21 Best Driveway Edging Ideas

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So you’re building a house and looking for the best driveway edging ideas? Or are you simply looking to re-design your driveway as per your preferences and want some ideas that go with your taste? No matter what the case is, you’ve come to the right place. The design ideas here have that edge (get it?) that will help them stand out.

Not only are these designs stylish and aesthetic, but are also very functional. Plus they’re also available in a wide range of options so you get to find the perfect idea for your house. Keep in mind that the first thing a visitor notices in your house is your driveway, so does it not make sense to have the best driveway edging design that you can get? Let’s dive straight into our topic without any further ado!


21 Best Driveway Edging Ideas

We’re now going to look at 21 different edging ideas, which means you have plenty of styles to choose from and find the perfect style for you.

1. Cobblestone Edging

Cobblestone edging is quite frequently used as they’re inexpensive and have a neat look about them. If you have a gravel driveway, this would be the perfect option to go for. You can also use them to separate your driveway from an adjoining garden or grass and bushes nearby. This style also fits perfectly with tarmac driveways.

2. Raised Driveway Edging

It’s a type that has further many driveway edging ideas within itself, depending on the material used, and the patterns created. With a raised edging, there’s a pretty clear demarcation between the driveway and your lawn or garden. This adds to your driveway aesthetic while also adding more functionality to the space.

3. Belgian Block Edging

Usually made from granite, Belgian driveway edging is all about these paving stones that are pretty large when compared to other options. They’re very durable, and hold their ground for years. If you have a garden, having this style safeguards them against soil erosion. Plus, they are cost-effective as well, which means it’s a win-win situation on all ends.

4. Wood Edging

To add a vintage look to your driveway, go for a wood edging. For one, it’s a cost-effective option. Two, there are plenty of wood types for you to choose from, depending on your preferences. You can go for flat edges, raised edges, or a hybrid between both. Plus, if you have greenery around your house, it would match right in with the surroundings.

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5. Grass Outline

If you’re okay with working a bit more on your edges, the grass is one of the neater and more affordable driveway edging ideas. Especially if you have long driveways, having a grass edge (or as some call it, edges without boundaries) is a more practical option.

If you have a cottage-styled house, then going for a driveway edging with longer grass might just be the perfect aesthetic addition!

6. Brick Edging

Do you have a brick house or a brick-red aesthetic? Then paving bricks would be a great complimentary addition to your driveway. You can align the bricks either horizontally or vertically or any other customization option that suits you!

Bricks add a nice contrast to your lawn nearby and can be installed by yourself. You can also go for textured bricks and lay them in specific patterns to create any kind of design that you like.

7. Paved Pattern Edging

For those with paved driveways, going for a paved pattern edging works perfectly. Made using paving stones, this raised edging style gives a neat and modern appearance to your driveway. Also, pavers add that extra bit of friction and stability to your driveways for those rainy days when the road is too slippery.

8. Driveway Edging Using Hedges

You can get a more natural and distinguished look by planting hedges around the edges of your driveway. You can either let them grow naturally or trim them in different shapes as per your preferences.

9. Flagstone Edging

If you have a tarmac driveway, flagstones are one of the best driveway edging ideas. You can also mix it with pebbles and it creates a defining gradient for your driveway. However, if you have a long driveway, you’d do well to avoid this style as it can be pretty expensive. They also have an even surface, so they aren’t suited to rough surfaces.

10. Kerb Edging

If you want a design that’s both aesthetic and functional, then kerb edging is one of the best driveway edging ideas out there. It has rounded edges that give a softer and weathered touch to your driveway region while keeping your vehicle from running into the lawn area.

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11. Metallic Edging

Metallic edging works perfectly with modern architecture while providing your driveway with a sleek and minimal aesthetic. You can also use metallic edging as a horizontal surface where it fits in well with its surroundings. They’re cost-effective and are also pretty easy to install while requiring minimal maintenance on your part.

12. Scalloped Edging

The scalloped edging is created by a series of convex curves and goes well with both contemporary and classic designs. The round edges add a comforting look and you can also pick from a variety of colors.

If you have a garden surrounding your driveway, then this type would be one of the best options to go for. They provide framing to the flower beds while also making sure any vehicles don’t cross off the main path.

13. Ancestral Edging

Want to give your driveway a natural aesthetic? Then ancestral edging would be one of the top options for you to pick from. It adds a rustic charm to your property while allowing for different kinds of arrangements as per your preferences.

14. Pebble Edging

This is a unique edging option in the sense that it can be used independently as well as with other edging options. It works for modern architecture as well as more traditional ones. You can pair them with flagstone, or use them as a bridge between two designs to give a layered look.

Having a border made up of pebbles also ensures easy water drainage, and they’re pretty easy to set up too, no matter how long the driveway. Plus they add a rustic charm to your driveway, so there’s always that.

15. Gravel Stone Edging

This works a lot like pebble edging, the only difference being that gravel stones tend to have larger sizes and very few customization options. However, if you’ve got a flagstone driveway or something similar, this option would easily complement your driveway.

16. Crushed Concrete Edging

This style makes for one of the best simple and cost-effective driveway edging ideas. They can be directly used from any leftover concrete blocks you might have. You can also choose lighter or darker concrete shades and create an edging aesthetic that’s in contrast with your driveway material. Like the last two options, this style also provides easy drainage for rainwater

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17. Rope Edging

Are you one of the old-school types? Rope edging would probably be the right fit for you. They’re pretty easy to set up while creating a homely and natural aesthetic for your driveway. In addition, they’re also the perfect option when you have limited width available in your driveway area.

18. River Stone Edging 

Not only does this design give a layered look to your edging, but a river stone edging also complements your home lawn stylishly. You can create different designs by combining different colors of river stones and these stones also add a homely look to your driveway area.

19. Vertical Pavers

Most of the driveway edging ideas we’ve seen so far are horizontally placed. However, if that’s not something you prefer, you can go for vertically paved designs. You can create this edging style using various materials and designs.

The possibilities of experimentation are endless! Plus, having vertical pavers provide that extra protection to your home lawns by directly preventing vehicles from straying off the main path.

20. Edging Using Flowering Plants 

If you’d like something more scenic and pretty as your driveway edging, why not go for flowering plants? These are better than grasses and bushes in that they make your driveway more beautiful and a delight to look at. You can also add fencing or any other kind of protection to keep your plants safe.

21. Railroad Ties

You might think these are one of the more unpopular entries in this list of driveway edging ideas, but it’s the opposite case. And why not? Railroad ties are easy to install and cost-effective while also being highly resistant to insects and other degrading factors. Their antique charm works for any driveway, no matter what aesthetic.


I hope you have got some great driveway edging ideas by now. Make sure you go for a design that suits your driveway material and aesthetic. Going for something unusual always helps in ensuring your driveway is unique and catchy!

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