18 Types of Cabinet Making Tools

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Cabinets are not only a necessity in the times of today but also an adornment. Beautiful and designer cabinets are a new fad. They take inspiration from the events in history or from different cultures in various parts of the world. They are truly multipurpose and look good while doing their job.

Ever wonder what it would take for you to build your own cabinet, apart from the knowledge of the procedure and hard work?

So here is the description of the various tools which you can use to build those “on-point” cabinets according to your state.


18 Types of Cabinet Making Tools

1. Jigsaw


A jigsaw is a common tool that is a staple to the tool kit. It is not only easily available in any store but most easily recognizable as well. It is a tool helpful in almost all kinds of constructions and also in the building of cabinets.

A jigsaw will help you efficiently cut across various kinds of woods and fibers as well with the help of its various types and sub-types. The specialty of this equipment is that it helps you maintain that similarity and equality among all its works.

Some specific jigsaws have the feature of speed adjustment. This further enhances its ability to work on different kinds of materials and, hence, produce different styles of cuts. All you have to do is change the blade which can be easily done.

A cordless jigsaw is also available in the market today which makes the whole process even more hassle-free. You need not have to worry about tripping over the cord or cutting it. It also becomes very mobile and you can take it to the location as well when needed. Another huge advantage is that the positioning of the jigsaw can be done in any manner you please without worrying about the location of the plug and the length of the wire which usually impair the movement of the device.

A normal jigsaw usually costs between 30$-80$ and a wireless one costs between 50$-120$.

2. Router


A router is basically the equipment you would be needing to make straight edges, grooves in the doors of the cabinet and well as making incisions needed for joining the boards while assembling the said cabinet.

This equipment can be defined as a hand power tool used to hollow out a hard material like wood. One can also use a router table, to which the router is attached if it feels too heavy and tiring to carry a router around by hand.

A router is an absolute essential in the cabinet making process. It can definitely be a called a high-quality tool that is there to make your job a lot simpler which if done using other more complex tools, would be very chaotic. Hence, even though a router is additional equipment it can make your job so much simpler!

There are different types of routers available in the market, some specifically for making of cabinets like the table router. Hence, for making your experience of building a cabinet a pleasant one, it is highly recommendable to get your hands on a router of your choice as quickly as you can!

A normal good quality router can cost anywhere between 80$-200$. A table router, on the other hand, is usually priced around 200$.

3. Table Saw

Apart from the jigsaw, another kind of “saw” you would require would be the table saw. It is the most basic of the tools that you would require for cutting the wooden planks for the cabinet.

It is definitely an essential tool that saves hours of time and lets you get the job done with absolute precision especially when you are not just building a single cabinet.

One of the major advantages of this tool is that it is mostly portable and has minimum complications making the job much simpler to do and understand. In fact, some table saws come with stands that further enhance the effectivity of this tool.

Some fence rails are very compatible and will definitely help you in adjusting the level of the table saw as per your requirement.

If one is really looking forward to minimum occupancy of time with the task of cabinet building and wants to make this activity as fun and hassle-free as possible, a table saw is going to be of maximum help to them.

4. Random Orbital Sander

Sanding is one of the most basic procedures of any kind of construction involving wood. It is traditionally the act of smoothening or polishing a surface with sandpaper but with the advent of technology, random orbital sanders are now being widely used to do the same job.

It is also possible to get the same job done using sandpaper or a sanding block, but the process will be much smoother and quicker when a sander is used instead.

The best part about this equipment is its handiness. All you need to do is hold it down and move it over the pice of wooden plank you need polished to give your cabinet a smooth and polished look. Any mistakes, if made, can also be easily corrected using a sander.

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It is again recommended to use a sander that has an aged hand grip and is light-weight so as to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency while saving your energy.

5. Clamps

Clamps are a small but powerful tool that can prove to be the most necessary in your cabinet making endeavor. It is like the paper clip that holds all the loose papers together, the difference being that a clamp holds the wood in place while you use various other tools on that piece of wood like the router or the jigsaw or the chisels.

A clamp is more of an accessory that makes working with all the other devices extremely easy. Without this equipment, it is highly possible that one may find every other activity to be chaotic and haphazard.

It is definitely a cost-effective product that is going to make your job a lot easier. Some claps also have a drilling guide that proves to be quite helpful. All you need to drop is make sure that the clamp you decide upon is notably cost-effective but also durable. A good way to ensure that is to read up on the reviews online to make sure that the product is what it claims to be.

A good quality clamp is usually available in the range of 30$-50$.

6. Power Drill

A power drill is a tool that can be used for a multitude of purposes even on a daily basis. Right from fixing a nail in the wall to building a whole cabinet, a power drill is a quintessential tool needed in all.

In fact, a power drill or a drill, in general, maybe the most well-known and most easily available of all tools. Many households already have one in their general tool kits. Various attachments of the drill can be used to complete the small but very important steps in the process of cabinet-making like attaching the hinges to the doors of the cabinet.

It is recommended to use a power drill that has a good grip and is lightweight as it gives better aim and easy handling in comparison to the heavy ones. Also, you wouldn’t be as taxed by the end of the whole process and will be able to get done the most in the least amount of time.

