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22 Super Scary DIY Halloween Decorations

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The portals to the otherworld open only once a year and bring along peals of laughter (after some screams of course). Halloween is one festival we can never get enough of. From well-placed gags to truly terrifying items, there are so many ways to inculcate the festive mood in your own space.

The spookiest time of the year warrants some fa-boo-lous changes around the house. While ghosts, goblins, and ghouls may not make an appearance to haunt your guests, these super scary Halloween decorations will surely stay on their mind for a long time.

From spooks that you can throw together in five minutes, to more elaborate get-ups, we have found 22 awesome ways to convert your house into a mansion of scares for the night. Follow along on any of these or add your own spark to create a Frankenstein’s monster. The end result is going to be a scary but memorable experience for your friends and family. Make good on the trick part of the question for your guests with these terrifying Halloween decorations.


22 Super Scary Halloween Decoration Ideas

1. Hanging Skeleton Cages

Credit: The Navage Patch

Let the trespassers know what awaits in their destiny if they dare to come to your door. Hang these cages as a warning to all those who would come by asking for treats. The skeletons in the cages unsettle everyone who glances at their raggedy state, prisoners for a long time. The concept is pretty simple and the components are easily available at your nearest crafts store.

2. Pumpkin Candy Holder

Credit: Cherished Bless

The candy here is a prize for all those brave souls who put their hands into the mouth of the pumpkin. Use your carved out pumpkin shells as a sweets holder that you can hang on your door. You can also color the pumpkins to look more menacing, or leave them be if you want kids to be able to approach them.

3. Skull Candle

Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Gather around all your fellow witches and light up these skull candles to complete your insidious activities. These candles provide an eerie dungeon vibe complete with flickering lights. Spooky enough to rattle everyone’s bones and easy enough to make so that it won’t wear you down to the bone.

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4. Skull String Art

Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Here is an art piece that you can keep around long after Halloween passes by. This skull is stringed together with the help of a board, a few nails and lots of thread. This décor is minimal and modern and will stay as one of your centerpieces long after Halloween has passed by.

5. Skull Tables

Credit: Endlessly Inspired

A true coven has no lack of skulls, bones and the rest lying around. Make the best use of these by piling them up together and using these to display other pieces on Halloween. Since skulls are available in bundles for extremely cheap, you can create multiple of these to establish a truly spooky theme

6. Tortured Candles

Credit: C Fabbri Designs

Show your candles some love by driving nails to hem and making them bleed, figuratively. These bloody candles are made from scratch with some plain colored candles in white and red along with a bunch of nails. A single look at these and no one would even think of defying you.

7. Trash Bag Spider Webs

Credit: How About Orange

Watch your loved ones flounder about trying to get these webs off their faces. A spin on arachnophobia, this hack uses trash bags to create thin meshes of coiled spider webs. Set up in inconspicuous corners and enjoy the terrified scream of all those unsuspecting victims that fall prey to the spider’s trap.

8. Head In A Jar

Credit: Instructables

Catch people when they are least suspecting a scare, on their way to get a snack. Five minutes on the computer and you too can make your version of a severed head stored in a jar for safekeeping. You don’t need to restrict yourself to just human heads, anything from an animal to a doll works just as well to terrify.

9. Floating Ghosts

Credit: DIY Network

The most common symbol of the occult, ghosts have been every child’s nightmare at one point in their life. This DIY makes use of mesh wires to create a ghost that seems to be floating above the ground. These otherworldly creatures will surely get a befuddled second glace from whoever walks by.

10. Spooky Silhouettes

Credit: Makezine

Take some inspiration from the Homealone series to create this masterpiece that will make all your neighbors question your Halloween activities. Place a few cuts of silhouettes against your windows and light them up using bubs. The end effect will definitely be a treat to all those who walk past your windows.

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11. Tentacle Monster

Credit: FrightMaker

For a more sci-fi inspired Halloween, layout this tentacle monster in your backyard to ward away anyone who wishes to enter. All science geeks will appreciate this end of the world kind of décor that will complete the sense of dread in your guest’s heart.

12. Doll Wreath


What is creepier than scary dolls? Dolls with severed heads that form a wreath on your doorstep. Dolls have always creeped us out. They are the staple of all horror movies and have become synonymous with omens of the occult. Attach together some dolls to give a menacing welcome to the tricksters.

13. Haunted Feast

Credit: Brooklyn Limestone

Don’t let the spooks take a rest at the dining table. These creative ruses are a clever way to keep the horror constant throughout dinner. Incorporate certain food elements to create edible décor that will your family second guess what they are really eating.

14. Budget Bodies

Credit: Haunt Forum

The serial killer aesthetic is another way to give the heebie-jeebies to the party-goers. Make these body bags with a lot of tapes and somebody stuffing placed artistically to resemble tied up humans. These bags are also light in nature, which means that you can hang up on ceilings as well.

15. Moaning Myrtle

Credit: Pinning With Purpose

Take a page from the harry potter novels to make a scare that will make everyone laugh. Take a picture of the moaning myrtle and give her another home in your bathroom. This will help you to scare people when they take a break, leaving them in a spiral of constant terrors.

16. Stair Mice

Credit: Martha Stewart

Bring out the squeaks by pasting mice cutouts on the stairs. Creepy crawlies are pretty high up on the list of universal scares, and you can never go wrong with mice. By sticking them on a flight of stairs, you can make sure everyone watches their step for more jumps on the way.

17. Floating Candles

Credit: Eating Bender

Achieve a dreamy yet hair raising experience by handing candles midair. A traditionally spooky but yet an effective way to awe those present.

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Inspired by the great hall in harry potter, we guarantee that all the young witches and wizards would love this decoration just as much. Not to mention, it would make a spectacular backdrop for all your Instagram posts as well.

18. Spider Egg Sacks

Credit: Martha Stewart

These spider egg sacs look just as creepy as they sound. They drop down from the ceiling like a device sent straight out of hell. The goopy dropping white bag teeming with spiders is disgusting enough that no one will even dare to stray anywhere near it.

19. Shrunken Heads

Credit: Lets Lasso The Moon

Apples are a staple in any fall decoration with their bright red color and pleasant fragrance. Instead of using them whole, take a more devious twist on them by carving faces on them. When the apples turn brown and shrink up a bit, they’ll resemble human shrunken faces. Creepy!

20. Glowing Eyes

Credit: Rust And Sunshine

Another way to make dark corners stand out more sharply is to place a pair of glowing eyes in them. By using some toilet rolls and glow in the dark wands, you can create these onlooking gazes in just a matter of minutes. To make matters more interesting, trey placing them in bushes around the house and watch how they startle the people.

21. Severed Heads

Credit: Consumer Crafts

Put your human heads out for display with the help of this spectacular tutorial on how to make ghoulish heads. Made primarily of mod podge, this ultra-realistic model is the stuff of nightmares. You can use them as a table centerpiece as a statement piece, they are truly that terrifying to look at.

22. Grounded Kids

Credit: Homebuilding

A more hilarious take on the decorations, this trick is sure to elicit a few giggles from your neighboring houses. By using body bags and spare clothes, you too can ground your kids, quite literally in just a matter of minutes.

Look into your cauldron and conjure up any of these items listed for a night filled with terror and entertainment. Let us know which one of these managed to elicit a squeal from your guests in the comments below.

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