41 Best Christmas Truffles

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Christmas, as we all know, isn’t just a festival… it’s an emotion! And for foodies like you and me, it’s a month-long carnival. If you’re experimental and are looking forward to trying some drool-worthy truffle recipes this Christmas, stick along. 

Truffles are undoubtedly the best possible dessert that you could make for any special occasion. These tiny treats are eclectic enough to suit every mood and personality. 

From vegan to oreo to dark chocolate to cranberry, the variety is endless and so is your love for truffles, right? Thus, whether you’re grinding to find the befitting dessert or just planning to treat your taste buds—the answer is truffles!! 

To reduce your efforts of rummaging through the internet, we’ve curated this list of 41 best Christmas truffles. Let’s dive into the world of sweetness! 


41 Best Christmas Truffles

1. Vegan Chocolate Truffles      

Truffles coated in cocoa powder
Via Rhiansrecipes

If you follow a strict vegan diet, these vegan chocolate truffles are for you! Their creamy and perfectly sweet texture is everything to fall in love with. Try these delicious treats this Christmas and witness their melt-in-your-mouth silkiness. 

2. No-bake Chocolate Truffles With Oreos     

Truffles coated in white chocolate decorated with sprinkles
Via Sustainmycookinghabit

Baking could be a tedious and time-consuming task, thus, these no-bake chocolate truffles with Oreos are more than just a tasty treat. They’re super easy to make and will disappear in the blink of an eye as soon as you place them on the table!

3. Tim Tam Baileys And Iced Vovo Truffles        

Chocolate coated truffles in pink, white, and brown colors
Via Taste

These Tim Tam Baileys and iced Vovo truffles are absolutely delicious. Process Tim Tam and Vovo biscuits in a food processor (separately), add condensed milk, jam, and booze. Then, dip them in melted chocolate—I’m drooling already! 

4. Cranberry Truffles     

Cranberry truffles topped with chopped cranberries and shredded coconut
Via Carolinescooking

This Christmas, indulge yourself in the perfect blend of cranberries and chocolate. These cranberry truffles are sweet and irresistible. If you’re preparing them for a party, make sure you make more than enough—they’ll disappear from the table soon!

5. Vegan White Chocolate Truffles    

White chocolate truffles coated with chopped pistachios and raspberries
Via Rhiansrecipe

With just 4 ingredients on hand, you can make these vegan white chocolate truffles in no time. They’re beginner-friendly, rich, silky, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly. Sounds like a befitting treat for any health freaks out there! 

6. Reindeer Oreo Balls     

Chocolate-coated Oreo truffles made to look like Reindeer
Via Lmld

Presenting you with the cutest truffle balls ever—Reindeer Oreo balls. They look quite sophisticated but are quite simple to make. And, these balls would take your Christmas party menu to the next level. Needless to say, the kids would love them the most! 

7. Raspberry Dark Chocolate Truffles      

Dark chocolate raspberry truffles coated in raspberry dust
Via Tikkido

Include these raspberry dark chocolate truffles to your dessert menu and prepare yourself to receive a lot of praise! These truffles are made up of basic ingredients but the result is worthwhile and extremely indulgent. 

8. Peppermint Oreo Truffles   

Oreo truffles coated with melted candy and topped with crushed peppermint
Via Theflyingcouponer

Try these luscious peppermint Oreo truffles this Christmas to make your friends and family drool. Besides being a great dessert, they’d make a palatable gift too. They’re undeniably easy to make and delicious. 

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9. 3-ingredient Nutella Truffles      

Nutella truffles coated with colorful sprinkles
Via Crazyforcrust

Yes, you read that right! You’ll only require three ingredients to bring these Nutella truffles to life. Nutella is downright the most-loved spread of the times, so a dessert including Nutella will be irresistible.

10. Chocolate Truffles With Condensed Milk     

Chocolate truffles coated with colorful sprinkles and crystal sugar
Via Recipepocket

These simple and inexpensive chocolate truffles made with condensed milk will blow everybody’s minds. Garnish them with colorful sprinkles or any topping of your choice. You can use these truffles as a Christmas treat or a potential gift as well. 

11. Deluxe Homemade Dark Chocolate Truffles     

Dark chocolate truffles coated with almonds, pistachios, and hazelnuts
Via Foodal

There’s nothing more decadent than dark chocolate, right? Therefore, these deluxe homemade dark chocolate truffles deserve the top spot on our Christmas desserts list. They can be a tasty gift to your loved ones as well.

12. Easy Keto Chocolate Truffles     

Keto truffles coated with cocoa powder, shredded coconut, and crushed pistachios
Via Twosleevers

Following a keto diet during Christmas might be tough—it’s impossible to stay away from the lip-smacking desserts. However, these easy keto chocolate truffles could soothe your cravings and you can enjoy them without cheating on your diet.

