30+ Stunning Christmas Decorations in Red And Green

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“Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.” The ‘little more’ can be defined as personal touch and creativity with red and green. I believe that nothing looks more festive and graceful than traditional red and green Christmas decors, the colour of fir trees and holly berries.

Hence, we have gathered up 30 amazing traditional Christmas Decoration ideas for you, because nothing says Christmas like branches decked in red and green (and a little glitter)!

There’s something for about everything, from the front porch to the kitchen and from DIY ornaments to classy centrepieces along with beautiful holiday wreaths, to keep the enthusiasm mode-on throughout Christmas. So, here we go!

1. Cheer Up Your Doorway

Credit: Southern Living

Want to give a big show to welcome your guests this Christmas? Set up some decorative planters on either side of your porch, fill them with 8- gallons magnolia, and fit some spray-painted magnolia branches and sprigs of seeded eucalyptus. After Christmas and New Years’ Eve, you can plant them in your garden for a year-round token of nature’s beauty. Poinsettias are a better substitute to give yet another festive appearance.

2. Snowman Doormats

Toland Home Garden Snowman Photobomb 18 x 30 Inch Decorative Winter Floor Mat Funny Photo Doormat - 800302

Why let the old ill-cornered mat at your doorstep lighten the Christmas joy, when this frosty can welcome your visitors warmly? In addition to decoration, this doormat is mildew and stain-resistant, and it is available at a reasonable price on Amazon. With perfectly interwoven threads, its durability shouldn’t be questioned. Keep your guests from trekking snow inside with these mats.

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3. Trim The Fireplace

Credit: Southern Living

Let your living room make the statement by using these easy but luxurious decoration across the home’s centre mantelpiece. You can choose any theme to decorate this place, but getting inspired by winter greenery is always the best option.

For this, arrange a thick garland and fix it on the mantle, and artfully weave ribbon tails and a bow at the centre through the greenery. Add berry branches, spray painted sprigs for colour and texture. With this DIY decoration, you can change your average mantle to the eye-catching site of the house.

4. Ribbon Candy Wreath

Credit: Petal And Ply

By using striped ribbon, medium gauge wire, and a hot glue gun, you can make this DIY festive ornament within minutes. All you need to do is lightly folding the ribbon in a zig-zag manner and fix the pattern in gauge wire. It is advised to add ribbon folding in wire first, then mould the wire in a circular shape to get a wreath. Join the broader ends of loop with glue to fix the position and pattern.

5. Tea Light Snowman Ornaments

Credit: One Little Project

Ditch wax candles for these peaceful flameless battery-operated candles for this DIY trick. They might not bluff people for faking real flames, but they are ideal for tea light snowman ornament. Use a black sharpie to draw snowman’s face on tea light, curve around approximately 2.5 inches long red pipe cleaner as shown in the picture. Cut out a bow and attach it to the bottom of the snowman. Make a few pieces and hang them on hooks.

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6. Hang a Wreath without Drilling

Credit: Southern Living

Rather than drilling hooks and breaking out level sensor, spare your walls from the hammer and simply hang the wreath from curtain rods. For elegant display and to avoid nail holes, hang your Christmas wreath with satin ribbons. Make bows, add balls and bell, try multi-coloured ribbons for bright decoration. It is advised to keep wreath simple when using bright ribbons and other decorations.

7. Customised Gift Tags

Credit: Dodo Burd

Engage your kids in this easy task which will add an irreplaceable personalised touch to gifts. Kids will enjoy this whole gift tagging and giving process with undefined joy. Use a deck of cards for quick gift tags-making. Let these small hands trace shapes of their choice and cut them out using scissors or cookie cutter. Cut out and punch a hole at one ends and write quotes or anything significant for your guests to take back home.

8. Dress Your Chair

Credit: Make It Love It

Get your every dining chair a Christmas outfit. Fit your chair with these perfect semi-stitched Santa chair cover. Kids will definitely love this. Furthermore, if not covers, you can use white, red, and green yarns to tie them around the chair. Add jingle bells or other ornaments to the ends of the bows. You can choose the colour of chair outfit according to your home décor, but we highly recommend not to use glittery stuff as it may stick to your clothes.

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9. Themed Holiday Mantel

Credit: Tatertots And Jello

Decorate your mantel with these colourful, handmade elements. Start with arranging bright-brush trees and little houses with build in candles. Make holiday garlands with paper and hang three different garlands with “Merry Christmas banner”, snowballs, and trees lines to give a perfect holiday look.

