300+ Things to Throw Away to Declutter Right Now

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No matter how much of a neat freak you are, there’s always gonna be something useless that’s taking up valuable space in your home. Most of us also tend to buy whatever we see on a whim, so it’s no surprise that we end up with a cluttered house.

So you gotta declutter—which is easier said than done, right? You can’t just throw away anything. You may lose something useful in the process. So I’m here to guide you through this tough process with this list of 300+ things to throw away to declutter right now.

Go ahead and tidy up your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom—your entire house even. And if you’re preparing to host a party at your place, start cleaning up right away.

Section 1: Cluttered Kitchen

Decluttering your kitchen might seem like an impossible task because you don’t know where exactly to start. I’m going to make your life easier by providing you with some easy cleaning ideas and things you need to throw away.

  1. Remove duplicate utensils.
  2. Cheap pans that burn your food should be eliminated.
  3. Broken spoons? Throw them away!
  4. Check for old and unwanted containers and jars.
  5. Get rid of plastic containers that are missing lids.
  6. Throw cracked bottles and containers away.
  7. Old water bottles must be replaced.
  8. Don’t keep plastic cutlery from takeaways.
  9. Old spices with no aroma.
  10. Empty snacks bottles.
  11. Packing stuff like aluminum foils.
  12. Old party utensils and supplies.
  13. Remove extra coffee mugs.
  14. You don’t need excess Tupperware.
  15. Extra salad bowls.
  16. No extra or worn-out lunch boxes.
  17. No extra salt and pepper shakers.
  18. Keep duplicate knives away.
  19. You will never need two scissors simultaneously.
  20. Check for rotten veggies and dispose of them.
  21. Remove expired sauce bottles.
  22. You can work without extra shelf-dividers in the fridge.
  23. Restaurant condiment packets? Don’t keep them around.
  24. Sponges that are falling apart.
  25. You don’t need old magazines in the kitchen.
  26. Ancient recipe books? A big NO!
  27. Old coupons are expired already. You don’t need them.
  28. You are done with old manuals.
  29. Use up napkins, quickly.
  30. You don’t need a rubber band collection, right?
  31. A chopsticks collection should be kept somewhere else if you seldom use them.
  32. Toothpicks can be kept out of the kitchen.
  33. Takeaway menus and brochures, you will never use most of them.
  34. Throw away that rusted cake shaper you have used only once.
  35. Throw out old shopping bags. You will get new ones.
  36. No rags with holes should be in your kitchen.
  37. Check for liquor bottles in the back of your pantry. You might never use them.
  38. You don’t need multiple can openers, keep just one.
  39. Throw away wine decanters if you do not use them.
  40. If you reuse plastic bottles, they might need a replacement as plastic wears out with time.
  41. Your pantry needs to be checked often as products can expire. Keep an eye on their expiry dates.
  42. Throw away old cleaning supplies from under the sink. Use this space as much as possible. It is one of the hidden storage spots that gets ignored often.
  43. Faded herbs that don’t smell right.
  44. Sieves that are rusty or have holes in them.
  45. Your kitchen cabinets might have expired OTC medicines—throw them out.
  46. Check your fridge for any forgotten leftovers.

Section 2: Bedroom Full of Heaps!

It is difficult to get rid of certain things, we get it. But when it comes to the bedroom, you should be more compromising and let go of anything that could come between you and a night of restful sleep. A cluttered bedroom is the last thing you would want, but those heaps of clothes and piles of bedsheets keep coming back no matter what. An untidy space can lead to anxiety and you must carry out a clutter check.

To help you out, check out this list of stuff that you could throw away and have a relaxing time in your bedroom.

  1. Pillows that don’t bounce back. You can figure it out by folding it in half. If they don’t bounce, get rid of them.
  2. Worn or damaged sheets.
  3. Extra blanket or beddings.
  4. Old seasonal linens.
  5. Bags of buttons, zippers, and many more you are collecting and never using.
  6. Quilts that are no longer fit for your family.
  7. Books you have already read. They take up a lot of space on the nightstand.
  8. Old makeup from the vanity.
  9. Old contact lens cases.
  10. Mascara older than 6 months.
  11. Old hairbrushes and combs.
  12. Beauty appliances that do not work anymore.
  13. Skincare products that are expired.
  14. Old nail polishes and perfume bottles.
  15. Empty or almost empty perfume bottles.
  16. Old or broken hair ties and accessories.
  17. Old cellphones in the drawer.
  18. Outdated gadgets from the shelves.
  19. Unused wires and cables that lay jumbled.
  20. Fluffy clothes that are old enough to throw.
  21. Old magazines.
  22. Candles which were bought on an impulse but never used.
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Quick Tip: You can make a donation box and store fabrics, gadgets, and other things you do not use anymore. Once the box is full, donate it to the needy!

