11 Types of Deck Chairs

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Imagine you’re on a cruiser. The sound of the waves lapping, the gentle and cool breeze, a drink in your hand. You walk for a while but then decide to sit and soak up the sun. There’s a bright red deck chair and you go and make yourself comfortable. Ah so peaceful…

Now I can’t get you a ship, the climate or the drink. What I can do is give you a guide on deck chairs so you can buy one yourself. Who says you need a ship or a beach for these beauties?

All things change with time and so has the deck chair -from her traditional version to several other varieties.

So let’s get rolling and find out about all the types of deck chairs.


Types Of Deck Chairs:

1. The Original Beauty:

BYER OF MAINE, Pangean Lounger, Durable Hardwood with Heavy Duty Polyester, Easy to Fold and Carry, Wooden Beach Chair, Camping Chair, Foldable Chair, Portable Chair, Pangean Furniture Line, Single

When deck chairs came into existence, they were simple yet effective. The first version of the deck chair had a wooden frame and a brightly colored canvas or cloth backrest and seat. The chair is generally folding. Now some types have metal frames. Deck chairs are portable and light. You can use this chair to add a quirky touch to your decor inside or outside the house by choosing canvas colors that pop.

There are several variations of the classic deck chair. You can even get a photo printed on the canvas of the chair to capture a memory!

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2. The Double Deck Chair:

Two in one is the new black!

Why sit apart and face trouble continuing a conversation when you have this? It accommodates two people at once on the same chair as it is very wide. Bond with your loved ones by sharing a chair. If you want to give your space a fun look and a contemporary touch, go for this chair.

It’s modern and eye-catching and also cool to use. The double-deck feature is available in most kinds of chairs. For instance, double hammock chairs or double rocking chairs.

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3. Adirondack Chair:

Lifetime Faux Wood Adirondack Chair, Brown - 60064

Adi- what now? This chair is named after the Adirondack mountains and is comfort incarnate. Wide arms, a high, angled back and an angled seat, what more can you ask? Traditional Adirondack chairs are wooden but now the same design is available in a variety of materials.

The classic design is standard but instead of getting actual wood, you can get simulated wood (faux wood). With faux wood, you won’t encounter problems like rot or splinters. You won’t even have to polish it after intervals. Some Adirondack chairs come with an ottoman which is detachable.

The ottoman itself can serve as an extra seat. These faux wood chairs are very low maintenance and you can easily get them online. If you are buying actual wood, get chairs that have a quality finish. There is a good price range available for Adirondack chairs and you are sure to find something which fits into your budget.

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4. Outdoor Lounge Chair:

Christopher Knight Home 294919 Lakeport Outdoor Adjustable Chaise Lounge Chair (Set of 2)

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Aka the chaise lounge chair. If you’re the human version of a cat and love stretching, this chair is a godsend.
This long chair provides support to your whole body and allows a great deal of reclining. It’s steep angled back and armrests (in most cases) permit naps and laziness.

You can doze off or read a book or even get that tan you’ve always wanted. Chaise lounges are available in a host of materials and sizes. You will want to place them 3 feet apart on your patio to avoid congestion.

Feel free to add a personal touch by placing cushions, side tables or plants around your chair. Lounge chairs are ideal around pools but they can be placed in any outdoor space. You can even add a cotton canopy to get those exotic feel *winks*.

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5. Rocking Deck Chairs:

POLYWOOD R100BL Presidential Rocking Chair, Black

A crossover between a swing and a chair.

Chairs are so great but sometimes the heat or sitting still gets to you. Rocking chairs give you some much-needed movement and you feel the breeze wafting. It’s a great choice for people with back pain and increases blood flow in the body.

But buy a rocking chair that has a smooth to-and-fro momentum as well as a sturdy frame. You’ll be amazed at the types of rocking chairs available- cushioned, wooden, metal, low back, double, etc. Sit back and rock as you watch the world unfold.

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6. Swivel Chairs:

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Computer Desk Chair - Black with Pewter Finish, BIFMA Certified

Just like rocking chairs, these will give you some movement. Moreover, you’ll be able to converse with multiple people by turning and twisting as you please. Another advantage is that they fit everywhere. You may secretly go round and round on the chair when you’re alone because let’s admit it- it’s fun!

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7. Outdoor Club Chairs:

N&V Patio Outdoor Furniture Sets (3 Pieces) Wicker Chairs with Glass Coffee Table Pillows & Cushions Outdoor Indoor Use Porch Backyard Garden

These chairs give you bear hugs.

