37 Types of Glass Front Doors for Your Home

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The first thing people come across when they come to your house is your front door. They serve a dual purpose, of keeping people out – separating the outside world from your privacy at home, and inviting people in. So it’s important to choose the right type of glass front door for your home.

From a more traditional style door with stained or leaded glass to a more modern door with etched or textured glass, there are so many types of glass front doors that you can choose from. No matter what type of glass you choose, it will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home.

To make sure you don’t end up going on a door searching spree and come back all crazy, we have compiled for you all the various types of glass front doors, so take a good look:


37 Types of Glass Front Doors for Your Home

1. Clear Glass Door

If you are someone who likes natural light to enter the house, this is the front door for you. It will improve the quality of light that enters the house, and give the atmosphere of your house a fresh, natural change for the better. But, keep in mind it will reduce the privacy you get to some level.

2. Stained Glass Door

Stained glass doors are made with colored glass, and have been in use to decorate buildings and homes for centuries. They are stunningly appealing, and the best part is when the sunlight passes through the stained glass, it produces some beautiful hues. As opposed to clear glass, stained glass doors ensure more privacy, and are a great option for your front door.

3. Rain Glass

As the name suggests, rain glass appears as if rain is pouring down on it. This textured, peculiar detail makes it another considerable choice for a front door, as it blurs out what is on the other side of the door. If you want more privacy, a rain glass for the front door will suit your house best, as it appears translucent.

4. Frosted Glass


To make frosted glass, clear glass is sandblasted or etched with acid to turn it opaque. A frosted glass door will have a translucent look and will ensure privacy as nothing on the other side will be much visible.

5. Tinted Glass

A tinted glass door is made out of glass that has been treated with a film, or coating, which decreases the transmission of light. The amount of transparency depends on the intensity of the tint applied. It’s great for privacy but due to tinting, very little natural light passes through it.

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6. Smoked Glass

Smoked glass, as the name suggests, is made darker after being treated with smoke, so that one surface is completely covered in smoke residue. It’s quite similar to tinted glass.

7. Ornate Glass

Via Odl

The ornate glass comes with beautiful patterns and designs etched into them, and will effortlessly make your entrance look pretty. Also, they’re translucent, so your privacy remains intact!

8. Flemish Glass

This glass gives the look of hand-blown glass, that too without the bubbles. It also slightly warps the view, which means you will get privacy in addition to light.

9. Reflective Glass

This glass has a mirror-like appearance because it’s coated with a thin layer of metallic oxide on only one side. As a result, the amount of heat reflected by the glass is increased – It absorbs and reflects the harmful UV and infrared and lets natural light pass through.

If you install a reflective glass front door, only you will be able to see what’s on the other side from inside, but the outsiders will not.

10. Double/Triple Glazing Glass

A glazed window has more than one glass pane along with a layer of argon gas in the middle, sandwiched between the panes. This kind of glass ensures proper thermal insulation, as a result of which the air inside the room will remain warm and the cool air will not enter.

Double glazed glass doors will have two panes of glass with the inert gas in the middle, and triple glazed glass doors will have three panes of glass with a thin layer of the gas in the middle.

11. Insulated Glass


This glass consists of two or more panes of glass that are sealed around the edges with some air space in the middle to form a single unit. They decrease the transfer of heat and are a great choice if you live in an area with a hot climate.

Glass Door Design Types

12. Glue Chipped Glass

Via glenviewhaus

This glass is etched and covered with warm wet hide glue, which upon cooling down sticks to the rough glass. After it dries, it shrinks down ripping away thin shards off the glass’ surface resulting in a fern-like random pattern. It’s translucent in appearance and thus ensures privacy.

13. Reeded Glass

This glass is also called fluted or ribbed glass and is a patterned glass. Semi molten glass is pressed between metal rollers which creates a peculiar, ribbed pattern – that looks like vertical grooves. This feature enhances the diffusion of light which creates privacy.

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14. Digital Glass

Digital glass, as the name suggests, has digital prints on it. The prints come in a huge variety and thus there are a lot of options to choose from.

