27 Brilliant Walk-In Closet Organization Ideas 

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Walk-in closets of any size can quickly turn into an organizational nightmare if not looked after. If it’s common for you to walk inside your walk-in closet and be greeted with an avalanche of clothes, shoes, and accessories, then it’s time to tackle this problem.

With these brilliant walk-in closet organization ideas, you can achieve the closet of your dreams whether you have a small walk-in closet or a huge closet. Most of these ideas are easy to do and will help you utilize every square inch of space in your walk-in closets.


27 Brilliant Walk-In Closet Organization Ideas

1. Organize Based On Type 

It’s more than likely that you keep all types of clothes together and when the time comes, you can never find that pink dress or the blue shirt among all the hanging clothes.

The best and easiest way to solve this is to organize your closet based on the type of cloth and keep the same type of clothes together. For example, T-shirts should be kept in one section and dresses in another.

2. Hang Your Handbags

Utilize the hanging space in your walk-in closet by installing a wooden hanging rod inside your closet or even on the closet door to keep your handbag collection organized.

If that’s not what you want, a coat rack in the corner should also do the trick.

3. Display Items In Clear Glass Cabinets 

There are two benefits of using this organization idea for your walk-in closet. Firstly, you will never forget what’s kept where since you can clearly see it through the glass cabinets.

Secondly, it is a wonderful way to display everything. Additionally, it will also save your accessories from gathering dust since they’ll be encased!

4. Shelves Are Your Best Friend 

One of the key helpers in your walk-in closet systems is shelves, especially when placed correctly. You can either buy a shelving unit or have it tailor-made to meet your requirements and add more storage with easy access.

Now you can now store more stuff in less space.

5. Hang Jewelry On A Peg Board Frame 

As unconventional as it sounds, pegboards are the new jewelry stands. If you are someone who cannot find an earring or a bracelet when you need it the most, this will come in handy.

Just hang the pegboard frame in your closet and keep all your jewelry there. It is easy, innovative, and just what you need to safe-keep your jewelry especially if you have a small walk-in closet.

6. Add An Island To Solve Your Worries

Most people would argue that adding an island to your walk-in closet seems like creating more space problems than solving them. We beg to differ!

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An island can serve as extra storage for your ties, watches, and shoes, and act as an ironing board at the same time. Be mindful to include drawers so that you can organize your nick-nacks in them.

7. Shirt Carousel In The Corner 


If creativity had a scale, this idea would be a ten on ten because who wouldn’t want a carousel for their shirts? Organizing your shirts has never been easier.

The best part is that it frees up space on the shelves and makes sure your shirts stay ironed as they no longer need to be stacked.

8. Invest In Movable Shoe Shelves 


Having movable shoe shelves works wonders especially when you have a big shoe collection. This is an ideal solution when you struggle to fit all your shoes, including heels, boots, and sneakers, on one-size shelves.

It also uses the vertical space in your walk-in closet effectively.

9. Use Large Baskets To Stash Sweaters 

Hanging sweaters could cause their shoulders to fall off. So we found a way you can maintain your sweaters and keep them out of sight when the season has passed – baskets!

Stack these baskets in the high ceiling space between the roof and the rods to make more room for clothes in the closet.

10. Install A Three-Panelled Mirror 

Any walk-in closet would feel incomplete without a mirror, so why not go bigger and better? A multipurpose three-paneled mirror that has cabinet space inside seems like a must-have.

It will give you space to store items and will bring your closet together, making it look well-organized. Moreover, a mirror makes any space appear larger.

11. Add Hooks To Hang OOTD’s 


Does your closet turn into a battlefield every morning after you’ve searched for what to wear? Here’s one way to fix that.

Add hooks to the wall in your closet so that you can plan your outfit neatly, without making a mess. You can also use it to keep your outfit for the next day, ready to go when you’re in a hurry in the mornings.

12. DIY Custom Closet 

Create your own DIY custom closet to organize clothes, accessories, and shoes just how you like. This can be done at home if you have the right tools and skillset. It gives you the freedom to design the cabinets and shelves according to the items you own.

13. Add Corner Shelves To Your Closet 

There are always some things in your closet you don’t use every day but also cannot keep somewhere out of reach, leading to a messy wardrobe.

In these situations, corner shelves come in handy. They stay out of the way yet within reach so that you can store things like hats, belts, or scarves easily. 

