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18 Stunning DIY Dollar Store Christmas Decoration Ideas 2023

dollar store christmas decoration

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It’s that time of year again, winter. With winter comes a whole world of festivities for which you want to give your home the best possible look. With Halloween gone and Christmas around the corner, now is the perfect time to gear up for some fun DIY Christmas decoration ideas in 2022.

For most people, Christmas decoration is an integral part of their preparation and I am one of them. Why spend a fortune on expensive store-bought decor items, when you can do wonders using dollar store Christmas decorations at a fraction of the cost.

So, here I present 18 of my favorite Christmas decoration ideas using dollar store items. These Christmas decor ideas will make your home look amazing without spending a ton of money. There are many dollar store xmas decoration items such as wreaths, candles, centerpieces, home accents, and much more!


1. Plastic Spoon Christmas Tree

DIY dollar store christmas decor - plastic spoon christmas tree

Ever seen a beautiful Christmas tree made from spoons? If not, then make one this year. All you need to accomplish this unique project is plastic spoons, Paper Mache, spray paint, and glue. It won’t cost more than $5.
Looks intimidating, but you will be amazed at how easy it is to make this DIY Christmas tree using plastic spoons.

2. Berry Wreath

dollar store christmas decorations- berry wreath

The Dollar Store always has these amazing berries (not the real kind) that you can use to add a splash of color to flower arrangements. They are the main ingredients to create this amazing Christmas wreath.

These berry sprigs are about $1 each. Use as many as you want to make the thickness of the wreath as per your liking. Apart from berry sprigs, you only need a wreath form and some hot glue. See how easy it is to make this wreath and it looks beautiful with a combination of red and white berry twigs.

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3. Winter Vases

DIY Dollar store christmas decoration ideas - winter vases

Here’s another decor idea using berry twigs. They are absolutely easy to make and would just need Snow-Tex by DecoArt to create a snowy effect with a brush. You can create the snowy effect in whatever pattern you want and then fill them with diy christmas ornaments, pine cones, whatever you wish.

What’s more, they would also make perfect Christmas gifts for anyone all under budget as it costs just around $2 to make. Not to mention handmade gifts for Christmas have a unique charm.

4. Cupcake Liner Garland

christmas decoration ideas - cupcake liner garland

Never thought leftover cupcake liners can be so useful. All you need is leftover cupcake liners or get some from the dollar tree to make these beautiful Christmas DIY ornament garlands using them. You can use yarn, or any other type of string to hold the liners.

To create a fuller effect, alternate the way the liners face on the twine: back to back, front to front or you’ll end up stringing the liners for a long time to get the perfect length. Great for Christmas tree or mantel decoration.

5. Epsom Salts Luminaries

Dollar store christmas decor - Epsom salt luminaries
Epsom salt works great as paint for art projects. Making luminaries using Epsom salt is a cool idea, and it looks great everywhere be it weddings, holidays, winter, or even a beach-themed porch! Making them is easy and fast too, all you need to do is to apply Mod Podge on glass jars and then roll over the jars in Epsom salts. Done! Easiest DIY Christmas Decoration Craft is ready!

6. Easy DIY Glitter Stars

Dollar store christmas decor ideas - glittering stars

These glitter stars can be the DIY toppers for your Christmas tree or just let it alone for your home, mantel decoration! Here is a tutorial covering how easy it is to make them.

7. DIY Fishbowl Snowman

dollar store xmas decoration items

A beautiful creation using fishbowls and fake snow. What else do we need? Here is a tutorial covering the step by step process to make this amazing snowman.

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8. DIY Candlestick Holders

dollar store Christmas decorations

These DIY candlestick holders are gorgeous. Plus, they are so easy to make and you can create one for around $2. Pretty cheap!

All you need to do is just glue the candlestick to the glass candle holders. Top them off with ribbon and fill them with dollar store candles, candies, or whatever you want. Beautiful, cheap, and easy to DIY.

9. Glitter Candlesticks

diy candle holders for christmas

Want to make a luxurious version of candlesticks? These inexpensive candlesticks can look like you bought them at a high-end department store when you add just a bit of glitter. It’s so easy that your kids would also love to help!

10. Dollar Store Snowflake Door Hanger

snowflake door hanger

Love it! An elegant door hanger made with snowflake ornaments easily available in dollarama! Super easy and quick to put together! Here is a tutorial on how to go about it.

11. Mini Stocking Table Decor

dollar store christmas diy decor
Credit: Princess Pinky Girl

This is a perfect project for those who are feeling lazy. Just pick up a few of those smaller stockings from the Dollar Store (normally around 50 cents each), and use them for utensil holders at your dinner table. They look lovely just the way they are and are the perfect accent for your Christmas dinner. If you want you can decorate them though.

12. Snowman Mason Jar Lotion

dollar store christmas decoration - mason jar lotion

Turn any ordinary mason jar into this adorable diy snowman ornament filled lotion jar, and you have an amazing gift in a jar… A good idea for Christmas gifting. You can even fill them with the lotion you get from the Dollar Store and one large lotion jar will fill a couple of snowmen. Or, make it extra special by filling it with homemade lotion. Here is a tutorial depicting how easy it is to make this Christmas craft.

13. Wine Glass Holiday Dioramas

diy dollar store christmas decor items

All you need for making these beautiful holiday dioramas are wine glasses, a box of sugar, and a few kitschy holiday figurines. They look lovely adorning your holiday table or mantel topped with dollar-store candles. Here is an easy step-by-step tutorial covering how to make these beautiful dioramas for Christmas.

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14. DIY Snow Village

Dollar store christmas decor

Create this stunning snow village using those inexpensive village pieces from the Dollar Store and add a snowy effect. With a little Mod Podge and white glitter, you’ve got a gorgeous snow village that will perfectly accent any table, mantel, or bar. Add some white or silver trees and fake snow and you’re all set. See how easy it is to make this snow village.

15. DIY Illuminated Forest Shadow Box

christmas decor ideas

Just like DIY Snow Village, this illuminated forest shadow box will perfectly accent any table, mantel, or bar. The best thing is it is extremely easy to craft this Christmas decoration and here is a step-by-step tutorial for it.

16. Hang Ornaments For Window Decorations

Don’t forget the windows for holiday decoration. Simply decorating your windows with a bunch of holiday ornaments and ribbons will make them look gorgeous. Easy to do but so festive and cheerful for the holidays!

17. Toothpick Snowballs

Dollar store christmas decoration - toothpick snowball

Toothpicks are so cheap, you can get hundreds of them for a dollar. Create these unique Christmas snowball ornaments using those toothpicks. All you need to do is to grab a few Styrofoam balls and get started sticking in those toothpicks.
Create a design or just cover the entire ball. Your family and visitors will love them! They are a bit time-consuming but extremely easy to make.

18. Jingle Bell Napkin Rings

Dollar store christmas decorations - napkin rings
Credit: Sand and Sisal

Make your dinner table look elegant with these golden DIY jingle bell napkin rings. All you need are jingle bells easily available at most Dollar Stores. Then just attach them to your ribbon and you’ve got a lovely place setting for all your holiday meals.
So now you know it, having jaw-dropping decorations for Christmas is possible without spending a fortune!

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