Ways of Disposing of Garbage

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Waste/garbage can be classified into different types—liquid waste, solid waste, clinical/medical waste, electronic waste, and green waste. And it’s imperative to dispose of this garbage properly in an eco-friendly manner. Many cities and small towns have implemented recycling programs that make it easy to dispose of trash in an eco-friendly way.

Waste disposal is something that each household and business owner in the world needs. This keeps the environment safe, and clean while making sure we don’t pile everything up in landfills or litter the environment. This not only reduces the need for landfills and saves money but also reduces pollution caused by them.

Have a look at some popular ways of disposing of garbage.

4 Ways of Disposing of Garbage

1. Garbage Disposal

Although most houses already have garbage disposals installed under the sink, don’t underestimate its importance. Use it! These disposals get rid of most of the food scraps and waste by pulverizing them. Although this doesn’t solve the waste problem, it does help go down the sewers, avoiding blockage.

Usually, waste blocks the sewers, making it difficult to reach the sewage treatment plant. But, food flushed down garbage disposals can still be disposed of in a better manner. 

2. Composting

With proper composting, you can get rid of coffee grounds, eggshells, and other food waste that doesn’t go down the garbage disposal. Food waste is perfect for composting which usually involves a bucket first filled with a layer of straw, and then alternating layers of wet and dry waste.

Proper aeration and time are contributing factors for good compost, which eventually turns it into rich fertilizer. Weirdly, this reminds me of The Circle of Life from Lion King, and you can see why!

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3. Recycling

Ah, the classic waste disposal method! It’s even taught across elementary and middle schools in the hopes that we understand how important proper disposal is. The classic slogan is: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Keep in mind that metal, paper, rubber, wood, glass, electronics, and appliances can also be recycled at your local recycling depot.

Although plastic is non-biodegradable, it can still be recycled. Check with your recycling depot to find out which type of plastic is allowed for recycling. So stop chucking everything into one trash bin every day!

4. Incineration

Solid waste usually includes municipal solid waste, medical waste, and garbage in general.  Although incineration is usually done at an industrial level, there are some residential incinerators to burn solid waste. Because it’s extremely difficult to get rid of solid waste, especially non-biodegradable waste. So be careful what you burn.

But incineration as a method of disposal is not recommended as it is hazardous to human health. Harmful toxins are released by burning waste. And even the most advanced technologies cannot avoid it.

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