Section 3: Untidy Bathroom

The overall look of a bathroom solely depends on how well you store things and manage the space inside. If the sink and shelves are cluttered, your bathroom would look untidy no matter how clean and hygienic it is.

Let’s check out some stuff you could dispose of and make your bathroom clutter-free.

  1. Old or towels with holes.
  2. Empty tissue boxes.
  3. Old toiletries.
  4. Worn-out rugs or clothes.
  5. Empty shampoo and body wash bottles.
  6. Empty bottles of cleaning supplies.
  7. Floor cleaning brushes that are worn out.
  8. Bathtub cleaners that do not work anymore.
  9. Dusty candles you hardly use.
  10. Old toothbrushes.
  11. Empty toothpaste tubes.
  12. Extra dental floss dispensers.
  13. Old or empty air fresheners.
  14. Old toiletry bags.
  15. Miniature-sized beauty products.
  16. Empty bottles of lotion.
  17. Multiple bath products. You need only a few of them.
  18. Cakes of soap you hardly use.
  19. Loose shower caps.
  20. Old or expired face scrubs and foot washes.
  21. Hair products you haven’t used in 6 months or more.
  22. Crumbled bath bombs.
  23. Kid’s bath toys that have mildew.
  24. Squeezy bath toys with holes.
  25. Duplicate bath supplies like extra sponges or loofas.

Section 4: Living Room/Dining Area

One of the most crucial sections of any household, the living room is the first location your guests would notice. Though it never gets as messy or cluttered as the kitchen or bathroom, it does need a clutter-check now and then.

So follow my lead to get some ideas about things you can get rid of and you would have a clean living room in no time.

  1. Piles of books you’ve never read or read halfway and given up.
  2. Craft supplies from the bookshelf (if any).
  3. The newspaper stand needs a check. Dispose of old ones.
  4. Old magazines.
  5. CDs and DVDs. You use pen drives now, so who needs those?
  6. Old letters and bills.
  7. Old vases and flower stands.
  8. Dried flowers.
  9. Extra or old table cleaners.
  10. Extra table linens.
  11. Old centerpieces.
  12. Broken or chipped cups, plates, and dishes from the cabinet.
  13. Electronics that do not work anymore.
  14. Electronic manuals.
  15. Paintings that no longer interest you.
  16. Extra or OTT decor elements.
  17. Out of fashion board games.
  18. Games with missing pieces.

Section 5: Forever Messy Closet/Wardrobe

If there was an award for the most cluttered closet in the world, my closet would surely have a special mention. I do clean it often, but somehow a spell is cast and the closet is back to its messy state in no time.

I am sure you could relate to my blabbering but don’t worry, I have come across a bunch of stuff that I could throw away to declutter and it worked. Check them out:

  1. You don’t need extra hangers anywhere, throw them out.
  2. Old or broken hangers.
  3. Hangers from the dry cleaners.
  4. Jeans you have not used for 1 year or so.
  5. Extra formal shirts that you don’t need.
  6. Extra formal pants and ties.
  7. Uncomfortable jeans.
  8. Clothes that do not fit anymore.
  9. Select some clothes that you do not wear regularly and keep them out of the closet.
  10. Worn out or faded t-shirts.
  11. Promotional t-shirts that are too big for you. You probably don’t even like them.
  12. Any damaged piece of clothing that you cannot repair.
  13. Earrings with a missing piece.
  14. Outdated jewelry.
  15. Broken watches.
  16. Outdated sunglasses.
  17. Any accessories that are not glossy anymore.
  18. Extra pajamas.
  19. If you wear night suits, limit their number.
  20. Old bras and underpants should be disposed of regularly.
  21. Lingerie which doesn’t fit anymore.
  22. Socks with holes.
  23. One glove with its twin missing.
  24. Stockings that don’t fit.
  25. Extra buttons and extra shoelaces.
  26. Extra or belts you never use.
  27. Goodbye, excess caps.
  28. Novelty hats? You don’t need them.
  29. You don’t need 20 purses. Select a few and donate others.
  30. Big bags occupy lots of space. You don’t need so many regularly.
  31. Costume party dresses. Do you even remember the last time you wore them?
  32. The bridesmaid dress that you wore only once. Donate it.
  33. Excess gym clothes.
  34. Mismatched sock pieces lying around.
  35. Old swimwear that doesn’t fit anymore.
  36. Halloween accessories that are 5 years old.
  37. Your wedding dress is bulky. You can store it somewhere else, safe and air-tight.
  38. The scarves you never wear.
  39. High-heels that aren’t comfortable.
  40. Extra sneakers should be out.
  41. Dispose of worn-out slippers.
  42. Pretty boots your never wear.
  43. Shoes you hardly use.
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If your vanity is inside the closet, a couple of items from the bedroom would also be included in this list like old makeup, dried nail polishes, and so on.