13. Santa Oreo Cookie Balls     

Oreo cookie balls shaped like Santa's hat
Via Shugarysweets

Cookie balls in the shape of a Santa hat seem mesmerizing during Christmas. The combination of Oreos and cream cheese is irresistible and everyone’s going to love them. 

14. Cappuccino Truffles    

Cappuccino truffles sitting on a bowl of coffee beans
Via Charlotteslivelykitchen

If you’re a coffee lover and are looking for something sinful, then cappuccino truffles are your go-to dessert. Cover the truffles with white chocolate and sprinkle a little cocoa powder to enhance its appearance. 

15. Easy Strawberry Truffles     

Strawberry truffles with crushed strawberries sprinkles on top
Via Baconismagic

Running tight on time but still want to make something exceptional?— try out these easy strawberry truffles that require only 3 ingredients!. Impress your family with this palatable recipe made up of strawberries, chocolates, and cream. 

16. Lemon & White Chocolate Truffles     

Lemon and white chocolate truffles
Via Straighttothehipsbaby

Get a few lemons, white chocolate, and some basic ingredients to pull off zesty tart little bites of happiness. The sweetness of white chocolate paired up with the tartness of lemon will steal the show this Christmas. 

17. Almond Blueberry Lemon Truffles    

Almond blueberry lemon truffles with sprinkles
Via Gardeninthekitchen

Combine the richness of almond with the tartness of blueberry and lemon, and cover them up with the chocolate. This truffle recipe is vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Now that’s amazing!

You can also use regular chocolate to coat the balls—anything works!

18. Sea-salted Chocolate Raspberry Caramels      

Sea salted chocolate raspberry caramels coated with flaked se salt and raspberry powder
Via Deliciousobsessions

Try these little bites of bliss this Christmas season with your family and friends. These sea-salted chocolate raspberry caramels are a delicious assortment of sweetness and savory. You can also cook them for your upcoming girls’ night or date night. 

19. Pumpkin Pie Truffles    

Pumpkin pie truffles
Via Spoonuniversity

Why limit the pumpkin pie to Halloween meals when you can include them in your Christmas desserts list as well? These pumpkin pie truffles are perfect for a last-minute event. All you need is a large slice of pumpkin pie, a cup of white chocolate chips, and you’re good to go! 

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20. Rudolph Nose Dough Balls    

Rudolph nose dough balls in a bowl
Via Julieblanner

Exhausted from baking meals after meals? Well, we’re here with a no-bake truffle recipe. These red-colored cute Rudolph nose dough balls are going to be the show-stopper of your Christmas get together. 

21. Cannoli Cream Chocolate Truffles     

Cannoli cream chocolate truffles coated with chopped pistachios
Via Snappygourmet

Another quick and easy no-bake truffle recipe is here! Make these cannoli cream chocolate truffles this Christmas to entice your loved ones with its crazy taste. This dessert does not taste like cannoli but the filling is quite similar to it, hence the name. 

22. Moscato Truffles     

Moscato truffles coated in red and green sanding sugar
Via Sulaandspice

Make these colorful Moscato truffles to match the Christmas vibes and incorporate a little bit of cheer to the festivities. These truffles are easier done than said! Plus, it’s a no-bake recipe, and therefore less time-consuming. 

23. Melted Snowman Oreo Balls     

Melted snowmen Oreo balls
Via Thegirlwhoateeverything

Oreo cookies are something that unites us more than anything. That said, unleash your creative side and make these melted snowman Oreo balls this Christmas. These truffle balls will be the showstopper of your Christmas party. 

24. Peppermint Chocolate Oreo Truffles     

Peppermint chocolate Oreo truffles
Via Garnishandglaze

Bake these peppermint chocolate oreo truffles to spread the holiday cheer among your loved ones. These truffles are indulgent and everyone’s going to keep you asking for more. Make sure that you put some aside for yourself 😉

25. Gingerbread Truffles 

Gingerbread truffles drizzled with chocolate
Via Pinkfortitude

Treat your loved ones and yourself with these gluten-free and diary-free gingerbread truffles. They come with melt-in-your-mouth technology (lol) that won’t let them last longer in your mouth and you’ll end up eating more than planned! 

26. Banana Split Truffles    

Banana split truffles
Via Thespruceeats

Whether you like bananas or not, these banana split truffles will leave you in awe. They look adorable and taste amazing. You can decorate them with colorful edibles to spruce up their look. 

27. Chocolate Peppermint Truffles    

Chocolate peppermint truffles with crushed candy cane on top
Via Ottawamommyclub

Add the extra holiday flair to the table this Christmas through these chocolate peppermint truffles. They’re simple to put together and are pretty irresistible. If only I could reach into the screen and grab some! 

