21 Brilliant Hall Closet Organization Ideas

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Hall closets are a great place to store things you use daily. From raincoats, boots, and umbrellas to the odd bit of old junk that you are too sentimental to get rid of, you name it, the closet has it. But they can quickly become cluttered and disorganized if not maintained properly.

Cluttered hall closets can be a big nuisance, but with a little bit of organization, they can be easily managed. Fortunately, there are plenty of hall closet organization ideas to keep them organized and make your life easier.


21 Brilliant Hall Closet Organization Ideas

1. Coat Closet

Coat Closet Storage Solutions
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A good old coat closet, reminiscent of an era when coat racks were behind every door. The uses of a coat closet are undermined. They are not only places to stow away your coats into, but they can also serve as mini closets. Granted there is an effective organization at play!

Install hooks, lots of them. They can be used to hang up jackets, bags, and umbrellas. If the closet does not come equipped with shelves, you could do some DIY stacking using wood planks from your local hardware store. A supply of hangers also never goes amiss.

2. Shoe Bins

Drop Front Shoe Box Case
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A cluttered closet floor is always an off-putting image. Luckily for you, I have some shoe storage ideas that are sure to be of use.

Shoe Bins. Clear containers in which you can put your shoes. It prevents clutter, and the clear surface also enables transparency. You can purchase a similar bin for socks too, in case you’re running short of available drawers.

Shoe pegs are also very useful when it comes to the department of shoe organization. You can line said pegs along the bottom of the closet and hang up your shoes from the pegs.

3. Bath Supplies

 closet organization ideas
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A bath supply closet is a perfect fit for you if you want a place to store all your fancy toiletries. Quite easy to put together, all you need is a few shelves and perhaps some wallpaper to brighten up space. Add a mirror, too.

Another space-saving technique is to keep your laundry basket on the floor so that every time you open the closet to get shower gel or a similar product, you are reminded to do your laundry!

4. Use Shelf Dividers

Hmdivor Clear Acrylic Shelf Dividers, Closets Shelf and Closet Separator for for Organization in Bedroom, Kitchen and Office Shelves (6 Pack)

Shelf dividers are lifesavers when you have a small closet and a lot of items to store. You might store everything from first aid kits to electrical items in your hall closet.

This set of 8 shelf dividers can be used to keep everything separate and organized. They are made of high-quality acrylic glass and can be easily slid onto the shelves.

Buy it on Amazon.

5. Linen Closet

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A place for storing linens, towels, sheets, and blankets in an organized fashion. Different-sized containers, shelf-dividers, fabric bins, and hangers are a few ways to keep the closet tidy and accessible.

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It also might be a good idea to install a few high shelves for extra space to stow away bulky mattresses or quilts.

6. Office Supply Closet

closet organizer for small closet
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A clever and convenient way of keeping your home office free from clutter is to make sure you have a supply closet installed nearby. This is a place where you can keep your books and papers and documents in a place that is both easily accessible but out of immediate sight.

Invest in some sturdy organizers and storage containers. In the absence of pre-existing shelves, you can always get a few fitted.

7. Broom Closet

Broom Closet Open Doors
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Gone are the days when broom closets were musty caves with shabby cleaning supplies. They can now be well-stocked and easy on the eye. How?

It is simple. Paper the walls or use a fresh coat of paint. Install hanging shelves, some hardware hooks, and perhaps a few plastic containers. Lighting too is a good idea to brighten up any enclosed space without access to natural light.

The hook rack idea is a favorite, as it allows one to hang up dusters, brooms, and pans and keep them within eyeshot.

8. Emergency Supply Closet

closet organizer ideas
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This is a challenging question to answer since it depends on what the circumstances call for. You can keep water, dried food, flashlights, batteries, backup chargers, medical supplies, and other essentials in your hall closet in case of emergency.

It is also a smart move to clearly label the items or separate them with clear demarcations so anyone can get what they need at the moment.

9. Umbrella Rack

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Quite specific, but always useful. An easy way of hall closet organization, you can always install a few hooks onto the back of the door as a place to hang your umbrellas from. Saves the trouble of rummaging for one on a rainy day.

An umbrella stand with curved hooks and a rotating base could be what you need if you’re searching for something a bit finer. Additionally, you may make good use of any unused space by storing rain boots in the hall closet.

You could even fashion a DIY umbrella holder using stiff cardboard and acrylic paint.

10. Gift Wrapping Station

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If you are a connoisseur of gift wraps and all that comes with them, your hall closet is the perfect space to store gift wrapping supplies and turn into a gift wrapping station.

Use the back of the door to install the paper holders. You can store other supplies such as cutting implements and ribbons in clear containers inside.

Wire racks are another useful addition as they can hold pretty much anything- from paper to washi tape.

