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71+ Easy DIY Halloween Outdoor decorations for 2022

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Trick or Treat! Halloween is fun not just because of costumes and candy, but also because of the spooky decorations. Even if Halloween guests – aka trick-or-treaters – never enter your home they’ll definitely see the outdoor decor of your home.

But, don’t you think buying the old school decorations from the market is so 2000? Probably, yes! They’re expensive and may not even go with our lawn or yard. So, this is the best time to get your creative juices flowing and get spooky by making some amazing DIY outdoor Halloween decorations.

So, give the outside of your home a festive feel with a spooktastic finishing touch and make everyone gaze in awe at your Halloween decor. What’s more? You will also save money on expensive store-bought decor items and make your decor look unique.

These easy-to-create spooky DIY Halloween decoration ideas will impress trick-or-treaters and party guests alike.


71+ Easy DIY Halloween Outdoor decorations

1. Climbing Halloween Skeletons

Halloween decor diy
Via Instructables

This climbing skeletons decoration idea is going to transform your home into a realistic haunting den and perfect to freak the neighbors out, just by some clever placements and a bit of sewing. You can easily make some inexpensive plastic skeletons climb your house and they can be the most frightening roof decors out there.

This will surely make your home the talk of the town during Halloween. What more? These are easy to make as well.

2. Decorate Windows With DIY Silhouettes

DIY Halloween Decor
Via Shelterness

Add some realistic haunted charm to your house by making frightening shadows with these window silhouettes. All you need to do is cut some scary shapes from cardboard, place them on windows, and switch on the lights.

Whether it’s zombies, witches, ghosts, skeletons, bats, or a headless lady, this gallery from Shelterness bundles all such remarkable window DIY Silhouettes to up the spookiness factor this Halloween. And they are so easy, that you can craft them all by yourself.

3. Sweet Sacks of Spiders

halloween decor
Via hellopapermoon

These hanging spider sacs will surely creep out everyone who visits you on Halloween. And crafting them is very easy, all you need are a pair of white tights, some plastic spiders, a baseball, and a hot glue gun to achieve this amazing visual impact.

You can hang them at your entrance in a creepy manner and it will surely frighten everyone out. Take a look at this quick guide by Hello Paper Moon to learn how you can work out these creepy crawly spiders with utmost ease and effortlessness.

4. DIY Graveyard

diy halloween decor
Via countryfair-joanne

Bring a realistic graveyard outside your house with this DIY decor for Halloween. Transform your garden into a bone-chilling cemetery with this DIY and hit all the right notes when celebrating the horror of Halloween.

All you need is some creativity and patience along with some easily available items. From a rubber skeleton resting on a bicycle, self-made tombstones made from foam to a wheelbarrow carrying lots of bones, this covers it all.

If you have a fog machine, put it out and the cemetery will look like coming from a horror movie.

5. Walking Dead Halloween Decorations: Hershel’s Barn Pallet Project

halloween decor ideas
Via attagirlsays

What to say about this as the Walking dead series opens amazing concepts during Halloween for inspiration. This walking Dead inspired DIY project can take your Outdoor Halloween decorations to the next level.

You can also make your own version of this Hershel’s Barn Pallet, perfect to place wherever you want to add that spooky element around your house.

6. Spooky Floating Heads

halloween decor
Via Simplydesigning

These cool Halloween decorations will take the scary element at your house to a whole new level. Created from foam heads, cheesecloth, and some Mod Podge, this eerie creation will send a chill up your visitor’s spines.

I recommend painting it with glow-in-the-dark paint to give it an amazing look in the dark. This would work awesome anywhere around your house or even in the house. Simply designing has a step-by-step tutorial to do this.

7. Brewing

halloween decor
Via grimhollowhaunt

Add final touches to any decoration you have done for Halloween with Jack O’Lanterns. Halloween is incomplete without them. This Brewing setup looks really amazing when accompanied by those lanterns – lit bright and golden, smokey and foggy, it looks like there’s something devilish going there.