They’re very well padded or cushioned and are bigger in size. Outdoor club chairs are very similar to indoor chairs. However, you might want to buy UV resistant cushions (solution-dyed acrylic fabrics) to prevent bleaching. This hack is applicable to any upholstery going outdoors to increase durability.

A lot of club chairs are available in sets of two or more and that is a good option. Sets will provide uniformity to your patio. Club chairs are great for hosting people.

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8. Hammock Chairs:

Y- STOP Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing - Max 320 Lbs - 2 Seat Cushions Included - Quality Cotton Weave for Superior Comfort & Durability (Beige)

Hands down the best. If you don’t like lazing around in a hammock all day, something is wrong with you. They’re the snuggest and homely. The only requirement is a hook to hang the chair. Some hammock chairs even come with a hanging frame or a hanging kit.

Hammock chairs are becoming popular as they’re affordable and allow movement. If your hammock chair is light, you can take it with you when you travel. They’re ideal for some me-time as you read or sip some coffee.

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9. Patio Dining Chairs:

Modern Dining Chairs (Set of 4) by UrbanMod, White Chairs, Kid-Friendly Birch Chairs, Stackable Modern Chair, Mid Century Dining Chair

Many people have tables on their patios to host brunches or dinners. You’ve got patio dining chairs for these tables. Most times the patio dining furniture comes in a set but if you want an eclectic look, you can buy the table and chairs separately.

If you’re going to do so, make sure that the chair size is in proportion to the table. To make them more comfortable, add cushions. Cute patio dining sets enhance the ambiance of the setting.

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10. Patio Bar Stools:

Christopher Knight Home Stewart Outdoor Bar Stool, Set of 2, Brown

If you’re one of those lucky humans who have a bar in their patio, I’m jealous.

If you’ve got a bar, you absolutely need bar stools. They add to the aesthetic and are also practical because they help people reach the bar counter. Bar stools are very tall and hence look stylish. They also take up minimum space. They’re the Tyra Banks of chairs.

Just make a careful consideration before buying them because the low backed ones look pretty but are uncomfortable and risky. Also, ensure that the build is sturdy- we don’t want people falling off heights.

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11. Teardrop Chairs:

Modway EEI-2657-GRY-WHI-SET Abate Wicker Rattan Outdoor Patio with Hanging Steel Chain, Swing Chair Without Stand, White

Absolutely gigantic.

While they’re the coziest of the lot, teardrop chairs are very, very big. So get them only if your patio can accommodate them. They can’t be moved very easily and should have a fixed place.

The bonus of these is that they make a good bubble for private conversation, especially if tucked away in a corner. They’re majestic as well as elegant…

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How Can You Be Space Effective?

First of all, measure. Whenever you go out to buy outdoor furniture, measure your deck! Now take the tape measure and put it in your pocket. Go to the shop and measure the chair before buying it.

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Foldable Chairs:

A common problem with patio furniture is storage. What to do when you want to clear the space or when the weather is harsh? To avoid this you might want to purchase chairs that are foldable. These are compact when folded and can be stored easily.

The domino fall is common with foldable chairs- if one chair falls, the others will follow suit. The original deck chairs were foldable but lounge chairs or club chairs aren’t.

Stacking Chairs:

Similarly stacking chairs are an option. You can put them on top of each other and tuck them into a corner. They’ll become a vertical column of chairs and are easy to carry. Get stacking chairs that are light to carry. A benefit of these is that the domino toppling effect won’t take place here. Patio dining chairs are generally stackable.

How Can You Make Your Seating More Comfortable?

Adjustable Chairs:

Chairs are like pants- the same one can’t fit everybody. In order to make everyone’s experience comfortable, get adjustable chairs. You can tweak the recline as per your requirement and so can everyone else.

Cushioned Chairs:

Similarly, adding cushions is desirable. You can get chairs that are already cushioned or buy separate cushions online. A minor issue with buying cushions online is that they don’t fit the chair they’re purchased for. So maybe go and buy them in person. Not only will cushions add a pop of color, but they’ll also protect your chair from heat, especially if they’re metal chairs.

Chairs with Footrests:

Adding footrests is also a good idea. Many chairs come with attached footrests which can be removed when not needed. You can prop up your feet and relax but you can also stow away the footrest when not needed.

How To Make Your Decor Unique?

Chairs With Wheels:

Homy Casa Swivel Desk Chair Task Chair Scandinavian Computer Chair Height Adjustable Upholstered Velvet Fabric Seat with 360 Degree Castor Wheels (Green)

It’s normal to get fed up with the same decor after a while and you might feel like switching things up a bit. If you’re fond of redecorating or changing things, get chairs with wheels. They’ll allow easy rearranging without scratching your floor.


