41 Beautiful Bathroom Vanity Ideas

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Choosing a bathroom vanity can go a long way in deciding the functionality of your bathroom design. It also defines how harmonious and well-organized your bathroom looks. This is why it is essential to choose the right vanity for your bathroom.

If your vanity is placed poorly, doesn’t have enough storage, or is too large for your bathroom, it can ruin the overall look of the bathroom. Similarly, using mismatched materials can lead to repetitive problems.

What adds to your problem is that there are a variety of factors that define a bathroom vanity. And so, we have brought a complete list of bathroom vanity ideas based on various factors so that you don’t make a mistake while choosing this major bathroom cornerstone. Consider your bathroom’s size, storage needs, and style while choosing the right vanity for yourself among these.


41 Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Bathroom Vanities By Type:

Cabinet Style Vanities

Cabinet-style vanities offer a lot of space to keep your bathroom essentials and then some more. You don’t have to find a separate space to keep your toiletries and cleaning products anymore.

cabinet style vanity in bathroom

If you’re a bit short on space and need to renovate your compact bathroom, consider having a compact cabinet under the sink in your vanity. All your bath toys can be placed inside the door, and at a hand’s reach too!

It’s a functional design, although the overall space may look a bit cluttered. You can also add a decorative basket to keep the tissues and paper towels in a neat and organized way. The black tap here adds an elegant vibe!

Open Shelving Bathroom Vanity

Via Architecturaldigest

You won’t have to open drawers to get access to your bath towels and more when you have this kind of an open shelving vanity! It makes your bathroom look more spacious which is necessary when you don’t have much space in reality.

Having this kind of open shelving vanity made up of wood also gives off a rustic and natural vibe to your bathroom. Add a few wooden baskets to increase your storage options and keep your toiletries organized.

Via H2obungalow

Here is a DIY open shelving vanity that can let you store your towels, soaps, shampoos, bath toys, and more just under the sink. Look carefully at how they have minimized the size of the sink by using a compact glass bowl under the tap!

This increases the shelf size too. It blends seamlessly with farmhouse-style decor and also adds a natural feel to modernistic bathrooms. Complete the modern look with a houseplant or two and you’re good to go!

Floating Vanity

floating vanity in bathroom

Floating vanities offer a minimalist and classy design. It even makes compact spaces look more spacious. You can still use all the space under the sink if you install this floating wooden countertop and another one under it.

It suits the white ceramic tiles around it too! The arrangement gets even better if you place some classy glass pumps that hold handwashes and aromas.

Freestanding Vanities

Via Bhg|Nicole Lamotte

If you thought you need to spend thousands of dollars on your bathroom vanity, you’re wrong. You can have a freestanding and even portable vanity in your bathroom that blends rustic and modern decor.

An elegant freestanding vanity like the one above can save a lot of money and still provide you with a functional, elegant, and classy vanity. The only downside is that it might offer slightly less storage space compared to other types.

It’s hard to keep the towels and everything here, but you can always roll them on one side of the shelf underneath!

Double Vanity Ideas

double vanity for a modern spacious bathroom

This spacious double bathroom vanity is perfect for a joint family! All of you can keep your belongings in various compartments. There’s an open shelf in the middle too, but you need to have a large space to create this kind of bathroom vanity.

There are three drawers on either corner for the smaller and lesser-used stuff. Overall, it’s quite a luxurious piece of architecture with large mirrors that are perfect for those cool bathroom selfies.

double vanity for small bathroom

If you think a double vanity only works for large spaces, the vanity in the image above would change your perception. This wooden double vanity can be accommodated in a small bathroom and allow for use of two people at once!

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Single Sink Vanities

Via Pinterest

If you opt for a single sink vanity, you might be looking for something modernistic and minimalist. A single sink vanity has much less space compared to other types and you might have to opt for a separate towel bar on the wall or something similar.

Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity

white colored hung bathroom vanity with modern decor

It isn’t necessary to cover all the space under your sink. You can instead choose to hang your bathroom vanity and still have enough space to keep your toiletries! This way, you can have some more space to store the mop and other things.

This white-themed wall-hung vanity looks modernistic and minimalist. In this kind of arrangement, you get a cabinet and just enough space underneath to store things like bathroom slippers and more. Add a large-leaved houseplant to add a bit of liveliness to the decor. 

Open Bottom Vanities

Via Houzz|Lisette Voute Designs

This open-bottom vanity adds a European elegance to any bathroom with the teal-colored cabinet and white walls. You would get additional space underneath the drawers where you can store your towels or laundry in baskets. Alternatively, it’s a good place to store the cleaning chemicals, gloves, and more.

The lighting only adds to the charm of this overall setting. Having an exquisitely framed mirror also helps attain the ideal decor style here.

