17 Different Types of Vaulted Ceilings

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When designing your dream home, people often overlook the design of the ceiling and how much it contributes to the aesthetic of the interiors.

Undoubtedly, one of the most stylish ceiling designs has to be the vaulted ceilings. And to help you choose the perfect one, I have listed out the 17 different types of vaulted ceilings.


17 Different Types of Vaulted Ceilings

1. Dome Vaulted Ceiling

As the name suggests, dome vaulted ceilings are flat ceilings that have a dome carved into it. This recessed ceiling gives the illusion of more space in a room that is otherwise small.

Given its elaborate and complex design, vaulted dome ceilings are usually constructed in just one part of the ceiling. This means dome vaulted ceilings are not suitable for ceilings with large area. To create an even deeper illusion for your dome vaulted ceiling, you can opt to have crown molding in the center of it.

2. Elongated Dome Vaulted Ceiling 

Coming to a variation of the dome vaulted ceiling, the elongated dome vault ceiling is best suited for larger ceilings. It is a long and rectangular version of the dome vaulted ceiling, where the recessed part of the ceiling almost looks oval-shaped. 

Aside from the illusion it creates, this type of ceiling allows you to add an artistic touch to the interiors by giving the ceiling some space for intricate paintings.

3. Barrel Vaulted Ceiling 

Another vaulted ceiling named directly after its design, the barrel vault ceiling is meant to be built as a single arch that starts from one wall and runs across the width of the room till it meets the opposite wall.

This type of ceiling is meant to represent the cross-section of a wooden barrel, hence the name. The barrel vault ceiling is simple, yet adds an elegant flair to rooms that have a long walkway such as halls and libraries. It can also be seen as a series of domes interconnected with a single surface to create the illusion of a tunnel.

4. Asymmetrical Vaulted Ceiling

By definition, vaulted ceilings are taller than average ceilings, but they are still bound within the confines of the housing exterior itself. If the ceiling does do that, we end up with an asymmetrical vaulted ceiling.

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While it might sound like a horrible idea on paper, there are several ways to design an asymmetrical vaulted ceiling. They are meant to look abstract, and definitely a better alternative than building a ceiling close to the roofline. 

5. Cathedral Ceiling

While some might argue cathedral ceilings are their own type of ceilings, it is undeniable that they fit in with the definition of a vaulted ceiling.

Cathedral ceilings are two parts of the roof that slope up from the opposite walls and meet at a central axis that runs the length of the roof itself. The name comes from the fact that this kind of ceiling is most often seen in churches and cathedrals. Unlike the previous entry, they aren’t necessarily contained within the roof of the house.

6. Half Vaulted Ceiling

When two rooms are interconnected in a way where there is no partition between them, you usually get a half-vaulted ceiling. This is when ceilings of two different styles adjoin side-by-side the same way the rooms are.

In this style, one ceiling is significantly lower than the other one, usually because the former has a structure like a staircase built on top of it. With some interplay of functional needs, a half-vaulted ceiling can give the impression of modern interior decoration.

7. Groin Vaulted Ceiling

Made from the combination of two barrel vault ceilings that intersect at 90 degrees, the groin vault ceiling can prove to be the center of attention in any room you construct it in.

Their construction guides the eye upwards naturally. Given that it is gorgeous to look at, groin vaulted ceilings add a lot of personality to the interiors. This type of ceiling is usually relegated to hallways. Though they add an undeniable charm to the house, groin vault ceilings are incredibly difficult to construct and need professional builders.

8. Grome Vaulted Ceiling

Coming to an unconventional and distinctive type of ceiling, the grome vaulted ceiling is guaranteed to make you the talk of the town!

Grome vault ceilings are constructed using architectural design elements from both dome vaulted ceilings and groin vaulted ceilings. The resultant design is uncommon, but it is a sight to behold when done artistically.

9. Fan Vaulted Ceiling

Identical to one of my later entries on this list, the fan vaulted ceiling has similar design philosophies to that of the rib vaulted ceiling.

