17 Different Types of Closet Doors

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Let’s say you have remodeled your entire house. Everything else in your home is shiny, perfect, and visually appealing. Now, you can’t let your closet be as it was. It will lack in terms of aesthetics, functionality, purpose, and value. You need to know the types of closet doors to install and elevate the entire look of your home. 

If you don’t get to know about the types of closet doors available in the market, then there are chances you might end up selecting the wrong one. If that happens, your closet will lose all its value and on top of that, it will look hideous. Choosing the right type of closet door will benefit you in the long haul. 


17 Different Types of Closet Doors

Below is a list of the best closet door options we have compiled for you to go over and select from. 

1. Accordion Closet Door

Accordion doors are extremely functional and are quickly gaining popularity in cabins, apartments, and compact-spaced homes. They have a unique ability to fold. You can call them portable walls. If you don’t want a traditional closer door, then accordion doors are the best option for you. 

They are multipurpose and can be used as a kitchen or pantry door as well. They are known as space-savers and they come in four materials: fiberglass, aluminum, wood, and steel. 

Compact and saves space Can be expensive 
They are safe and secure as they come with a locking systemWhen they aren’t installed properly, it can lead to privacy issues 
They require little to no maintenance You need to call a professional to install the door 

2. Bypass Closet Door

Bypass closet doors are also known as sliding closet doors. They come in many materials like wood, glass, and aluminum. They smoothly slide on a roller track from one side to another without the use of hinges. They are made of two or more door panels.

You can customize them based on your interior preferences. This type of closet door can be a little inconvenient as only one side of the closet has to access when the door is opened. You can’t have access to both sides of the closet at the same time. 

Lightweight and saves spacesNot so widely popular anymore
They are stylish and modernInconvenient access to the closet
Superior durability and functionalityCan’t fully use the center portion of the closet

3. Bifold Closet Door

Bifold closet doors are another option for those looking to save some space. They are innovative and are great for small spaces like the pantry and laundry room. Bifold doors are two paneled doors that are connected using a hinge.

They are convenient and you can have access to both sides of the closet at the same time. If you have a messy closet, then a bifold closet door will come to your rescue. 

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Very convenient to use and gives access to the full closet Can be expensive to buy and install 
Saves space and comes in many materialsWhen not properly installed, it can lead to a lot of problems while opening and closing the door
Versatile and easy to install They don’t have a threshold 

4. Bookcase Closet Door

Consider this. A bookshelf that opens as a closet door. How cool is that? That’s exactly the function of a bookcase closet door. It’s multifunctional and enhances the look of any bookworm’s room.

You can use the racks as bookshelves and the door will open as a bypass or bifold door. If you are looking for storage as well as closet ideas, then this is the best option for you. 

Pros Cons
Provides privacyVery heavy in nature
Keeps private items in the house out of sightIt damages the door over time and isn’t durable
Sturdy and you can store DVDs, puzzles, picture frames, and anything else that you wantWood begins to warp in the long run

5. Barn Closet Door

Barn doors are rustic and add a touch of vintage charm to your house. It can be installed anywhere in your home including the closet. It is generally made of wood or metal. They are placed on a sliding track and that’s how they slide. 

Trendy and timelessNot ideal for bedrooms 
They save space Require an extra wall to slide
Durable and acts as an additional interior decorCan be heavy and difficult to open 

6. Double Closet Door

They are traditional closet doors that are fixed on hinges and swing outward. They are two identical doors that come with separate knobs for each. Both can be opened at the same time but that will consume a lot of space. 

If you have a big room and space isn’t a problem for you, then a double closet door is the right choice. You can use any type of door lock such as knobs, latch locks, and even electronic locks.

They can be customized however you wantRequires a large space 
AffordableThe model is outdated
Sturdy, durable, and easy to installWood can chip can crack over time

7. French Closet Door

French closet doors are all about elegance and style. They are doubled doors that have hinges. They swing open outward and they can be customized by painting it or by installing a unique metallic hardware.

You will need a lot of space to install French closet doors. If you have a walk-in closet, then the French closet door will look nothing short of rich and classy. 

Has a grand look Not a great choice for small spaces
You can install it by yourselfVery expensive 

8. Glass Closet Door

Glass closet doors look so modern and sophisticated. You can opt for glass for bypass, double closet, or sliding doors. You can choose from many glass options as well. You can select frosted glass if you want minimal visibility as frosted glass has only 10-20% opacity. Whereas, a tinted glass makes a room look bright.

