21 Dollar Store Bathroom Organization Ideas

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“Save money. Every day!” That’s the dollar store motto. And boy! It has helped me in my times of need! Arts and crafts, frozen food, glittery pens, hairbands, and any other random item I couldn’t afford to spend $20 in a retail store.

And let’s be honest. No matter how rich or meager your earnings are, there’s no way you can say that you haven’t visited the dollar store. As it turns out, you can remodel entire rooms with these cheap items! Now that’s a true makeover.


21 Dollar Store Bathroom Organization Ideas

1. Cardboard Box Basket

Via Elizabethjoandesigns

These are perfect especially when you’re running out of the room, have another child on the way, or just don’t want to buy those overpriced baskets anymore. (I feel your pain, friend).

All you need is some jute to wrap around the cardboard box, make sure you keep gluing it until you reach the top. Line the inside of the box with some sort of stiff fabric, and place your toilet rolls in here.

2. Hair Supply Baskets

Via Homemadeginger

Somehow, every time I brush my teeth, my straightener falls from the bathroom shelf onto the floor. I don’t know why it never thought of keeping these things in a basket, that’s all it takes!

Pick up some baskets with bright colors, so that it adds a splash of color to your bathroom.

3. Plastic Storage Bins

Via Littlehouseoffour

A little goes a long way! These bins can store hair products, straighteners, essential oils, and toilet rolls. You name it, and you store it! These storage bins are a lifesaver especially since all my products are in a monstrosity I call “underneath the bathroom sink.” Plus you can personalize them! A bit of glitter, a glue gun, stickers, and tags should never be overlooked!

4. Mason Jar Toothbrush Organization

Via Lollyjane

This is ingenious. Why have your kids fight over a spot near the sink, and invade each other’s personal space? I know from my experience, that I get free punches when I invade my siblings’ personal space. You say pain, I say normal siblings.

Glue mason jars in a line above the sink, below the mirror, and place their toothbrushes and other teeth products in each jar. Let the kids personalize it!

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5. Lazy Susan

Via Homemadeginger

At the meager cost of $3, you can make a lazy susan and never lose track of your hair gel or tweezers amongst your kids’ extensive array of hair products.

Take a cake pan and fill it with enough marbles to cover the pan layer. Set a smaller cake pan on top, and voila! Place your products on it, and you’ve got an easy lazy susan.

6. Window Boxes For Bathroom Storage

Via Hometalk

Hooks and a basket. That all you need to store those extra towels lying around the house that you simply don’t have enough room for in your closet! Or at the back of the shower! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve ended up washing my hair, reaching for the shampoo, and having the sinking realization that the shampoo was sitting on the sink.

7. Small Caddy

Via Livinglowkey

Why store your toothbrushes, lotions, and sanitizers in 3 different places when you can store it in a small caddy? Since the organization is an unheard concept when you have kids, this caddy is perfect for such purposes. Even if your kids stuff their toiletries into this caddy, it’ll still have all the necessities in one place!

8. Bathroom Drawer Organization

Via Livinglowkey

I share a bathroom with 5 people, and I can say it’s never pleasant. The whole, “first come first serve” concept is taken to heart. While it is easier to stuff everything into your drawer and hope it doesn’t break, it’s not the most efficient. Organize your drawers with these small baskets, to act as personalizes storage for your large family!

9. Soap Dispensers

Via Youtube

As somebody who treasures bathroom products and “me time,” it’s important to know what I’m reaching for when I try to get the soap. Of course, I always end up knocking something over, so that just ends up being another daily bathroom fiasco. Dispensers are perfect to organize a counter and bring some orderly chaos.

10. Mesh Laundry Bag

Via Homemadeginger

Dirty towels……on the floor…..again? Believe me, it’s something I yell at my siblings for, EVERY DAY. At least by hanging a laundry bag behind the bathroom door, they’ll dump it someplace that’s not the floor.

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11. Labels With Containers

Via Craftyincrosby

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Psh……labels? Sounds too simple. And I’m here to say, “Elementary. My dear mothers.” This is one of those times when even the littlest things can make the biggest difference to your bathroom organization.

Label the baskets and containers, so that you never lose track of that special essential oil from your trip to India, or that special expensive lotion that you bought from Cancun.

12. Dish Scrubber Brush

Via Thecrazycraftlady

When you think “dollar store organization,” shelves and baskets may come to mind……except for actual cleaning tools. Keep your bathroom clean and neat by storing a dish scrubber brush filled with liquid soap to whip out, any time you feel like the bathtub needs a little cleanup!

13. Acrylic Stand

Via Youtube

Tiered acrylic stands work best for the organization, since you, your partner, and kids can share the same space and not kill each other. Sis, I love you. But if you’re gonna keep misplacing my toothbrush then I’m gonna mix chili powder into your toothpaste.

14. Tin Cans Into Wall Organizers

Via Simpleasthat

Super fun DIY project, and oh -so cheap! Use those old tin cans you have in the garage, and customize them to your liking. Nail a few leather straps onto a wooden board, to act as holders for the tin cans. The wooden board shouldn’t be too heavy or big, since it has to stay on the bathroom wall. That’s it! This is a perfect replacement for the overweight toothbrush holder on your counter.

15. Turning Baskets Into Open Shelves

Via Kimsixfix

Kind of an unconventional shelf, but really, aren’t the old-fashioned ones a bit boring and monotonous? Choose a couple of baskets that can be positioned correctly on the wall, and use L-brackets with bolts to secure the baskets in place. You can barely see the inside of the screw, so don’t worry about aesthetics.

16. Wired Rack

Via Youtube

Tiered wire racks are perfect to keep next to the counter so that you can use and put back products easily in the morning rush. While the products might fall off the rack, it’s better to place the products in small containers. Then, place these containers on the rack for maximum stability.

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17. Organizer Case

Via Youtube

Earrings. Lost one. Need I say more? When I’m rushing out the door, I keep berating myself for not putting the earrings next to my makeup in the bathroom, on the counter. All I need are these organizer cases and I’m all set! These will store all the jewelry you have and avoid the whole, oops I accidentally dropped my earring on the carpet situation.

18. Mesh Washing Bag

Via Livinglowkey

If you want to take those long refreshing bubble baths without having a rubber duck staring at you, buy a mesh washing bag. It’s perfect to store all the toys you keep tripping over in the bathroom, even though your kids promise you that they’ll clean up. (Which never happens unless you promise them chocolate).

19. Use A Spice Rack To Keep Your Nail Polish Visible

Via Notedlist

I cannot begin to tell you the number of times I’ve knocked over a bottle of polish into the sink. Cherry Delight, Summer breeze, Purple Rave……all down the drain. Not anymore! Secure a couple of spice racks to the wall using a few bolts and screws, since the nail polish will add weight to the rack after being placed on it.

20. Candle Stick And Dinner Plate Caddy

Via Homedit

Probably the shortest DIY project I’ve ever see. Because all you need to do is place a plate on the counter, a candlestick on top, and another dinner plate on top of the candlestick. You’ve got a caddy. No, I’m not kidding. It’s seriously that easy!

21. Sliding Wire Baskets

Via Kimspireddiy

Why use containers under the sink, when you can just use sliding wire baskets? This way, you don’t have to crouch down to get something, and it’s so easy to access anything you need! Life could not be easier.

Shopping at the dollar tree itself needs no explanation. Items for a dollar, sometimes more than just one, for the same price!  I’ll be there. Simple container items or mesh bags can go a long way in the bathroom organization, so utilize the dollar tree to the fullest!

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