Quick Tip: Out of so many items, if there’s something that you don’t use but can’t make yourself throw it out, there’s a solution. Store items like that in dollar store baskets and keep them safe on the topmost shelves of the closet.

Section 6: Home Office/Study

As the name suggests, the home office or study is a place where you have to concentrate on your work and should be free from any clutter. However, with the constant usage of office supplies, the shelves and cabinets get cluttered. Here are some things you can throw away to declutter your office right now!

  1. Old and empty refill pens.
  2. Ball pens with dried-up ink.
  3. Any pen on the pen stand that doesn’t work.
  4. Old or stubby pencils.
  5. Old calendars or planners.
  6. Old notebooks.
  7. Old catalogs.
  8. Empty ink cartridges.
  9. Extra sticky notepads. One or two would suffice.
  10. Outdated business cards.
  11. Old coupons or promotional cards.
  12. Unused stamps or mailing stickers.
  13. Greetings cards from people you’re not that close to.
  14. Travel brochures you will never see.
  15. Old print-outs and paychecks.
  16. Papers you have already backed up on the computer.
  17. Outdated software collection.
  18. Old phone or electronic devices.
  19. Cords that do not fit anymore.
  20. Batteries, keys, etc. in the junk drawer.
  21. Excessive knick-knacks.
  22. Office supplies that do not work anymore like printers, punchers, etc.
  23. Promotional goody bags from trade fairs.

Quick Tip: The surroundings of your computer are prone to clutter and you can keep it clean by doing the paperwork somewhere else. Also, dust it regularly to give it a long and healthy life.

Section 7: Utility Room 

It is amazing how quickly this room can accumulate clutter. The utility room or laundry houses a washing machine, dryer, ironing board, and lots of cleaning supplies. Most of these are flat spaces and we often load them with piles of clothes. To help you manage the space a bit, here are certain things you can throw away to declutter your laundry.

  1. Empty bottles of detergent.
  2. Almost empty detergent packs lying around.
  3. Washing gloves with a missing piece.
  4. Old cleaning brushes.
  5. Extra laundry hangers.
  6. Replace old baskets with smaller ones.
  7. Cords that aren’t functional anymore.
  8. Any rusty supply.
  9. Remove worn-out drying hooks.
  10. Mismatched socks, gloves, or torn clothes.
  11. Dispose of laundry bags because they aren’t for regular use.

Quick tip: Three easy steps to clean and tidy laundry: put away, give away, throw away!

Section 8: Nursery with Craft Supplies

The interiors of kid’s rooms are bound to get messy—you cannot prevent that. But a regular cleaning routine would help you control the clutter, and here are a bunch of stuff you can just throw away right now.

  1. Broken and outdated toys.
  2. Toys missing parts.
  3. Toys they no longer play with.
  4. Promotional or miniature toys like those from Happy Meal, etc.
  5. Extra game setups like tea sets, hospital kits, etc.
  6. Old wall cartoons.
  7. Puzzles with missing pieces.
  8. Cracked writing boards.
  9. Crayons just lying around the room.
  10. Broken crayons—they create a mess.
  11. Extra pencils and crayons.
  12. Extra stuffed toys take up lots of space.
  13. Notebooks that are full of creativity (you can keep some as memories).
  14. Activity books they have completed.
  15. Clothes they have outgrown.
  16. Shoes that no longer fit.
  17. Fancy dress costumes that they won’t use again.
  18. Donate seasonal clothing if they no longer fit.
  19. Bulky baby goods like baby baths, pots, etc.
  20. Baby powder, shampoo, soap, and many more, which were gifted and you don’t plan on using them.

The craft supply cabinet would have a plethora of items that should be discarded. Let’s check them out.

21. Pens and markers that do not work.

22. Extra scrapbook papers.

23. Very old chart and art papers.

24. Dried-up paints should be in your trash.

25. Hardened paintbrushes are no longer useful.

26. Dried up glues.

27. Projects that have been sitting around for a long time.

28. Extra tapes, scales, rulers, and paper shapers.

29. Outdated craft magazines.

30. Supplies for projects you have already done.

31. Anything broken or cannot be used.

32. Very old gift-wrapping papers.

33. Old and shabby posters.

34. Blunt scissors

35. Seasonal decor elements that have lost their charm.

Section 9: Garage/Basement

Your garage or basement might be full of useful hardware tools, but there’s junk in there as well. That unused furniture or old bicycle ends up taking a lot of space in your garage. Similarly, there are other unimportant things like pest-control chemicals, paint cans, and so on.

