27 Brilliant Bathroom Closet Organization Ideas

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If you have your towels and bath supplies on the floor, it’s time to tidy up your bathroom. Since the bathroom closet is where some of our most used products end up, it’s critical to maximize the space for ease and efficiency. Bathroom closet organization can be both functional and fashionable, allowing you to keep your area clean and organized. 

It’s never been easier to learn how to successfully organize a closet. This guide will help you improve your bathroom closet organizational skills and aesthetic imagination by walking you through various creative concepts.


27 Brilliant Bathroom Closet Organization Ideas

1. Limit The Items In Your Closet

If your cabinet is small, you’ll have to be selective about what you keep in it. Restrict yourself to 3 pairs of linens per individual and 3 sets of bath towels and washcloths.

You’ll also have to let go of old towel sets and fight the urge to stockpile. Move items such as napkins and tablecloths to places where they will be needed the most to open up much more storage.

2. A Detailed Guide To The Rescue

This is a thorough and informative guide that walks you through five steps to effectively clear clutter. It will also assist you in selecting items that you require, and discarding the rest.

Also, when it’s difficult to remember where you put something, labeling can be a lifesaver and keep you from making a mess of your closet.

3. Invest In A Deep Shelf Closet

Towels, linens, and other domestic items can be stored on deep, long shelves. Toilet paper rolls and baby wipes could be kept in wire mesh hampers. They can also be used to store spares that can be replaced as soon as you run out.

4. Keep Necessities Out Of Sight Using Baskets

Cleaning solutions, toilet paper, and other items can be organized and hidden in wire containers, especially those with coverings. To guarantee that the items of each basket are clearly visible, label them. This idea is both space-saving and beautiful, plus there’s room to grow.

5. Similar Items Should Be Kept Together

On the central shelf, keep your regular linens and bedspreads. Everything else can be hidden away in containers on higher or lower racks, including odd sheets, bleach-stained napkins, and your toddler’s necessities. You may even use an affordable hanger to place your little ironing board and iron.

6. Unleash Your Creativity

Your sense of style should expand to your bathroom closet as well. Try putting artistic wallpaper in the area, which complements your storage boxes. It would also be a great opportunity to hide some of the flaws in your wardrobe wall.

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7. Trust Those Labels

To keep yourself and your family managed and sorted, assign boxes, shelves, and towels. Your family will avoid the hassle of not knowing where items are supposed to go if you allocate a location for each item, even for the little ones. A good quality label maker is worth the money, and it can be used to organize your entire house.

8. Make A Closet Out Of A Cubby

In this hack, a creative DIYer has utilized every square inch to create an ultra-organized, serene environment. All bathroom basics like beauty products and soft linens are kept arranged in a built-in compartment with several racks, while smaller stuff is organized in glass bins and palettes.

9. Space To Store Dirty Laundry

This lovely divided basket provides designated spaces for soiled sheets and bathrobes, making it the perfect solution to a guest’s “where should I leave my clothes?” query. The best part is that this makeover will only take you about an hour to accomplish and you will end up paying around just $35!

10. Folding Techniques to Master

The most common problem people encounter when arranging closets is poor or uneven folding. Arranging everything, in the same way, keeps everything in place and prevents things from tumbling over. Once you master it, it becomes incredibly easy. Towels should be folded to the size of your shelf, with the folding on the exterior face, to keep them firm and wrinkle-free.

11. Organizers For Drawers

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To stay organized, you’ll need separators. This way, everything has a home. It’s a wonderful way to divide everything. Because the items you keep in drawers are the ones you use every day, make sure they’re easily accessible. This way, they have a more orderly appearance and are more pleasing to the eye.

12. Use Clear, Minimalistic Bins

Since you can view everything in clear bins, they push you to be more sleek, orderly, and modern. As everything is accessible, you become more aware of all of your possessions and are more willing to lighten your baggage. If you use these containers, you will want to bid goodbye to unnecessary items that are simply taking up room.

13. Repurpose Office Supplies

Untidy sheets are no longer a concern. A file sorter is small enough to fit on most racks and provides stackable sections for wet wipes, washcloths, and dish scrubs. Wrap your hand towels to adjust, and tada! No more chaos. Needless to say, it works flawlessly!

14. Vertical Arrangement

If your wardrobe has built-in drawers or you’re using plastic boxes to manage smaller wardrobes, try stacking the items upright.

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There’s nothing more annoying than pinching the bottom piece from a pile only to have everything above it unroll. The problem is solved by vertical folding, which makes each item accessible for quick retrieval.

