61 DIY Dollar Store Pantry Organization Ideas

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A disorganized pantry can suck the life out of cooking, or make a chore annoyingly challenging to finish! For this reason, we have listed 61 Dollar Store DIY pantry organization ideas, which are not only efficient but also won’t burn a hole into your wallet. Gone are the days of overpaying for products that are a hassle to fit into your kitchen.

With this list, you can get everything you need to revamp your pantry. You can follow these ideas word-by-word, or get inspired to improve and come up with new designs.


61 Dollar Store DIY Pantry Organization Ideas

1. Rae Dunn Inspired Labels For Pantry Items

Via Hip2save

Starting off with something simple, pantry labels are essential when you need to navigate through your kitchen quickly. You can add a minimalistic but artistic flair to this by using farmhouse style labels used in the picture, or choose your own font! Remember to use outdoor vinyl and clear transferring tape for this project.

2. Paint Pen Labels

Via Abeautifulmess

If you don’t want to keep up with the hassle of temporary stickers and markers, you can simply use paint pens of any color you want. Paint pens are an easier alternative, and don’t come off when wiped down with a paper towel or put in water. However, they will come off if you use a textured sponge or put it in a dishwasher.

3. Color-Coded Baskets For Pantry Items

Via Doitonadimeblog

The majority of the human population are visual learners. By organizing your pantry using certain colors to signify different items in your pantry, you can quickly navigate and reach for exactly what you want.

4. Towel Rack For Pans And Utensils

Via Theorderobsessed

Utensils can often take up a lot of space in your kitchen. Apart from causing more clutter, they can increase the chances of an accident. Using a towel rack (and some hooks) you can easily shift the mess to the wall, and make everything more accessible too!

5. Easy-to-Make Lazy Susan

Via Thecountrychiccottage

A Lazy Susan turntable is certainly an exquisite addition to a dinner table or banquet. However, if you’re a little short on cash (and time), and the aesthetic appeal isn’t a factor, you can simply make one in your home with two cake pans and some marbles. Place some marbles in the first cake pan and put the other pan atop it to make a rotating Lazy Susan.

6. Wire Basket For Can Organization

Via Honeybearlane

Soup and bean cans can take up a lot of space if you aren’t storing them correctly. And stacking them in the same place means you can never be sure of what you have in stock. With a simple construction made from wire baskets, you have a cheap way of categorizing cans based on content, flavor, recipe, and so on.

7. Hanging Binder Clip Packets

Via Lazytries

Loose packets and sachets can quickly pile up and get lost if not properly stashed. And packed bags once opened, can get spoiled easily. You can use binder clips and hang them off of hooks while keeping the food inside airtight. This way, our food is easy to find and has a higher shelf-life.

8. Magnetic Spice Rack

Via Acultivatednest

Buying spice bottles every time can get expensive. And buying them in bags means storing them properly is a hassle. Fortunately, you can use magnets and a cookie sheet with transparent tape to assign the different spices. You can access all of them at once from the same tray.

9. Behind The Door Rack

Via Instagram @iheartorganizing

If you want to make the most out of your pantry storage, using the space behind the door can prove to be a great place to start. You can attach a perforated metal rod across the length of your door as shown in the picture to hang wire or plastic baskets off of.

10. Candy Jars For The Pantry

Via Instagram @simply.organized.spaces

If you find yourself misplacing small items around your pantry, or just need a fancy way to store sweets and desserts, you can find these vintage-looking candy jars. They can easily be repurposed into using them for sugar packets, ketchup sachets, etc.

11. Pipe Fittings To Hang Kitchen Utensils

Via Homedit

Tired of rummaging through the same tumbler you keep your utensils in? Now you can take a plank of wood and nail a few pipe fittings into it to make a wall-mounted utensil holder. You can keep everything from whisks and spatulas at a hand’s reach, all in their neat compartments.

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12. Mug Tree

Via Decorhomeideas

You can never have enough mugs. However, improperly storing them can cause them to accumulate dust, or even fall over and break. To store them where it is easily accessible while making the most of the space in your kitchen, you can get yourself a mug tree in any design.


13. Cutting Board Storage

Via Countryliving

A simple yet effective way to reduce clutter, attaching a wire basket to the back of your cabinet door can help organize all the different cutting boards you might require. A wire basket will be thin enough to accommodate them all.

14. Jars For Baking Ingredients

Via Chasingfoxes

Baking is a very precise skill to have. Not having the right ingredients in front of you at the right time can spell disaster. Using labels on mason jars (or any other jars) can prove to be a lifesaver.

15. Magazine Rack As A Plastic Wrap Holder

Via Classycutter

Plastic wraps and cling films are essential when you want to keep your food safe from getting spoilt, or from pesky insects. If you need a way to store the leftover boxes of the plastic wrap itself, you can repurpose magazine racks as a holder for them.

16. Stacked Containers

Via Aproverbswife

A perfect solution for those working in extremely cramped kitchens, these stackable plastic bins from the Dollar Store can make the most out of a short space by incorporating every inch of your storage area.