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14. Pull-Down Clothing Rack 


Innovation is the friend of people who like to organize things, and this pull-down clothing rack is one such example. You can store all your shirts or pants in this rack without feeling like your closet is getting crowded, as it stays out of the way.

It is also a brilliant way to save floor space so that you can keep more things there.

15. Display Your Shoes On The Wall 

When you have them, why not flaunt them? This is our motto when it comes to organizing shoes in the walk-in closet. Displaying them on a wall using tension rods is much better than having them scattered and lying around on the floor. This way, you always know where to find the pair you need.

16. Label Container Boxes 

Adding labels to boxes might be as old as the hills, but it is what we would recommend to anyone who finds it difficult organizing items in neat piles.

Pick your basket bins and start labeling them to ensure you keep your scarves, belts, sweaters, and hats where they’re meant to be. This also makes it easy for you to locate your items, rather than opening every box and looking inside.

17. Hang Shoes Next To Your Clothes 

Whitmor Hanging Shoe Shelves - 8 Section - Closet Organizer - Grey

This hanging shoe storage will be your knight in shining armor when your walk-in closet is narrow with no floor space for shoes.

It is easy to hang, very light, and can hold almost eight pairs of shoes easily. The best part is that you can move it around with ease.

Buy them on Amazon.

18. Hook Your Belts In the Corner 

We are serious about our belts, mainly because we know how easy it is to lose a belt in the chaos that is a closet. This idea of hanging your belts on one side of the cupboard is surely one of the best ways to ensure they’re neatly organized.

19. Add Some Seating Space 

Adding some multifunctional seating to your walk-in closet might be just the thing you need. You don’t have to go all out with a couch or stool, as a cushion over a cabinet also does the same trick.

Just ensure that it has pull-out or openable compartments that you can use for storing shoes, off-season clothes, etc.

20. DIY Industrial Pipe Closet Organizer 

Are you looking for an easy DIY project that would change the look of your walk-in closet and be helpful at the same time? Look no further. This industrial pipe closet organizer is one of the easiest DIY projects we’ve come across. It will create more than enough space to store everything, including hats, scarves, and shoes.

21. Use Purses As Decor 

If your handbag collection runs big, then this is the perfect organizational trick for you. Displaying your handbags on pristine white shelves is one of the best ways to store them without damaging their quality. No more stuffing them in corners when you can use them as decor.

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22. Roll Up The Ties 

You will know the pressure that comes with not finding the right tie when you’re running late for work – all because you couldn’t keep them organized. It’s time to change that with this idea. Roll them up and use drawer dividers to keep them in good condition, and ready to wear.

23. Stop Stacking Your Lowers 

We all have unconsciously made one mistake in our walk-in closets – stacking jeans or pants on shelves. Not only is this highly space-consuming, but also inconvenient to access when kept one over the other.

Folding pants and keeping them is easier and better as they become more visible and accessible.

24. Wall-To-Wall Cubbies 


Cubbies are a solution to not only space problems but also organizational problems. If you have a big walk-in closet but no categorized space to separate your everyday wear, you need to create some right away.

This idea of having wall-to-wall cubbies uses existing space to create storage shelves thereby, maximizing closet space.

25. Keep A Ladder At Your Disposal 


There are all sorts of walk-in closets; if you happen to have one that uses more ceiling space that you can’t access easily, you know it’ll be a problem. Luckily, we have a solution. Keep a ladder in your closet to reach those higher places and use all the prime real estate you want.

26. Add Curtains To Your Closet

This may not sound like an organizing idea, but it really is. Sometimes separating your closet from your bedroom or separating one compartment in your closet from another is very difficult, making it quite messy.

When a door doesn’t work for you, the curtains will. They give you privacy in case you share the closet with your partner as well.

27. Separate Sections For A Clear Walk-In 

Via Houzz

Talking about sharing a closet made us think about sections and spaces, so we included the idea of having a clean walk-in closet, dividing two separately organized areas. It can even be a great idea to separate your office/formal wear with your everyday wear.

Nothing feels better than an organized space – especially a walk-in closet. Being able to walk in and truly enjoy a neat area while getting ready can instantly boost your mood.

There isn’t much you need to do except following these fantastic walk-in closet organization ideas to ensure your closet is pristine, with every object kept where it’s meant to be.

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