How to Organize a Small House to Make it Look Big

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Is it difficult to manage space in a small house?

Most of you might say YES. Am I correct? Of course, if the area is less then obviously we will face difficulty in managing space and keeping the room spacious.

Even if we manage to keep our things, the house will feel cramped and compact because the room completely occupied by things will offend our eye. We will feel that the space is very small. Your mind would be occupied with all such thoughts.

But the fact is that it is not difficult to manage space in a small house and keep it looking spacious as well. Living in a small house (well buildings only have small apartments), I have learned to organize things properly, challenge the space and make the space more spacious. I have learned some psychological ideas too which actually does not affect space in any manner but it affects our mind in such a way that we adopt the illusion about the area being comfortable and spacious enough to feel like the king of the world.

So have a look at these hacks which can help you organize things better, add storage by utilizing space properly and make your small space look bigger.

1. Install a Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed is a bed which is hinged at one end so that it can be vertically stored against the wall when not in use. It is also called wall bed, pull down bed or fold down the bed. It is an excellent space savior.

At night, just pull it down to use it for sleeping and during the morning hours, push it up and store against the wall.

If you use a regular bed, you need to permanently devote the floor area equal to the bed area for the bed. A bed occupying so much area in a small space makes it too cramped.

Using a murphy bed allows you to use that bed space during the non-sleeping hours by tucking it up.

2. Install a Bed with Storage

Novogratz 4296439N Kelly Bed with Storage Queen Dark Gray LinenWhy let the space under the bed to go to waste! If you are not using or planning to use a Murphy bed, then use the space under the bed for storage purposes by installing a bed with storage. This will keep the room less blocked by things, thus making the area look more spacious.

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Introduce bed with drawers or shelves, pullover or pull out beds. They have large storage spaces. Beds with shelves can act as bookshelves and save the space which otherwise would have been occupied with dedicated bookshelves. This Kelly Bed from Novogratz serves the dual purpose of bed and storage. Get it on Amazon.

3. Don’t let the space under the stairs go waste

Most of the times, the space under the stairs is left unused. It is hidden storage which most people don’t think of utilizing and is left unused. Don’t you think that you are wasting a good chunk of storage space if you have left this space unused?

You can install cabinets, drawers, almost any type of storage furniture here and stuff the things which are hanging around in the house and eating up space. This is very useful for people who have limited space in the house. You can also utilize this space for your home office.

4. Go Multifunctional

Use multifunctional pieces of furniture. Furniture such as a sofa bed, convertible desk with storage, futon, etc serves a dual purpose of adding necessary functionality as well as storage space.

5. Paint With Light colors

I agree that color neither makes the room actually bigger nor does it provides extra space. But light colors help in making it appear bigger and more spacious. It gives us the illusion of a big space as compared to dark colors.

6. Switch to a Breakfast bar table

Dump the kitchen table or your dining table and use breakfast bars instead. They are space saviors and a boon for small spaces.

7. Hook up

Walls and doors provide a great pathway for hanging things by the use of hooks. A hook is the simplest invention which you can use very easily for hanging your stuff.

8. Substitute TV Stand with some Storage solution

A tv stand consumes space as it does not provide good storage space. Instead, you can use a furniture piece which has a plain top (just like a television stand) and cabinets as well, so that it can be used both as a television stand and for storing purposes. Or better yet just wall mount the television and 

9. Take the help of mirrors

A well-placed mirror can easily give you the illusion of a big space. Placing the mirrors appropriately where they will reflect the wonderful objects, surroundings and the location will give you the illusion of great space and will also allow light to greatly around the house.

10. Say Goodbye to unwanted things

One of the most common but important things is to get rid of things you don’t need. If you keep on accumulating things and unnecessary stuff in your house, then even a big house will look all cramped and require more space.

So, say goodbye to the stuff you don’t need any further. It is the simplest step to save space and make your house more beautiful.

11. Opt for Fewer Walls

Extra walls eat up space. They make the space compact. Just imagine a huge room getting divided into 3 rooms using walls. The area would remain the same but the partition created by the walls will make you feel that the room is smaller since it is divided.

So try to keep the number of walls as low as it is possible.

12. Use glass walls to divide spaces

If you want to have a boundary between two areas or if you want to create a partition, then use glass walls. Glass walls does not affect the space factor of the room as it is transparent. Also, it will save you from noise disturbances just like walls. So isn’t this a good idea?

If not glass walls, there are some other substitutes available too. You can use curtains, bookshelf or some other piece of furniture.

In this way, you will save the space used by walls, eliminate the opaque partition factor created by walls and put the furniture to dual-use.

13. Ceilings with good height

Look at the above picture. Doesn’t the short ceiling make you feel that space is very less and it’s very cramped even if it might be spacious? Heightened ceilings help in making the space more attractive as well as spacious.

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14. Bright lights

In a tight space, the bright light comes to the rescue. Dim lights make space look smaller. Bright ceiling lights, lamps hung on the eye-level enhance the performance of lighting in making your space more visually appealing.

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