31 Different Types Of Chains

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Chains have always been one of the most popular accessories worn by people. Each of us has our own style and this is reflected even in the type of chain you choose to wear.

Chains can be of various types. There are simple ones, sleek, patterned or sparkling ones, or even textured, versatile ones. They can also come in different sizes, material and styles. Some chains are classic while others may be flat, rounded or even twisted and customised.

It’s all about finding a chain that is unique to the individual’s style. So read on to find the many different types of chains!


31 Different Types Of Chains  

1. Link Chain 

Link Chain varieties

Needless to say, most chains are crafted using links of different materials. What sets apart the link chain is the fact that it lays its primary focus on the links themselves. These links can be of distinct shapes such as circle, triangle, square, oval, etc.

The weight and length of a link chain can be personalized to fit your style and the kind of texture you prefer. It can be styled with many different accessories or even on it’s own. The link chain has over time come to be worn even as a way of expressing yourself.

2. Rope Chain 

Rope Chain

This type of chain is unsurprisingly one of the most common chains that are worn by people all across the world. As the name suggests, the chain owes most of its charm to the rope-like shape it is built in.

Rope chains often give off a beautiful shine because of their twisted metal links that reflect light. It is quite strong and has great durability so it’s perfect for daily wear. What’s more! A rope chain can look great just by itself, even without a pendant.

3. Venetian Chain 

Also known as box chains, these types of chains are made using flattened-out round links. As the name indicates, this gives the links a square, box-like shape. It also adds greatly to the smooth and unique allure of the chain.

Venetian chain comes in different widths and lengths as well. Worn popularly by both men and women, the box chain is quite strong, stable, and durable. Moreover, it is easily repairable.

The natural element of this type of chain allows it to be styled in various ways with different accessories.

4. Cobra Chain 

Cobra Chain

The cobra chain comes under the broad category of chains that are flat in nature. The highlight point of this type of chain is its unique design.

Cobra chains can be seen having a zigzag kind of design that runs all along the centre of the chain. It is often mistaken for different types of link chains.

However, the cobra chain is quite special in the fact that its links are distinctly triangular in shape. These chains look best when they’re worn alone.

5. Curb Chain 

Curb Chain 

This is a basic yet classic design that continues to be popular over time. The links of a curb chain can vary in size as well as shape. They can be oval or round.

Based on the difference in the link size, the allure and texture of the chain also goes through changes. Although they may appear quite heavy on the outset, the curb chain can be made to fit the unique style of any individual.

It even looks great worn both ways, whether by itself or with a pendant.

6. Herringbone Chain 

The links of a herringbone chain are slanted and placed next to each other. This type of chain is quite modern in style. The bent in the middle of each of its metal segments is what gives it a herringbone design.

Worn by both men and women, the chain can go with a lot of different styles and outfits. Although it can be great by itself, the herringbone chain looks best when worn with a pendant. Its solid form makes it quite strong and durable too.

7. Cable Chain 

Made using oval shaped links in a symmetrical style, this type of chain is known to be quite popular. Cable chains are most often flat and can be of varying width. It is quite basic in style and has a timeless quality to it as it continues to be worn by many people.

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These chains are quite durable and can also be repaired easily if broken. Cable chain by itself can be plain. So it is often worn with a pendant and is a great everyday accessory.

8. Saturn Chain 

The Saturn chain is also known as station chain. It might come as a surprise to many of you that this type of chain is basically a curb, box or cable chain. However there is a unique feature that sets it apart from most other kind of chains.

As subtly indicated by its name, a saturn chain has beads that are placed in between the links at even spaces. While it looks great when worn by itself, the station chain is a great choice for layering style. 

9. Barleycorn Chain

As the name so obviously suggests, each link of this type of chain is shaped in a unique way. With one of its ends tapered and the other end rounded, the link looks just like a barley grain.

The chain made from a series of such links, has a distinctly beautiful profile. The simplicity of the design is compensated for by the versatile nature of the Barleycorn chain. This kind of chain tends not to be worn alone, rather it looks best with a pendant or even when layered.

10. Spiga Chain 

The Spiga chain is also commonly called a wheat chain. The oval links of this chain are braided together to look like wheat stalks, in a rope-like natural design. This type of chain has a lot of texture to it and its sturdiness makes it all the more durable.

