31 Small Christmas Tree Ideas When You Have Truly No Space

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Christmas is right around the corner and this grand celebration demands huge and beautiful decorations (that’s the soul of this festival!). It’s going to be super exciting and fun, however, deciding the tree and decors is surely a daunting task for people with small houses. You can’t just put up anything you want in your small space ‘cause it will look more clumsy than gorgeous.

So what to do? To be honest with you, there are PLENTY of decor ideas that are best suitable for your small space. And what is the most important thing that needs to be decorated first? Of course, it’s the Christmas tree!

Small Christmas trees are best suited for small spaces—the giant ones may look a bit too much. If you’re wondering how small Christmas trees can bring out the elegance of this festival then you are in the right place.

So scroll down and check out 31 small Christmas tree ideas that WILL make your small house look like it came out of a magazine!


31 Small Christmas Tree Ideas When You Have Truly No Space

1. Scandi-Chic Christmas Tree

Via Themerrythought

All you need is a basket, a blanket, and a real/plastic mini tree in it. Attach your small Christmas tree to a stand and place it inside the basket. Decorate with a pretty white blanket and Christmas lights and don’t forget to surround it with gifts!

2. Accordion Christmas Tree

Via Ruffledblog

It’s not necessary that a Christmas tree can only be a pine tree. You can make this paper tree to decorate your dining table or a center table.

Cut the accordion paper in two halves such that they are symmetrical and together form the Christmas tree shape. Staple them together and add a small twig as its trunk and stick it in a cup filled with sand.

3. Tree In A Pitcher

Via Dreamywhites

A Christmas tree in a pitcher will be a beautiful showpiece for your living room. Decorate the small tree with bells and lights and other decor stuff but don’t overdo it. Rather keep the decoration minimal.

4. Mini Tree

Via Bloglovin

All you need for this cute decor is a small pot, floral dry foam, and some pine greens. Decorate it with red berries as they go beautifully with mini decors or poinsettia bursts. Top it off by placing mini gifts around it.

5. Pinecone Tree


Undoubtedly pinecones are the star of Christmas. Without them, this festival is incomplete. So why not build an entire tree with them? Take a cone-shaped floral foam and stick the pinecones to it. Attach a toothpick at the end of each pinecone to stick them into the foam.

6. Burlap Wrap

Via Shanty2Chic

Burlap is the Christmas trend nowadays. Get a small Christmas tree and decorate it with your favorite lights, pinecones, and bells. Wrap a long burlap piece around it. To get the complete rustic look, place it on an upside-down wooden box.

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7. Light Up Wall-Mounted Tree

This decor is pretty attractive and unusual. You’ve surely got wall space in your small house that can be used for decor. So get this crafty tree from Pottery Barn that has LED lights on it. It is even available in different sizes.

8. Tabletop Mini Tree

20" Tabletop Mini Christmas Tree Set with Clear LED Lights, Star Treetop and Ornaments, Best DIY Christmas Decorations (Storage Bag Included)

This mini tabletop tree from Amazon comes with all the necessary ornaments for decoration including LED lights. It’s 20″ in height and is perfect for the tabletop. It will surely give you the Christmas-y vibe like a real, giant tree.

9. Classic Tree

Vickerman Carmel Pine Tree with Pine Cones & 294 PVC Tips In Burlap Base, 18"

This particular tree features small pinecones and a burlap base. It is artificial but looks rather realistic. If you are looking for a simple and curtailed decoration, then this tree idea is perfect for that. You can add some lights to it to brighten up the vibe.

10. Doll House Tree

Via Mr.Printables

Turn those cardboard shipping boxes into a fun Doll House Christmas tree. It might look complicated but trust me, shaping it is the only slightly twisted part. Other than that, you just need to color it and decorate it with dollhouse goodies. Your guests will be awed by this decor.

11. Triangle Wall Tree

Via Hidurko

You just need wall space, two long wooden dowels, and some Christmas garlands to form a flat Christmas tree shaped like a triangle. Lean the two wood sticks against the wall in a triangle form and wrap the garland around. Decorate it with lights and other ornaments to get this space-saving tree.

12. Trunk Tree

As the name suggests, this Christmas tree is made of tree trunks. Go get some from the backyard, use rope or twine to shape them in form of a tree, and hang them up on a hook. Decorate using varieties of ornaments and lightings.

This idea is perfect to get a simple and rustic look, especially if you are a nature-lover.

13. Book Tree

This is a clever idea indeed! If you’re a book lover, you must have a huge stack of books kept on shelves. Take them out and build a Christmas tree with them. You just need to place them one above the other such that a triangle shape is formed.

Decorate it with lights and it’s ready!

14. Colorful Pinecones

Grab some of those toy trees, paint them with beautiful colors, and you’ll get the smallest X-mas trees in your house! Get the ones that come with stands, or you can hot glue a mini wooden stand to the end of the pinecone.

15. Mini Pine

PARTY JOY 23" Artificial Mini Christmas Tree Small Pine Tree Tiny Christmas Tree Tabletop Includes Pots Christmas Ball for Holiday Crafts (White-Pink Champagne Gold)

This mini X-mas tree is another good choice for your tabletop. It comes with pretty white-pink golden balls that you need to hang up on the pine needles. All you need is a small basin in which you’ll have to insert it—kind of an easy DIY indeed.