8. Tower of Terrifying Pumpkins

Via Crazicarlos

Halloween decor is incomplete without Jack O Lanterns. But if you are not satisfied with a single lantern, make an arch display using a wide variety of lanterns.

Well, you cannot use real pumpkins as that will be too heavy and dangerous to safely create the arch. So, orange paint some foam pumpkins to carve out the arch and it looks fabulous and will definitely add a WOW factor to your outdoor Halloween decoration.

It will take time to make but it will make your home stand out from the rest.

9. One-Armed Grave Grabber

Halloween grabber
Via Fulcrumsites

Level up the spookiness and scary factor this Halloween with this one Armed Grave Grabber. The unique thing is it uses a motor to create a moving effect.

This will definitely send a chill up your visitor’s spine as it looks so realistic that the skeleton coming out from the grave and his hands actually coming to grab you. This is a bit difficult to make but it will definitely make your house the talk of the town for Halloween. Beware of the “Grave Grabber”.

This ominous Outdoor Halloween decoration may take a little more time and engineering to construct, but the results are worth the time.

10. Ghost Leaf Bags

halloween DIY Decor
Via Our-everyday-art

Put your homemade ghost leaf bags to amazing use and transform your yard into a super creepy and frightening graveyard like a piece of cake. You don’t need much for this incredibly easy project, just a few materials.

You just need lots of White Garbage Bags thoroughly filled with lots and lots of leaves that were all over the place in your yard. Accompany them with DIY gravestones.

11. Easy D-I-Y Ghost

halloween decor

Frighten everyone who passes by your house with this easy-to-make chicken wire ghost, perfect to be placed in your garden. You will be surprised to see how realistic and frightening the ghost looks, and can rest assured that it won’t fail to give anyone some real goosebumps.

Spray it with glow-at-dark spray, to make it glow in dark. This DIY project is quite budget-friendly as well as quick to achieve.

12. Haunting Hooded Ghouls

halloween decor

These Grim Reapers will take the scary element at your house to a whole new level. This larger-than-life grim form is great for your backyard or as a menacing onlooker standing tall, ready to steal all souls on the night of Halloween.

Created from pieces of wood, a metal pole, some chicken wire, and a few other elements, this eerie DIY outdoor Halloween decoration will definitely take everyone’s breath away.

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13. Outdoor Witch Decor

halloween home decor
Via Marthastewart

Draw everyone’s attention to your outdoor decor by creating this ominous scene with life-size wooden cut-outs of Witch and Ferocious Felines.

Set these silhouettes on your property and include some ambient backlighting to these outdoor decorations so you can creep your guests out long after the sun has set with this impressive and spooky decorating idea.

14. Ghosts Made From Gourds

Halloween decor ideas
Via houseofhawthrones

Need some last-minute Halloween decoration inspiration that doesn’t even require much time? Make cute little ghosts using gourds of different sizes, cheesecloth, white spray paint, black marker, and a little bit of creativity.

This wonderful tutorial takes no more than three steps to pull off and produces some amazing and spooky last-minute results for your Halloween decorations.

15. Menacing Pumpkin Man

halloween decor ideas DIY
Via GrimHollowhaunt

The addition of this Pumpkin Man will add to the spookiness of your Outdoor Halloween decorations. Placed on a porch, under a tree, or right in the walkway, this otherworldly-looking beast with long curled fingers and toes makes an ominous addition to the yard and will certainly turn heads.

16. Scary Pumpkin Scarecrow

halloween decor diy
Via Halloweenforum

Created from cheesecloth, skeleton hands, and an angry-looking pumpkin head, this ominous-looking character is sure to get a reaction from guests and trick-n-treaters alike. Placing this holiday decoration near an entryway to greet your guests or on a porch or patio will add creepiness to the atmosphere.

17. Elegant Pumpkin Path

simple halloween decor idea
Via Peachpizzazz

If you like the simplicity yet elegant look, this DIY project is for you. With an assortment of light-colored or white-painted pumpkins, you can easily create this classy outdoor pumpkin lighting path. Create a pattern on each of the painted pumpkins and carve away the unwanted parts. Spray paint the pumpkin shell white and insert white LED lighting.

