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30 Fun and Festive Christmas Porch Decoration Ideas

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Ah, the joy of Christmas. Honestly, I feel all tingly from all the gifts I know I’m gonna get, caroling at random people’s houses, and hanging holly all around the house. And of course, the annoying but familiar carols playing throughout the holidays!

It’s the perfect excuse to make a glorified mess of the house and have it look creative and festive without even trying! Where to start you ask?

The porch, of course! It’s the first thing that catches your eye before entering, and it’s definitely what allows your guests to feel warm and welcome and gets them into the Christmas spirit. Go all out this year, and ditch the decorations you’ve been putting up year after year.

With a few tweaks, you can have a trendy looking porch with all the traditional spirit of Christmas! 


1. Galvanized Bucket with Lettering

Credit: Finding Home Farms

These galvanized buckets might be sitting at the back of your garden shed. You don’t have to run out to the crafts store to pick them up! Any set of old buckets that look similar to each other will do the trick too. Although, galvanized have a more rustic, refreshing look, making it preferable.

Fill it up with some greenery and put it on each step. Match the number of buckets you use with the number of steps. Write a letter on each bucket to form a Christmassy word. Yes, it’s a real adjective! Even the dictionary contributes to Christmas! Wrap a red, green or white ribbon on each of the buckets to add a pop of color.

2. Oldy but a Goody


Wrapping garlands around the columns of your porch gives an elegant and traditional vibe to embodies Christmas. Although it is something that is simple and has been done multiple times, you can’t deny that it doesn’t look damn good!

It sets the scenery of the rest of the porch, regardless of whether or not you have decorations adorning them. It transforms the bare porch, into a pretty picture that warms you to your toes every time you look at it.

3. Yarn and Twine Wreath


Yes, I know it sounds weird. Don’t judge a book by its cover! Do you know the yarn balls rolling over the house because of your cats and kids? Needless to say, tripping over them multiple times is probably driving you crazy. Put them to use!

Pair these yarn balls with old ornaments painted silver, along with other random things like snowflakes or a small gnome if you’d like. String them together with twine or some other recyclable material. Or just hot glue them carefully together. The effect is astounding given that all you used were recyclable materials, common Christmas ornaments!

4. DIY Painted Logs


Honestly, these are as cute as Agnes from Despicable me! I mean, all you literally need to make these rustic “ornaments” are paint and a log. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. It’s also a great way to involve kids to help decorate rather than mess up the more elegant things like the tree, or hanging wreaths.

You can either cut the logs yourself or find some at your local craft store. Paint your choices of design on the face of the log, like a Reindeer, Santa Claus, or a jolly Christmas quote like “Be naughty, save Santa the trip”.

5. Back to the Basics

Credit: Ashley Brooke Designs

Still in love with the old-fashioned wreaths and garlands? Don’t chuck them away just yet! Adorn your windows and front door with wreaths that have huge red bows. Just in case neighbors one block away can’t tell it’s Christmas.

A lush garland over the top of the front door and potted plants on the steps is the cherry on top of decorations. All these decorations craft a picture-perfect idea of Christmas and the holidays. 

6. Branchy Lights

Credit: Elle Decor

Want your porch to look like Winter Wonderland without trying too hard? Look no further. These branchy lights will definitely do the trick. Hang them on the windows next to the front door, and wrap them along the porch columns. With a matching wreath to hang on the front door of course!

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They give off a trendy but comforting vibe. These lights will take you back to those nostalgic and beautiful memories of snowball fights, frostbites, and the taste of hot chocolate all over your mouth. Back in the good old days, before we got old!

7. Minimalistic Decorations

Credit: Janie Molster

Not in the mood to decorate, but still, want to make it look like you care? So basically, how I feel every time it’s my mom’s birthday. Try being a minimalist by using just one or 2 wreaths. Position it so that it’s in the center so that it’s the first thing people look at before entering your house. The more floors your house has, the higher the wreath should be positioned.

8. Outdoor Tree

Why have just one tree, when you can have one inside and outside? Twice the decorations and twice as fun. It has an all-around appeal, especially when it’s dark outside. The sight of twinkling lights and a huge tree on the porch would put anybody in a holly jolly mood, even your grumpy neighbor with her two annoying cats.

It’s also a minimalistic decoration if you’re looking for an easy porch decoration with minimum effort. Stick a tree next to the door! Fuss-free decorations, done quickly. Problem solved.