11. Magazine Racks for Storage

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In addition to holding magazines, magazine racks are hidden jewels. Important documents, stray books, and piles of paper can all be stored in them. These wire racks are a great way to arrange clothes as well, particularly tiny items like gloves and socks as well. They are best for hall closet organization as they give an elegant rich look and take up less space.

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If you are short on the drawer space and need a handy way of storing woolens or hosiery, magazine racks in hall closets are your best bet!

12. Cubbies

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Cubbies can be custom installed or DIY-ed (simply flip the shelf brackets). Either way, they are great for individual storage and ensure a clear division of space.

Almost anything may be stored using this closet organization idea, ranging from food and kitchenware to books and notebooks. I’ve used the aforementioned technique to divide books into categories according to year and author (a practical filing option that has greatly facilitated my life), but you can apply it to just about anything.

13. Laundry Basket for Sports Equipment

Via Containerstore

As outlandish as this may sound, a laundry basket is a great place to keep sports equipment together, all in one place.

I frequently find a stray football on the stairs or a crumpled jump rope on the couch since I come from a family with wildly disparate workout routines. Locating these goods might be rather difficult if they are not all in one specific place.

This closet storage solution is a sustainable way to organize your sport equipment.

14. Labels

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Labels are well recognized for establishing boundaries and identifying objects. Labels also serve a greater purpose than intended in a hallway closet where the likelihood of a mess is rather high. They help in maintaining cleanliness and order while yo organize your hall closet.

You could buy a label-maker for your labeling needs( it does indeed make the work easy). But DIY labels using Post-its are also an equally good option.

15. Evaluate the Lighting

mens closet lights
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The worth of a good light fixture is beyond rubies. My preconceived notion of hall closets was as them being dark, dusty rooms rarely ventured into. That they could be well-decorated well-lit storage spaces was something I learned only a little while ago. As is the case with any room, lighting can elevate the appeal.

Lights, quite obviously, are also visual aids and will undoubtedly help you keep track of your belongings better. Get rid of that lone bulb in your closet, and get some good lights asap!

16. Stackable Drawers

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The ideal solution for organizing your closet is a drawer. Additionally, considering that hall closets are frequently deep and narrow, there is a strong likelihood that there will be enough room for stacked drawers.

17. Use Vacuum Compression Storage Bags

Amazon Basics Vacuum Compression Storage Bags with Hand Pump - 12-Pack (3 Jumbo, 3 Large, 3 Medium, 3 Small)

Storing winter clothing in your hall closet can take up a lot of useful space. But what if you don’t have anywhere else to store those bulky jackets? Vacuum compression bags can reduce the size of the clothing by 80% and keep your clothing safe from moisture and dust.

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This set of heavy-duty compression bags comes with a hand pump too.

Buy on Amazon

18. Use Tension Rods to Increase Hanging Space

If your closet has vertical space but no rods to hang, just add some tension rods. They can increase your space by double. You can add “S hooks” or “hangers” to these rods to hang your boots and keep the floor clutter-free.

Buy on Amazon

19. Organize Your Cleaning Products

DIY supplies
Via Cleanmama

With Lazy Susans, you’ll have easy access to each product and you won’t have to rummage around and make a mess. The cleaning products for a specific room can be stored in separate wire baskets. For instance, one basket for kitchen cleaning products, another for the bathroom, etc. This way you can categorize and organize your closet shelf the right way!

20. DIY Scarf Hanger

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Instead of hanging your scarves in between the jackets and coats, build a scarf hanger on some empty wall space. You’ll need towel bars, spray paint, and some other supplies. You can towel rods depending on the number of scarves you have.

This is an extremely simple DIY and your scarves will always stay organized.

21. Get Rid of Unimportant Things

The most visible one is also the most effective and significant. To make sure your home has enough room for storage, it’s essential to regularly purge, or get rid of unwanted objects. The same applies to hall closets, which frequently need to be sorted through and cleaned.

Things to Remember

While organizing your hall closet, remember these 3 main points:

-First thing’s first: always take inventory before you start organizing so you have an idea of what needs doing!

-Secondly, always keep similar things together. For example, your hats should be combined in one place rather than thrown haphazardly into your hall closet with your shoes and bags!

And lastly, make sure you know what you actually need to store. Do you really need to take up all that space with extra hangers? Will you use it? What about that extra dresser in the hall closet? Could you get rid of it and free up some room for your long winter coats and scarves?

And don’t forget: create a budget and stick to it! This will keep you from going overboard with organizing and spending more than you need.

Hall closets are not all that difficult to organize or tend to. These hall closet organization ideas will maximize the space you are working with. Armed with these two factors, you too can get your hall closet in order in no time!

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