When the sun goes down, give any driveway, walkway, or stairway a dreamlike aura with these lighted pumpkins. The bright lighting of the LEDs will deliver a tremendous amount of ambient lighting to your Halloween yard decorations.

18. Menacing Ghost Mob

halloween outdoor decor
Via grimhollowhaunt

If you are not satisfied with one ghostly figure in your Outdoor Halloween decorations, then this is for you. Scare the pants off of any person by creating a whole group of them. These are actually costumes but can be easily used for outdoor décor as well.

Make these larger-than-life scary ghouls and arrange them throughout your garden or yard to create the illusion of ghouls emerging from the darkness. Since you need to make a lot of them it may take more time, so put your DIY Halloween ideas into action early.

19. Tomato Cage Ghosts

haloween decor ideas
Via Princesspinkygirl

Tomato Cage Ghosts are amazing Halloween yard decorations and receive a lot of attention from everyone. It’s easy to construct your own piece of this scary decoration with just 4 items from your own home, including a tomato cage, a king-size pillowcase, a sharpie, and colorful string lights.

You don’t require any artistic skills, just follow the steps in the tutorial to make your own scary ghost.

20. Gruesome Ghost Host

Halloween decor DIY
Via DIYshowoff

Invite a larger-than-life, horrifying ghost with a skull face to create a truly haunting scene in your space. You can create this terrifying addition with a few materials like cheesecloth, chicken wire, some hardware, and a fake skull.

How easy it is to make this spirit is truly surprising, and will save huge bucks by ditching the store-bought decor stuff. With some time and patience, this eerie being will adorn your Halloween decorations in quite a winsome way.

21. Creepy Spider Egg Sac

diy halloween decor
Via thetiptoefairy

These creepy spider sacs are a great addition to your Halloween decorations. The best thing about this is it can be placed anywhere in or around your house and goes well with every Halloween decor element.

Making them is really easy, all you need is white tights, plastic spiders, some spider rings, a black balloon, and some poly-fill stuffing. These creepy DIY Spider Egg Sacs are a remarkably stylish take on the traditional Halloween decoration methods, being quite inexpensive at the same time.

22. Bone Mobile

Via aweeminnit

What could be more imaginative than decorating your home with a bone mobile? This unique decoration is sure to catch the eye of everyone who sees it, and it’s sure to get them into the Halloween spirit!

23. Bat Cloud Door Decor with Invisible Wire

This spooky bat cloud door decor is the perfect way to add a little bit of Halloween fun to your home! Made with an invisible wire, this DIY outdoor Halloween decoration can be hung on doors, windows, or any other surface. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and is sure to add a bit of Halloween flair to any home!

24. Attack Of Giant Spiders


25. Halloween Sign “BOO”


Via oliviaohern

Too lazy to make something fancy? This is the easiest thing to make but still very necessary. All you need is a board on which you can write “BOO” and hang it on the door. It’s almost like a Halloween greeting!

26. Veiny Eyes In The Bush

Via Kitchenfunnywithmy3sons

Ever felt like someone is watching you? Yep, this is exactly what a pair of eyes in the bush will make you feel! And the veiny touch only makes it extra spooky. All you need is a ball, a piece of paper to cover it, and some sketch pens for this DIY project.

27. Stair Lit Ghoul

Via madebybarb

Now, this one is super eerie and worth the effort. All you need is a broom to hang an old blanket in the shape of a human after wrapping a fairly light on the broom. Trust me, nobody will dare to enter your lawn after this!

28. Growing Hands

Halloween DIY Decorations — Kevin Szabo Jr Plumbing – Plumbing Services│Local Plumber│Tinley Park, IL

Do you remember fearing that you’re walking down the street and somebody’s under the car who’s gonna grab you by the foot? This is to bring out the same fear. All you need are some gloves filled with air and paint them to make them look spooky.