17. Freezer Organization And Meal Planning

Via Practicallyfunctional

Going through the freezer can get tiresome while you’re rummaging around for the one item you cannot seem to find. You can use a simple basket with some support beams to store your food and arrange them as you see fit.

18. Under-Sink Storage

Via Neathousesweethome

Moving away from food a little bit, we come to cleaning supplies. Though you don’t want them to be anywhere near the food, you also want them to be accessible. You can use containers and bins to keep specific kinds of cleaning products together.

19. Broom Holder On The Side Of The Fridge

Via Instagram @frontproducts

Spills in the kitchen are not uncommon at all. If you don’t want to ruin your floors or leave trash lying around, a set of brooms hanging from the side of the fridge using a wooden plank with hooks can come in handy.

20. Airtight Containers For Dry Food

Via Thistinybluehouse

Dry food often comes in bags or bulky packaging. You can opt to buy containers from the Dollar Store and use labels to organize them. Some of them even come with an easy-flow spout.

21. Shoe Organizers For Snacks

Via Organizationobsessed

Over-the-door shoe organizers can be repurposed into using it as a snack storage area. You can use each compartment for different kinds of snacks. These see-through shoe organizers definitely have more than enough space for every kind of snack that you can think of!

22. Drawer For Kids’ Utensils

Via Instagram @mikaperry

Depending on the age of your child, their utensils might need special care and cleaning. It also has to be accessible to them whenever they need something particular. Arranging a separate drawer just for their needs can help with both of these aspects.

23. Pegboard For Pots And Pans


A pegboard can spruce up an otherwise dull and empty wall by giving you space to add some pots and pans by hanging it with hooks. Not only is this practical, but you can also save a lot of money by filling up empty spaces.

24. On-the-Wall Coffee Mugs

Via Broadsheet

A more permanent, albeit requiring more effort option, you can use hooks that are screwed into the walls to hang mugs from. Better yet, you can see all your favorite mugs at once.

25. Tension Rods In Drawers


The tension rods you use for curtains can easily be repurposed to use as compartment divisions for your drawer. These make for easy compartments to store lids, trays, baking sheets, etc.

26. Trash Bags On A Curtain Rod

Via Simplyorganized

Trying to get a trash bag out, or even looking for the pack of trash bags, to begin with, can often take way more effort than needed. By installing a curtain rod, you can make an efficient and permanent solution for taking out trash bags.

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27. DIY Cleaning Supply Organizer

Via Imperfecthomemaking

A similar storage idea to the plastic shoe organizer for snacks, this project does require a little more effort, but in return, you get a handy and more accessible solution to storing your cleaning supplies in whichever space you want.

28. Bins For Refrigerators

Via Organizinghomelife

Unorganized refrigerators can be a nightmare. You can spill food or forget about items entirely till they get rotten. For this reason, using storage and plastic bins can help declutter as everything is kept in the space allocated for the particular item. You can simplify this by using labels too.

29. Soda Can Organizers For Canned Goods

Via Thriftedlivingblog

Soda cans work just like other canned goods in principle when it comes to storage. By spending a little over $10, you can find a way to arrange your collection of canned goods however you like, and even label each bin according to their flavor or recipe usage.

30. Wire Rack


If you have some empty space that you can fill up in your kitchen, consider investing in a wire rack. You can segment each layer by keeping dishware and other appliances at separate levels.

31. Sink Caddy For Snacks

Via Makebakecelebrate

If your snack packets and sachets keep getting lost in your drawers, you can choose to install a sink caddy into your pantry wall instead. You get to separate the savory ready-to-eat from the sweet snacks.

32. Magazine File For Paper Goods

Via Organizingmadefun

You can easily find a magazine file in a Dollar Store. You can use this to store paper goods in one place and keep it within hand’s reach.

33. Wire Basket Under The Sink

Via Athomewithnikki

Similar to a previous entry on the list, installing a wire basket can prove to be a more permanent solution to organizing and segregating different kinds of cleaning products from each other.

34. DIY Coffee Station

Via Unlikelymartha

Coffee is an integral part of countless Americans every morning. Keeping a drawer dedicated to every coffee need, from the blend to creamers, would help make your first cup of the day a lot easier. You can use containers and dividers from the Dollar Store to create this.

35. Cutlery Organization

Via Thelmlife

Spoons and forks have a habit of getting lost amidst various utensils in the dishwasher. By arranging them in separate containers in a drawer, you can stop misplacing them.

36. Vertical Tension Rods

Via Marthastewart

Tension rods can also come in handy to arrange shelves and create sections. You can put the same kind of kitchen appliance like cutting boards into its own section.

37. Canned Goods Raiser

Via Containerstore

Another way to store canned goods, while making sure they’re all visible at the same time, is to use an Expand-A-Shelf to keep them all on a raised platform.

38. $1 Kitchen Drawer Makeover

Via Sothecooksaid

You can add an artistic flair to your kitchen for as low as $1 by using wrapping paper and double-sided tape to line the inner floor of your kitchen drawers.