10. Hand Woven Willow Wreath

Credit: Sugar And Charm

Using fine art skills together with willows and dried flowers, this DIY will cover outdoor decoration this Christmas. To start with, you need to wrap ends of a few willows around each other. It will not have a regular wreath shape, but slowly and steadily as the number of willows increase, the width and shape refine. Make the wreath tight enough, so that you don’t need to stick flowers and feather with glue.

11. Shaker Winter Scenes

Credit: Greco Design Company

Create your own winter scenes over the mantel, centre table or on the corner table. The shakers in your kitchen cabinet can serve the purpose of making winter scenes for Christmas decoration. Fill them up with glitter or snow shaker powder, and fix miniature trees, reindeer, and other toys from Christmas collection to make globes. This DIY will cover up the lost corner of your house or can easily decorate your mantel with ease.

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12. Bow Wreath

Credit: Design Improvised

It is obvious after wrapping gifts, you will be left with lots of ribbons and bows. Instead of dumping them in a box for next year to use, make the best use of them by making this prettiest bow wreath. To make the right impact buy 3 packs of 30 bows at $2.50 each and hot glue. It will hardly take to make this wreath because all you need to do is peel the backing of the wreath and stick it to the wreath form. To ensure the right sticking, add hot glue too. Use a ribbon to hang it on your wall, window or anywhere.

13. Christmas Tier

Photo: Elle Decor

A simple twist to the basic use of old-fashioned cake tier can create a wonderful centrepiece for Christmas. Layer candies, keepsakes, cakes, pies, and dazzling greens on this three-tier stand and make your own Christmas tree of sweets and cookies. Mix and match colours which blend with Christmas decoration and place it on the kitchen centre table.

14. Plaid Holiday Pillows

Credit: Happiness Homemade

Transform your ordinary pillow covers into Christmas couch décor by using a sewing machine and an inexpensive fleece blanket. Measure the size of existing pillow covers and make your own covers–we recommend red, green, white colour for Christmas. It will hardly take 5 minutes per piece, once you get familiar with the size and sewing pattern.

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15. Make a statement with Peacock feathers

Credit: Southern Living

Make an eye-catching piece which will assure you undivided attention at your mantelpiece by your visitor using this decoration idea. Start with the selection of neutral container like a concrete plant box for feathers. Place and spread a block of floral foam inside the box, and arrange peacock feathers in whimsical manner. Arrange round silver balls complementing home décor or round ornaments to hide away the floral foam. This non-traditional decorating idea will give your home a unique look.

16. Chalk Pen Galvanised Baskets

Credit: Finding Home Farms

Light up your staircase with these galvanised flower buckets. Stuff them with fresh pine, draw a festive message and spiral round twinkle lights on pines. This is easiest, with little to no money input and a cosy DIY project that can be made overnight. To add merry look, tie a bow at the neck of the bucket and your stairs are ready.

17. Anywhere Ornaments

Credit: Woman’s Day

Follow the “extra-special decoration” theme throughout Christmas. This will let you notice and decorate otherwise left out spaces, such as staircase bannister, backs of dinner table chairs, and doorknobs. For this, you need to have extra ribbons, some left out greenery sprigs and craft material. Paint wooden letters J and Y with red and wrap letter O with green yarn; glue them together and add a bow and gems on O. To hang them carefully, glue a loop of baker’s twine to O.

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18. Sliding Staircase Penguins

The most creative Christmas so far and my favourite is this staircase. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this is time-consuming, but the effort will be praised by anyone who gets a sight of it. Smart School House has a tutorial for this project.

19. DIY Sweater Christmas Tree

Credit: Blesser House

Update foam floral cones by draping ribbon or any red fabric all over it. This will give you some cute little trees to cover spaces in and around the mantle, dining room, hearth, or anywhere that requires Christmas magic.

20. Mason Jar Snow Globe

Source: Shutterfly

Incorporate craftwork by making these handmade snow globes without downgrading the décor of the living room. Adults and kids will love to spend their weekends in making rustic globes. All you will need to make them are jars of various sizes, waterproof superglue, glitter, and mini Christmas trees, but anything will work. Glue the trinkets to jars’ lids, let it dry, fill it with glitter, water, and glycerine and glue the lid.

