20 Types Of Bricklaying Tools

bricklaying tools

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We all at least once in our life experience masonry work. We all have some or the other time come across tools that are used to build different things and sometimes we don’t even know its name but uses.

From simple work like digging some soil in your backyard to plant a small tree to build a big wall of our house, we all know different tools are used for different purposes.

So here is a list of few basic tools with their different and special features that are required to build a wall with less trouble and in an easy way. Different types of tools are used in masonry and based on their size and structure all of them have their unique uses. So let’s get started.


20 Types Of Bricklaying Tools

1. Masonry Trowel

MASTA Paddle 80 Flat Trowel for Masonry, Putty, Brick and Mortar, Cement, Grout or Thin Set, Heavy Duty Steel Construction with Non Slip Grip, European Style

The masonry trowel is a small hand tool used to spread, level up or shape mortar on the base like bricks, concrete surface or ground. There are different types of masonry trowels based on their size, material used in making them and their uses.

Nowadays trowels are mainly made by three materials: stainless steel, blue steel, and carbon steel.

  • Brick Trowel: Brick trowel as the name suggests is used to spread mortar on the bricks or concrete. It is a tool with a pointed nose and the blade helps in spreading the mortar.
  • Pointing Trowel: Pointing trowel looks exactly like a brick trowel and is used to fill the small cavities, where brick trowel cannot reach. They’re generally small in size and helps to get into tight corners of the base.
  • Flooring Trowel: A tool that is rectangular from one end and pointed from another is used for leveling the mortar on the upper surface area of our base. They’re normally used to flatten down the floor or wall before placing tiles or marble on it.
  • Edging trowels: Edging trowels are small tools sometimes curved from either one side or both. They are used for edges of our base and also helps to remove air bubbles or water bubbles from the surface space.
  • Finishing Trowel: This very important tool in any masonry work is rectangular and long in structure. It is used to smooth the mortar, plaster or concrete on the upper layer. This is an important tool used in masonry because without it work cannot be finished.

After using trowel make sure you wash them nicely without leaving any material on it because if there is any type of material left it can result in fast corrosion or rusting and destroy your tool.

2. Hammer 

Estwing Hammer - 16 oz Straight Rip Claw with Smooth Face & Shock Reduction Grip - E3-16S

Hammer is as important as a trowel in masonry work. Hammers are generally used to break the big sized bricks or concrete. They are comparatively bigger in size and heavier too. 

  • Brick hammer: Brick hammer is a small and very important tool in masonry. It is generally used to cut down small edges of stones or bricks or concrete. Flat from one side and pointed chisel-like blade from another is how this small tool looks like.
  • Lump hammer: This hammer which looks like and is a lightweight version of “Mjolnir” is generally used in small works like hammering nails in the wall or supporting the cutting of metal or stone. It is the best option for domestic work but it can also help in light works on a big scale.
  • Claw hammer: As its name suggests it has one side split and curved and normally used to pull the nails off from any surface and another side for pounding the nails. It weighs around 7 to 32 oz and the weight of the hammer completely depends on the head region and not the handle. They are normally used for wooden surfaces and rarely for metals. 

When you are using a hammer of any type make sure your grip is tight enough because there are chances of slipping down the tool and injuring yourself. While working with hammers make sure you’re wearing your hand gloves and boots to avoid accidents. 

3. Brick Bolster

Bon 11-860 3-Inch by 9-Inch Tempered Steel Mason's Brick Bolster

Brick Bolster is a small but “not so safe” tool that is used in masonry to break stones and metal with the help of chisel or hammer. It has a handle and sharp and strong blade which cuts through the solid and helps in breaking it off.

As we now know brick bolster is used to split, cut and separate the brick, metal or concrete it’s now time to know how it is used. Generally, a hammer is always used with a bolster.

First, we place a bolster that has a sharp blade at the spot of action like where we are about to separate the concrete or brick and then we hit it with a hammer with the maximum force which results in its separation.

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While using it, make sure you’re wearing handguards because sometimes the hammer can slip off your hand while hitting the bolster and you can injure yourself.

4. Cold Chisel 

Mason Chisel With Hand Guard, 12 inches (30 cm) Heavy Duty Flat End Rock Concrete Chisel, Stone Breaker Demolishing Carving Scaling Rock Hounding Cold Masonry Chisel

A cold chisel is normally used to cut or chip down cold metals or old mortar, concrete and stones. It comes in different sizes like 6mm, 10mm, 30mm and are used according to the work needed to be done.

It is about 6 inches or even more in length and is normally used with steel hammers.

This tool is used to break down the big building materials and metals which were previously heated or cooled down. They are also used by mechanics, which helps them to break down or chip down big metal parts. It is always confused with a hot chisel which is used to break down hot metals.

Precaution: Always wear gloves while working with a chisel to avoid injuries while hitting it with a hammer.

