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20 Amazing Wine Bottle Crafts for Christmas

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If “Sip-sip Hooray” marks your weekends, then you must own an appreciable amount of short, slim, long, belly pot etc. types of Wine bottles. Instead of throwing them, you can turn them into the adorable spectrum of beautiful crafts and art pieces which can delight your guests as well.

These glass jars are more versatile than one can ever imagine. From colourful vases to decorative chandeliers, these can bring about your creativity and let you show off your craftwork. This post contains 21 intriguing ideas of Wine Bottle Craft to help you decorate your home this Christmas.

1. Netted Bottles

Via: Cameo Cottage Designs

Deciding Christmas theme is already a mind-blasting task and then visiting pawn shops to get the required décor is another way of destroying Christmas holidays.

However, if your theme is something coastal or beachy this year, then these netted bottles will resolve your problem of home décor. Use blue, yellow, green etc. coloured bottles and decorate your home with them.

2. Colourful Chandelier

Via: Mod Podge Rocks

Make a strong statement for your living room by making these colourful Chandeliers. For this, you need to use and modify upper halves of wine bottles and some bulbs. Do not stain the bottles, but you can always add nets of thick thread to give an optical illusion in the room at night.

3. Rustic Chandelier

Credit: DIY Network

This Chandelier is made from evenly sized champagne bottles. This way you can use bottles to create inexpensive lighting for kitchen, bar, dining room or wine cellar. Start with cleaning the bottles which include removal of any kind of manufacturing information.

Score the bottles and start with proper socket fittings. Now move onto the next part; cut the plank to size and drill holes for bottles. Conceal the junction box and add hanging hardware.

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4. Repurposed Bottle Tree

Credit: This Green Life

It’s hectic, time-consuming, and you have to be picky when comes to choosing bottles. But the results are marvellous and so beautiful that no one will pass by without commenting.

This particular Christmas tree needs green, brown, and clear bottles along with bulbs. You can also use only clear bottles with green, brown, and white lights. Drilling and fitting sockets will make this Christmas more exciting and bright than ever.

5. Glitter Wine bottles

Credit: Real Coake

Believe it or not, for making these beautiful we didn’t have to spoil our table with glitters and glues. They are simply wrapped up with Glitter Ribbon. Buy a roll of these ribbons, start rotating your wine bottles, and hide their mismatched colour behind these sparkling material. Instead of love, glue NOEL which better suits the season.

6. Wine and Laces

Credit: Hostess With The Mostess

Christmas is all about Greens and Reds. Together with white colour, anything will look eye-catching. This DIY trick allows you to turn your bottles into pretty vases. All you need to do is, paste a broad white lace at the bottom and if possible, try dripping paint design with red and white paints.

7. Wine Bottle Gift

Credit: Bespoke Bride

Keep memories of Christmas of your loved ones by asking them to sign a wine bottle this Christmas. This cool approach will make this party more interesting and drunk thoughts will always be a repertoire of laughter for all.

8. Twinkle Lights

Credit: This Old House

Transform a fancy wine bottle into long lasting memorabilia by adding a string of LED lights. Lighten up the darker corner of your room as a night light or you can use them as festive décor.

The trick involves drilling a small hole to pass a light string into the bottle and with a few tools, this can be easily done.

9. Citronella Candles

Credit: Hello Glow

Light your home with these Citronella Candles and make your nights free of buzzing mosquitoes. For this, you need to fill your bottles with small marbles (just to keep the wick from falling), add torch fluid, and wick. Finally press in on Teflon tape so coupling makes a tight fit. Keep the copper cap on when the torch is not in use.

10. Bird Feeder

Credit: The Garden Roof Coop

Don’t leave your yard unattended, attract your feathered guests using these wine bottle feeders. A complete DIY guide is given here. These colourful, bright, and stupendous pieces are just a way to welcome nature this Christmas.

