15 Best Fence Gap Filler Ideas

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A fence is a railing that surrounds your property to keep the premises safe and under control. It’s a barrier enclosing your yard. But when there is a gap between your fence and the ground, it gives direct access to pets, strangers, and intruders to trespass on your property. There are also chances of pests invading your lawn.

A fence gap isn’t aesthetically pleasing as well. The gap can be due to many reasons. It could be because of improper measurement, soil erosion, and other environmental factors. If you are looking to fill that awkward space, we are here to offer you various fence gap filler ideas that you can opt for. 


15 Best Fence Gap Filler ideas

Listed below are 15 ways to seal the fence gap. 

1. Cover it with bricks

This is worth trying if you have a minor gap between the ground and the fence. You don’t have to take any extreme measures to fill the gap here. All you have to do is get some bricks and line them between the gap and the ground. It’s a simple trick that goes a long way. This is an affordable hack that ensures stability. 

2. Add platforms

If you want to cover the gap and make your yard look stylish, then you can add platforms. You don’t have to go through a lot of trouble while installing platforms. They are quite easy and you can do it yourself. Adding platforms is a great idea if you have any pets. They won’t run away to the streets as the platforms will act as a roadblock. 

3. Plant a mini-garden

Opting for a plant nursery to cover up the fence gap is a great idea especially if you don’t want to use any heavy alternative like cement or bricks. This will act as a natural screen for people who have green thumbs. It will hide the gap, protect your yard, and it will add a nice natural touch to your rustic fence. 

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4. Add metal bars

When you have a bigger gap, then adding metal bars will be your best option. This is a preferred option amongst most people who own pets. Dogs can dig a hole and escape from under the fence. You can use metal bars and shove them deep inside the ground. It’s not aesthetically pleasing but it does a good job of safeguarding your premises. 

5. Build a wall

Building a wall has to be one of the most expensive options on this list. However, this is the safest option to go with if you are concerned about the security of your home. You can build a stonewall to hide the gap and give your yard an ancient Roman look. Of all the other easier choices, this is more time consuming and requires more effort. 

6. Add a kickboard

A kickboard is also called a weed board. You can install a kickboard across the fence for more extensive gaps. Measure the inches required to cover the aperture and cut the board according to the size. If you want to be extra careful, cut extra length and dig it into the ground. The bottom of the wood is at the risk of rotting. Always ensure that you opt for rot-resistant wood like redwood or cedar. 

7. Use cement to fill the gap

You can choose cement terracing to fill the gap. You can do this as a DIY project by getting all the required materials and tools like cement, mixing board, sand, and water. Once the mixture is of the right texture and consistency, apply the cement to the gaps. It’s the best way to protect your fence. 

8. Install a mini gate

You can cover the fence gap by installing a mini gate. You can use wood to make a mini gate. Use lumber and material grips that will act as a door hinge. This will make the door stay in its position and won’t be easily unlocked by dogs. This is a very affordable way of covering a fence gap. 

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9. Fill it with gravel

If you are looking for simple yet effective ways of covering fence gaps, then you can contact your local gravel supplier. Get as many bags of gravel as required and fill the ditch gaps along the fence line. Choose the gravel color which will look best on your fence. Most people go for white gravel as it looks more creative and unique. Gravels also help in reducing the growth of herbs and plants like ivy and dandelions. 

10. Install wooden panels

Installing a wooden panel would be a great option if you don’t want to compromise the visuals of the yard. Although wood panels can only be used to cover little gaps, they are extremely simple and beneficial in the long run. Make sure you buy mold-resistant wood or apply mold-resistant spray after installing the wooden panels. 

11. Use a bottom lattice

Bottom lattices are great at keeping raccoons and rats out of the lawn. They have no chance of penetrating the lattice. It’s one of the best tried and tested methods of keeping pests out of the house. A lattice typically consists of strips made of wood, metal, or vinyl. It’s also a good decorative option if you don’t mind spending a little extra as lattice fencing can be expensive. 

12. Use wires to seal the fence gap

Gardens are a paradise for snakes. They can easily slide through the fence gap and reach your lawn. The best way to keep snakes out of your area is by using aluminum or galvanized wire mesh. Select the smallest weaving opening for the wire mesh fence. When you select a larger opening, it won’t do its job of keeping the unwanted rodents and reptiles away. 

13. Use wooden pockets

This is a similar method to covering your fence gap with bricks. Instead of bricks, you can use horizontal pieces of wood to cover the area between the fence and the ground. Measure the wooden planks and cut them evenly. It’s the best option if you have a wooden fence as it will blend seamlessly with the fence. 

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14. Hedge the gaps

Hedges are formed by closely planting bushes or trees. If you want a green fence, heading the gaps is your best option. There are two types of hedges. The first one grows only leaves. The other type one can grow flowers. If you want to alleviate the look of your yard, go for the latter. Add flowers like golden dew drops to adorn your backyard. 

15. Add dirt or mound

You can simply add dirt and a mound to fill the gap. You need to pack the dirt tightly. It’s not so reliable when it comes to keeping dogs safe because dogs are great at digging. If you don’t have pets and are looking for inexpensive options, then adding dirt or a mound is an average way of filling the gap.

Fence gaps grow deeper over time. These fence gap filler ideas are great to secure your parameter. If you have tried any new methods, let us know in the comments. 

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