9. Decorated Lanterns

Credit: Elle Decor

Use some understated lanterns and place them symmetrically next to the door. For a flair, add a giant bow on top and fill the inside of the lanterns with ornaments of different colors. Multicolored, or shades of gold and whites, or even a solid green. Whatever floats your Christmas boat. This will definitely make your porch look rustic and fun, adding to the Christmas spirit.

10. Peppermint It Up

Credit: Good Housekeeping

This candy cane is way too cute to look at! This jumbo treat hangs easily on the door and is decorated with actual peppermints. Because the insane number of candy canes we consume isn’t enough to get us in the Christmas spirit!  

11. An Abundance of Green

Credit: French Country Cottage

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some greenery on the porch. That would be a heinous Christmas crime that only Scrooge would commit! Why use fake plants when the real thing would be ten times better? According to French Country cottage, keep it naturally classy by using real plants.

Hang a gorgeous wreath on your front door, and real leaf garlands over the door. Put some real potted plants on either side of the steps. Top it off with some classic lanterns filled with LED candles. To prevent any porch fires of course. This will make your porch look naturally beautiful, making you want to take a walk in the forest.

12. Christmas in Riverdale Style

Credit: The Cavender Diary

Wanna weird people out with your decorations but still stay in spirit? Deck out your front door with a vintage cow skull, not unlike the Gargoyle king mask from Riverdale! Why go the traditional route when you can weird people out while being folly and jolly?

Use some garlands from your local craft store to adorn the frame of the front door. Just so that the traditional garland balances out the weird cow skull. Add a few plastic berries here and there, and there you have it. Weird Christmas decorations, on a budget!

13. Simple and Refreshing

Credit: At Charlotte’s House

Why tangle yourself in a gazillion lights, wonder about which angle to hang which light or worry about how bright the lights are going to be? Take it easy, and decorate your porch with large potted plants wrapped in big red bows. Hang large, colorful wreaths on your porch.

If you have a double door, even better! Hang bigger ones! This type of decoration has a hassle-free appeal and looks just as elegant and festive as the bazillion lights your neighbor has hanging all over her house.

14. Alternative Door Wreath

Credit: Liz Marie Blog

If Target is your happy place, then this is a decoration for you. Why use the same old overused green and red Christmas wreath? Buy some copper planters at an inexpensive $3 each and attach them to aboard.

Fill the planters with the greenery of your choice. If you’re feeling really fancy, add a red or white ribbon Attach the board to the front door, and there you have it. An alternative door wreath without all the hassle of the leaves falling out of the wreath.

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15. All I want for Christmas is……A Plant

Credit: At Charlotte’s House

Using a DIY planter and parking it right on the porch is a great idea. Especially if you’re really into greenery and you’re running out of ideas on how to outdo your neighbor’s Christmas decorations. Create a DIY planter using ideas from At Charlotte’s house for a pop of greenery. Add a big bow around it to make it more colorfully pretentious!

16. Do the Hoedown Throwdown 

Credit: While I Linger

Finish the year with a bang, in a country-style fashion. Welcome your guests with a simple board of seasonal greetings, and an adorably small tree sitting on a wagon.

It doesn’t get more country than that! Finish off the look with a traditional wreath on the front porch, and more symmetrical wreaths on the other windows. The more symmetrical is, the neater the porch looks.

17. Rustic Decoration

Credit: FineArtAmerica

Say your front door looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in 10 years. Plus the scratches on the surface makes it look like the grinch clawed on your door instead of the cute little elves Santa Claus owns.

Use a wreath of repurposed twine or any other recyclable material that can be twisted into a wreath. Pair this with one or two medium-sized potted plants, and a garland of flowers over the front door. This gives a rustic, warm vibe and is great if your too lazy to decorate for Christmas!

18. Winter Wonderland

Credit: House Beautiful

Have you ever passed by your neighbor’s house and wondered if the crafts store threw up all its Christmas decorations? They’ve got an inflatable snowman, a gazillion lights, and reindeer playing with Santa. The whole 9 yards!

One up them by making your porch infinitely more beautiful with elegant decorations. Turn your cold porch into a winter wonderland. Hang garlands around the columns.

19. Seasonal Greetings

Credit: House Beautiful

If you’re lazy like me, but still want to decorate for Christmas, follow this trick. Buy a few signs with seasonal greetings or some meaningful words like “joy”, “love” or “thankful”. Stick it next to the porch, and you’re done!

The fastest way to decorate. Ever. If you want to put in a bit of extra effort, wrap a small garland around the sign and swathe it like a baby. It’ll look like you put in hours of effort instead of a minute. 