Via Bhg

The wooden vanity here complements the dark grey and rough texture on the walls to make for a natural decor in the bathroom. There’s a single drawer under the sink here although you can make partitions as per convenience here. Then you can add another shelf under the drawer to store all the towels and bath clothes here.

After that, you will have some additional space underneath to place your slippers and more to complete a well-organized vanity.

Bathroom Vanities By Style:

Rustic Vanities

rustic style bathroom vanity

If you have designed your whole house in a rustic fashion, it would be unfair if your bathroom is regular and modernistic. So, you can create a rustic look by adding an old yet stable table in place of vanity here.

Place the sink and an old flower pot on this old wooden table. You can then place your towels, shampoo, and stuff under the table by adding another shelf to it.

It would look apt if you have painted the wall behind with a rustic shade instead of adding shiny tiles.

Via Jennifertaylorstudio

Here is another simplistic idea for a rustic bathroom vanity where the vanity, shelves, and beams are made of natural, rough wood. It’s recommended to not paint this vanity though since it looks best faded, rustic, and natural.

A small potted houseplant would complement this with a rustic bottle of hand wash and freshener to go with. You can even place a regular soap in this kind of setting even for just the display.

Farmhouse Style Vanity

farmhouse style bathroom vanity

Finding the right farmhouse style of vanity can be a tough job because we all need a clean and functional element that exudes farmhouse vibes at the same time.

The best and safest bet is to have this kind of wooden vanity. It’s newly painted although you can choose a rustic style too. Then you can add a hemp basket besides to complete that farmhouse style feel in your bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Vanity

modern style bathroom vanity and bathtub

Your modern remodeled vanity needs to be luxurious and white has to be the color that dominates. A vanity such as this one exudes elegance and understated luxury to the overall design. You get enough space to add the towel hanger and a large mirror above the white cabinet vanity.

Antique Vanity

antique bathroom vanity

A round mirror is the first step to creating an antique vanity. It helps if the round mirror also has a few curvy edges and antique designs although just the round mirror can also be enough. Similarly, a luxurious and stylishly carved cabinet like this one does justice to this antique vanity.

It’s up to you after this to add your regular lamps or go for the antique ones with intricately detailed designs.

Transitional Vanity

Via Pinterest

These vanities aren’t particularly decorative and fancy like antique or traditional ones. But they aren’t that subdued and calm that you can’t notice the decoration either. Instead, they offer a mix of both of these.

These are functional and yet don’t take as much space as the traditional ones. Here the mirror is carved stylishly but the cabinet underneath is a regular and functional one. 

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Coastal Vanity

A beach-style coastal vanity can exude a peaceful vacation-like vibe without going too over the top with the decorations. You can paint this kind of vanity in your favorite and calming sea blue. The cabinet can be pretty regular with some decorative handles and knobs. 

It’s also essential to place your favorite snapshot from the beach or a framed photo of your loved ones around the sea.

Classic Vanity

classic bathroom vanity

The classic vanity has to have an intricately detailed design on its feet, handle, knobs, and everything else. It does seem a bit overdone compared to the subtle and minimalist decorations popular in modernistic styles. But lovers of the classic know how exciting it looks to enter a bathroom with such vanity.

If you like to pay attention to details, this white classic vanity is apt for you.

We can’t leave out the royal style when talking about classic vanities. The white and gold combination is a forever classic and perfect for the traditionalists. It just adds a luxurious charm to the bathroom without having you spend too much. 

The richness of the color and the quality of the taps are equally important in this case as that completes the design.

Industrial Vanity

Via Injeanious

If you want an industrial feel to your vanity brass or steel-colored basin, pipes, and taps are essential, which will give it a look of machinery. An industrial design should include the use of a lot of metal and that’s what this vanity design does with its steel drawers on either side.

The round steel-framed mirror also adds to the charm.

Corner Bathroom Vanity

Via Pinterest

If you don’t have enough space to accommodate two vanities or cabinets in your bathroom but need them, consider this amazing idea of having a corner bathroom vanity. You can then have the vanity cabinets in an L-shape as given here.

And you would be able to place two mirrors on either side. Add storage cabinets behind the mirrors to increase storage space.

Via Pinterest

For even more compact spaces, opt for this kind of vanity. You will get a sufficiently large mirror that also allows you to watch your reflection from multiple positions. Then you can have a separate towel bar in front of any of its drawers. 

The golden tap coupled with the rich wooden vanity provides an elegant and luxurious feel to this vanity. It also provides enough space under the sink to hide a dustbin and hence you don’t have to keep the dirty tissues out for everyone to see. 

Bathroom Vanities By Colour:

Blue Vanity

blue vanity for bathroom

The blue classic wooden vanity makes for a classy combination with the copper handles and the copper faucet. If you are looking for royal vanity, blue is an excellent choice.