While it would look great with a pendant, wheat chains look the most stunning when it is worn as a single piece statement. But you gotta be careful with a Spiga chain because it can be difficult to repair if broken!

11. Foxtail Chain 

Foxtail chains are often easily mistaken for Spiga/wheat chains. However there are some minute details that distinguish the two. Unlike wheat chains, the edge of foxtail chains are rather squared and the links are also set at auch different angle.

One of the most unique features of this flat chain is that its top and bottom are wider, while it is thinner on both the sides. Foxtail chains look the most stunning when worn as a single statement piece.

12. Omega Chain 

This type of chain is one of the most stylish ones out there. Popularly worn as a choker, the connected metal links of an omega chain are well flattened. This makes it look quite similar to a herringbone chain.

Omega chains can come up to a length of 20 inches. While it looks the best when worn alone by itself, the chain can also go well with some styles of pendants.

13. Filigree Chain 

The Filigree chain is another one of the lesser known types of chain. It is crafted using links that are either oval or marquise shaped. The simple yet unique profile of the Filigree chain gives it a more feminine quality although it can be worn by both men and women alike.

The lace like yet ornate features of this chain makes it quite the eye-catching piece of accessory. The Filigree chain looks great both by itself or even if it’s layered in style.

14. Margarita Chain 

The links used to make a Margarita chain, is uniquely shaped in the form of a rectangle. These metal segments are linked together widthwise and then placed into a twisted row. This gives the chain a textured profile and an incredibly sparkling look.

Owing to its unique design and style, margarita chains are the kind of accessory that stands out. While you can look great wearing it alone, this chain can also be layered with other pieces.

15. Scroll Chain 

The scroll chain is also known as snail chain. As subtly suggested by the name, the most unique feature of a scroll chain is its distinct links and their pattern of arrangement.

These links are crafted using two spiralling wires that are twisted and intertwined with one another. The chain lies flat and comfortable with the beautiful pattern made by its series of links.

Scroll chains are available in different weights and thinness. Based on this, it can be layered with other accessories or even worn alone.

16. Figaro Chain 

The Figaro chain is a textured accessory and is quite contemporary in style. With its origin in Italy, the chain is considered a classic piece of jewelry, all across the world. What sets it apart from other kinds of chains is the unique design of its links.

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This simple chain is often crafted using 2-5 round links and then an oval link, in that consequent order. Although it’s quite strong, the chain is  prone to breaking but not hard to repair.

The Figaro chain is bold enough to be worn by itself but can also look stunning with a pendant.

17. Panther Chain 

The links used to craft a panther chain are almost always rectangular in shape. What stands out in this type of chain is its unique pattern which is like that of a brick.

The panther chain can be described to have a quite bold profile with the links that are stacked in rows of three or more. While it comes in different sizes, depending on this same factor, a panther chain can look like a mesh.

Panther chain looks best when worn by itself.

18. San Marco Chain 

This type of chain is not quite known to many people. Ironically though, the San Marco chain is quite unique with its distinct features and can easily be identified. The individual links of this chain are oval in shape and a pin connects them all together.

Though this kind of chain might look heavy, it is in fact quite comfortable to wear. The classic look of the San Marco chain makes you stand out especially when it is worn alone.

19. Bar Chain 

This is one of the most popular types of chains used by people. It is also known as bar and link chains mainly owing to its appearance based on the arrangement of links.

This kind of chain uses two types of links that may be plain or ornate. One which is shaped like a bar and the other which is oval shaped. These links are alternatively placed in a patterned form, giving it great texture.

While bar chains look great when worn alone, they also go well with layered style since they have a thin profile.

20. Serpentine Chain 

As the name might suggest, the serpentine type of chain stands out for its distinctively shaped links. These links that are in the shape of an ‘s’, makes the chain one of the most unique kinds, as well as quite easily recognizable.

The parallel design in which these links are layered, adds to the charm of the accessory. Owing to its thin profile, the serpentine chain looks great whether it’s worn alone or layered in style.

21. Mesh Chain 

Nesh chains can come in two forms. They can be either the rounded or the flat type. To a great extent it also depends on what method is used to craft the chain.

