90 Easy Halloween Costumes For Any College Party

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Halloween is right around the corner! Are you ready for it? Do you have a costume in mind?

Choosing the best costume is very important since Halloween in college is a big deal. From the cutest couples costumes to extra sexy getup ideas for your girl group, everything needs to look perfect!

Do you need something affordable with a sprinkle of sexiness? Looking for a food costume or your favorite fictional character getups? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

To help you, we have compiled a list of 90 easy and attractive Halloween costumes to make you the star of the party. They’re perfect for any college party!


90 Easy Halloween Costumes For Any College Party

1. Sun and Moon

Via TheMetamorphosis

This all glittery getup would be perfect for the fashionistas out there who are ready to make a statement, even at a costume party. Grab your bestie and make heads turn at the Halloween party! 

Find the costume here.

Find the headpiece here.

2. Disgust From Inside Out


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A post shared by Jazmin (@blackwomenincostume)

Green hair, don’t care! If you have average to good makeup skills, use them to transform into this character from Inside Out and slay your college Halloween night. Try out some fun poses with the witches and pumpkins and I am sure the green would stand out!

3. Devil

Source Unknown

Are you looking for a sexy outfit for your college Halloween night? Make this sexy devil look your first choice if you are running low on time. Every girl owns a tube top and bodycon skirts, and that’s all you need! Pair it with a sassy shawl and you’re ready to roll! 

Get the skirt here.

Check out this devil headband here.

4. Unique Unicorn

We have the sexiest unicorn costume on this list – classy and chic. The festival is all about how unique you could look and this look ticks all the boxes! So get your unicorn hairband out right away!

5. Star Costume

Source Unknown

We spoke about the Sun and the Moon, why leave the stars behind? These glittery stars deserve all the love in exchange for making you look wonderful at the party. This look would work in both colorful and dark themes! 

Check out the top on Amazon.

Find the earrings here.

6. Ice cream And Server

Source Unkown

A nice and easy costume for your college Halloween celebration, this is all about placing an inverted ice-cream cone on the top of your head for a simple and cute look; perfect to match with your group! 

7. Victoria’s Secret Angel

If you are the hottie of your class, don’t let your friends down with a shallow costume. Burn the floor by being Victoria’s Secret angel and be the talk of the party right from the beginning. Those feathers add so much oomph, don’t they?

8. Harley Quinn

Rubie's Costume 820118-S Co Women's Suicide Squad Deluxe Harley Quinn Costume, Multi, Small, Multicolor

The sass queen, the ultimate boss lady, and the badass girlfriend, Harley is everything that society would never want a woman to be. Let’s smash those stereotypes like a boss this Halloween! With good makeup skills, getting this look is like icing on a cake!

Buy the costume on Amazon.

9. Captain Jack Sparrow From The Pirates of the Caribbean


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A post shared by Tim Hickling (@deandrawings)

Boys, do you want the ladies to hoot for the man of the day? Get into the shoes of Johnny Depp and celebrate the legacy of the movie series. All of us have fantasized about being a pirate, and you have that chance this Halloween!

10. Skeleton Costume

Source Unkown

You can never go wrong with a classic skeleton look. This is by far the best skeleton outfit I have come across and it ticks all the boxes of bold, scary, and that oomph factor! 

Buy the bodysuit here.

Check out the high socks here.

11. Hershey’s Kisses

Source Unknown

We are a fan of Hershey’s kisses because they are no less than tiny drops of heaven. Let’s take this love one step ahead and dress up like those little charms on Halloween night. I am sure every Hershey lover would drool over you. 

Buy the shiny skirt here.

Buy the matching tube top here.

12. The Genie From Aladdin

Are you a fan of Arabian nights? It was one of those folklores which left us wondering about faraway lands with flying mats and genies. Ride the rollercoaster of childhood with this outfit and go around granting three wishes!

13. Cotton Candy

Source Unknown

You know you would be called cute at least 100 times if you are wearing pink at a party. Well, this cotton candy look would double up the compliments. 

Check out the feathery top here.

Check out the metallic skirt here.

14. Little Red Riding Hood

Source Unknown

Back to childhood, this is the sexier version of your favorite fairytale character! All you need is a red cloak and a basket full of apples.

Get the basket here.

Get the cloak here.

15. Summer Fruit Costume

Source Unknown

Would you love to be a strawberry between witches and pumpkins? You don’t have to be a fruit lover to accept this outfit, choose it when the theme is about colors and you will win some compliments for sure. 