Another advantage of a lightweight power drill is that it is cordless and charges really quickly.

7. Hinge Jig

Blum M31.1000 Eco Drill Hinge Jig with Bit & Driver, Heavy Duty

A hinge jig is a small but necessary tool as it helps to install the hinges on the cabinet doors. It is a device that can not be used all alone and needs to be paired with a power drill which is mentioned above.

To complete the work on your cabinet doors as quickly and as accurately as possible, use this tool.

Most hinge jigs work with all types of drills but still make sure that you buy a hinge jig that can be used with all types of drills to avoid hassles. This Hinge Jig from Blum definitely works with all types of drills.

8. Scraper Plane

Taytools 468327#80 Cabinet Scraper Plane, Ductile Cast Iron Body, 2-3/4 Inch Wide Blade, Blade Hardness 48-51 HRC

With a scraper plane, you are bound to save time and make pretty cabinets. It can almost be seen as the little sander and allows you to correct the very small mistakes or even out the wood in places otherwise inaccessible.

But it is not just a sander. It is also used in designing and as the finisher in the whole process. You can use this equipment to make your finished product as perfect as you had imagined. Therefore, it is definitely a piece of equipment that you would want to add to your toolbox.

It is smart to choose a scraper plane that is adjustable according to the curvature of the surface one intends to use it on. Also, even if you have to pay a little more, make sure to get one that is made of iron and not any other material. Iron is very durable in the long run and is easier to adjust. It does not break easily and is hard enough to get the work done effectively.

9. Thin Kerf Dado Set

DEWALT DW7670 8-Inch 24-Tooth Stacked Dado Set


As funny as the name sounds, this tool is actually quite useful and definitely a one that you should seriously think about adding to your tools kit.

One thing that differentiates cabinet making from all other types of woodworks is that it requires higher precision and dexterity. Even the difference of a quarter of an inch can cause many problems in all the future leveling and conjoining.

But what are kerfs? Kerfs are basically the slits made when the wood is cut with a saw. These slits are extremely necessary for the conjoint of cabinets doors, planks and also for designing the doors and drawers of the cabinet.

A good Dado blade set will help you achieve all the above with maximum precision and the least amount of work. The different widths of the variety of blades would help you increase the stability of your construction as well.

It is definitely smarter to choose a set that has blades made of steel to ensure their longevity and have many shapes and sixes available that you can use for a variety of purposes.

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10. Magnetic Drawer Slide Mounting Jig

Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig

One of the most complicated and strenuous jobs in the process of cabinet making is attaching and loading those drawers. It is not only physically demanding but also requires a lot of precision. You need to hold so many tools at once that it feels like only a person with three or four hands would be able to get the job done.

A magnetic drawer slide mounting jig comes handy in these scenarios. What the drawer slide mounting tool does is that it holds down the metal slide of the drawer so you can drill the screw in easily and accurately and finally get the drawer in. Once you have the drawer in place you can simply pull the mounting tool away.


11. Woodworking Chisels

Woodworking Chisels are highly useful when you want to get in the detailed work which may be a complex or simple design or when you simply want to finish off your job with perfection.

A good set of chisels will make your job much easier and satisfying. These come in handy especially when you need to chisel areas that are very minute or small. You can increase the ornateness of your cabinet with the help of this tool.

When buying a set of chisels, makes sure that you buy a few with a range of sizes so that you can effectively create various designs according to your plans. It is recommendable tight the chisel blades be made of steel so they last long.

Another obvious advantage of these chisels and most of the tools listed here is that they can be used for all kinds of constructions involving wood and not just in cabinet making.

A good set of woodworking chisels will cost anywhere between $30 to $80.

12. Scribe

2 Pack Tungsten Carbide Scriber with Magnet - Aluminum Etching Engraving Pen with Clip for Glass/Ceramics/Hardened Steel by Fabcell

Another tool that you may want to give serious thought to if you want your cabinet making the process a smooth one is the scribe. A Scribe allows you to mark the measurements and designs on the wood and other materials you may be using so that you have clear synchrony between what you had imagined and what you execute.

You can also make sure that no mistakes are made in your theoretical calculations as you will clearly be able to see if you have miscalculated the position of a wall or the height of a platform. It is not uncommon to see people confuse inches with feet which can be disastrous.

Scribes are usually made of iron or steel and have a sharp pencil-like point to make the marks or patterns on the wood. Some Scribes also come with compass-like devices that you can use to make geometric designs and mark curvatures with relative ease.

13. Hammer and Mallet

A hammer and mallet may seem to be brute-force tools but can actually be used quite effectively in the process of cabinet-making. There are many types of cabinets that one can construct with. It is recommended that you choose the one that you are comfortable with and the one that suits your purpose.

Different types of hammers that can be used in the cabinet making process are listed as follows:

1. Conventional Claw Hammer: It is the old wooden-handled hammer that many of us have seen in our grandfather’s or father’s toolboxes. It is used regularly to drive in or pull out nails from walls or furniture and sometimes is used to correct the leveling of steel furniture. It can be bought according to your weight preferences as the hammer comes in different categories of head weights.