15. Organize Toiletries And Cleaning Supplies In Convenient Locations

Arrange your housekeeping products so that you can quickly find what you need. It makes the cleaning process easier and enjoyable.

Glass jars exhibit clothespins and cleaning brushes beautifully, while a range of wire bins and lazy susans will complement anything, from the wardrobe to the restroom or dining room with elegance.

16. Hair Tools Storage

Not only does storing your hair care equipment out of the way minimize storage, but it also protects them from breakage. With just a few simple items, you can quickly create hair tool storage within a closet. If you possess a power source close to the closet, you can drill holes in the rear and run cords through to keep them from twisting.

17. Expandable Shelf Organizer For Under The Sink

SPACEKEEPER Under Sink Organizer, 2 Tier Under Sink Storage Organizer, Bathroom Standing Rack, Bath Collection Slide-out Baskets with Hooks, Multi-purpose Storage Shelf, White, 2 Pack

To add more storage capacity, use an extendable organizer under your sink. These are inexpensive and have plastic racks backed by metal pipes, making them strong enough to store whatever you need to put under the bathroom sink.

It also comes with up to ten adjustable shelves that may be adjusted to fit your needs. This is an excellent method to clear up some room and organize your belongings.

Get it on Amazon.

18. Towel Storage Hack

Wicker hampers look fantastic in the bathroom and add the ideal rustic touch. You can even hang them on the wall for convenient towel organization. If you don’t have a lot of space or just love the aesthetic of wicker baskets, this is a terrific way to get your bathroom tidy while also adding some décor.

19. Maintain Consistency

Choose a color scheme to make the wardrobe look more coordinated and cohesive. Give each sort of fabric — pillowcases, hand towels, and supplementary bedding — a distinct color to make it easier to spot. Colors are also a good choice if you want something a little more sophisticated to give it that smooth and polished look.

20. Cedar Closet Storage

Don’t you think this bathroom closet is amazing? If you’re up for a DIY project and are ready to get your hands dirty, this is a good place to begin!

Give your linen closet a makeover by installing new wood shelves constructed from prefabricated pieces. Wire baskets and fabric containers with a cover give this décor a wonderfully clean look!

21. Repurposed Plant Holders In Bathroom

Haircare supplies can be stored in plant holders. Simply attach them to the wall and store your hairdryer, flat iron, and other hair accessories inside. They are attractive in the washroom and save cupboard space. You can get these for a few bucks each and use them for various storage purposes.

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22. Install A Stand-Alone Wardrobe

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If you don’t have enough built-in storage, we propose purchasing a freestanding cabinet to fill the gap. Choose a refurbished one from a garage sale to minimize expense and enhance it with new paint, shelf liner paper, storage containers, and hangers.

Taking charge of your linen closet or cabinet is a great way to feel more organized at home, and this hack makes it simple.

23. A Wall Full Of Baskets

Bathroom organizing and space conservation are not as tough as they appear. Why not hang baskets to store stuff nicely if you have space on the walls? Baskets can be used to store linens, wipes, grooming tools, or anything else.

Get each child their own hamper to store their bathroom necessities within reach. Baskets are simple to hang on the wall and look amazing in the bathroom.

24. Over-the-door Rack Or Robe Hooks

This minimalistic and compact back-of-door storage solution can make a world of difference! If your bathroom door swings open, an over-the-door rack or cloth hangers on the door offer easy storage.

It can be used to hang towels, robes, and even bathroom decorations. Best of all, they’re hidden from view, preserving that perfect bathroom appearance.

25. DIY Pocket Organizer

Hanging storage compartments provide plenty of room for all of your belongings and can be used to store practically anything, from bath toys to basics. The size and shape are entirely up to you. They are extremely convenient storage options.

26. DIY Cabinet Door Storage Bin

If you, like many of us, are short on bathroom storage, you can make your behind-the-cabinet-door space. For this, all you need to do is figure out how many shelves you’ll need and design them with a front to keep stuff from tumbling out. This makes up for good storage for toilet paper, gauze, and anything else that won’t fit in other cabinets.

27. Rolling and Folding

To save space, roll up a row of towels instead of folding and piling them. You could even store the package in its specific box. This adds texture and variety to your bathroom closet while conserving space by breaking up the monotony.

Each household has its own set of requirements and closet configurations, but the desire for order and organization is universal. Rather than tolerating the mess and clutter in your bathroom closet, use these ideas to make it cleaner and more efficient. Happy organizing!

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