5. Drill Machine

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver with 30-Piece Accessories (LD120VA)

Drill machine is an important tool used to drill holes in any wall or surface. It is also used to place different types of screws on the solid surface. It comes in different sizes, shapes, weights, and wattages. Generally, small drill machines are used for household chores and mostly available at any automobile shop. 

Machines with higher wattages are of higher quality. There are two types of drilling machines. One is a manual drill which requires a specific amount of force on it by hand and the other is called as electric drill which runs on electric support and doesn’t require a lot of force on it while working.

There are different types of drilling machines based on the surface which has to be drilled like radial drilling machine, upright drilling machine, gang drilling machine, and multiple spindle drilling machine.

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6. Shovel

Radius Garden 22011 Root Slayer Shovel, (Red)

So if you’re planning to build a wall you might need this tool too. It’s normally used lifting, digging, moving material is bulk-like cement, soil, mud, gravel, etc. From one place to another.

It is a medium-sized tool with a handle and a large flat and slightly curved blade at the end. Based on the size, there are two types of shovels.

The longer shovel with length reaching approximately to your chest which helps in moving material fast as there is less bending which also saves energy. The shorter shovel helps in maintaining stability while loading the material. 

Make sure you wear proper safety clothes before working with shovels and also make sure when you’re digging the ground there’s no gas line pipes, electric power lines, water pipelines which can be affected by any kind of work.

Precaution:  Make sure you use the right shovel for the right work which will make your work easy and save muscular energy.

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7. Hawk

MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line 1D 13-Inch by 13-Inch Aluminum Hawk with DuraSoft Handle

Hawk is like a plasterer’s best friend. It is a flat plate-like tool that is normally used to hold the mortar or anything we are applying so we can do our work easily without running back and forth to get the material.

It is used for plastering the walls and also used to fill the small gaps between two bricks or other areas. A large amount of material is made on the mortarboard and a small quantity of it is taken on the hawk and used by the mason. It has a handle underneath the square flat base which helps in holding it and gives a good grip.

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8. Digging Spade Fiskars 46 Inch Steel D-handle Square Garden Spade

Just from the same family as a shovel, digging spade is used for digging purposes. The difference between both shovel and digging spade is that spade is used for digging while shovel is generally used for scooping the material. Digging spade has a handle and a rectangular flat blade at the end of it.

Based on their structure they have differences between them. The blade is generally U-shaped, T-shaped and sometimes straight as well. U-shaped blades give more efficiency as compared to T-shaped. The straight shaped spade is easy to use but they are very less efficient.

Precaution: Always make sure you’re wearing shoes or boots of hard material while working with spades to prevent any injuries in case spade gets slipped from your hands. Also, wear hand gloves to avoid bruises and blisters. 

9. Brick Hod

Faithfull Plastic Brick Hod

So if you’re building a wall, this is something you can’t miss. Brick hod is used to carry bricks from one place to another. All you have to do is place them in brick hod and pick the hod and move it rather than carrying heavy bricks with your hands.

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It is an easier way to carry more bricks in a small amount of time and energy-saving too. It is closed from three sides and open form one side and used to carry both bricks and mortar. So if you can use it for both the works.

Fun fact: In ancient times the person who used to carry odd jobs and carry bricks in brick hod at the construction sites used to be known as “hoodie”.

10. Brick Tongs

Goldblatt G11280 Brick Tongs

Brick tongs have similar work as brick hod. But they’re different in structure. It has clamps at both the end and a handle which is used to hold it. The bricks are placed between the clamps and clamps are closed. The handle is used to carry them from place to place. You can hold two brick tongs in each hand and save your time. 

11. Builder’s Square

Swanson Tool S0101 7-inch Speed Square Layout Tool with Blue Book

Builder’s square is a right-angled tool that is normally used to measure the correctness of angles and also used cutting the different materials. It is used to build the door frame because it has an accurate 90° angle. 

They are normally made of any metal which is hard to bend and have a great resistant against corrosive agents.

12. Bucket

Leaktite 744456 1-Gallon White Plastic Pail Paint Pail/Container

Bucket plays an important role in masonry. Let’s say it’s like salt in our food. Without a bucket, you won’t be able to transfer your mortar material to the spot of action or you won’t be able to even prepare for it in the first place. Normally a small bucket of steel with handle is used to carry water while preparing the mortar. 

13. Wheelbarrow 

Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart - Green

A wheelbarrow is an advanced bucket that is generally made up of plastic or metal with two handles for holding it and one wheel in front which helps in easy transportation. So if you’re building or constructing a house or a wall or anything and you have a lot of material to transport use this tool which is an energy-saving rescuer. 

There are two types of a wheelbarrow: the one which carries a huge amount of load which was first made in China and generally known as the Chinese wheelbarrow. And the other one made in Europe for agricultural uses and can carry small loads too known as European wheelbarrow.

A wooden wheelbarrow can be used for small works and are easy to make while the one made by metals like steel or iron is generally used at construction sites and industries. A wheelbarrow is not only used to carry bricks or solid material but also mortar and other liquids to long distances.