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11. Puff Wine bottles

Credit: Everyday Dishes

Make the use of leftover primers and spray paints and try making these puff paint wine bottle vases. Select a neutral colour or colour which coordinates with your walls. For this, you have to begin with dotting puff paint on the bottle. If you want to decorate the back, first let the design dry in the front.

Once, your decorating task is completed, cover the entire bottle with primer and then several coats of paints. Finally, arrange flowers in bottles and display.

12. Wine Bottle Snowman

Credit: Gotta love DIY

Put on display these cute handmade wine bottle snowmen. With wine bottles, glass paint in red, black, and orange, blush for cheeks, ribbons for bows and hats. Below is one such example, you can create your own snowman with your colour and décor choices. You can also engage your kids this Christmas and enjoy some family time.

13. Wrap It With Knit

Credit: Joann

Never have I ever thought, Champagne in clothes would be this beautiful. Insert the bottles in these lovely bags with a soft texture and satin ribbon can give a champagne bottle stylish and elegant look. Plush and unusual, this idea is perfect for gifting purposes and decorating homes during festivals.

14. Snowflakes Wine Bottles

For last timers like me, you can still decorate your living area using wine bottles. Though every DIY tricks need time, there are some hacks to show your creativity in an elegant way in no time. You can find these snowflakes stickers easily on Amazon or in nearby craft stores at inexpensive prices. Just paste them on bottles and you are good to go.

15. Decorate Wine Bottles With Tags

Credit: Scrapbook

The simplest way to decorate a wine bottle for festive is here. Just cut, fold, and draw on thick paper sheets. Let your imagination run in fields of an artist, and you can come up with small stickers which can be made using sketches, sparkles and paints.

16. Collage Map Wine Bottles

Credit: Karen Kavett

Might not fit well with Christmas look, but worth a try. The newspapers and maps can definitely give a creative and interesting texture to wine bottles. You will need a lot of glue and patience to stick these map and newspaper pieces all over the wine bottle. Wrap a ribbon near the neck to give it a body appearance.

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17. Wine bottles Reindeer

Credit: Life Of A Modern Mom

Christmas is incomplete without some DIY with your kids or cousins. Connect with your loved ones using this easy crafts because being a part of something unusual, exciting, and cosy, always bears fruit of love. These wine bottle reindeers are one of the best craft you can choose to do with kids.

18. Colourful Wine bottles Lanterns

Credit: Saved By Love Creations

Can’t decide on a specific colour for decor? It’s completely acceptable. Everyone likes rainbows, and creating your own rainbow at night with these Colourful lanterns is the best idea for DIYers.

Decorate your home for upcoming parties or summer, or permanently give a makeover to your home using these inexpensive lanterns. Remodel empty wine bottles, pour them into tinted Mod Podge, and let them dry for a while. Light up these lanterns using tea light candles.

19. Santa Belly Bottles

Credit: Pretty Thrifty Girl

Whenever talking about Christmas, you can’t help but imagine a fat pot-bellied Santa in Red coat. Bring your guest’s attention to this Christmas asset with wine bottles. For this, paint multiple coats of red colour and allow it to dry.

Use a thick black ribbon and glue it at the centre to make Santa’s belt. Then use large white buttons to bring about a coat’s experience. For finishing, add a bow and attach two jingle bells at the ends.

20. Candy Cane Candle Holder

Christmas is incomplete without candies. For decoration, your whole house should be loudly screaming “Merry Christmas” and for that, you need to keep in mind minute details. Instead of using simple jars and vases, use these candy cane holders that will unsurprisingly catch the attention of everyone.

With the use of red and white 1-inch wide ribbons/yarn, glue and wine bottles, you can make a cute candy candle holder. For this, you have to glue alternate, continuous strands of white and red ribbon on an old wine bottle. For finishing, you can add bow, bells etc. accordingly.

Wine lovers! Be creative and use these bottles for decoration in upcoming Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Honestly, these bottles are ideal for showing off your creativity and artistic individuality. Let your creative juices flow through crafts and decorate your home with a personal touch.

Written by Pulkit D

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