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21 Spooky Awesome DIY Halloween Outdoor decorations

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Trick or Treat! Halloween is fun not just because of costumes and candy, but also because of the spooky decorations. Even if Halloween guests – aka trick-or-treaters – never enter your home they’ll definitely see the outdoor decor of your home.

So, give it a festive feel with a spooktastic finishing touch. To do that, what’s better than crafting your own Halloween decoration and make everyone gaze in awe at your decor. And what more, they will also save you money on expensive store-bought decor items and make your decor look unique.

These easy to create spooky DIY Halloween decoration ideas will impress trick-or-treaters and party guests alike.

1. Climbing Halloween Skeletons

Halloween decor diy
Via Instructables

This climbing skeletons decoration idea is going to transform your home into a realistic haunting den and perfect to freak the neighbors out, just by some clever placements and a bit of sewing. You can easily make some inexpensive plastic skeletons climb your house and it can be the most frightening roof decors out there.

This will surely make your home the talk of the town during Halloween. What more? These are easy to make as well.

2. Decorate Windows With DIY Silhouettes

DIY Halloween Decor
Via Shelterness

Add some realistic haunted charm to your house by making frightening shadows with these window silhouettes. All you need to do is cut some scary shapes from cardboard, place them on windows, and switch on the lights. Whether its zombies, witches, ghosts, skeletons, bats, or a headless lady, this gallery from Shelterness bundles all such remarkable window DIY Silhouettes to up the spookiness factor this Halloween. And they are so easy, that you can craft them all by yourself.

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3. Sweet Sacks of Spiders

halloween decor
Via hellopapermoon

These hanging spider sacs will surely creep out your everyone who visits you on Halloween. And crafting them is very easy, all you need are a pair of white tights, some plastic spiders, a baseball, and a hot glue gun to achieve this amazing visual impact. You can hang them at your entrance in a creepy manner and it will surely frighten everyone out. Take a look at this quick guide by Hello Paper Moon to learn how you can work out these creepy crawly spiders with utmost ease and effortlessness.

4. DIY Graveyard

diy halloween decor
Via countryfair-joanne

Bring a realistic graveyard outside your house with this DIY decor for Halloween. Transform your garden into a bone-chilling cemetery with this DIY and hit all the right notes when celebrating the horror of Halloween. All you need is some creativity and patience along with some easily available items. From a rubber skeleton resting on a bicycle, self-made tombstones made from foam to a wheelbarrow carrying lots of bones, this covers it all. If you have a fog machine, put it out and the cemetery will look like coming from a horror movie.

5. Walking Dead Halloween Decorations: Hershel’s Barn Pallet Project

halloween decor ideas
Via attagirlsays

What to say about this as the Walking dead series opens amazing concepts during Halloween for inspiration. This walking Dead inspired DIY project can take your Halloween decorations to the next level. You can also make your own version of this Hershel’s Barn Pallet, perfect to place wherever you want to add that spooky element around your house.

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6. Spooky Floating Heads

halloween decor
Via Simplydesigning

These cool Halloween decorations will take the scary element at your house to a whole new level. Created from foam-heads, cheesecloth, and some Mod Podge, this eerie creation will send a chill up your visitors spines. I recommend to paint it with glow in the dark paint to give it an amazing look in the dark. This would work awesome anywhere around your house or even in the house. Simply designing has a step-by-step tutorial to do this.

7. Brewing

halloween decor
Via grimhollowhaunt

Add final touches to any decoration you have done for Halloween with Jack O’Lanterns. Halloween is incomplete without them. This Brewing setup looks really amazing when accompanied by those lanterns – lit bright and golden, smokey and foggy, it looks like there’s something devilish going there.

8. Tower of Terrifying Pumpkins

Via Crazicarlos

Halloween decor is incomplete without Jack O’Lanterns. But if you are not satisfied with a single lantern, make an arch display using a wide variety of lanterns. Well, you cannot use real pumpkins as that will be too heavy and dangerous to safely create the arch. So, use foam pumpkins to carve out the arch and it looks fabulous and will definitely add a WOW factor to your Halloween decor. It will take time to make but it will make your home stand out from the rest.

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9. One-Armed Grave Grabber

Halloween grabber
Via Fulcrumsites

Level up the spookiness and scary factor this Halloween with this one Armed Grave Grabber. The unique thing is it uses a motor to create a moving effect. This will definitely send a chill up your visitor’s spines as it looks so realistic that the skeleton coming out from the grave and his hands actually coming to grab you. This is a bit difficult to make but it will definitely make your house the talk of the town for Halloween. Beware of the “Grave Grabber”. This ominous Halloween decoration may take a little more time and engineering to construct, but the results are worth the time.

10. Ghost Leaf Bags

halloween DIY Decor
Via Our-everyday-art

Put your homemade ghost leaf bags to amazing use and transform your yard into a super creepy and frightening graveyard like a piece of cake. You don’t need much for this incredibly easy project. You just need lots of White Garbage Bags thoroughly filled with lots and lots of leaves that were all over the place in your yard. Accompany them with DIY gravestones.