29. Cat Lit Pumpkins

Make Black Cat Pumpkins (

Are you a fan of cute yet scary elements? Then this is for you. All you need is a pumpkin that will be cut in the shape of a cat and fairy lights that should be placed inside. They make the lawn look lit and add to the spooky look.

30. Spooky Doormat

DIY Halloween Project: Make a Spooky Welcome Mat (

This is all about the Halloween welcome! This is easy to make and yet gives a fancy look to the outdoors. All you need is a mat and some paper cutouts like that of a bat or a pumpkin. To add a little more spooky touch, add some spiders and place them under the mat as if they’re crawling out.

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31. Pumpkin Victim

How can we not do something with pumpkins when it’s Halloween? You might’ve not heard about the pumpkin victim, it’s just a body made out of leaf bags with clothes, and the head is made of the pumpkin. It gives us the impression that the pumpkin ate the head of a person.

32. Drunk Witch

Witches are scary, but a drunk witch is scary as well as hilarious to look at! All you need is a witch hat, garbage bag, and a broom. It’ll look even more fun if you make it stick on the tree and put up a sign that says “Don’t drink and fly”.

33. Cryptic Coffin

Halloween Decorating Ideas – Panda’s House (

Undoubtedly, coffins are scary elements. All you need is some wood and paint to make this coffin. It gives a shady vibe and is a perfect DIY project for Halloween, especially for outdoor decorations.

34. Hanging Crows

16 DIY Ways to Scare Trick-or-Treaters on October 31st – Brit + Co

Crows have been considered to be a “bad omen” which automatically makes them look like spooky creatures. Hanging crow cutouts in front of the house with transparent thread could be your go-to DIY project for this Halloween.

35. Mummy

21 Incredibly creepy outdoor decorating ideas for Halloween (

You must be wondering if this sounds old school. Yes, but it’s still scary and proves to be a great outdoor Halloween decoration. All you need is a body-shaped cutout of thermocol and an old sheet ripped into strips.

36. Freshly Dug Grave

Aidtopia Halloween Graves

This one is going to look way too spooky if done well. All you need for this DIY project is a fake cardboard tombstone and some soil/
Or mud. Just simply lay the mud in front of the tombstone and wet it a little so that it looks fresh.

37. Pumpkin Bonfire

Flamethrower Jack o’ Lantern Tutorial (

Lit pumpkins are too old school and common. Let’s do a pumpkin bonfire instead. All you need for this is a pumpkin lantern with its head cut from the top and some wood. Light it up and voila, your pumpkin bonfire is ready.

38. Bloody Footprints

Bloody Footprints Runner – PartyCheap

The easiest thing to make and yet it can send chills down your spine. All you need for this DIY project is some red paint and shoes, just paint the sole of your shoe and walk to your door.

39. Dolls Hanging/Ghosts


Halloween Glowing Trash Bag Ghosts | The TipToe Fairy

It’s a great idea to decorate your lawn with some dolls and witches. To make hanging dolls, all you need is a cricket ball for the head and an old handkerchief to wrap around. Secure the head with a hair tie and use some markers to draw on the face.

40. Spider Web

How To Make A Giant Spider Web For Halloween – Decorhint – Decor + DIY

A spider web looks great around the bush or even at the entrance of your house. All you need is some white thread to make the web and some black spider cutouts to be placed on it.

41. Feather Wreath

Halloween Decor Halloween Wreaths Spooky Decor Halloween – Etsy India

Wreaths are used during Christmas and are one of the most important decorations! But, making it look spooky and turning it into a Halloween decoration also looks like a great idea. All you need are some feathers and a round disposable plate.

42. Pumpkin Diorama

18 Pumpkin Dioramas That Will *Slay* Your Halloween Decor (

Now, this is a classy decoration idea that adds flare to the whole lawn! All you need is a pumpkin that needs to be cut into the shape of your choice and places some elements inside of it with fairy lights. You can add some small skeletal figures hanging from a tree and even bag cutouts.

