. The gold bars and woven baskets elevate the look like nothing else. 

13. Magnetic Lint Bin

Metal Lint Bin with Lid & Dryer Sheet Holder Set - Fabric Softener Dispenser - Magnetic or Wall Mount Laundry Room Trash Can - Laundry Room Decor and Accessories - Organization and Storage box (White)

Say goodbye to the old-school trash can in your laundry room forever and welcome this lint bin. The magnetic backing product can be attached to the machine walls or installed on the wall with the hardware provided. Clean the trapped dust and lint in the dryer parts and avoid laundry problems like a pro!

Buy it on Amazon.

14. Plastic Jar Holder Set

Youngever 60-Ounce, 30-Ounce and 15-Ounce Clear Plastic Apothecary Jars Set of 3

Having clear plastic or glass canisters in your laundry room could be a sign of your love for aesthetic decor and they are worth every praise.

Use these canisters to store detergent pods, dryer sheets, clothespins, and many more. The removable lid and the wide mouth make all the laundry essentials easily accessible. 

Buy it on Amazon.

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15. Use Machines Wisely

Via Goodhousekeeping

Using the back of the doors is quite a popular storage idea for a modern household and we love the hack. How about using the machine’s exteriors as well? You just have to install a wire basket; flat-backed ones preferably, and all the essentials would be within reach.

These baskets are super functional, easy to remove, and even easier to clean. Unique and patterned laundry baskets resting above the machines can easily draw attention and I am loving every bit of this décor! 

16. Cubbies with Bins

Via Abeautifulmess

Do you have an empty wall in the laundry? Install floor-to-ceiling shelves and put some metal locker baskets to keep the essentials organized.

Besides using baskets to organize the main shelves above the machines, this wall would add tons of storage to your laundry. You can also keep hyacinth baskets and store cleaning supplies, toilet paper rolls, extra linens, washcloths, and so much more. 

17. Large Storage Bags

Large Storage Bags, 6 Pack Clothes Storage Bins Foldable Closet Organizers Storage Containers with Durable Handles Thick Fabric for Blanket Comforter Clothing Bedding 90L (Gray)

Laundry is not only the dedicated cleaning room but people also use it to store extra linens, blankets, towels, and other seasonal stuff. A large capacity bag like this would keep that laundry closet organized and you don’t have to worry about the linens getting messy or cluttered anymore! 

Buy it on Amazon.

18. DIY Mobile Laundry Station

Via Hoosierhomemade

Much like that functional rolling cart, you have this portable laundry station idea that would make your laundry chores easy.

The basic idea is to make a moving storage unit so you can do laundry on the go. These plastic baskets work like magic and you must dedicate each to specific items like dry, clean, dirty, wet clothes, etc. 

19. Hooks and Counterspace

Via Instagram @thewelldressedhouse

Do you know how important hooks are when it comes to storage? These statement golden-colored hooks here can hang those dirty clothes like a pro, all waiting to be cleaned. Make sure you have a functional counter space as well which would act like the folding station.

Use marbles for visual beauty and if you love dark colors, mix and match the interiors with dark and light hues.

20. Woven Storage Baskets

Lamberia 3 Packs Woven Storage Basket Bins 11x11" Laundry Basket Cube Organizer Storage Bins Woven Basket Cotton Rope Bin Storage Baskets for Organizing Toys Laundry Blanket Nursery Storage (Brown)

You have seen these baskets in almost every laundry decor and they deserve all the popularity. Made of jute and cotton, these organizing laundry baskets can store linens like a pro and they are super easy to carry.

The durable material won’t give you a tough time by falling apart like jute baskets and they’re machine washable. What else do we need?

Buy it on Amazon.

21. Free-Standing Shelving System

Via Foxhollowcottage

A wood or metal shelf can transform a regular laundry space into a chic and modern storage corner. You can have functional racks on one side and vertical space on the other to hang clothes without wrinkling them.

The top shelf has wire grids and can be used to store cleaning rags, extra washcloths, and hand towels. This is one of the most organized shelving units that also reduces visual clutter. 

22. Plywood Waterfall Countertop

Via Vintagerevivals

Much like those marble countertops, this one has a rustic vibe and the plywood is the center of attention.

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Add some space and make a dedicated folding station in your laundry by installing a counter space like this. A woodworker can easily make it on their own – it would be a fun and challenging project!

23. Laundry Detergent Dispenser

Conworld Laundry Detergent Dispenser, Wall-Mounted Scent Booster Beads Dispenser for Laundry Room Storage, Laundry Detergent Holder, Rice Dispenser, Container Suitable for Laundry Beads、 Powder

Say goodbye to the soap and detergent bottles cluttering your laundry and say hello to this super functional detergent dispenser. It can hold up to 7 pounds and optimizes space like nothing else!

Buy it on Amazon.

24. Pull-out Shelves to the Rescue

Via Goodhousekeeping

Good old drawers are indeed efficient space-saving solutions, but you can always switch to a more modern approach, right? Here is how you can incorporate both old-school and modern shelving solutions. These pull-out, sliding drawers are perfect for storing linens, laundry products, hampers, and folded clean clothes. All would be out of sight, out of way. 

25. Portable Storage Cubes

KOUSI Portable Storage Cubes-14 x14 Cube (16 Cubes)-More Stable (add Metal Panel) Cube Shelves with Doors, Modular Bookshelf Units,Clothes Storage Shelves,Room Organizer for Cubby Cube

You have already seen the usefulness of vertical storage cells like these and if you don’t want a permanent installation, go with this temporary solution. This portable shelf has 12 storage compartments, all multipurpose and versatile.

Buy it on Amazon.

26. Cart Between Machines

Via Handmadeweekly

Want to add some extra storage to your laundry? Separate the washer and dryer a bit and fit a rolling storage cart between them. It would cost less than 20 dollars and you will have three extra shelves to store stuff. You can also use baskets to keep things out of sight.

27. Use the Door

Via Mysweetsavannah

You have already used the machines wisely, why leave the doors behind? Install a tall shelf like this on the inside of the laundry door and you have successfully added some extra storage.

28. Statement Vertical Cabinet

Via Blessthisnestblog

Organizing was never this fun and attractive before I came across this statement shelf here. Lined by cubbies on two sides, the extra-long shelves in between are here to hang those clean clothes in style. You can install more hooks to increase the capacity. Use the cubes to store baskets and keep things out of sight. 

29. A Handy Poster

Via Everydaybest

Having a Dos and Don’ts chart like this in your laundry can be extremely helpful as it keeps reminding you how to wash different types of clothes. Add a protective shield like this to your perfectly organized laundry and enjoy the chore!

30. Laundry Sorter Cart

Simplehouseware 4-Bag Heavy Duty Rolling Laundry Sorter Cart, Chrome

This is very useful if you spend more than 2 hours in the laundry every day. A sorter cart can help you organize the dirty and clean clothes easily and save you some time.

Buy it on Amazon.

31. Clear Plastic Storage Bins

ClearSpace Plastic Storage Bins – Perfect Kitchen Organization or Pantry Storage – Fridge Organizer, Pantry Organization and Storage Bins, Cabinet Organizers

If you want to organize the laundry closet, there’s nothing better than clear bins. All the stuff will be accessible thanks to these perfect storage units, which are stackable. Make a system of storage bins and store all your laundry essentials perfectly.

Buy it on Amazon.

I am sure you are brimming with several organization hacks for your laundry by now and I am so excited to try these out. I hope you do too. Start the dream-laundry work right now!

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