21. DIY Christmas Village Stocking Hangers

Credit: Jen Wood House

This is really not a simple DIY trick—so sophisticated, I may add that your friends will never believe it as a DIY—but it’s charming and worth the efforts. This handmade Christmas village will “hold” all your stockings this year. To cover up your ‘we must dress to impress’ slogan, this Village is a perfect hack. Get the tutorial at The House Of Woods.

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22. DIY Glitter Candles

Credit: Two Sisters Crafting

Candlelight is must-have to make Christmas unforgettable for your loved ones. This craft is so simple, that you would love to involve this in all candlelight dates ever after. For this, you need candles, glitter, mod podge, and painting tapes. Divide the area you need to glitter using painting tape. Using brush paint the lower portion with mod podge and then sprinkle glitter until the lower portion is entirely covered. Let them dry over-night and your glitter candles are ready.

23. Birdcages

Credit: All Bird Cage

Don’t make these beautiful winged guests feel left out during Christmas. A simple bow and gift tags will let them know that they are welcomed here. You can add paper doves hung with thread to fill the space in the absence of actual birds. The dangling paper doves will look beautiful even on the doorknobs and chandeliers.

24. Holiday Window Display

Credit: Woman’s Day

Group wreaths together on windows and add a festive touch to your home. To make a colourful arrangement as shown in the picture below, you need to paint selected leaves of magnolia wreath red, white, and green. To give a more realistic look, dust some glitter and sky blue paint on white leaves. Make a couple of card stock house and glue them between feathery white wreath. Embellish the green wreath with ornaments and bows.

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25. Christmas Tree Mason Jar Votive

Credit: Mason Jar Crafts Love

With the use of red and green chalk paints, mason jars, 5-6 Christmas trees stickers, you can add a warm glow to your home during winters with these colourful candle lanterns. Paste tree’s sticker on each jar and start painting. Yes, this DIY is very easy. Let the paint dry, then add white cement or stones in it, and gently place the candle in the jar.

26. Dollar Tree Christmas Garland

Credit: Mariaelenasdecor

If you absolutely love to decorate your home with garlands, then you’re at the right place. This door garland is made using dollar store products and will make your entrance look breathtakingly beautiful. In case you have other plans for decorating your entrance, then you could also use this garland to adorn your stair railings or even your windows!

27. Adorable Pillar Candle Decor

Credit: SummerAdams

Candles add grace and elegance to Christmas decorations (or any decoration for that matter). 

This project would look great as a dining table centrepiece although you may use it for other purposes as well. All you need is some candles, fancy candle holders, berries and some greenery. 

28. Ruffle Wreath

Credit: Tatertotsandjello

Wreaths are not gonna go out of Christmas decoration fashion anytime soon. Wherever there is Christmas decor list, wreaths are bound to be there. But this wreath is not the traditional wreath. After all, we gotta modify our decorations with changing times. Therefore, unlike traditional wreath making methods, this method utilizes a canvas bag to make a ruffle wreath. You can hang this unique wreath either on the wall or on the entrance door.

29. Fairies, Elves And Santa Lantern

Credit: Misscayceswonderland

This stunning centrepiece will require you to feature a fairy, Santa and elves on a lantern. You could decorate the lantern with florals and ribbons that match with the fairy’s and Santa’s dress and also display fake snow, candles, etc. inside the lantern.

30. Berry Wreath

Credit: Thatswhatchesaid

Wreaths look lovely but sometimes you may have to pay a pretty penny for creating or purchasing a beautiful wreath. But unlike other expensive wreaths, this project is economical and just requires wreath form, berry springs, and hot glue.

You can place this unique wreath on the wall or even on your door (since it is super beautiful).

31. Diy Botanical Ornament

Credit: TheCraftedLife

This ornament is pretty simple to make but very beautiful to look at. To add cherry to the cake, it won’t cost you much to make this! You just need to collect some foliage, dried cedar and berries and simply put them into an ornament. Perfect for hanging from Christmas tree branches with a unique look.

32. Floral Centerpiece

Credit: Idealhome

Create this wonderful floral centrepiece using greenery, red berries, and red roses to give your dining room that classic Christmas look. You could put this decor around candles kept on your dining table to make it look even more elegant and graceful. You can also hang it on the wall or door as a wreath.

33. Clothespin Wreath

Credit: Sewsara

I’m sure you wouldn’t have known a more unique and easy way of making Christmas wreath before. Just with the help of wire, red and green clothespin, ribbon, mod podge, and glue, you can make this wonderful wreath.

Use the above-mentioned ideas and decorate your home in the most elegant way possible this Christmas. Merry Christmas!

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