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As the name suggests, fan-vaulted ceilings are characterized by structures that resemble a fan (or a seashell) that start from the wall and meet at a certain point on the ceiling. This ceiling structure functions as a stunning piece of art and is usually seen in buildings that have a wide ceiling space, such as cathedrals. As with any ornate-looking ceiling structure, they do require skilled labor in order to pull off successfully.

10. Cove Vaulted Ceiling

Coming back to ceilings that will help create a subtle yet comfortable environment for your interiors, cove vaulted ceilings give a soft look to your house.

Cove vaulted ceilings achieve their soft look by having rounded corners, which means there is no discernible difference between the ceiling to the wall. This sleek design gives your room a rather sophisticated look, and a modern touch to the overall aesthetic of the interiors. Cove vaulted ceilings give you more room to get creative with the paint and furniture.

11. Cloister Vaulted Ceiling

Cloister vaulted ceilings rely mainly on the construction of spring points or spring lines. Spring points are defined as the apex point of the arches where they curve on a wall.

Cloister vaulted ceilings are made up of these spring points which go along a wall and then converge on one or more points on the ceiling. This type of ceiling is reminiscent of cloisters, hence the name.

12. Rib Vaulted Ceiling

Commonly found in Gothic architecture, rib vaulted ceilings are not only breathtaking, but they are also much more durable and stand the test of time. 

While at first glance they might resemble groin vault ceilings, the major difference is that rib vaulted ceilings are composed of a series of arches with diagonal structures and ribs running across the length of the ceiling.

13. Pitched Brick Vaulted Ceiling

If you wanted to add a warm, rustic look to your otherwise modern-looking house, then the pitched brick vaulted ceiling is just what you’re looking for. In architecture, any ceiling constructed using the tilted brick method is given the name pitched brick vaulted ceiling.

The symmetrical and non-centered brick-laying design goes as far back as the Mesopotamian times and is incredibly pleasing to the eye.

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14. Oval Vaulted Dome Ceiling

While at first glance people might call this the elongated dome vaulted ceiling, the major difference between that and the oval vaulted dome ceiling is the dome ties. 

The dome ties used to fasten the rafters in an oval vaulted dome ceiling are oval-shaped and vastly different from the ones used in elongated dome ceilings. Functionally, they are the same. Oval vaulted dome ceilings give the illusion of space and they draw the eye of the viewer upwards, towards the ceiling. You also get the opportunity to decorate your ceiling with a distinct artistic flair.

15. Radius Vaulted Ceiling

Radius vaulted ceilings can be considered one of the easier ceilings to install. Like another ceiling type, the asteroid curve vaulted ceiling, radius vaulted ceilings come with easy-to-install kits.

These ceilings are custom fit for any size, and can be best described to be “donut-shaped”. This simple circle design adds a retro-futuristic feel to your interiors.

16. Igloo Vaulted Ceiling

Igloo vaulted ceilings, also known as lunette vaulted ceilings, are marvelous additions to large buildings which convey their grand scale.

Igloo vaulted ceilings are essentially barrel vaulted ceilings with a series of arches cut into them. There has to be a lot of careful planning of the interiors that are put into allocating space for windows and other objects. These ceilings are always dramatic pieces of work, and it has to be made sure that nothing is obstructing the ceiling itself.

17. Arched Vaulted Ceiling

Finally, we come to the arched vaulted ceiling. Not a common sight in most houses, they are definitely a design reserved for people who want an unconventional twist to their modern interiors.

They are a relatively simpler design to layout. Arched vaulted ceilings are a series of miniature barrel vaulted ceilings that are constructed next to each other. 


While vaulted ceilings have the same principle behind them, there are several different layouts to choose from which can make or break the overall aesthetic of your interiors.

When planning your dream home, you want to make sure that you leave no stone unturned. And now, you have 17 different types of vaulted ceilings to choose from!

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