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You have to figure out which things you don’t need anymore. Here are some ideas which might help you.

  1. Old paint cans that you don’t need.
  2. Dried-up paint cans need to be discarded.
  3. Empty or almost empty spray cans.
  4. Empty carton boxes.
  5. Broken boxes or plastic storage bins.
  6. Rusty tools.
  7. Outdated gardening tools.
  8. Missing gardening gloves of either hand.
  9. Old or broken flowering pots.
  10. Exercise equipment you have never used.
  11. Power tools that do not work.
  12. Old appliances and outdated media.
  13. Toys that your children do not use.
  14. Old bicycles that are just for show.
  15. Extra hardware tools like screwdrivers.
  16. Extra car supplies like tire-changing tools.
  17. Spare tires that have worn out with time.
  18. Old and worn-out home decor items.
  19. Damaged sports equipment like leaking football, broken surfboards, etc.
  20. Unfinished hardware projects.
  21. Construction pieces like drill bits, floor tiles, etc.
  22. Leaking airbed.
  23. Unused furniture.
  24. Old toddler accessories.
  25. Damaged camping equipment.
  26. Broken wheelbarrows from your gardening obsession.
  27. Blunt and rusty saw.
  28. Excess garden hoses.
  29. Crappy extension cords for tillers, cultivators, etc.
  30. Expired chemicals should be disposed of as soon as possible.
  31. Any kind of hazardous waste like flammable liquids.

Quick Tip: The donation box from the bedroom could be used here as well. After all, something that is useless to you can be useful to somebody else, you never know!

Section 10: Mudroom

If you have a mudroom, you are already lucky since your family has a separate space for shoes, gloves, coats, school bags, and everything that is frequently carried out of the door. However, keeping everyone’s stuff perfectly organized can be tough and as they are moved almost every day, the mudroom is prone to clutter.

Besides following some good organizing hacks, here are some items you can throw away to get a clutter-free entryway or mudroom.

  1. Throw away old doormats.
  2. Remove rusty boot trays and shoe racks.
  3. Remove standing racks to maximize space.
  4. Get rid of stained shoes.
  5. You don’t need extra storage baskets if you have enough shelves.
  6. Old winter gear can be donated.
  7. Worn-out cleaning tools should be replaced.

Other things to Declutter

Pheewww! We are finally done with individual rooms and cluttered zones of a typical household. Are we done with decluttering? Well, no. There are tons of other stuff that aren’t dedicated to a particular room or zone, they can be anywhere. Here is a list of some random things that contribute to a cluttered home.

  1. Empty photo albums.
  2. Packets of old, outdated negatives.
  3. Old albums. Don’t throw them away, scan them and store the soft copies forever.
  4. Unused picture frames
  5. Film canisters.
  6. Film CDs and DVDs that you have already watched.
  7. Old electronics like VHS, cassettes, etc.
  8. Outdated computer tools like floppy disks, video players, etc.
  9. Old sheet music.
  10. Board games you never play.
  11. Games with missing parts.
  12. Xbox or PlayStation that is no longer used or not trending.
  13. Game CDs that you have already loaded on the computer.
  14. Extra deck of cards.
  15. Empty boxes like shoeboxes, nappy boxes, etc.
  16. House decor elements that no longer interest you.
  17. Old posters.
  18. Unused candle holders.
  19. Keys that don’t open any locks you know of.
  20. Ancient, rusted keys.
  21. Packing materials like bubble wrap, packing tapes, etc.
  22. Extra mason jars. They haven’t seen sunshine for months!
  23. Unwanted gifts.
  24. Makeup samples that came complimentary with some service.
  25. Expired sunscreen products.
  26. Broken sunglasses.
  27. Dried-up wet wipes. Please get rid of them!
  28. Expired lens solution.
  29. Broken hair elastics.
  30. Old wallets or purses you never use.
  31. Cringy travel souvenirs.
  32. Travel brochures from places you have already visited.
  33. Broken buckets or ones with holes.
  34. Old pet food bowls.
  35. Old pet sleeping mats like dog beds, cat beds, etc.
  36. Old or stained carpets.
  37. Unused table linens.
  38. Extra quilt covers, you would need a maximum of 2-3 per room.
  39. Bulky blankets won’t be necessary if you have a heater.
  40. Extra sheets. If one gets stained, you can buy another. Don’t store it for years.
  41. Magnets that don’t work anymore.

This list is never-ending as it varies from one household to another. If you have already figured out the root cause of clutter in your house, congratulations!

After checking out so many ideas, I am sure you are charged and ready to declutter your home. Start with one room and gradually move to the other. I am sure it would be done in no time and your family will love it. Happy cleaning!

Written by Pulkit D

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