15. Sandblasted Glass


The surface of the sandblasted glass is produced by bombarding it with tiny, hard particles to give it a frosted look. It appears foggy and enhances privacy as not much is visible.

16. Water Cube Glass

Via HHglass

This glass has a geometrical pattern-like texture, which usually is in the shape of beehives. It’s translucent and a great aesthetic option for the front door.

17. Aquatex Glass

Via PioneerGlass

This glass has a pattern that appears like water ripples. It gives a blurred view with increased privacy.

18. Granite Glass

Via Nathanallan

This patterned glass has a rough and rugged look and gives a rich, mountain-like vibe because of how frosted it appears. Again, another great option if you want privacy because what’s on the other side is hardly visible

19. Single Glass Panel Door

A single door with glass will have a single panel that covers the doorway. If you don’t want the doorway to take up a lot of space, go for a single door with glass.

20. Double Door With Glass

As the name suggests, this setting will simply have two panels instead of one. This will cover more area than a single door, and more people can enter at the same time.

21. Sliding Glass Door


A sliding door opens horizontally by sliding and stands parallel to the wall. Unlike a traditional hinged door, these do not need extra space to be closed and opened, instead, you just have to slide them along the wall – this enhances the space available near the front door.

22. Stacking Doors

Via Milgard

As compared to sliding doors, stacking doors have smaller panels. They have two panels, that slide behind one, fixed pane. As panels slide past each other, they interlock and slide in continuation, hence appearing ‘stacked’.

This way, the user can control the number of panels that can be opened. If you have a wide doorway, stacking doors are a good option.

23. Pivot Doors

Via archdaily

These doors rotate up to 360 degrees on their own vertical axis. They are usually larger and heavier than typical hinged doors, and can really add to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

24. Sidelites with Glass

This setting has sidelites on both sides in addition to a hinged door in the middle. Sidelites are narrow, vertical windows and can also be on just one side as opposed to being on both sides.

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25. Arched Glass Front Door

An arched glass front door is used in a doorway arched at the top, where the arched glass is installed with a regular door below it.

26. Oval Glass

Via nicksbuilding

A door fitted with an oval glass in the middle is also a great option among many to use as your front door. Since the glass does not cover the whole door, there is privacy with just enough vision.

27. Rectangle (Vertically Oriented)

Via Etsy

This glass is rectangular in shape and is installed vertically on the door, usually parallel to the other glass on the next door.

28. Rectangle (Horizontally Oriented)

Rectangle glass is installed horizontally on the door parallel to each other.

29. Square Glass

Doors are installed with multiple square-shaped glasses, usually, two in pairs placed parallel to each other vertically.

30. Rustic Doors with Glass

Rustic doors appear rough and aged and give countryside, rural feels. They will add a vintage look to your front door.

31. Modern Glass Front Door

A modern glass front door is mostly made up of glass with other materials for the frames. Glass doors appear classy and appealing.

32. Craftsman

These doors are crafted using hardwoods like oak, cherry, or mahogany, but other materials can also be used. These doors follow the arts and crafts style of artisan-crafted designs.

33. Wood with Glass

For such doors, a combination of wood and glass is used which comes in varying patterns. These are the most commonly found front door materials used together.

34. Steel with Glass

A combination of steel and glass is used for the doors, where usually the steel is used for frames, and glass makes up most of the pane.

35. Glass and Wrought Iron

The glass door is installed with wrought iron molded to create appealing patterns. Usually, the whole door is covered with molded iron.

36. Full Glass Door

As the name suggests, full glass doors are entirely made up of glass and give an elegant look. However, if you have privacy concerns, you can consider using textured glass or other materials for your front doors.

37. Fiberglass with Glass Windows

These are made up of fiberglass which is a highly durable material, and looks like wood but is not made out of wood. Glass windows are usually placed in the middle of the fiberglass in a vertical or horizontal pattern.

We hope you liked this post on types of front glass doors and that it helped you choose the right type of glass door for your home.

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