28 Amazing Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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Although decorating your house and front yard with a gazillion lights seems ideal, it’s quite the opposite. You need eye-catching, smart decorations. Not decor that will blind you and can be seen from Mars.

Christmas is all about being thankful, and bringing love, light, hope, and joy into your lives. Whether you want to achieve this by setting up a whimsical Winter Wonderland, or go the traditional route by positioning a bunch of inflatables of Rudolph and Santa, go for it!

If you really want to bring in the true Christmas spirit, go above and beyond the decorations that make you yawn, and opt for fresh, exciting, DIY ones.


31 Beautiful DIY Christmas Outdoor Decorations

1. Rustic cabin look

Credit: ElleDecor

Remember those cute cabins you used to look at online? Make that dream come true! Decorate the porch and front yard, with rustic greenery. Swathe the front door with garlands, let greenery flourish over the columns and use wreaths to top off the look, to recreate the warmth of the cabin you’ve been dreaming about for ages. 

2. Pinecone Garland

Credit: DIYNetwork

If there was ever a decoration that was “down-to-earth” and not flashy in the least, it’s this pinecone garland. Hang this all around the house for a really rural, simple look. It’ll set the house with a fresh, earthy vibe. If you really want to go all out, twirl some lights around the garland before hanging them all outside the house.

This will really lighten up the tree in your front yard! Pinecones plus lights, on the bark of a tree! The epitome of simple decorations. Some simple lights from the hardware store or Home Depot will do the trick, so don’t stress out about trying to find the “perfect lights”.

3. Fruity Mix

Credit: Elledecor

Why go with the same old lush green wreaths and garlands? Of course, the traditional route is safe. But kinda boring. Looking to switch it up? Try garlands of apples woven between leaves, and the pineapple that sounds weird to describe as a decoration but that you’ll definitely want after putting it up. The garland of lemons interwoven with leaves above the front door ads a splash of fruity color, in an otherwise boring landscape full of the same old greens and reds.

4. Make it cozy, outdoors

Credit: Elledecor

Sure it’s cozy inside. A mug of hot chocolate, sitting on your couch, with a blanket around your shoulders… front of the fireplace? Where do I sign up? But, who said warmth and coziness can only be possible indoors? You’ll miss all the wintery snowfall, and shooting stars outside! Get inspired, bring some chairs and a small couch outside!

And of course, make the furniture fuzzy and comfortable so that it’s functional in the freezing cold weather. Picture perfect, comfortable, and cozy …what’s not to love??

5. Classic Red Bows

Credit: DomesticFashionista

You can never go wrong with classic red bows in your front yard! Plant a few rods in the snow, distance them equally, and stick an oversized red bow on each one. Or alternate with red and white to make it really festive. Anyone walking by your house will definitely feel the spirit of Christmas that you’re trying to exude from your home.

6. Adorable Snowman

Credit: icreativeideas

Who said snowmen had to be inflatable? Or made out of real snow? Wow your neighbors with these adorable snowmen made out of wood. You literally need wood, paint, and maybe Youtube to decide exactly how to paint it. Otherwise, it’s as simple as painting the wood white, painting a face on it, and sticking a red hat on top. Voila, a DIY snowman! Aren’t they so cute? I don’t know about you, but these definitely put a smile on my face when I see them!

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7. Seasonal Greeting Signs

Credit: Thediydreamer

Feeling overwhelmed about decorating, and not sure where to start? Make a few of these signs that have cute seasonal greetings on it, and stick them in your front yard. It’ll really put you in the spirit of Christmas and motivate you to start decorating! Cute sayings like “Santa’s Workshop” or “Elves live here!” are just a few of the infinitely fun possibilities! It’s also really simple to buy a few signs and put them in your yard, since the signs themselves are festive and quite inexpensive.

8. DIY Lighted Ornaments

Credit: Missinformation

Decorate the dead looking tree that has lost all of its lush leaves in your front yard. Who knew chicken wire and lights could make such a spectacular set of decorations? Wrap the chicken wire around itself so that it forms a ball of the required size. Then wrap the Christmas lights around it, and hang the glowing light ball on different branches of the tree. Make it retro with different colors of light, or go the traditional route with golden lights!