16. Alien Creativity

Source Unknown

This squad chose to be creative with their costumes. Aliens do not have a style, and even if they do, we don’t know it! Raise a toast to your creativity and be the sexiest alien in the group with metallic clothes and cool headpieces. 

Check out this headpiece from Amazon.

17. Barbie In The House


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A post shared by Samantha Doll (@sammdoll)

If you prefer a lowkey and sober look for Halloween, this one is tailor-made for you. You could be the show-stealer in this one without worrying about your makeup and face-painting. A great choice!

18. Poker Girls

Via Instagram @beautymrk

We have surely heard about Power Puff girls, but what about the poker girls? A game of cards could be the most happening part of a party and you must raise some eyebrows with those black spades! 

Get the black tutu here.

Get the spade top here.

19. Swat Team

Leg Avenue Women's 2 Piece Goin' Commando Adult Sized Costumes, Camo, Small US

The army look is always badass and could easily grab all the attention. This SWAT look is classy and chic and would be perfect for a college Halloween party. Pair it with fake guns inside those suspenders! 

Buy the costume here.

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20. Vampire 

Source Unknown

On Halloween, what is more, spooky and eerie than a vampire? And if you are a lady vampire, you have already won several hearts at the party! Celebrate the Hallows twilight with your BFF in this vampire look. 

Buy vampire teeth on Amazon.

21. Wonder Woman


Renting a wonder woman costume won’t be a tough job if you know the right place. Once the costume is ready, some light makeup and hair curling would complete your look. This would earn you loads of compliments at the party and give you the status of boss lady!

22. Animal Onesies

Source Unknown

What is your favorite animal after dogs? Get a crazy costume of a leopard or kangaroo and dress up like no one else on the spooky night of Halloween. As I say, it is not about how much makeup you did, it is about standing out in the crowd.

Check them out here.

23. Cops In The House

Source Unknown

Army look, SWAT agent, or maybe just a hot cop, the civil guard outfit is there to slay no matter what look you choose. Be it from the paramedic department or the road police, authority speaks on the Allhallows eve! 

Check out the nurse costume on Amazon.

Get the SWAT agent costume here.

24. Minnie Mouse

Disney Women's Red Minnie Mouse Classic Costume, Red/Black/White, Medium

If you are looking for a breezy outfit, get the Minnie mouse costume. It is very easy to find and you just need a bow to complete the look. Be the cutie of the party with this attire and I am sure people will adore it! 

25. DIY Neon Cactus

Creating a neon outfit is not a Herculean task and this one won’t even cost you much. If you have the time to recycle your old clothes and accessories, this neon cactus look is for you!

26. Red And Glittery Clown

Via TheMetamorphosis

We are talking about Halloween, and we don’t have the clown? This would be next to impossible and not just any clown, I have brought to you a sexy clown outfit that could steal the show any day! 

Get the skirt here.

27. Stunning Cloud

Source Unknown

The top looks very similar to the cotton candy one. The ballerina skirt is something I’m sure you have stashed in some corner of the house. You can even use cutouts to form the cloud shape! 

Buy the white tutu here.

28. Deer Costume

Source Unknown

It might be a little awkward to show up alone in this look, but things would be fired up if you have your boo or your BFF in the house. Twin this deer look with someone and slay the Halloween party together! 

Check out these face crayons on Amazon.

Get the antlers here.

29. Social Media


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A post shared by Kait Holly (@kaitholly23)

For all the lazy ones out there, if you couldn’t make enough time to prepare a good costume for Halloween, get some colorful tees and attach social media stamps to them. This would look perfect if you are supported by your buddies.

30. Betty And Jughead From Riverdale

Source Unknown

A simple, authentic, and chic look for couples, these characters from Riverdale are well known and you will love the guessing part right before revealing what you guys are. 

31. Black Angels

Source Unknown

Remember the Victoria’s Secret angel costume? That was white and had a holy vibe. The black angels here would be your sexiest nightmare and trust me, you cannot ignore this look. I mean, you just cannot! 

Get the black angel wings here.

32. Where’s Waldo


Dunsuns Adult Costume Red and White Striped T-Shirt Halloween Cosplay Costume

Bring in some Christmasy vibes to the spooky night with this red and white look. You can go solo or twin it up with your bae, either way, it would look amazing and would also remind people about the festival of lights! 

Buy the costume on Amazon.

33. The Big Bang Theory

I would never let go of the opportunity of getting dressed up as Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler, and I would convince my bae as well. If you are a Big Bang Theory fan, try this out. Sheldon would bless you!