43. Bloody Handprints

Do It Yourself Bloody Handprint Window Clings – FeltMagnet

Just like bloody footprints, this is a great idea and looks creepy. All you need to do is paint your hands red and leave your handprints on the side walls of your house.

44. Crime Scene

Pinterest – India

This DIY project takes a little more space in your yard but looks horrifying. All you need is some fake crime scene tape, some fake rubber bones, and mud or soil to make it look fresh.

45. Witches Flying Broom

DIY Witches Brooms – Tastefully Frugal

This one’s super easy to make and fits well with the whole Halloween theme. All you need is some old dried grass, preferably long, a wooden stick, and a thread to tie it all together.

46. Spider Illusions

Cheap & Easy Giant Spider Illusion : 3 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

What’s scarier than actual spiders? Something that looks like it but isn’t! Yep, we’re talking about spider illusions. All you need to do is make the legs of the spider and make it look like the spider is coming out. For this, you need small twigs and some black paint.

47. Body Bag

Bagged Bodies: A Life-Size Halloween Prop – The Navage Patch

A body bag lying in the backyard? Now, this is crazy. All you need is a ball to make the head of the body, and use some thermocol to make the rest of the body, use some grass to give the body some shape. Wrap it in a bag and use some duct tape to make it look like somebody tried hard to dispose of it.

48. Zombie Cages

DIY Dollar Store Halloween Bird Cage | The TipToe Fairy

These look eerie and are easy to make! All you need are some small laundry baskets, thread, and chains. To make one cage, join 2 laundry baskets and tie them with a thread and use the chain to hang them!

49. Spooky Eyes

50 Cheap DIY Halloween Decorations for 2022 – Halloween Ideas – Blitsy

Have you seen those small crazy balls that glow in the dark? Yep, that’s all you need for this DIY project and some markers! Just draw faces on the balls and place them somewhere dark!

50. Gravestone

DIY Halloween Lawn Gravestones – The House of Wood (

To make a gravestone, grab an asymmetrical-looking big stone from any construction site, paint it as you want and place it in the backyard. To add some real touch, place some flowers on the sides.

51. Flytrap Candy Holder

Create Your Own Little Candy Shop Of Horrors This Halloween With A DIY Venus Flytrap Candy Holder (

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This looks fancy and attractive on the lawn or at the entrance! All you need to make this is a pumpkin that needs to be cut in a way that it looks like an open mouth or what we call it “Venus Fly Trap”. Paint it and place some candies inside it!

52. Concrete Smiling Stones

Concrete Smiling Stones : 7 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

This looks super cute as well as creepy. All you need is some round concrete stones, an old zipper and paints. Let the creative juices flow and make funny or scary faces on it!

53. Hanging Lit Candles

Order of the Phoenix, AZ: A Harry Potter Party in the Desert – eating bender

This one gives away full black magic vibes! Take some medium-sized candles and hang them together with a transparent thread outside your door! Light them up when it’s dark.

54. Fireflies In A Cage

Create Glow in the Dark Mason Jars for Your Next DIY Photo – 500px

This is one classy decoration! All you need is some glass jars and fairy lights that run on battery. It’s better if you get the lights with transparent wires. Put them in the jar and close it.

55. Body Stuck In The Garage Door

Garage Guillotine – Headless Body Halloween Prop | The Green Head

This one is way too terrifying! Half body coming out of the garage? Now that’s serious decoration. All you need for this DIY project are some clothes (shirt, pants & shoes), straw, newspaper filling, and some paint.

56. Startled Stray Cat

Black Cat Outdoor Halloween Decoration | HGTV

One of these arched black cat eerie decorations will add a little fright to your walkway or yard. This simple Halloween décor is made from plywood, landscape posts, and paint.

57. Cemetery Fence

How to Make a DIY Halloween Cemetery Picket Fence – Entertaining Diva

This DIY project doesn’t need a lot of effort. All you need is some long wooden pieces, nails, and mud. Make a fence with the help of nails and a small hammer. To give it the real touch, litter the area with bones and skeleton hands.