9. Concrete Presents

Credit: MarthaStewart

A lot of the times during winter, the decorations you painstakingly put up blow away from strong winds. Use old concrete blocks sitting in your garage to make presents! Paint them white and red, and put a huge sparkly red bow on them. Position them around the house, and they’ll never blow away.

The best part is, you can reuse them every year. Plus, concrete blocks are very inexpensive! This DIY concrete present block is the perfect solution to keep your lightweight decorations from flying away, and being a reusable decor on its own.

10. Batman Wreath

Credit: Ournerdhome

Honestly, when I saw this, I thought Hallelujah! Batman is saving the day, even when it’s Christmas. If this doesn’t brighten up the day when you open your front door, nothing else in the Milky Way will. It’s traditional, but a bit quirky since it’s in the shape of Batman. Stick it on your front door, and watch everyone’s mood light up as soon as they walk in. 

11. All aboard the Polar Express

Credit: thekeeperofthecheerios

Who said you couldn’t decorate your back porch? Make this easy, DIY train and put it on the porch. It’ll definitely be the main attraction for all the kids who try to take a ride on it for real. It only requires a few crates painted red and green, and some sturdy material like old wood or styrofoam ( if you run out of options) as wheels.

The basic materials you’ll need are spray paint, tins, hot glue, screws and a drill. Stick the wheels on the ides, and a few boards that say “Santa” or “Reindeers live here” on the sides of the crates for an extra flair of creativity.

12. Large Silver Bells

Why use the same old garden garlands to decorate your porch columns and the sides of the house? Make some easy DIY silver bells, and wrap them around your columns. It’ll blend beautifully with the existing Christmas lights and garlands, giving it a vibrant, shiny feel. Create them simply with old garden pots and silver spray paint. And red bows of course, for a pop of color.

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13. Berry Wreath

Credit: Justquilty

Had enough of the same green wreaths swathing your porch and columns? Make a vibrant and bold statement with this berry wreath. It’s elegant and bright in its own way, giving the porch a calm Christmas feeling without being in your face about it. Sans the bright lights and garishly repetitive decorations.

14. Window Swept

Credit: Elledecor

Traditionally, you’re probably used to sticking wreaths on the windows outside, and calling it a day. While the traditional route is always festive and merry, put your own spin on it. Take those garlands outdoors, and loop-de-loop them on the windows to your heart’s content. The great thing is, this wonderful look can also be admired from the comfort of your living room. Which is where we spend most of our Christmas holidays anyway. So it’s a win-win!

15. Wreath on Car

Personally, I think people who go to the extent of even decorating their cars are a bit pretentious. Then again, it’s Christmas! You’re supposed to overdo it. Decorate the hood of your car with a giant wreath, and plant a bow on top of the wreath. If you really feel like going all out, decorate the side doors with small garlands, and elegant gold and silver bows.

16. Branchy Lights

Credit: Elledecor

Want your porch to look like Winter Wonderland without trying too hard? Look no further. These branchy lights will definitely do the trick. Hang them on the windows next to the front door, and wrap them along the porch columns. With a matching wreath to hang on the front door of course! These lights will take you back to those nostalgic and beautiful memories of snowball fights, frostbites, and the taste of hot chocolate all over your mouth. Back in the good old days, before we got old!

17. Minimalistic Decorations

Credit: Janie Molster

Not in the mood to decorate, but still want to make it look like you care? So basically, how I feel every time it’s my mom’s birthday. Try being a minimalist by using just one or 2 wreaths. Position it so that it’s in the center, so that it’s the first thing people look at before entering your house. The more floors your house has, the higher the wreath should be positioned.

18. Outdoor tree

Why have just one tree, when you can have one inside and outside? Twice the decorations and twice as fun. It has an all-around appeal, especially when it’s dark outside. The sight of twinkling lights and a huge tree on the porch would put anybody in a holly jolly mood.

Even your grumpy neighbor with her two annoying cats. It’s also a minimalistic decoration, if you’re looking for an easy porch decoration with minimum effort. Stick a tree next to the door! Fuss-free decorations, done quickly. Problem solved.

