10 Types of TV Stands

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If you’re reading this, it’s probably that time in life where you’ve moved into your own house and really want a TV stand to complete the look. Or you’re just dead bored. Either way, you’ll definitely find a thorough review of the type of TV stand that’s best for your TV and home with yours truly.

You’re not just looking for a place to store or place your TV on. You’re looking for a place to store your DVD’s, a few blankets to curl up on during family movie night, and something that looks homey or chic. Find out exactly which one will join your furniture family!


10 Types of TV Stands

1. Open Shelving

WE Furniture Minimal Farmhouse Wood Stand for TV's up to 64" Living Room Storage, 58 Inch, Black

This shelving is great when you’re looking for a great amount of space and for better visuals. It’s also great if your apartment is small, and your TV is a little bigger than you want it to be. It can store a decent amount of books CD’s and provides an overall clean aesthetic to the room.

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2. Lorraine TV stand

Looking for a farmhouse style piece to add to your room? Many people go about this the wrong way, and shoot themselves in the foot by transforming the entire room to resemble something from a country magazine. It may look cute at first but gets boring.

This TV stand is like a breath of fresh air to your room. It also has a certain old school style to it with the long, closed wooden cabinets.

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3. Console

Walker Edison TV Stand, 70 Inch, Reclaimed Barnwood

Think of this as the most typical TV stand in most houses across America. It’s kind of the one you immediately gravitate to at the store since you know it’ll fit items you need to store, while still giving you a good view of Iron Man when it finally plays on TV.

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This is a classical choice and kind of the OG of all TV stands. So, it’s basically the Godfather. You can never go wrong with this choice. It’s also great for the times when the kids can’t seem to stop playing and pushing each other around. The legs underneath the stand give it a bit of height, preventing any oops I hit my toe accidents.

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4. Swivel

FITUEYES Universal Swivel Floor TV Stand with Mount Height Adjustable for Most TVs up to 65 Inch, Sturdy Tempered Glass Base and Component Shelves for Media Storage TT307001MB

When you think of chic, this is the epitome of it. TV time was pretty much the only time in the entire day where I actually listened to my parents and ate my vegetables. Nuclear war would really set back TV. Honestly. This TV stand does a great job of making sure the TV stand is at a good height where everyone can get a good view of it.

Without murdering anyone over who gets to choose the channel of course. This is a great choice if you’re looking for something sleek with a smart swivel design!

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5. Floating

Personally, I think this is the coolest of the bunch. It takes away the hassle of space, since it’s mounted to the wall, and you have to admit it looks pretty cool sticking to the wall! They are a bit pricey, so unless you’re fine with putting a small dent in your wallet, this is the stand you should go for.

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6. Wood

FURINNO JAYA Large Entertainment Stand for TV Up to 50 Inch, Blackwood

This black wood TV stand is the definition of Smooth as a Criminal. It has a great amount of space and can fit a TV with a screen as large as 50 inches. It has small cabinets if you’re not really fond of large storage space and only wants the TV stand to be…..well, a TV stand. Its black color gives it a polished look, adding a bit of oomph to your room decor.

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7. Metal

Flash Furniture North Beach Black Glass TV Stand with Stainless Steel Metal Frame, HG-112457-GG

Metal furniture always imbues the room with a little bit of lively sleekness don’t you think? It has a slimming profile, and can last much longer than wood in terms of durability. Turns out, it’s also a heck of a lot cheaper! It also adds a bit of dimension, since it’s in the shape of a hexagon rather than the same old rectangular shape.

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8. Hutch

Sauder Select Home Theater, For TV's up to 46", Cinnamon Cherry finish

As the name implies, this TV stand does a great job of providing tv storage space and space for literally everything else you need. Books, vases, love notes, whatever you need basically. The TV is kind of like a part of a whole. The stand encompasses everything in it. This is more widely bought by families for its aesthetics for obvious reasons.

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9. Glass

Looking for a way to have your TV stand inconspicuously hide your clutter? This is it. The stand also contains metal support rods while making sure the storage still puts things on display. It’s kind of the best of both worlds since the glass stand has both glass and metal.

The stand will also give a sense of cleanliness and a clutter-free environment. Heaven knows that’s what we all need especially with little kids running around the house.

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10. Industrial

No, it’s not literally from the industry. It kind of recreates the factory floors that are made of wood, used wood, and steel. These types of stands are often in dark shades, so they blend in a way to add a bit of contrast to your otherwise neutral furniture. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty, cool TV stand this is definitely the one to go for.

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  • Space efficient solution: Rather than having your living room overflowing with bookcases, it’s better to have a tv stand that holds the essentials
  • Style Options” Thankfully, since there are so many different TV stands to choose from, it doesn’t really matter how large your room is. You can choose your TV stand according to your taste and TV size.
  • Material: If you’re looking to add a bit of color to your room or spruce it up a TV stand can act as an extra piece of furniture while still being functional and useful. If you’re trying to keep things out of the hands of your toddlers, try not to leave it on the TV stand. It’ll disappear in, oh, about 5 minutes.
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