58. Skull Signs

How To Make DIY Spooky Skull Yard Signs for Halloween (

This is easy yet fascinating. All you need to do is cut out cardboard in the shape of a skull and get your markers to add the effects. Stick it on a wooden stick and place it on the lawn. To add some touch, cover it with fairy lights.

59. Witch Legs

DIY ‘Wizard of Oz’ Wicked Witch Legs Halloween Decoration | eHow

It’s freaky and cool at the same time. All you need is a long pair of socks, an old pair of heels, a skirt and some mud/grass. Fill the socks with some mud and put the heels on.

60. Wooden Pallet Window Decoration

Violet’s Buds: Boarded Window Halloween Decoration DIY (

Old, discarded pallets can be used to create Halloween decorations outside of your home. The pallets must be spooky-styled and attached to outside windows. Paint them black or red to add some flare.

61. Cemetery Entrance

b2ad050767a065be9b97ffaf6850c24b.jpg (720×960) (

With this simple DIY crafty decorating idea, you can turn your front entrance into a spooky graveyard entrance. All you need is some cardboard and spray paint after measuring the doorway.

62. Stretch Lace Wreath with Bow

Wire Pumpkin Wreath (

With its round shape and exquisite bow placement, this door decoration proves to be a beautiful wreath. You can easily make your DIY version with some wire, ribbon, and basic craft items.

63. Tin Can Ghosts

DIY Tin Can Ghost Windsock (

All you need is some empty tins, paint, and some white cloth and thread. Cover the tins with the white cloth and make the facial features add some touch. These look cute and spooky!

64. Mummy Door

Fall & Halloween Porch Decor | East Coast Creative (

Mummy’s door looks like a typical Halloween entrance. All you need is some white gauge and wrap it around the door. To add some spooky touch, stick a pair of eyes on the door.

65. Orange Pennants

Halloween Decorating 2017 | Our Good Life (

These can be a great addition to the other Halloween decor. All you need is some orange triangle cutouts and a thread to tie them and hang them all together!

66. Illuminated Ghost Garland

Illuminated Ghost Garland – Taryn Whiteaker Designs

This can be a cute decoration idea and all you need is a lantern light, hair ties, and white cloth. The lantern light can be the head of the ghost and is to be secured with the hair tie. Tie them on the fairy light and voila, your lit ghost garland is ready.

67. Bats On The Roof/Tree

Halloween Decor Hacks | The 36th AVENUE

These are easy to create. All you need is some thick black chart paper, thread, and scissors to make large bat-shaped cutouts. Hang them from the roof so that they move as the wind blows giving it the whole Halloween look.

68. Ghosts Outside The Door

41 Halloween Ghost Decorations For Indoors And Outdoors – DigsDigs

Ghosts guarding your house? Now that’s interesting. All you need is a bag full of leaves and a white sheet to cover it. Grab some markers to draw the eyes and add effects.

69. Keep Out Sign

30 Scary Outdoor Halloween Decorations — Best Yard & Porch Halloween Decor Ideas (

Let’s make the guests terrified with this keep-out sign on the entrance gate! All you need is a rectangular piece of wood that says “Keep Out” and put some red hand prints to make it extra spooky.

70. Skeleton Hand Wreath

Dollar Store Halloween Wreath – Eighteen25

This will look great on your front door! All you need is some skeleton hands and a paper plate to stick them on. Paint them as you like and voila, your wreath is ready!

71. Lit Pumpkin Scarecrow

This is the ideal illustration of how to design a spooky visual for your outdoor Halloween decorations. This scarecrow’s tall post holds its stick-thin torso, which is topped with a lit pumpkin head and the whole thing is covered in Black gauze material.

It’s always fun decorating your home with these spooky elements, and you can do it perfectly well without actually spending a lot of money.

So, Murder The High Cost Of Decorations And Create Your Own DIY outdoor decoration this Halloween with these cheap and easy outdoor DIY Halloween decoration ideas. Good luck with your scary DIY adventure!

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