You can also add similarly blue-colored tiles on the floor and then keep the walls and the bathtub white. 

blue bathroom vanity with matte finish

This vanity cabinet has a bit of a matte finish which builds an electric atmosphere for a refreshing shower. The blue cabinet upwards and the blue-tinted tiles complement this vanity and do justice to it. So does the pale wall which balances the shade of blue which looks a bit electric here.

White Vanity

white vanity for bathroom with wooden flooring

Instead of going for an absolute white vanity, try incorporating some wood. It goes so well with white and increases its elegance, so does having wooden flooring.

It overall looks quite understated yet harmonious. If you have a modern apartment and a large bathroom, this is the kind of vanity you would want to have. The frameless mirror only adds to the understated charm of this bathroom.

White can make compact spaces look more spacious. Here is a compact white vanity that looks well organized and spacious despite the smaller size of the bathroom. White does that to any room.

Ebony Vanity

dark brown ebony bathroom vanity

Ebony vanities were hard to find once upon a time, but more and more people are using this to add to the boldness in their bathroom decor. They provide a bold and vibrant contrast that looks as sexy as the white and gold ones. 

But the key to completing this kind of decor is by adding a thick black frame to your mirror too. The decorations on the tiles are also in black so that the arrangement looks complete and the vanity doesn’t look out of place.

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Grey Bathroom Vanity

Via Bynicolerobin

A grey vanity looks perfect either in a large bathroom or one with a glass cubicle. The Carrera marble countertop makes sure that this double vanity isn’t too drab and the metal pulls complement it too.

Elegance isn’t always the need of the hour and grey vanity adds a laid-back yet bold statement to your bathroom decor.

Black Bathroom Vanity

black vanity for bathroom, white wall finish

Sexy, bold, and black go hand in hand and this black vanity in the bathroom is a prime example of that. The bathroom has a black bathtub, a black vanity combined with light colored walls. 

It’s essential to balance the black here and it’s done quite exquisitely.

Bathroom Vanities By Material:

Marble and Stone Vanities

bathroom with a marble vanity

If you are a fan of minimalism and functionality, marble vanity is the way to go. It suits almost all kinds of walls although the marble wall here looks picturesque with the vanity. Moreover, it’s long-lasting and comes under a budget without requiring much maintenance over time.

Learn more about the types of marble here.

Via Associated Design

This understated stone vanity also exudes elegance. The upper floating shelf is attached to both walls while the lower one is fixed to just one wall, making it a unique vanity design. The metal fixtures and lamp along with the no-frills rectangular mirror add to the appeal.

Melamine Vanity

Via Pinterest

Melamine is a cost-effective material and it is a budget option if you want to buy a melamine vanity. But never does it look cheap or flimsy. It still is very functional and looks right in place. It’s a bit difficult to paint but you can surely do that if you follow the instructions properly.

You should take proper care of melamine vanities as they tend to get dirtier easily. 

Solid Wood Vanity

Via Pinterest

Solid wood is an excellent option if you are looking to create a rustic look in your bathroom. Solid wood vanities look elegant and naturally beautiful with or without painting them.

If you want your solid wood vanity to exude a modern vibe, you should paint it in a solid color like this one. For a rustic feel, you can give it a distressed paint coating or leave it as it is.

Unique Bathroom Vanities:

Barrel Bathroom Vanity

Via Pinterest

If you want to go out of the box and take one step further with your rustic and farmhouse style feel, consider having a barrel bathroom vanity. It will be probably one that you or your guests might have never seen before.

The sink is typically a rustic bronze metal bowl as shown here. This kind of vanity looks best when you have brown and dull walls or brick-style wall paint as suggested here.


How do I choose a design style for my bathroom vanity?

There are a few things to keep in mind while choosing the right vanity—the size of the bathroom, plumbing costs, materials used for the vanity, its price, the storage space it can offer, etc.

Make sure that you avoid porous materials like laminate and wood for countertops since they would constantly be in touch with moisture. These materials can be used on the other parts of the vanity though.

What is the importance of having a double bathroom sink?

Having a double sink vanity means you get to share the bathroom with another person. That comes in particularly useful when you have one master bathroom. It would become convenient to brush and get ready together in the morning.

Moreover, you can designate a separate basin for yourself and keep your belongings untouched around it. It is quite functional and perhaps a must-have for a family, provided you have enough space in the bathroom.

What is the most popular color for bathroom vanities?

White is undoubtedly the most popular color for vanities because of its versatility and neutrality. Ebony and grey are other neutral colors that people commonly use because they go with most bathroom styles. 

White-colored vanities can make compact spaces look more spacious which makes it a necessity for smaller bathrooms. Lighter countertops work better with ebony countertops. Choose darker shades for the vanity only if you have enough space or have a light source like a large window around.

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