2. White Rubber Mallets: Rubber is the most preferred surface for using it on wood as it does a good job without damaging the wood.

3. Cross Peen Hammers: These have a solid wedge at one end instead of a two-pronged fork, which is usually seen in a claw hammer. These are usually best fitted for including metal parts as they are properly and precisely balanced.

4. Wooden Mallet: These are those kinds of mallets that have been used since time immemorial and get the job done very effectively. The wooden mallet can be used without much thought in the cabinet making process and easily drives in chisels.

An important thing to keep in mind is the weight of the hammer you purchase as the force that you have to use depends upon your strength as well as the weight of the hammer. Hence, for maximum efficiency and minimum damage, it is recommended that the hammer be chosen while keeping in mind the weight of the wood and the mallet.

14. The Workbench

Seville Classics (UHD20247B) UltraHD Lighted Workbench (48L x 24W x 65.5H Inches) Stainless Steel

A Workbench is an absolute necessity in your garage and one of the predispositions for doing any woodwork for that matter. It is a myth that a workbench is just a replacement to the table. It is most definitely not. A workbench provides you with the stability that you need and the size that you would require for the construction of various parts like the doors or the drawers or the side planks.

It is also a myth that a table can be used instead of a workbench. Doing so will not only make your work shabby and complicated but can also prove to be dangerous as the table would be unstable and can lead to injuries.

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There are different types of Workbenches, some are portable whereas some are fixed. You also do not have to worry about the size being too big or too small as you can choose that according to your garage size and according to the furniture you are planning on making.

If you are working on something big, you can get a double-sided one so that you can have someone work with you as well. You can also get a workbench with some amount of storage. Having that will help you make sure that you do not push the materials you are working within the far deep end where it may all get piled up and then create chaos.

Instead, you can use the said storage to neatly arrange all your other tools and have them within arms reach at the same time. This would ensure minimum disturbances and maximum efficiency.

15. Coping Sled

Fulton Rail Guide Coping Sled PRO For Cutting Profiles Into The End Grain Of Your Stock | Ideal for Cutting Precise Clean Joints for Cabinet Door and Drawer Fronts

To make the most accurate use of a router, you need to get a coping sled. To make the best cabinets, you need to be as precise as possible and it is the coping sled that helps you get there. Coping sled in a sense, enhance the work of a router and thus, help you get better cabinets at little extra cost.

Some of the parts of the cabinet are really difficult to make in precision, so the coping sled is at your rescue to get there with ease. It does so by helping you to get better control at the cuts.

The coping sled is very flexible as you can adjust it to use with various table saws and routers. You do not need different sleds with different routers and table saws. So if you want to make your work smooth along with getting cabinets carved better, then you must consider getting this tool. Or else you may skip it.

16. The Level

Another important tool, not just in cabinet making but also in carpentry and mostly all other types of constructions is the Level. It is an essential tool not only in terms of the precision one would strive to achieve but also the safety component in terms of durability and strength of the cabinet that can be assured with the help of this tool.

A level can come in many sizes like 48″, 8″ and 6 ft. For the purpose of cabinet making, you would need to be using either a 48″ one or an 8″ scale. A 6ft level is usually used for the purpose of constructions alone. Plumb refers to the vertical level of the cabinet whereas the and level simply to the horizontal one.

When the bubble is between the two lines, it indicates that your cabinet is properly leveled. You can get one with either brass edges or wood edges, as both work effectively well.

Buy level.

17. The Layout Square

Swanson Tool S0101CB Speed Square Layout Tool with Blue Book and Combination Square Value Pack

A tool of utmost importance to ensure the correctness of one’s measurements and the construction that follows henceforth. It is also commonly known as the combination square and for woodworking the 6″ is usually recommended as it is comfortably mobile as well.

Calling this tool a “square” is actually a misnomer as in reality, it is a triangle with which you can make square cuts. With the layout square, you would also be able to measure angles around the edges or various other cuts.

It is advisable to buy a metal one as they are far more durable and accurate than plastics ones. But majorly, they are eco-friendly and that’s what we should all be trying to do today- saving the planet!

Buy a layout square.

18. Tape Measure

Komelon SL2825 Self Lock 25-Foot Power Tape

Measuring is one of the oldest and the most developed forms of activities that humans have been developed since the beginning of time. Even in the process of cabinet making it has very obvious implications. It is basically the building block of all the steps in the process.

A reliable and accurate measuring tape would hence obviously be required to fulfill this purpose. I recommend you to get a tape that has a blade lock to hold the tape onto a place while you take measurements. This would help you make accurate measurements. It is also very easy to carry around and ask absolute necessity in anyone’s tool kit.

Get a tape measure.

I hope that the above information has helped you enough to choose the tools that you wish to add to your tool kit and garage to embark on your cabinet-making journey.

It is also our duty to remind you that there is no substitute for safety. You need to wear your safety gear at all times before you start with any procedures. Make sure to follow the instructions in the manual that usually is given with each equipment and have a proper area like a garage to do your work in. Ensure that this area has proper lighting and ventilation with safety protocols being adequately followed.

Happy Constructing!

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