28. Salted Caramel And Whiskey Truffle       

Salted caramel and whisky truffles dusted with unsweetened cocoa powder
Via Bakersroyale

Turn your regular truffle into a salted caramel and whiskey truffle—add a bit of whiskey and salted caramel, and your offbeat truffle is ready to rock. They’re highly decadent and are a great dessert option for your Christmas party. 

29. Date-sweetened Chocolate Pistachio Bites   

Date-sweetened chocolate pistachio bites coated with finely ground pistachios
Via Veeg

Here’s another no-bake recipe for you! These date-sweetened chocolate pistachio bites are luscious and healthy as well, so you won’t have to think twice before succumbing yourself to this sinful dessert. 

30. No-bake Choc Peppermint Balls    

No-bake choc peppermint balls topped with crushed candy cane
Via Simplifycreateinspire

This Christmas, try these delicious chocolate peppermint balls. Cover them with melted chocolate and crushed-up candy cane. And if you’re fond of minty flavor, add peppermint oil to accentuate the flavoring. 

31. Chocolate Orange Truffles     

Orange chocolate truffles with candied orange peels on top
Via Taste

The chocolate and orange combination is one of the best combinations we could indulge ourselves in. You can serve this at your Christmas party or give them out as gifts—either way, everyone’s going to love it!

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32. Chocolate Cookie Truffles   

Chocolate cookie truffles with colorful sprinkles on top
Via Twokidsandacoupon

People with a sweet tooth are insatiable—they always want more sweetness. Well, here’s a bombshell recipe of chocolate cookie truffles that’s a perfect blend of cookies and candies. Use red, white, and green sprinkles for a festive vibe. 

33. Boozy Christmas Chocolate Truffles   

Boozy Christmas chocolate truffles coated with red, green, and white sprinkles
Via Kitchenfunwithmy3sons

Christmas is incomplete without booze and truffles. How about we combine them both? Buy some rum from your local store and blend it with your truffle ingredients. These boozy chocolate truffles will be your go-to dessert for years to come. 

34. Bourbon Dark Chocolate Truffles    

Bourbon dark chocolate truffles topped with pecans
Via Thesuburbansoapbox

Dark chocolate signifies elegance and indulgence—so why not make bourbon dark chocolate truffles this year?. This sweet delight will need only three ingredients and there’s a piece of heaven in every bite. 

35. Vegan Chocolate Truffles With Kahlua    

Vegan chocolate truffles with kahlua
Via Thehiddenveggies

Make these vegan gluten-free and nut-free truffles this Christmas and enjoy the deliciousness without any guilt. They’re absolutely creamy and would make a great homemade gift for your loved ones. 

You can prepare a batch of these truffles before Christmas and store them in your freezer—this way, you won’t have to run around at the last minute.

36. Peppermint Truffles    

Peppermint truffles topped with crushed peppermint
Via Shugarysweets

Buy some high-quality chocolate and start preparing these peppermint truffles—they are a must for Christmas! You can use chocolate and white chocolate to coat the truffle balls—and make sure you sprinkle enough peppermint bits on top!

37. Cake Truffles   

Cake truffles with toppings
Via Cravingzone

These easy cake truffles are simple to make and delicious in taste. The best part about them?—here’s no perfect way of making these truffles as there are endless variations. Customize them however you like with chocolate coatings and sprinkles.

38. 4-ingredient Chocolate Truffles   

4-ingredient chocolate truffles with a variety of toppings
Via Garnishandglaze

Get your hands dirty in the chocolate this Christmas and make these 4-ingredient chocolate truffles. Roll them into your favorite sprinkles, cocoa powder, or anything that catches your fancy this holiday season.  

39. Brandy Chocolate Truffles    

Brandy chocolate truffles with a variety of toppings
Via Sortedfood

Add some brandy to your regular chocolate truffles to amp up its flavors. The warmth of brandy and the creaminess of chocolate is sure to spread holiday cheer!

40. Keto Sweet Cream Truffles   

Keto sweet cream truffles
Via Twosleevers

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these keto sweet cream truffles. You can have these truffles without cheating on your diet! Pretty amazing, right?

41. Champagne White Chocolate Truffles  

Champagne white chocolate truffles decorated with edible gold leaf
Via Thespruceeats

Want to try out something daring this holiday season? Go ahead and make these champagne white chocolate truffles! They look decadent and sophisticated but are quite beginner-friendly and easy to prepare. All you need are a few basic ingredients.

Put on your baker’s hat and get ready to prepare mouth-watering truffles this Christmas. There’s nothing more comforting than a yummy dessert after filling up on the main course— so, collect all the ingredients and get started!

And if you truly want to enter a food coma, pair the truffles with a dessert Christmas party dip. A Merry Christmas indeed!

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