20. Picture Frames

Credit: Design Dazzle

Just in case your guests didn’t know it was the holiday season, they will now! Use picture frames and create frame art at your doorstep with cute quotes about the holidays and seasonal greetings. Let it Snow, Winter Wonderland and Welcome to the North Pole are just a few of the endlessly awesome possibilities!

21. Tree Party

Credit: House Beautiful

Hug the trees with light and watch them come to life. Don’t question your sanity by using the gazillion lights you purchased and getting tangled in them while trying to artistically wrap them on trees. Use these solar-powered lights that charge during the day and light up at night.

Christmas lights instantly make me feel like I’m 8 years old again. Honestly, I just want to stare up at these tree lights with a blanket around my shoulders and a cup of hot chocolate. Bring that nostalgic feel and save your electricity bill by wrapping these wonderful lights around the trees in your front yard.

22. Window Decoration

Credit: Lia Griffith

You finally have an excuse to draw on the windows without getting into trouble! Your kids will get a kick out of this decorating process. Either use some inexpensive stickers from your local craft store or download an awesome sticker template by Lia Griffith and use Cricut to get personalized stickers.

Decorate your porch windows to your heart’s content. Honestly, the 8-year-old me would have been thrilled to glue stickers all over the house without getting into trouble!

23. Don’t Leave Me Hanging!

Credit: House Beautiful

In all the rush to decorate your porch, you’ve lavishly adorned the front door, windows, and the steps. What about the railing? Don’t leave it hanging! Get it? Just wrap some ribbon around the railings, and add a bow at the center of the railing. It’s really simple actually.

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Just be careful about the type of material you use for the ribbon. If it is too thin, it’ll blow away in the wind of melt from the snow. Use neutral colors like taupe, cream, silver, or gold if your porch is already going to make Santa Claus proud.

24. DIY Grinch Face

Credit: East Coast Creative

One look at this grinch face, and it’ll have you rolling on the floor laughing. Or at least put a smile on your grumpy guests’ faces! This DIY grinch face consists of only one material: felt. Although creating this epically awesome face may require a bit of freehand cutting, the messier it looks, the more rustic the vibe.

Use heavy-duty tape to make sure the felt really sticks. This grinch will be the talk of the town from simply being festively funny. How can there be Christmas without the Grinch?

25. DIY Star On Your House

Credit: House Beautiful

Who said stars are only ornaments or balls of fire in the sky? They can fall down to earth. Or just be made from yardsticks, like this DIY star! If you really want to dress it up, stick some thin garlands along the shape of the star. Or go the simple route and stick a ribbon on it.

While you’re at it, make the ribbon blue. Who said Christmas colors only have to be white, gold, silver, red or green?

26. Anna, Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Credit: Lia Griffith

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times. No snowman can beat Olaf in cuteness and charisma. That being said, a snowman in front of your porch made of fake snow will brighten up your day in a second. Plus, it’s the easiest decoration to make! An added advantage? It doesn’t cost anything if you want to make it out of real snow.

27. Dig Out Those Old Boots!

Credit: Home Stories A To Z

Who said rain boots only have to be used in one season and not the others? Fill your boots up with a bit of lush greenery, and place it next to the cozy rocking chair on your porch. Place it next to a crate of pinecones and other old ornaments, and you’ll want to stay on your comfy porch forever.

28. Presents on the Porch

Credit: One Good Thing By Jillee

Presents under the tree? Not this year! This time, they’ll be on the porch. Visible to everyone so they can be jealous of how many I have. Not including the gifts overflowing from my Christmas stockings of course. Coordinate the colors of the wrapping paper on the presents. Combine patterned presents with plain, bold colors to give an overall pleasing effect.

29. Hansel and Gretel Lollipops

Credit: Smart School House

Remember the witch that lured Hansel and Gretel into her house with candy? Same theory. Except these lollipops are made with paper plates! Cute right? Wrap these festive paper plates in a plastic paper, and secure it with a giant red bow. Stick it near the front door, or on the steps to lure guests to stare at your decorations in awe. 

30. Gold Lights

This really gives meaning to the famous one-liner “Let there be light.” If you’re looking for decor that will give your house that golden glow that makes it look like the Gods have descended from the heavens, this is it.

Decorate the windows, columns, and even the tree in your front yard with these golden lights. Your house will look so unbelievably ethereal and divine. Don’t miss the chance to make your house look awesome! Have a look at this on Elle decor.

Either go all out and make a jaw-dropping winter wonderland or hang a simple wreath on your door and call it a day. There is no doubt that no matter how intricate or simple your porch decorations are, they will lift the spirit of you and fellow passers-by. And at the end of the day, isn’t that the point of Christmas?

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