41 Couple Halloween Costumes Perfect for College Parties

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There’s no doubt that Halloween is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. We can’t get enough of pumpkin decorations, trick or treating, family dinners, and yes, crazy costume parties.

I know how important college Halloween parties are and the excitement doubles if you aren’t single (wink wink), so here’s your chance to get inspired by some ideas that will nail your dress-up game.

Want to try something cute? We have the Panda and Bamboo tree outfit for you. Obsessed with a movie or TV character? We have Deadpool, Stranger Things, and Ross and Rachel. From super sassy costumes to extra-hilarious DIY ideas, we have gathered something for everyone!

These easy couple costume ideas are perfect for any Halloween party and I am sure you are going to have the best time ever because you are doubling the fun by doing it together!


41 Easy Couple Costumes that are Perfect for College Halloween Parties

1. Danny and Sandy from Grease

Via Goodhousekeeping

If you are looking for a fun and easy Halloween costume, here comes Danny and Sandy to your rescue. An easy solution for couples, you can own the entire look with a leather jacket and faux leather leggings.

Don’t forget the hairdo of the Grease couple, they have always rocked it!

2. Happy Little Tree Couple

Via Goodhousekeeping

Bob Ross looks so here cute and I can’t stop looking at the pretty little tree either! Take a trip back to childhood with this easy-to-copy DIY look and I am sure people would love it at the Halloween party. Also, this couple’s costume is super comfortable and perfect for all-day wear.

Buy Bob Ross’s signature hair wig and beard here.

3. Goose and Maverick

Via Goodhousekeeping

I bet Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards would be impressed to see you and your boo in these fighter pilot jackets and why not? It’s so easy to copy and you would look like the power couple with lots of sass and badass vibes. 

4. Deadpool and Lady Deadpool

Secret Wishes Marvel Deadpool Women's Costume, As Shown, Small

Marvel Men's Deadpool Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume and Mask, Multi, Standard

Everyone loves Deadpool, the sword-wielding mercenary, and Lady Deadpool is just as badass as Deadpool himself. You and your +1 would be in the spotlight throughout the big party ’cause there sure to be some Deadpool fans! 

Don’t forget to carry fake firearms and katanas to complete your costumes.

Buy Lady Deadpool’s costume here.

Buy Deadpool’s costume here.

5. Mary Poppins and Bert

Via Goodhousekeeping

Get your whole neighborhood humming to the tune of chim, chim, cher-ee as you put on the shoes of Mary Poppins and walk with an attitude. Don’t forget to take Bert along and you have a movie-ready look at the big party. 

Buy Bert’s chimney sweep broom here.

Buy Mary’s tapestry bag here.

6. Katy Perry and Shark

Via Goodhousekeeping

Give a shout-out to the iconic Super Bowl moment of 2015 this Halloween and get into the disguise of a shark and let your other half mimic the on-stage costume of Katy Perry using a white dress and red, blue, and yellow satin strips.

Just like how this was a hit back then, I am sure people would be in for a laugh today as well.

Buy shark costume here.

Buy satin ribbons here.

7. UFO and Alien Costume

Via Awwsam

The best part about sporting an alien costume is that you can be as creative as you wish, the sky is the limit! Being a sexy UFO accompanied by a funny alien would steal the spotlight on Halloween night.

You can DIY the entire look with ease. 

Buy silver leotard here.

Buy neon yellow sweatshirt here.

Buy neon yellow joggers here.

8. Stranger Things Couple Costume

Via Thinkingcloset

If you can’t get enough of Stranger Things, I can relate with you! Take this love to another level and step into the big party as Thing 1 and Thing 2. DIY this punny costume, accessorize with string lights, backpacks, and a cute hat to complete this extremely popular look. 

Buy red couple’s onesies here.

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9. Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing 

Via Sayyes

Now this one’s a classic—you both can sport the look of Baby and Johnny from the 1987 classic Dirty Dancing. 