11. Easy D-I-Y Ghost

halloween decor

Frighten everyone who passes by your house with this easy-to-make chicken wire ghost, perfect to be placed in your garden. You will be surprised to see how realistic and frightening the ghost looks, and can rest assured that it won’t fail to give anyone some real goosebumps. Spray it with glow-at dark spray, to make it glow in dark. This DIY project is quite budget-friendly as well as quick to achieve.

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12. Haunting Hooded Ghouls

halloween decor

These Grim Reapers will take the scary element at your house to a whole new level. This larger than life grim form is great for your backyard or as a menacing onlooker standing tall, ready to steal all souls on the night of Halloween. Created from pieces of wood, a metal pole, some chicken wire, and a few other elements, this eerie creation will definitely take everyone’s breath away.

13. Outdoor Witch Decor

halloween home decor
Via Marthastewart

Draw everyone’s attention to your outdoor decor by creating this ominous scene with life-size wooden cut-outs of Witch and Ferocious Felines. Set these silhouettes on your property and include some ambient backlighting to these outdoor decorations so you can creep your guests out long after the sun has set with this impressive and spooky decorating idea.

14. Ghosts Made From Gourds

Halloween decor ideas
Via houseofhawthrones

Need some last-minute Halloween decor inspiration that doesn’t even require much time? Make cute little ghosts using gourds of different sizes, cheesecloth, white spray paint, black marker, and a little bit of creativity. This wonderful tutorial takes no more than three steps to pull off and produce some amazing and spooky last-minute results for your Halloween decorations.

15. Menacing Pumpkin Man

halloween decor ideas DIY
Via GrimHollowhaunt

The addition of this Pumpkin Man will add to the spookiness of your Halloween decor. Placed on a porch, under a tree, or right in the walkway, this otherworldly looking beast with long curled fingers and toes makes an ominous addition to the yard and will certainly turn heads.

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16. Scary Pumpkin Scarecrow

halloween decor diy
Via Halloweenforum

Created from cheesecloth, skeleton hands, and an angry-looking pumpkin head, this ominous-looking character is sure to get a reaction from guests and trick-n-treaters alike. Placing this holiday decoration near an entryway to greet your guests or on a porch or patio will add creepiness to the atmosphere. Tattered edges and a menacing smile make this frightening creature a convincing scary element. An electric-powered light in the head will keep this demonic-looking creature lit up on the darkest of evenings.

17. Elegant Pumpkin Path

simple halloween decor idea
Via Peachpizzazz

If you like simplicity but yet elegant look, this DIY project is for you. With an assortment of light-colored or white painted pumpkins, you can easily create this classy outdoor pumpkin lighting path. Create a pattern on each of the painted pumpkins and carve away the unwanted parts. Spray paint the pumpkin shell white and insert white LED lighting.

Decorate each “tree” with the led lights, making sure to reach all of the branches and around the bases of the trees.  When the sun goes down, give any driveway, walkway, or stairway a dreamlike aura with these lighted pumpkins. The bright lighting of the LEDs will deliver a tremendous amount of ambient lighting to your Halloween yard decorations.

18. Menacing Ghost Mob

halloween outdoor decor
Via grimhollowhaunt

If you are not satisfied with one ghostly figure in your Halloween decorations, then this is for you. Scare the pants off of any person by creating a whole group of them. These are actually costumes but can be easily used for outdoor décor as well.

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Make these larger-than-life scary ghouls and arrange them throughout your garden or yard to create the illusion of ghouls emerging from the darkness. Since you need to make a lot of them it may take more time, so put your DIY Halloween ideas into action early.

19. Tomato Cage Ghosts

haloween decor ideas
Via Princesspinkygirl

Tomato Cage Ghosts are amazing Halloween yard decorations and receive a lot of attention from everyone. It’s easy to construct your own piece of this scary decoration with just 4 items from your own home, including a tomato cage, a king-size pillowcase, a sharpie, and colorful string lights. You don’t require any artistic skills, but just an inverted tomato cage. Follow the steps in the tutorial to make your own scary ghost.

20. Gruesome Ghost Host

Halloween decor DIY
Via DIYshowoff

Invite a larger than life, horrifying ghost with a skull face to create a truly haunting scene in your space. You can create this terrifying addition with a few materials like cheesecloth, chicken wire, some hardware, and a fake skull. How easy it is to make this spirit is truly surprising, and will save huge bucks by ditching the store-bought decor stuff. With some time and patience, this eerie being will adorn your Halloween decor in quite a winsome way.

21. Creepy Spider Egg Sac

diy halloween decor
Via thetiptoefairy

These creepy spider sacs are a great addition to your Halloween decor. The best thing about this is it can be placed anywhere in or around your house and goes well with every Halloween decor element. Making them is really easy, all you need is white tights, plastic spiders, some spider rings, a black balloon, and some poly-fill stuffing. These creepy DIY Spider Egg Sacs are a remarkably stylish take on the traditional Halloween decoration methods, being quite inexpensive at the same time. Check out the tutorial to know more about how to go about creating your own creepy egg sacs.

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So, Murder The High Cost Of Decorations And Create Your Own outdoor DIY decoration this Halloween with these cheap and easy DIY ideas. Good luck with your scary DIY adventure!

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