The most unique feature of a mesh chain is its incredible fluidity. This is mostly owing to the really fine metal wire that is interwoven together to make the chain.

While there are people who layer it or style it with other accessories, mesh chains look best when worn alone.

22. Infinity Chain 

The infinity chain is also known as Figure of Eight chain owing to the unique shape of the links used to craft this chain. Although it is a bit similar to a Figaro chain, there are many differences between the both.

Oval links are twisted a bit like a curb, and they are connected to links that are bend into the figure of eight. The design of these links when placed alternately, adds to the charm of the accessory.

23. Byzantine Chain 

Also known as king’s braid, idiot’s delight and birdcage, the design of a Byzantine chain can be  quite complex and elaborate. The links used to craft this chain are mostly either round or oval in shape. These links are interwoven in a multidimensional manner giving it a textured look.

This pattern of the Byzantine chain, sets it far apart from that of almost all other types of chain. Although it is quite durable because of its sturdiness, you might need a jeweler’s help if it breaks.

The Byzantine chain is meant to be worn alone as it is not designed to go well with a pendant.

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24. Belcher Chain 

More popularly known as rolo chain, this type of chain can look similar to a cable chain. It is made from interlocking symmetrically shaped round links in an alternating sequential order.

This unique design makes the rolo chain stand out in beauty and appearance. It is quite strong and is also available in different lengths. While the Belcher chain can be worn to fit distinct styles, it is particularly great for layering.

25. Singapore Chain 

From the outset, this chain may look like the twisted form of a curb chain. In this type of chain however, the links are twisted, braided and connected to one another. The simple design and incredible fluidity of the chain has made it quite the popular choice as an everyday accessory.

Although it is lightweight, the Singapore chain is strong and has great durability. It is quite comfortable to wear and looks great however it is adorned.

26. Anchor Chain 

More popularly known as mariner chain, this type of chain is mostly crafted using oval links. The unique feature is the bar that runs through the centre of the links. As the name suggests, the design of mariner chains are inspired by the nautical elements.

The anchor chain is quite strong and it can also come in different widths. This might be the right choice for you if you’re someone who loves the ocean and beach. Worn by both men and women alike, mariner chains look best when worn alone.

27. Snake Chain 

In many types of chains it can be noticed that the links are often intertwined with one another. What sets apart the snake chain is its round links that are placed next to one another and crafted to be smooth against the skin.

The chain is called so because of the flexible movement allowed by its smoothness, like that of a snake. The links of this chain are connected using small plates, bands or rings. This gives it a sleek yet sturdy look. The snake chain looks stunning whether it’s worn alone or with a pendant.

28. Ball Chain 

The ball chain is also widely known as the beaded chain. It can be made in two ways. One is to craft the chain entirely by linking the small beads next to one another. The other way is to place them on a smooth, plain line, either close to one another or in even spaces.

Mostly made from materials like silver, steel, etc, the beads of a ball chain can vary in size. There are different opinions regarding how the ball chain must be worn. Generally however, it looks great in every style.

29. Tinsel Chain 

Also known as a nugget chain, the tinsel chain has a distinct sparkling look to it. The links of this chain are uniquely shaped in a dimensional style.

The profile of a tinsel chain is more on the lightweight side. For this reason, it can look great when paired with the right choice of pendant. It can even be worn with other accessories and also looks great when layered in style.

30. Popcorn Chain 

The type of chain is quite unknown to a lot of people. With a distinctly unique design, the popcorn chain is incredibly textured. This chain is very fluid by nature with its flat round links that are twisted into a tubular design.

One of the best perks of the popcorn chain is that it looks thick with regard to its profile. However, this kind of chain is in fact quite the lightweight accessory that can be worn comfortably.

31. Crinkle Chain

This type of chain is also known as peanut chain. As the name quite directly suggests, the chain is named so because of the shape of its links. Bend into a wavy outline that is similar to that of a peanut, the crinkle chain has a charming look to it.

Peanut chains are more on the lighter side both in appearance as well as in weight. It radiates a look of delicateness when worn alone. But can look just as stunning when layered.

Knowing the different types of chain available, can give you multiple options to buy from. Many of these are classic and timeless in nature. There will always be one that is just the fit for any individual’s style!

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