13 Attractive Ways To Add Privacy To Your Yard and Deck

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If your yard is a bit too open and you have nosy neighbors, you really can’t enjoy your time freely without being spied on or judged by them.    

And if you’re an introvert like me, I’m sure you hate getting into awkward small talk with your neighbors.

To avoid these situations, creating a private space is a good idea. There are ways to block your neighbors out without compromising the beauty of your lawn. You’ll be able to turn your lawn into a secluded place and, enjoy your time lazing around without a care on the weekends.

If you want to add privacy to your yard and deck, and also want your backyard to look aesthetically pleasing, you should check out these ideas.


13 Attractive Ways To Add Privacy To Your Yard and Deck

1. Supersized Planters

Filling a few large planters with tall, decorative plants, flowers or grasses is enough to make your garden private. This is a good idea if you just need to cover a smaller area. 

The materials required to make this beautiful green screening are easily available, and the cost usually depends on their quality.

Required materials:

  1. Supersized Planters
  2. Planting Soil
  3. Tall plants, grass, or flowers

Making this screen is quite simple as you just need to arrange the planters in a row in the area where you need a little privacy. So go ahead and make your backyard more private and beautiful in a few hours.

2. Hedges

A hedge along your backyard boundary will give you privacy coupled with greenery and shade. Apply the method, if you have a spacious backyard and can wait for a couple of years to grow it out. 

I suggest you grow tall evergreen trees which mature fast and require less water, these kinds of trees are generally quite cheap, but it depends on what type of plant you like and how many you want to plant.

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3. Lattice Screen

I had built three lattice screens to make my backyard look private and beautiful. You can paint or stain the wood to match the color of your house.

You require a few materials, but don’t worry about that, you can get them from any carpentry shop.

Check out the tutorial here.

4. Living Wall

Sometimes having just a fence is not enough. So, grow plants on it and get more privacy!

Grow a green wall full of flora, where you want to block your neighbor’s view and enjoy your private time. Screw-in planters to each batten of the fence and make a  living wall.

With this method, you can get much more space to keep your furniture and other stuff.

Pro tip: Use creepers to cover the area between the plants.

5. Outdoor curtains

Hanging outdoor curtains is easy and it’s the best idea if you live in a place with the harsh sun hitting your backyard. 

Outdoor curtains are affordable and, the total cost depends on which material and length you require and how you plan to attach them.

You can use simple wooden or steel posts or can attach them to trees around your sitting area or patio.

People generally think of placing curtains inside, but you can make your backyard stand out and stay away from the prying eyes of your neighbors with long and flowy curtains.

6. Retractable Backyard Screen

Abba Patio Retractable Double Folding Awning Screen Fence, Sun Shade and Wind Screen Privacy Divider for Garden, Outdoor, Patio, and Terrace, 20' L x 5' H, Beige

This is not a DIY, but it is inexpensive and a beautiful way to create a private place in your backyard.

You can easily buy it online or you can buy it from any lifestyle improvement store near you.

A retractable backyard screen is a good investment, so buy a good quality one that can handle harsh climates.

What’s more, it looks good from both sides so your neighbors will be happy too!

Check it out on Amazon.

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7. DIY privacy screen

Making a privacy screen at home may sound difficult, and messy, but it’s not. It’s simple and you can make it in a day or two.

For making a privacy screen, you require some basic products that are available in any carpenter store.

Make the screen strong and thick so that, it can withstand weather changes.

8. Ribbon curtains

You can experiment a lot with outdoor curtains and using ribbons to make them is a unique idea. You can use many different colors of ribbons for an aesthetically pleasing yard.

So make your sitting space in the backyard more private and beautiful with ribbon curtains and enjoy a romantic dinner in your backyard.

I suggest you use fairy lights if you’re planning to hold dinners and gatherings at night.

9. Bottle wall

You can even make a privacy screen with glass bottles. Yes, you read it right—wall with glass bottles.

Use any kind of glass bottles that are available at your home or buy them online. They are not so expensive, so this is a great way to build privacy without going over your budget.  

You should try using bottles of different sizes and colors to give the wall a pleasing look. 

10. Vertical Pot Wall

I like admiring my plants in the morning. When I thought about putting a privacy screen, the idea of a vertical pot wall appealed to me.

You can fit in all your furniture and also be surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants while you’re relaxing.

Your backyard will look more spacious and beautiful and will have fresher air if you put up this wall.

11. Vine Curtain

Use crawling plants to make curtains for your backyard setting or balcony. This idea won’t burn a hole in your pocket and you don’t have to worry about the maintenance part as they don’t need much water or sunlight to survive.   

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Creeper plants will provide shade and add greenery, and when they are fully grown, they will give a tropical look to your house or backyard.

If you can wait around for a month or so for the vine curtains to grow long and thick, then go for this idea. 

12. Use Wine Barrels

Don’t keep wine barrels empty, fill them with soil, and plant bamboo trees in them.

Bamboo trees are strong and towering, which makes them a perfect choice to be used to obstruct your neighbor’s view and you are sure to get all the privacy you desire.

Material required:

  1. Wine barrels (number depending on the space you want to cover)
  2. Planting soil
  3. Bamboo trees

You can get the materials for a cheap price from any nearby store, so go create a majestic wall of bamboos!

13. Door Privacy Screen

Get the best out of your old closet or house doors.

I came across this idea when we renovated our house and got new doors. We did not have enough money left to buy a privacy screen. The old doors were just piling around, so I thought why not use them as privacy screens in the backyard? 

The idea is pocket-friendly and if you want some element of a quirk in your backyard, you should try it

You can give a few personal touches, like using the color of your choice, and you can use different size doors too.

If you want old doors, put an ad on freecycle for second-hand doors.

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