34. Construction Worker

Source Unknown

A weird but pretty amazing way to include neon in your Allhallows night costume would be replicating a construction worker. Yes, you heard that right! The look is cute and sober.

Check out the vest on Amazon.

35. Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Coming back to choosing fictional characters for your costume this year, Sabrina will always fit the party no matter what the theme is. I mean, she is a witch, sexy and confident, who is also a student. What could be more fitting?

36. Batman With Masks

Source Unknown

You don’t need a batman suit to gel with the classic batman theme, it’s all about getting the authentic vibes and this couple had no doubt about it! 

Buy the Batman mask here.

37. Starbucks 

The logo of Starbucks, a green color hair accessory paired with a white, oversized shirt! This is all that is required to plan this sassy and simple outfit for the costume party.

38. Girl Pirates 

Source Unknown

Want to try the stunning Johnny Depp outfit from Pirates of the Caribbean, but need a female version of it? Don’t worry, you would slay the look like these college girls did! Just grab a bandana and a tie-up top and you’re ready to roll! 

39. Ninja

Leg Avenue 3 Piece Dragon Ninja Set-Sexy Romper and Face Mask Halloween Costume for Women, Black/Red, Large

This would be a little tough to achieve mostly because of the unique dress and accessories required, but it would be all worth it. If you have time to prepare for the college party, try this out! 

40. Snow White


Leg Avenue 3 Piece Fairy Tale Snow White Costume Sexy Princess Dress with Headband Set for Women, Multi, Small/Medium

Costume parties always revolve around exploring your childhood fantasies and being your favorite characters for the day. We did the Red Riding hood and now it is snow-white! You can even make them look evil with some makeup skills. 

41. Gumball Machines

Again, please don’t shy away to do some quick DIY on your regular outfits. Not all costumes are ready-made and the unique ones need a bit of your spark. Try out this crazy gumball machine look on your regular T-shirt and pair it up with neon bottoms.

42. Bunnies

Source Unknown

One of the most popular Halloween costumes, the bunny look is tailor-made for the girl’s squad.  

43. Cupid

Source Unknown

It would be fun to be the cute cupid, the god of love for one day. If you are single, this could pass as a solid pun and everyone would be thrilled because this is a super unique look! 

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44. Chipotle

Source Unknown

A theme party is incomplete without shiny, metallic costumes and this is the look you would choose over anything else! Buy this tube dress and slay with your girlfriends! 

45. Pizza

Show up as a delicious pizza and be the snack of the day. This has got to be one of the cutest and funniest costume ideas.

46. Netflix And Chill

It would be tough to find out this pair, but you always have the DIY option and it is always better. Take some tips from the best and select your t-shirt for the party. Everybody loves Netflix and chill and they would love your outfit as well!

47. Zombies

Via Byashleylynn

Another easy yet spooky look, just wear some ripped clothes, apply the bloodstains and wear light to moderate makeup with face painting. You can get very creative with the zombie look.

48. The Twins From The Shining

Are you a horror movie buff? If you are nodding your head right now, the title must have intrigued you. It’s the Shining twins after all! Let’s recall those chills from the movie this Halloween and be the talk of the town.

49. Cinderella

Leg Avenue 3 Piece Classic Cinderella Gown Full Length Family Friendly Princess Dress and Headband Set for Adult Women, Blue, Large

I would never leave the chance to live those iconic characters from my childhood fairytales and I am sure you would relate. If you could manage a gown like this, wear those glass slippers right away, girl! 

50. Jasmine From Alladin


Leg Avenue 4 Piece Oasis Princess Set-Sexy Crop Top and Harem Pants Halloween Costume for Women, Blue, Large

The Genie from Alladin passes as a very unique and fun look, but you can always try the princess look to savor the queen in you! Jasmine is that girl from dreams and you get to be that for a day, how exciting! 

51. Woody And Jessie From Toy Story

A treat for the Toy Story fans, this get-up would also look fab if you are going single. The face painting here could be a little tricky but remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

52. Mrs. Incredible


Disguise Women's Mrs. Incredible Classic Adult Costume, red, S (4-6)

Getting the whole costume might be difficult and don’t shy away if you could make yourself look like this. A special mention must go to those thigh-high boots.  

53. Pharoh Of Egypt

Please don’t run away, the costume might look complex, but trust me, if you can find the right pieces, it’ll turn out amazing. 

Find it on Amazon.

54. Princess Belle

CosFantasy Women's Princess Costume Layered Dress Ball Gown Golden Dress mp002019 (Large)

Right from the castle of the Beauty and the Beast, this dreamy yellow gown could take breaths away! You can rent a gown for a day or just buy one if you love the character as much as I do! 