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Glass is easier to clean and maintain Very expensive 
Has modern aesthetics and reflects light beautifullyTakes a lot of time to clean 
You can select the color of the glass Glass closet doors need extra care 

9. Louvered Closet Door

Louvered closet doors are also known as shuttered closet doors. They have an attractive shutter design which enables air flow even when the door is shut. It serves the purpose of being functional and visually appealing. There are two options you can choose from: Half louvered and full louvered. 

They come as bifold closets where the door provides superior air flow. Because of ventilation, there are less chances of mold and mildew to form. They are perfect for utility and kitchen doors. 

Superior ventilation and airflow The ridges are very difficult to clean
Visually appealing and gives an impression of extra space in the room Need to call a professional for deep cleaning 
Prevents the birth of mildew and moldThey get stained easily with water

10. Mirrored Closet Door

You can upgrade most types of closet doors to mirrored closet doors. Full-size mirrors are installed on top of sliding or double closet doors. The mirror makes the room look bigger and brighter.

It’s very convenient to have a mirrored closet. You can directly look at the mirror when you are changing your clothes. It is multipurpose. You won’t have to buy a dressing mirror if you own a mirrored closet door.

Mirror’s sleekness adds to its aesthetic value May look outdated 
Convenient and functionalMirror can break
Makes the room look spaciousExpensive 

11. Pivot Closet Door

Pivot closet doors come without the hassle of door knobs and jambs. Even though they are not the most traditional type of closet door, people still opt for it because they look very royal. They swing inward and outward. 

If you have a spacious room, then pivot doors are your best option. They don’t have hinges. There is a spindle mounted on the top and bottom of the door which helps the door swing smoothly. This is how the door opens fully and you can have access to the entire closet.

They are customizable May not be as air tight as doors with hinges 
No noise when you open the closet door They are prone to warping 
Can swing in, out, or both ways Very expensive 

12. Pocket Closet Door

Pocket closet doors are sliding doors which vanish when they are closed. They add an extra interior design element to your bedroom. They are innovative, save space, and are perfect for small rooms. When you slide the door open or when you close the door, they slide into the hidden pockets of the unit. 

Great solution for small space Does not have any acoustic properties 
You can customize it in any color or texture They can fall off the track 
Affordable and easy to install Can be difficult to slide sometimes 
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13. Single Panel Closet Door

Single panel closet door is perfect for rooms with limited space. It’s a single closet door. It’s customizable and you can choose the color or material to match the interior of your room. It has only one door which swings outward when you open it.

Pros Cons
Inexpensive Very limited space 
Easy to install They lack safety features 
Easy to maintain and clean Expensive to repair 

14. Single Swinging Closet Door

Single swinging closet door has a simple swinging mechanism. It opens at a 90-degree angle. It comes with hinges fixed on top and bottom or just on the middle of the door.

They can swing in both directions and they are inexpensive. It is perfect for both small and big sized rooms. You can personalize them by selecting from a wide range of colors, materials, and finishes. 

Offers high security Space restrictions inside the closet  
Can be installed in big and small rooms They might look small in big rooms 

15. Synthetic Material Closet Door

PVC, acrylic, and vinyl material come under the broad term of synthetic material closet doors. The synthetic material can be installed in bifold, bypass, and sliding closet doors. They are lightweight, easy to maintain, and cost-effective. 

You can select the doors based on your likes. You can opt for acrylic doors to be glossy, patterned, or matte. If you want a shatterproof door, then acrylic is the best synthetic material to go for.

They come in various materials, designs, and patternsLacking in strength that a wooden door offers
Easy to maintain Can be easily broken in to 
Durable Can’t resist harsh environments 

16. Sliding Closet Door

Sliding closet doors is one of the classic and transitional closet doors. They are commonly seen in patios to divide the interior and exterior of a house. They bring beauty and aesthetics to every house.

They slide on a track located at the top and bottom of the closet. They have rollers on both sides which guarantees smooth gliding. You can customize it by adding a mirror to it. 

Pros Cons
Provides a sleek and contemporary lookOnly one side of the closet can be accessed at one time 
Gives an illusion of having a bigger room Difficult to clean and have to be handled carefully 
Saves spaceExpensive 

17. Wood Closet Door

Wood closet doors can be bifold, sliding, or pocket doors. Wooden closet doors are perfect for those who love vintage and rustic vibes. Sliding barn doors also come under the category of wooden closet doors.

Versatile and durable Needs regular cleaning 
Cheaper than other materials Prone to mold, mites, cracking, and chipping of wood
Comes in different patterns and styles Heavier than other materials 

All these unique types of closet doors will add a glamour quotient to your room. Let us know your favorite in the comments below.

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