For the one going as Johnny, wear a black tank top with black jeans and black shoes. To get Baby’s looks, wear a white button-up with jean shorts.

To get that oomph factor, practice those sensational moves before you go to the party. 

10. Cosmo and Wanda

Via Jhuulobao|Instagram

Go back to your childhood by recreating the look of the fun couple from The Fairly Odd Parents. The faux stars and crowns look so amazing and the green wig would be the special mention here.

Buy men’s white button-down here.

Buy women’s yellow tee here.

11. Jack and Rebecca from This is Us

Via kelseymcmurtrey|Instagram

If you are planning to attend a college Halloween party with your special one, try out the romantic Jack and Rebecca costume idea. This couple also took their three kids to trick or treat night and it turned out to be a lot more fun! Besides, copying this look is super easy and you don’t forget the hairdo. 

12. Arnold and Helga

Via Goodhousekeeping

Do you have a complicated relationship with your crush? Don this look this Halloween and take the sweet and sour bonding to another level. Celebrating a 90s cartoon, frenemies Arnold and Helga have never failed to impress us on screen, and here you have a chance to take the fellow party-goers on a trip down memory lane. 

Buy Helga’s costume here.

13. Funky Notebook and Pencil 

Via Studiodiy

An easy peasy costume for the college Halloween this year, the colored pencil and statement notebook pair is ready to rock at the big party. You can DIY this look and get to be the funny and unique couple there because let’s say it, the concept is just amazing! 

Buy a yellow long sleeve dress here.

Buy lined paper tee here.

14. Gomez and Morticia Addams

Via Goodhousekeeping

It is very important to choose the right character if you are going for a costume party and they would love this costume once they guess what it is. You must make sure your outfit is as close to the OG look as possible.

Be the head of the Addams Family in a sexy black dress and pinstripe suit to slay at the party with your other half. 

15. Party Animal

Via Brit

Take the concept of being a party animal literally and dress up like one, in every sense! You don’t have to wear a tiger mask or rabbit mask, choose your favorite, and make sure the mask and your outfit are contrasting. I am sure the guests would be intrigued to guess what you are wearing! 

16. Monsters Inc. Couples 

Via Everydayellis

The goal here is not to scare people, but to be the showstopper at the costume party and I think this one will let you achieve that! You can DIY this costume with green felt fabric and then cut out a hole for the head. The rest is all about your creativity and painting skills. 

17. Alice in Wonderland

Via Keikolynn

This one adds a unique twist to regular Alice in Wonderland costume ideas. Your partner can be the rabbit for one day with cute ears and a wall clock accompanied by pretty Alice and steal a few stares at the big party! 

Buy rabbit headband here.

18. Serve Us the Drink

Via Studiodiy

Some of us go as our favorite food items for Halloween so why not copy our favorite drinks as well? So if you love Mai Tais or Pina Coladas or any other tropical drink, go ahead and dress up as one! Your partner can dress up as the pool boy too.

Buy parasols here.

19. BLT Couple’s Costume

Rasta Imposta BLT - Bacon Lettuce Tomato - Couples Costume Tan

If you and your partner complement each other like bacon, lettuce, and tomato, you are made for each other! This one is for all the foodies who love a simple but tasty BLT.

You can buy this costume set or even make it yourself with some white clothing and some colorful cloth pieces sewn together!

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20. Double Stuffed Oreo

Via Creatingreallyawesomefunthings

We all love Oreos, right? To appreciate those cookies, be a double stuffed Oreo with your boo for Halloween this year and you will be the talk of the party! You don’t have to brainstorm much, you can DIY this outfit with items such as cardboard, poster board, milk cartons, etc.

21. Pizza Slice and Delivery Boy

Via Studiodiy

The delivery boy makes us so happy when he stands at the door with the forever love in hand. Appreciating that relationship, this couple sported a pizza slice and delivery guy costume. If you two are obsessed with pizza, this theme is definitely for you! 