55. It’s Raining Men


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A post shared by Kelly Mindell (@studiodiy)

Gotcha! You are humming the tune, aren’t you? I could relate here because it was a classic anthem and almost an entire generation drooled over it. Let’s give it a shoutout with a dash of creativity for your Halloween costume this year.

56. Butterfly Wings

Buy these 3D wings and attach them with your dress for Allhallows eve. You would just need to pair it up with a black dress and good shoes, and your costume is all set!

57. Bubble Bath With Sunglasses


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A post shared by Kelly Mindell (@studiodiy)

Bubble bath with a bottle of Champagne! Yes, that feels nothing less than heaven. Get this relaxing yet fun look for Halloween this year and stand out. Complete the look with out-of-the-box sunglasses and you are ready to slay!

58. Pinata


Tipsy Elves Funny Women's Adult Pinata Costume Dress - Pinata Halloween Costume Outfit: Small

If you are good with crafts and DIYs, this would be a super easy and fun project for you. Life is too short to wear boring outfits, right? Slay in this multicolored attire on a spooky night! 

59. Golden Girls

Get your squad ready for the perfect groupie on a special evening and expect to see some raised eyebrows! The most fun part about these outfits is the wigs.

60. Inflatable Pig Costume


RHYTHMARTS Inflatable Pig Costume Halloween Costume Fancy Dress Pink Pig Costume Adult (1pcs)

If you could dawn a bugs bunny costume, this one won’t be a surprise for you. Get into this inflated, cute pink attire and I am sure you would rock it at the party! 

61. Instagram Troll Costume

We are in the era of Instagram and it would be fascinating to see someone showering love on the beloved social media app. Just attach the picture of your favorite comment section and your costume is ready!

62. Blow Up Alien

Inflatable Alien Costume Inflatable Halloween Costumes Blow Up Alien Costume for Halloween, Easter,Christmas

Remember the alien girl’s squad? I already said that when it comes to an alien getup, you can be as creative as you like, and look at this one! Though this would be a little difficult to carry, the looks are worth every bit of effort. 

63. Bat Woman

Halfjuly Halloween Costume For Women Bat Cozy Black Animal Adult Cosplay Vampire Zipper Dress 3XL

If you are having a hard time trying to get that batman look, try out this one. This one is relatively easier and chicer. Don’t forget to click some sassy pictures with the witches and vampires! 

64. Spooky Ghost Costume


EraSpooky Women Gossamer Ghost Costume Gothic Victorian White Fancy Dress

That lady in the white, roaming around every corner of an ancient, dilapidated building, haunting everyone! Bring the experience to life for your friends and prepare this look to rock the Halloween party this year. 

65. Cereal Killer


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A post shared by Jamie Pasker (@beingjamiey)

This is one of the most sought-after looks for this scary festival and it is justified in every sense. Stand out in the crowd with this unique serial killer look with some cute cereal boxes. It sounds weird but is such a creative idea with a fun take on the word!

66. Statue Of Liberty


Girls Statue Of Liberty Costume Medium

Bright and shiny fabric always stands out at a costume party and the Statue of Liberty disguise ticks all the boxes. Pair it with a beautiful headgear and complete the unique look. 

67. Viking Woman

Okay, I won’t classify this as an easy outfit, but look at it! It is gorgeous, sleek, and has got that badass vibe. You are the Viking woman after all, and this is Sparta!

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68. Witch Cape

Ditch big nails and messy lipstick this Halloween because just a cap could be enough to complete your witch look. A cone-like cap paired with a cape would add the witchy touch that you were craving! 

Get it on Amazon.

69. Minion Costume


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A post shared by Ludmila Lopes (@ludylops)

Another trendy and cool outfit from the lot, the minions are loved by millions, and now it’s your turn to slay the game! Gear up and get into a yellow T-shirt and jeans with suspenders and your look is complete! So easy and hassle-free.

70. Maleficent 

CosplayDiy Women's Costumes of Maleficent Angelina Jolie Dark Witch Queen Dress L Black

Put some creativity and modify the look of Maleficent. If done the right way, this would make you drool over yourself! 

71. Ketchup And Mustard Tees


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A post shared by Tstars (@tstarsonline)

If you don’t have much time to spare on your Halloween costume, get a couple of tees or customize old ones and get to the party with your special one. It would be an easy costume, with absolutely no effort.