19. Gold Lights

Credit: ElleDecor

This really gives meaning to the famous one-liner “Let there be light.” If you’re looking for decor that will give your house that golden glow that makes it look like the Gods have descended from the heavens, this is it. Decorate the windows, columns, and even the tree in your front yard with these golden lights. Your house will look so unbelievably ethereal and divine. Don’t miss the chance to make your house look awesome!

20. American flag lights

Green Convenience American Flag Lights with 420 LED String Lights,Waterproof Led Flag Net Light of The United States for Independence Day,Memorial Day,Garden,Festival,Party,Christmas Decorations

Christmas and Patriotism. Two words I never thought I would see together, but am currently witnessing. Take your Christmas light game up a notch and use these lights that form the American flag. Preferably, they should be hung between two trees in your front yard so that the flag stretches a bit. And blinds everyone who walks by it of course. Your patriotism will be on display for everyone to see even during Christmas.

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21. Hanging Baskets

National Tree 16 Inch Crestwood Spruce Hanging Basket with Silver Bristle, Cones Red Berries and 50 Battery Operated Warm White LED Lights (CW7-300-20H-B1), 16-Inch

Why bore the neighborhood and yourself with the same old garlands and wreaths? Sure if you stick a bunch of berries and ribbons on the garlands, it becomes “unique”. Make your Christmas truly unique by using a glittery pine hanging basket. It gives the fresh, “wintery snow” look that you look for on Christmas morning. Of course, the reality is that everything is under 6 feet of snow, but whatever floats your boat.

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22. Christmas Banner

HMASYO Merry Christmas Banner,Christmas Porch Fireplace Wall Signs Flag for Christmas Decorations Outdoor Indoor,Christmas Banner Decoration Red Xmas Sign for Home Party (Merry Christmas)

Say perhaps, you REALLY don’t want to get out of the house and be overwhelmed with which part of the house to decorate with which color or ornament. Well, there’s a really simple solution for you too. Use this huge Merry Christmas banner on your front door. The enormous size of the banner and lettering will distract everyone from the decorations that aren’t present.

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23. Classic Inflatables

Megaction 8 Foot Christmas Inflatable Cute Santa Train with Elk and Penguin- Yard, Home Party Blow Up Decoration

Decorating the house for Christmas without at least one inflatable is like Thanksgiving without the turkey. Not possible! Placing these inflatables all around the yard will reignite your Christmas spirit. Your kids will definitely have a blast, running in from school every day after kicking the inflatables around once or twice. Remember, Santa Claus is coming to town……

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24. Tree of Crates

Credit: HGTV

Who said Christmas trees need to be actual trees? Use repurposed crates, old barn material or wood that’s been sitting in the corner forever. Stack them up in a manner that makes it look like a tree. Decorate the crates with lights, and there you have it. A DIY Christmas tree made of crates. 

25. Lantern Garland

Credit: HGTV

Leaf garland? Nope. Try a lantern garland. It really gives the rustic feel of Christmas without all the jangly lights and distracting inflatables. It gives a simple, farmhouse-inspired statement, that simplicity is in and flashiness is out. 

26. Changeable Decorative Light

Christmas Changeable Decorative Light, Christmas Landscape Projector Lights for Outdoor Indoor, Holiday and Party Decorations, IP65 Waterproof, 1 Pack

You know those color-changing lights that change according to your mood? Same thing. This Changeable decorative light is great since it can be used indoors and outdoors. It just needs to face some sort of surface to project the colorful images inside the screen.

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27. Wine Bottle Candelabra

Credit: HGTV

Use old wine bottles, and spray paint them black. Place one on each step of your front porch outside, and put a candle in each bottle, just at the opening. Lighting them at night will emit a sort of warm glow, bringing back memories of frostbite, playgrounds, and steaming cups of hot chocolate.

28. Mailbox Decor

Credit: HGTV

Turn your boring mailbox into the center of attraction. Wrap some candy canes with burlap, made of plywood, and position it on either side of the mailbox. Decorate the stand of the mailbox with red wrapping paper and a wreath on top. This will turn your mailbox into an item of attraction and a definite staring contest with passerby’s.

Don’t just spend this Christmas season decorating the inside of your home but give it a festive makeover outside too. Who said Christmas decorations consist of just one tree and a few lights? It can be so much more than that!

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