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14. Safety Glass and Safety Helmet

TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet and Hearing Protection System

This is a mandatory requirement when you’re working with masonry work. Safety helmet generally made up of hard plastic material that protects your head on construction sites or even when you’re working in your own backyard from getting hurt by anything like bricks or metal pieces. These can open up your head if they fall directly from a higher level. 

Safety glasses are made up of special plastic or glass material dependent on the quality of the glass which protects your eyes from the soil and also from baby flames which are generated during welding work.

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15. Crowbar

TEKTON 3318 15-Inch Utility Pry Bar

A crowbar is a tool that helps to separate two substances from each other and also to remove nails from wood, walls, etc. They are also used to break things like small concrete blocks or brick pieces which can be fitted in small gaps.

Since they help to separate the concrete or brick and help to break them into two different pieces crowbar is also known as a wrecking bar. They come in different shapes and they have their own uniqueness. The one with the flat end is used to break the wood, concrete blocks with the help of a hammer.

The one with the curved end is generally used to remove nails from the blocks and also help in basic mining activities. 

16. Tile Cutter

SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

A tile cutter is normally rectangular in shape or circular based on the size. They are generally used to cut the tile according to our needs. All you have to do is mark the area which you want to cut and then put some pressure on the tile and then use the tile cutter to cut that area.

When you put the tile in the tile cutter it is fitted and clamped which makes it easy to cut them on properly.

  • Manual tile cutter: manual tile cutter is generally used to cut ceramic tiles only. 
  • Snape tile cutter: It can cut down both ceramic as well as porcelain tiles efficiently.
  • Electric tile cutter: They are used for different purposes and are used with less manpower. They are mostly used in industries and other large scale projects.
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Precaution: Make sure you keep your hands away from the cutter while cutting tiles.

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17. Wedge

Estwing Sure Split Wedge - 5-Pound Wood Splitting Tool with Forged Steel Construction & 1-7/8" Cutting Edge - E-5

A wedge is a small triangular-shaped tool or “V-shaped” tool and one of the simplest tools which are used in masonry. They are made up of metal and sometimes wooden blocks. It is used to separate things, used in cutting, used to hold the object.

It is triangular with one end thick and blunt and the other end thin, narrow and blade-like which generally helps in separating and cutting the object. They’re placed on the region of cutting and hammered with some force which results in the splitting of the object in a desired size and shape. 

Precaution: While using it, make sure you wear your safety hand gloves because it’s sharp edges and hammer both can cause accidents if not handled properly and with care.

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18. Hoe

Bully Tools 92354 12-Gauge Warren Hoe with Fiberglass Handle

A hoe is a narrow, blade-like tool which is used for different things in different works. It is normally used to move soil and digging the soil. It is also used in building or constructing a house or a wall in which it helps in preparing and mixing mortar or cement mixture.

How to use a hoe in masonry?

Here is the easy way to use it. Hold the handle firmly with both hands. Once the cement is added to the mortar material and there is a right amount of water in the 9bucket use a hoe to mix it properly. Scoop the mortar on the hoe and mix it up and down to make a good material that is not too thick or too watery.

The mortar is ready, spread the mortar on the flat surface with the help of a mortar hoe. Make sure you fill all the small gaps and later with the help of trowels finish your work.

19. Measuring Tape 

CRAFTSMAN Tape Measure, Chrome Classic, 25-Foot (CMHT37325S)

There are different types of measuring tapes used for different purposes. Like there are plastic measure tapes, metal measure tapes, logging measure tapes. They play a vital role in any work and are an essential part of masonry. They are long ruled tapes which are flexible and bound in a small round caped dispenser.

There is a clawed or curved shape small metal that holds on the one end of the area which has to be measured. They are used to measure the size of a concrete block or brick which has to be fitted in the wall. They also help in measuring door frames, windows and other required designs that we are going to build. 

How to use a measuring tape?

It’s easy to use it. Just attach the clawed end on one side of the area or brick or wooden surface you want to measure and pull the dispenser which will allow the flexible tape to move with it until the region you want to measure. Note the readings and continue with your work. 

Precaution: While using it make sure your grip is tight enough on the dispenser because if it’s not good enough, there are chances of the tape to slip down and disturb your readings.

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20. Broom and Brushes

Broom and brushes are important to give a final touch to your work. This is because it helps to remove the residue like dry concentrate particles, small pieces of bricks, dust and wood particles which are left behind after the mortar or concrete is dried. It gives a smooth surface which is essential for further work like painting it. 

It has a long handle which helps to hold them and also makes the work easier. How? As we know when the handle is small it will take more time and energy since you have to bend and do all your work but if it is long enough it will help you to do your work more efficiently and in less time. 

So make sure you use the correct brush or broom to do your masonry work.

So here we saw a few basic tools and their uses in masonry. These tools are important even for small work like building a small wall or big work like making a house. So next time when you want to get on the floor, make sure you have these tools to make your work easier.

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