13 Different Types of Sliding Glass Door Locks

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Sliding glass doors are not exactly considered the safest feature for a house. There are of course a couple of reasons behind this judgment.

These sliding glass doors come with a built-in lock which is not often the most reliable or the most secure for that matter. The worst-case scenario is that it can be opened with some skill and effort, even when locked.

The solution is pretty simple: find the right type of lock for your sliding glass door. Because one can’t deny the advantages of these doors which allow for great ventilation as well as natural lighting.

So here are a few of the best options to consider while choosing a lock for your sliding glass door. 


13 Different Types of Sliding Glass Door Locks

1. Child Locks 

This is actually a pretty broad category with a variety of types. It’s a myth to believe that your sliding glass door will become ‘break-in-proof’ with this lock. However, child locks are still one of the best options out there when it comes to safety.

This is because the lock can double function as both a security mechanism and as a lock that is child-proof. The installation for the same is pretty simple and involves just some drilling and screwing work.

Another major perk is that with this lock, you can leave your sliding glass door partially open. Child locks are therefore highly recommended for houses with children. 

2. Track Locks 

Track locks are also sometimes called slider locks. It is one of the best choices out there if you’re facing some difficulty with your sliding glass door lock, that needs to be immediately resolved.

The installation process of track locks is quite simple and easy. It does not require tools or any sort of drilling/screwing work. This lock, when installed onto the sliding door rail, functions to restrict any kind of movement.

Track locks are quite portable and give you the option to lock the sliding glass door in a manner that allows for ventilation. It is also possible to install more than one track lock on the upper and lower parts of your sliding door for extra security. 

3. Lock Pin 

This type of sliding glass door lock is quite different from the conventional one with handles. Lock pins often tend to be underestimated when it comes to the matter of safety. In reality, however, these locks can guarantee just as much security as most other locking systems.

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Putting it simply, a lock pin consists of a sturdy steel pin that restricts the door from moving. While a lock pin on your sliding glass door can add on to create a simple aesthetic for the house, they also function effectively.

Besides, the installation process is not quite difficult and hence is a great option as a DIY project. The lock and materials required to set it up are pretty affordable too.

4. Mortise & Hook Locks 

This is one of the most common and popular types of locks used on sliding glass doors. One of the reasons for this might be that the mortise frame is suitable for most patio door widths.

Mortise and hook locks are not built into the handle, but rather into the pocket of the sliding glass door. This kind of lock also guarantees a good amount of security and safety, as its mechanism does not allow for the handle to get stuck.

Mortise locks are also quite simple in their functioning with just a deadbolt knob required to open and close the door. While there are different types of it, the model with the key is recommended for more security. 

5. Surface-Mounted Hook Bolt 

As the name so obviously suggests, this locking mechanism can be fixed above or below the lock that you already have. Surface-mounted hook bolts are suitable for most kinds of sliding glass doors.

This lock can be described to have an auxiliary purpose where it lets you lock the door from both sides of the panel. This particular feature of the surface-mounted hook bolt is what makes it quite popular.

The outer panel of the lock has a keypad that allows you to open the door only after entering the right code. Therefore, it is also a great option if you’re looking for a locking mechanism that does not require a key. 

6. Rim Locks 

Rim locks are a quite common option for sliding doors. What sets apart this type of lock is that it functions as both an exterior as well as an interior locking mechanism.

These are quite simple as all it involves is the lock’s cylinder is linked to the hinge that you have on the door jamb. You will find that the cylinder for rim locks is available in different finishes.

This includes materials like brass which might not be of a favorable size. However, its latching is quite secure and hence can guarantee protection and safety. The installation process of rim locks is pretty simple and easy, making it an even better choice. 

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7. Keyed Locks 

Keyed Locks have always been a classic option for sliding glass doors. What makes the keyed locks so popular, is the simple feature that allows them to be locked from the outside. It is even better if your keyed lock mechanism has handles too.

However, there is a disadvantage to keyed locks. This kind of lock is not exactly the best choice when it comes to the matter of safety and security.

The keyed lock mechanism alone does little to prevent anyone from breaking any. That being said, these locks are still quite convenient when it comes to usage and operation.

8. Spring Loaded Patio Locks 

This kind of lock has quite a different appearance in comparison. Spring-loaded patio locks are mostly mounted inside at the top or bottom of the door.

Most of the lock models that come under this type tend to be compatible with key usage. Otherwise, however, the lock is majorly spring loaded as the name suggests. Its mechanism is quite simple as it only requires you to bolt the door into place.

Certain models of these patio locks can also be installed outside the sliding glass door. In order to make it more secure and safe, these lock models are often key compatible  

9. Barricades 

Barricades are a great go-to choice when it comes to protection and security. They are quite reliable because it uses the floor as an anchor, to restrict the sliding glass door from moving.

The installation process of barricades is not so difficult and it calls mainly for some drilling work. It is therefore a good option for a DIY project that only takes about half an hour to be completed.

Furthermore, it is pretty simple to operate this lock. You can securely lock the sliding glass door by moving the lock rail in the direction of the door. Barricade locks can also last for a long time while being just as effective.  

10. Double-Bolt Locks 

A double-bolt lock is a simple locking mechanism that is also commonly known as a two-bolt lock. This kind of lock is generally considered a secondary lock.

Contrary to most other cases, double-bolt locks are not built-in into the sliding glass door already. Rather, they can be bought separately and installed quite easily on your sliding glass door. The installation process is not time-consuming either.

Two-bolt locks are compatible with most kinds of sliding doors and they are pretty convenient to use too. Unlike some other locks, in this case, the panel will remain intact in its track without being lifted out. Above all, this kind of lock also guarantees security to a great extent. 

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11. Window Locks 

The name of this type of lock might be misleading in the respect that it can be used not just on windows, but on sliding doors too. This locking mechanism works by getting latched to the door’s sliding part.

Window locks restrict the movement of the panel but this also means that the sliding glass door can only be opened to a specific extent. One of the biggest perks of window locks is that it is adult-friendly and child-proof.

The mechanism of the lock is such that it remains secure from kids fiddling with it. For this reason, this type of lock is highly recommended for houses that have both sliding glass doors as well as children. 

12. Security Bars 

Security bars are a unique type of lock that can be used on a variety of sliding doors. It falls under the category of secondary locks and hence is best to use it along with a primary lock mechanism.

There are quite a few advantages to using security bars on your sliding glass door. There are both fixed as well as portable security bars. The former allows for safe ventilation and also cannot be displaced even if the panel is shaken. Besides, it is also quite easy to use.

On the other hand, portable security bars can be installed quickly without any tools. It is also the more versatile choice of the two.

13. Loop Locks  

Loops locks are again another kind of lock that comes under the category of secondary locks. For this reason, they can be installed with ease on your sliding glass door in no time.

Loop locks also tend to be quite durable and strong as it is mostly made out of hardened steel. It is also pretty convenient to use and easy to secure. All you have to do is slide the door towards the jamb.

Loop locks are also one of the most affordable options out there if you want to add on extra protection to your sliding glass door. While there are many other better locks available, loop lock are more capable than the typical hook lock. 

Sliding glass doors have always been a classy addition to a house. It allows you to save a lot of space too. However, it is crucial to buy the type of locking mechanism which is just right for your sliding glass door. 

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