16. Pre-Lit Snowy Tree

This small pine tree is a faux one from Pottery Barn that is covered with artificial snow, decorated with pinecones, and wrapped with beautiful lights. The base is wrapped around with burlap. Place it on the front porch or near the fireplace, someplace where it’ll be on display, and surround it with gifts.

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17. Mini Paper Tree

This paper cup tree will make for a fun DIY. Take a toothpick and pierce it through square-shaped pieces of colorful paper that are varying in size. Make sure that you insert in a manner that forms a Christmas tree-like shape (triangular shape).

Add a small star at the top to finish the look. Stick the tree in a plastic cup filled with mud to give it a stand.

18. Coniferous Tree

Here’s another DIY for your front porch or center table. You need a coniferous shrub for this. Fix it in a stone bowl or any container of your choice and surround it with stones. Add some moss around the tree and decorate it with red berries and a beautiful star on top.

19. Rustic Tree

This easy DIY requires a small jute basket and a small faux or real pine tree. Fill the basket with mud or sand to provide a base for the tree. Finish it with a heart-shaped wooden piece attached to the basket.

You can decorate the tree with pinecones and lights but keeping it simple will give out the rustic vibe.

20. Birch Tree

Who said only pine trees are Christmas-sy? This birch tree will do just fine! It is sprinkled with glitter and comes with beautiful LED lights. To give it a rustic contrast, a jute rope is wrapped around the top.

You can also DIY a similar one using spoon heads and a cone-shaped foam. Paint the spoon heads and you’ll get a similar look.

21. Mini Moss Tree

Pretty, isn’t it? All you need to is a ball of moss, some cinnamon sticks, and a twig. Provide a base for the twig using a mini cup filled with mud. Surround it with cinnamon sticks. Hot glue the ball of moss to the twig and decorate it with red berries.

You can add some more ornaments and decors to this mini tree.

22. Twig Tree

LIGHTSHARE 4 feet 6 feet and 8 Feet Birch Tree,Warm White, for Home,Pack of 3, Festival, Party, and Christmas Decoration, Indoor and Outdoor Use

The lighted little birch tree is perfect for a tabletop centerpiece. It is already lit with LED but no other decorations are added. Although, if you feel like it, you can decorate it with small red berries or pinecones.

Get a set of these for your tabletop or the mantle for a royale look.

23. Lit Wall Tree

If you’ve got a good wall space then you can execute this idea. You will have to form the Christmas tree shape on the wall. Oh no, you won’t have to use paint for it. Use a long green ribbon to do the job.

Decorate the area inside the triangle with lights and it will surely be the star of the night.

24. Boughs

Via Goodhouekeeping

Fill an oversized jar with water and add a bunch of pine boughs. Don’t forget to decorate it with Christmas ornaments and some lighting will add to its beauty. Keep it on a side table and let it light up your Christmas!

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25. Norwegian Style

Via Myscandinavianhome

In Norway, people tend to keep the decoration simple yet elegant for this festival. You can adapt their style and get some mini fir trees and insert them in tiny flower pots. Use them as a centerpiece for your dining table or for the mantle to get a minimal X-mas-y look in your house.

26. Micro Ones

Via Houzz

Yup, these aren’t mini-sized, these are micro. You can get these cute little ones readily available at the store or make one yourself!

You just need small vintage containers or mason jars and place a foam base in them. Insert the cuttings from the pine in the foam and fill the container with mud and that’s all. They will last longer than Christmas so you can get the festive scent till spring!

27. Dwarf Tree

Source unknown

Place dwarf-sized potted Alberta spruce (not much different than pine) in a tin filled with soil as a stand for your tree. Don’t forget to add pinecones or LED lights as decoration, they are important!

28. Touch Of Lavender


Get those boring, small, regular Christmas trees and spice it up a little! The most important one is the top ornament. Use a spherical lavender foam ball and insert straws in it, then fix it on top of the tree. Wrap the tree with lavender ribbon and other ornaments like bells and stars.

29. Belted Tree

Via Uskinnyboppy

This unique belted tree pretty simple to make. Insert the tree into a pot filled with mud. Then wrap burlap around the pot and hold it in place with the help of a belt. That’s it. It will look great near the stairs or on the front porch, maybe by the door as well.

30. Mini Lamp Tree

HONESTY Mini Christmas Trees, Decorative Lights for Home/Decoration/Party/Wedding, 10Inch 40LED USB or Battery Powered, Warm White Mini Lamp, Light Tree, Inside Black S

Only lights can light up your Christmas well! This mini lamp Christmas tree on Amazon is sure to catch attention. It is made of a metal frame with light wires and a plastic base, and also a star on the top. The light is of a warm white color, thus, giving a neutral look yet enough to brighten up the festival.

31. Pink Tree

Nuxn 2ft Mini Pink Artificial Christmas Tree Tabletop Christmas Tree with Led Lights and Glitter Balls Pink Christmas Tinsel TreeXmas Tree Home Wedding Decoration
Who says Christmas trees must be green? Try this faux pink colored Christmas tree for a change. It is 3 feet tall which you can easily fit in your small house, and of course, it comes with a stand. It is simple and convenient to use. You can add some ornaments to it but it is already unique by itself.

Now that we’ve gone through all the ideas, I suggest that you pick out some from this list and apply them all together in your home. It’s ‘cause if one small tree is not enough to give that festive vibe you want, it’s better to choose more than one and decorate different corners of your small house with them. Have fun decorating!

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