Buy a unisex pizza costume here.

22. Cruella de Vil and Dalmatian

Via Brit

This zany couple’s costumes have got everything—lots of sass, fun, and humor. One could be the loyal and funny Dalmatian and the other would be the sexy Cruella de Vil. This iconic Disney character has got those Halloween vibes! 

You can dress up as Cruella with a sleek black dress, red gloves, faux fur coat, and don’t forget her signature two-toned wig!

Buy Dalmatian costume set here.

23. Peter Pan and Shadow

Via Thehousethatlarsbuilt

Our shadow is the only companion we have throughout our life no matter what, and it was the same for Peter Pan. If you were a Peter Pan fan, this costume is for you! Step into All hallows’ Eve with Peter Pan and his shadow and surprise everyone.

You must practice some moves so people can guess who you’ve dressed up as. 

Buy Peter Pan’s cap here.

24. Kissing Sailor 

Via Sayyes

We know how painful goodbyes can be, especially if you aren’t certain about meeting again. Express the emotions of a sailor and his sweetheart while they are parting ways right before the voyage and bring down a sea of emotions.

This idea is very easy to copy and you and your special one would get to share some close moments! 

Buy sailor’s costume here. 

25. Aladdin and Jasmine

Via Brit

Certain iconic Disney characters have left their mark and no matter the day and age, we still hold them in a special place in our hearts. Relive the golden days as you put on the disguise of Aladdin and his ladylove Jasmine and go partying.

I am sure people would love to welcome the happy couple. 

Buy Aladdin’s costume here.

Buy Princess Jasmine’s costume here.

26. Rose and Jack from Titanic

Via Paramount Pictures

I don’t think anybody could get over this love story even after all these years. Their story will live on forever, so why not celebrate it? Get into the iconic looks of Jack and Rose and step into the big Halloween party. If you are a couple in love, this one is tailor-made for you!

27. Ross and Rachel

Via Warnermedia

You cannot just choose any one moment from this couple’s journey because they have so many! The one where they break up, or the one with prom night or the one in Vegas, the list goes on and so does the legacy of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Be the Rachel to your Ross, be each other’s lobster for the day, and enjoy every moment.

28. Jessie and Buzz Lightyear

Disguise Men's Disney Pixar Toy Story and Beyond Buzz Lightyear Deluxe Costume, White/Green/Red/Purple, XX-Large         Toy Story Women's Jessie Classic Costume - L

The Jessie costume here has got that cowboyish look with the jumpsuit and white top and Buzz, well, he is there to look dashing and funny! Did we ever think that the human version of Toy Story characters would look so amazing? 

Buy Buzz Lightyear costume here.

Buy Jessie’s costume here.

29. Mr. and Mrs. Incredibles

Disguise Women's Mrs. Incredible Classic Adult Costume, red, S (4-6)Disguise Unisex Adult Deluxe Muscle Mr Incredible, Multi, X-Large (42-46) Costume

You are an incredible couple, right? It’s time to show off a bit with your costumes as well and what can be a better time than at a Halloween party? Dress up as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible this year and show off your superhero tendencies while being in love.

Buy Mrs. Incredible costume here.

Buy Mr. Incredible costume here.

30. Batgirl and Batman

Secret Wishes Women's DC Comics Deluxe Batgirl Costume, As Shown, Medium

Rubie's Costume Batman The Dark Knight Rises Muscle Chest Batman Set, Black, Plus

Perhaps you would come across many people wearing Batman’s costume on Halloween, but they won’t have Batgirl by their side! Besides, who doesn’t want a costume with built-in abs? 

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Buy Batgirl costume online.

Buy Batman costume online.

31. Pirate and Rebel

High Seas Pirate Wench Captain Costume for Women Halloween Role-playing (Medium)Men's Rogue Pirate Costume Large

This costume idea was inspired by Johnny Depp from The Pirates of the Caribbean. Take your rebel girl with you to the big Halloween bash this year. You might not be able to make it DIY, but the costumes are available online and the looks are to die for.