You may also want to get sets of chairs and tables or mix and match your furniture. While sets provide symmetry and uniformity, mixing your furniture looks quite funky.

Vintage chairs:

If your taste is retro-chic, get vintage deck chairs. The aesthetic is unreal! But while buying vintage furniture, you must check its sturdiness. An alternative would be getting furniture that looks vintage but isn’t actually vintage. For instance, wicker chairs look beautiful but can’t stand moisture and are high maintenance. So instead of getting actual wicker chairs, you could get wicker style chairs. They look exactly like wicker but are made of stronger materials. You get the aesthetic as well as the durability.

Deck Chair DIY:

If you’re artsy and like making your own stuff (like Phoebe Buffay), you can make your own deck chairs. Not only will it be s fun activity, but it will also be cost-effective.

Take patio club chairs as an example. You can get your lumber and cut the boards as per the chair measurements you want. Watch a tutorial or refer to ideal board sizes before you begin. Your boards must be cut evenly. Saw them yourself or get them done at a home improvement shop. Sand it for an even surface.

Get some long deck screws and a partner to assemble the chair. Paint/polish the wood as per your taste and add cushions. If you plan the project well, you should be done under $100.

Now let’s move on to some maintenance and buying tips for our lovely deck chairs:

Maintenance and Buying Tips For Deck Chairs:

Metal Chairs:

  • Ensure that metal chairs are coated/powdered to be rustproof and weather resistant before buying them.
  • If your chairs are made of metal, leave them under a roof or an overhang when you aren’t using them. Patio umbrellas are also an option. Metal (as we all know) gets super hot in the sun and we wouldn’t want your tushie getting torched.
  • If you live in an area with a windy climate, avoid buying aluminum because the winds will send your chairs helter-skelter. Go for cast or wrought iron for strong winds
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Wooden Chairs:

  • The same is applicable to wooden chairs because they crack in the heat. Be kind and keep them in the shade.
  • For all the wooden furniture fans out there- teak is the way to go! Teak is one of the most suitable woods for outdoor furniture as it’s rot-resistant and won’t swell. You might have to oil it once a year though. Other options are cedar, acacia, and redwood.
  • Whenever you buy any wooden furniture, make sure that it’s sustainable forested wood. Being eco-friendly is a must.
  • Don’t place softwood furniture on the grass. Exposure to moisture will cause rot.
  • Also, ensure that your wood has a solid bacterial and fungal resistance.
  • Don’t buy wooden furniture which has been put together using glue or staples.

Wicker Chairs:

  • Buy wicker chairs only if you live in mild climate conditions or if you have time to maintain them. Wicker cannot withstand harsh weather and damages easily. It requires protection and care.

The Fabric on Chairs:

  • For chairs that are upholstered or have a fabric backrest, make sure the cloth is easy to clean and doesn’t stick to the skin (such as Textilene). Stains and spills can ruin the visual effects of any patio, lawn, balcony or open space. And nobody wants fabric sticking to them in the heat. Ugh.
  • You can always make your own cushions.  But use outdoor fabric which is mildew resistant.
  • Changing cushions is a great way to update your furniture.

Strength and Support:

  • For your reclining chairs, a mesh is a good option. It provides support and permits movement.
  • Many chairs provide lumbar support (they have an ergonomic design) while others are bad for posture. Choose chairs that are good for your spine.
  • Check the weight capacity of each deck chair before buying or it could break under you, causing serious injury.
  • High-quality plastic is an ideal material for harsh climates or heavy weights because it is strong and reliable. It can face up to tough weather and won’t crack in the heat.
  • Similarly, buy Hammock chairs that have strong chords to avoid breakage.


  • While buying sets, check whether they are easy to assemble. No one wants to be surrounded by a pile of furniture parts.
  • If your patio does not have shade then get UV resistant furniture.
  • Get chair covers and utilize them when the chairs aren’t in use.
  • You may even place your furniture on an all-weather rug.
  • Buy chairs after considering the age groups of your family members. If you’ve got children or senior citizens in your household, bar stools would not be practical. Lounges or club chairs might be a much better choice. Older people might prefer chairs that provide full support.
  • You will get the best prices as fall approaches towards the end of July.

So that was the deck chair guide! We all know that furniture is expensive and hence you must choose wisely before investing. Don’t cheap out because it will end up costing you more later.

Consider the requirements of your space while buying a deck chair. It might look great in the showroom or online but what if it doesn’t gel with your patio/balcony/lawn? There are so many aspects to consider- aesthetic, comfort, size, material, etc.

I hope you do a holistic overview before you purchase your chairs. So go ahead and deck your patios! (pun intended)

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