72. Zebra Pajamas

Silver Lilly Adult Pajamas - Plush One Piece Cosplay Animal Costume (Zebra, XL)

Back to the fun, animal attires, here’s a zebra outfit for the Allhallows night, if you want something funny, easy, and lowkey. Pair this up with a smile and your cuteness would steal the attention at the party. 

Buy them on Amazon.

73. King And Queen Cards

Tigerdoe King and Queen Card Costume - Poker Cards Costume - Couple Costume - Chess Piece Hats - King & Queen of Hearts (2 Pk Card Costume) Red

Taking up the card game one level, this couple decided to rock the Halloween night with a full king and queen card print. Step into your college party with your loved one and be the talk of the town. 

Check them out here.

74. Stranger Things Costume

Calling out every Netflix buff, no matter whether you loved or hated the show. Celebrate friendship with Stranger Things with your college group and stand out.

75. Loofah And Soap

ReneeCho Couple Halloween Loofah & Soap Costume Adults Funny Matching Bubble Outfit Sets

This is another one, the butter to my bread, the cheese to my pizza, and finally the loofah to my soap. You can do this with your BFF or boo, make sure you guys twin well and win hearts! 

Buy the costume online.

76. Hotdog With Sauce

Food costumes are always fun to see and even more fun to wear but you must choose a good one to stand out. This hotdog with sauce would give you that funky and funny look you need for the spooky night. 

Check it out on Amazon.

77. Ariana Grande

Claimed by the creator to be the cheapest cosplay, this Ariana Grande look is worth giving a shot. The special mention here would be the black ears – they look super cool.

78. Roman Gladiator

Much like the Viking woman, this look would need some props and accessories that might be inconvenient to get but if you can manage, go for it. Every girl would love to see a Roman Gladiator, right? 

Buy it on Amazon.

79. Nani From Lilo And Stitch


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A post shared by Kiera Please (@kieraplease)

I have always found Nani sexy and why not? Her smile is to die for. Trying this look won’t be trouble – all you need is a crop top and denim shorts. See, Nani is there to make our lives simple!

80. Burrito With Greens

Much like the hotdog one, if you are looking for another food costume, go for a burrito. The main dress is like flatbread and doesn’t look shabby at all! 

Check it out here.

81. Dancing Girls Emoji


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A post shared by Jennifer (@jenntovah)

This could make for a great duo outfit or you could carry out this look individually. Either way, you are going to slay and if you could show some ballet or contemporary moves, it’ll be the icing on the cake!

82. Medieval Scary Vampire

We did a feminine vampire look, and now comes the much-awaited Dracula look! You know, Dracula is the king of vampires and it would be shocking to have a Halloween party without him.

Get the costume here.

83. La Casa De Papel Costume

Mask Red Costume for Coverall

Calling out all the professor worshippers from Money Heist, if you are ready to get into the Dali mask, bring it on! Get ready to raid the party with this red jumpsuit and steal the show!

84. Power Rangers


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A post shared by Jazmin (@blackwomenincostume)

This is my all-time favorite and something that I would consider doing with my squad. This is easy, all you need is some white paint and bodysuits of different colors to DIY the whole set. Go, go, go Power Rangers!

85. Catwoman

This cosplay suit is oozing out the badass vibe and I can’t stop drooling over it! You would also need a hunter to complete this sassy all-black look. 

Buy the costume here.

86. A Banana

Spooktacular Creations Banana Costume Adult (Standard) Yellow

Another fruity alternative, this is a simple costume that would also make you stand out. Easy and convenient, this is bound to make people laugh!

87. Alice From Alice In Wonderland

I will never get over my childhood crushes who were some fictional characters and for me, Alice was one of them. You will get that cute college girl vibe from this look! 

Buy the costume here.

88. Betty And Veronica From Riverdale


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A post shared by CHLO (@chloeefortner_)

This outfit is perfect for twins or if you are showing up at your college party with your BFF. Get into the looks of Betty and Veronica and make heads turn!

89. Puppets And The Puppeteer


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A post shared by Vanessa (@kiramy_drawings)

Warning: This is not one of those smiling, soft puppets! This is so far one of the most unique Allhallows night costumes and if you have a tri-squad, you must go for this one! Some minor makeup skills and you guys would steal all the attention in the room! 

90. Annabelle

We saved the best for last! If you want to scare people, go ahead with this one. You’ll only need a little make-up to make it look convincing! 

Get the costume here.

These were some crazy and fun ideas to make your Halloween night an amazing one. Pick your favorite from the lot and get preparing! You would look great no matter what you wear!

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