39. Hang Mixer Hooks

Via Goodhousekeeping

Mixer and dough hooks can be hard to store because of their varying sizes and shapes. By installing metal hooks on your shelf or beside it, you have a better way of storing dough hooks by hanging them.

40. Conversion Chart For Baking

Via Homenbc

Baking needs you to be accurate with everything you put into your recipe. To save you the trouble of always opening Google, you can simply make a conversion chart and hang the corresponding spoons and cups with the measurements.

41. Realign Your Pantry

Via Refabbed

If you have a large space dedicated to consumable goods, it can quickly turn into a cluttered mess if you aren’t storing your food properly. Clean out your entire pantry and start over by removing the items from their packaging and using color-coded bins and containers.

42. Hanging Mason Jars

Via Houzz

Glass jars can be incredibly tricky to keep track of in an active workspace. To reduce clutter, and the chances of tipping a jar over, you can craft a hanging Mason jar space under one of your shelves.

43. Expand-A-Shelf Spice Storage

Via Thesocialhome

Using the Expand-A-Shelf for spices instead of canned goods like we did earlier, you can get the same result with any number of spice bottles you have. This helps in the organization, as well as providing a nice aesthetic appeal to the kitchen.

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44. Curtain Rods As Lid Holders

Via Cornerstoneconfessions

Pot and pan lids can often get in the way of your cooking when you’re in a rush. Instead of shuffling through them, you can install curtain rods on the inside of your cabinet doors to put your lids against them.

45. Photo Box Can Storage

Via Thekimsixfix

For as little as 50 cents, you can buy a photo box to craft into your own can storage space. This is perfect if you’re in the mood for some arts and crafts.

46. Hanging Spice And Can Holders

Via Wildfireinteriors

Instead of taking up space on the shelf-top itself, you can install wire baskets and pencil holders under the shelf planks to keep cans and spices in it.

47. Spice Rack On The Refrigerator

Via Instructables

You can use pencil holders or sink caddies with magnets glued to them and use them as a holder for spices on the side of your fridge.

48. Repurpose A Coat Closet Into A Pantry

Via Inmyownstyle

You might be in a house with little to no pantry space. In cases like these, you can always clear out a coat closet and organize a pantry using Dollar Store bins and labels.

49. Clear Bin Storage

Via Iheartorganizing

If you don’t feel like taking the time needed to color-code your pantry, you can simply buy transparent bins and put food in them. This helps you look at everything you have in stock at a glance.

50. Pretend Pull-Out Drawers

Via Amazinginteriordesign

You can use additional cabinet space that you have and use transparent trays to store items there.

51. Shower Caps To Cover Food

Via Gardenbetty

A rather unconventional pick, but you can use shower caps for food items in order to protect them from dust, additional moisture, and bugs.

52. Mason Jars For Miscellaneous Items

Via Therigneys

Be it popcorn kernels or a variety of nuts, keeping them stored in a Mason jar with labels and a tight lid ensures they have a higher shelf life and are easier to reach.

53. Reused Creamer Containers

Via Frugeleglance

A similar idea to the previous entry, you can choose to keep them in an empty and cleaned-out creamer bottle for an easy-pour solution for miscellaneous nuts.

54. Measuring Scoop On The Jar

Via Onecrazyhouse

Using command tapes and a small hook, you can attach a measuring scoop to the jar of your choice to keep them paired together.

55. Glass Fishbowl For Candies And Snacks

Via Bethbryan

An easy solution if you need a quick way to access some small snacks on the go, you can keep a variety of snacks in a fishbowl, and even add a little eccentric appeal to the room.

56. Teabags In Mason Jars

Via Letsliveandlearn

For people who prefer tea more than coffee first thing in the morning, you can ditch the bulky packaging most teabags come in and use mason jars to store the same flavors in one place.

57. Dollar Tree Organizers For Bakeware And Lids

Via Restorationbeauty

Whether it is your nonstick frying pan, baking tray, or pot lids, these cheap organizers can help keep your kitchen appliances in place without the risk of clutter or things falling over.

58. Glass Jars For Storing Beans

Via Creativecarissa

Instead of throwing away the glass jars you use, you can repurpose them to store beans and lentils and label them individually.

59. Hanging Baskets For Fruits And Vegetables

Via Homedit

You can hang a few platforms of baskets and use each layer as a way to store different fruits and vegetables separately. You can even use it to plan your meals.

60. Office Supplies To Store Cleaning Equipment

Via Organizinghomelife

Using something like a mail sorter, you can keep your sponges or cleaning pads at hand’s reach. You can even label them for their specific purpose.

61. DIY Pantry Makeover

Via Bless’erhouse

Finally, if you still need some help organizing your pantry on a budget, you can follow the picture below as a reference on how you can achieve that in your own home, with minimal expenditure!

Whether your pantry needs a makeover or a reorganizing, both of them are essential when you need a house where you can calmly work and find everything you need conveniently.

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