Make sure you pair it with lots of attitude and badass vibes! 

Buy pirate costume for men here.

Buy pirate costume for women here.

32. Tinder Match

Via merelzz|Instagram

Both of you right-swiped on Tinder and now you are a match! A simple and modern love story, isn’t it? Make these funny Tinder platform boards and get into these genius costumes right away. 

33. Coca Cola and Popcorn

Cola Can Halloween Costume - One Size Unisex Funny Soda Pop, Soft Drink Outfit

Poppin' Popcorn Halloween Costume - Funny Food Unisex Adult One Size Suit


This might have reminded you of that romantic movie date where these two have accompanied you and your partner. As a sort of gratitude, be the popcorn to your coca-cola this Halloween and get into these fun costumes. 

Buy Coca Cola costume online.

Buy popcorn costume online.

34. BAE

Adult Bacon and Eggs Costume Set

Bae here doesn’t stand for ‘Before Anyone Else’ but Bacon and Eggs! Yes! Express your love for this delicious breakfast combo this Halloween and get into the disguise of bacon and egg. Just like you, they are the perfect breakfast pairing! 

Buy bacon and eggs costume here.

35. Beyoncé and Jay Z

Via imsofortunate|Instagram

Of course, we can’t leave out the power couple Beyoncé and Jay Z when it comes to Halloween costumes. Dressed head-to-toe pastels, the look they sported for their Apesh*t music video is custom-made for couples. They are the perfect couple and so are you guys! 

36. Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh

Via bylaurenmary|Instagram

Take your fellow party-goers on a memory lane back to childhood with these Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh DIY costumes. Robin, with his red balloon, definitely looks cute! The sexy yellow skirt and headband for Pooh here is the best thing about this costume. 

37. Milk and Cookies

ReneeCho Couple Cookies and Milk Carton Box Costume Halloween Food Adult Men Women

Another delicious and convenient breakfast combo, milk and cookies have always been soulmates and you can depict their bond at the Halloween party this year. This cookies and milk costume can also smell delicious if you pair it with some cookie aroma and take your get up to the next level. 

38. Wizard of Oz

Rubie's Wizard Of Oz 75th Anniversary Edition Adult Tin Man, Silver, One Size Costume

This couple’s costume of a Cowardly Lion with Tin Man from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz will take you to the era of technicolor time and I am sure your party mates will enjoy the look just like you! 

Buy the Cowardly Lion costume here.

Buy the Tin Man costume here.

39. Aquaman and Mera

Rubie's mens Aquaman Movie Deluxe Aquaman Adult Sized Costumes, As Shown, Standard US

Rubie's Women's Standard Aquaman Movie Adult Deluxe Mera Costume, As Shown, Extra-Small

This costume is here to channel your inner Aquaman and Mera who always wanted to show off their skills to the world. Make the venue your city of Atlantis for one night and be the center of attention. 

Buy Aquaman costume here.

Buy Mera costume here.

40. Panda and Bamboo Tree

Via alysie|Instagram

If you find a panda cute or it is your spirit animal, express your love for it this Halloween and get into the disguise of a panda with its favorite bamboo tree. Just like you guys, the animal and the tree form a perfect couple and they never like to part ways. 

Buy Panda costume here.

41. Cowboy and Bar Maid 

Smiffys Men's M-US Size 38"-40" Fringe Cowboy Costume, Brown

California Costumes Bavarian Bar Maid Set, Red/Olive, Medium


If you want to make a statement this Halloween, step into the college party as a sexy cowboy and barmaid couple. Don’t forget to heat up the dancefloor with your moves!

Buy the cowboy costume here.

Buy the barmaid costume here.

Looking for the perfect couple costume for Halloween might get overwhelming at times, but don’t give up! A little time and effort and you are sure to be the best-dressed couple at the party. Choose your favorite costumes from the list and get ready to slay! 

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