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30 Cozy Thanksgiving Porch Decor Ideas

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Autumn brings a sense of stillness after a long and hectic summer. The birds migrate, leaves fall away, and a faint scent of cinnamon is omnipresent. No season could compare to how cozy autumn feels. Whether you are curling up with a nice book by the furnace or going pumpkin picking, this season has a lot to offer. It also brings together your loved one for a day of celebration and thanksgiving, quite literally.

If you’re the one hosting the annual get together session, the pressure to wow quickly adds up. From selecting the best turkey recipe to securing the biggest, fattest pumpkin in the yard, it’s a rush to create the best possible ambience. In the dash to provide the best possible experience, we often forget that the first impression is actually what sets the whole ordeal apart. And where else will be more perfect than your porch to set that impression.

To make heads turn, we have gathered 30 stunning ideas to decorate your porch for thanksgiving. Indulge in a DIY to gear up your inner artist, or shell out for some quick fixes that look just as pristine. Most of these projects are fairly easy to execute, so gather around all the household members to lend you a hand. Nothing beats an afternoon spent together with those you cherish, after all.

We’ve divided the ideas into two parts, with one solely dedicated to wreaths. Wreaths are an essential part of any decoration, kind of the base for the entire design. They can make or break the entire appeal.  Even a simple wreath can do wonders to raise the festive quotient of your porch. So, here we go!


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30 Cozy Thanksgiving Porch Decor Ideas

1. Corn Husk Wreath

Going for an understated yet rustic look? This corn wreath is the perfect pick for you. Made from everyday items, this costs less than a dollar and the finished product is pretty beyond. This easy guide from Martha Stewart shows how to make one. Not only cheap, but it is also the easiest one to follow along on the list.

2. Cotton boll wreath

Image Credit: Renovated Faith

A cotton boll wreath is a show stealer, it is just that pretty. Made from a few cotton bolls and sticks tied together, this charming wreath may look difficult to make but is actually quite simple. It can jazz up any door on its own. You won’t be able to stop gushing about this one for the entire year.

3. Flower and Herb Wreath

Image Credit: GardenUpGreen

Add a pop of color by tying together a myriad of dried flowers and herbs. Not only do they look whimsical, the flowers and the herbs will give off a pleasant scent to all visitors. Who doesn’t want a whiff of lavender every time you step out their doors?

4. Mini Pumpkin Wreath

A project for the gardening enthusiasts. By using scarlet Chinese oranges, this wreath looks like a bunch of mini pumpkins bundled together. The fruits grower brighter as they mature, catching the eye of every passerby. Paired with acorns and cones, no other wreath can encompass the spirit of autumn as well as this one. Get the tutorial at On Sutton Place.

5. Foliage wreath

The pile of leaves present in your yard offers more than just a playground for the kids. Spare a few leaves from the pile to make this colorful foliage wreath that will definitely rake in all the compliments. You can use any and all leaves, from maple to dog wood and even hickory for this project. Get the tutorial on Southern Living.

6. Cloth wreath

If you’re not a fan for extravagant color schemes, here is a wreath for you. This wreath is made from fabric, and has little plush pumpkins attached to it. The cloth makes the wreath more muted and neutral. Using cloth even means you can wash it when the seasons ends and put it away for the next year. Talk about well invested time with long returns. Get the tutorial on Taryn Whiteaker.

7. Monogrammed Wreath

A modern and minimalistic approach to the traditional wreath, this monogrammed wreath is classy and yet an attention grabber. The wreath does not tear away from other decorations you may have put up, instead it lifts them up to tie everything together. Get tutorial on Life as a Thrifter.

8. Metal Wreath

This galvanized metal wreath is a dream for all those who appreciate a farmhouse aesthetic. Its striking and durable, a notch above the usual wreaths. What’s more is that you can use it year-round by changing what you choose to decorate it with. Some flowers work perfectly for autumn, while a snowman will be the perfect substitute for Christmas. Get tutorial on Tartertots and Jello.

9. Plaid Wreath

Nothing suits autumnal colors more than the good ol’ plaid. Plaid is something that is instantly connected with the cozier months of the years. Combine two of the traditional staples to make the ultimate fall accessory, a plaid wreath. Get tutorial on Countryliving.

10. Harvest Wreath

Take inspiration from the very beginnings of the tradition to make this beautiful wreath. Composed of bales of wheat tied together with a pretty bow, this one will be the talk of the town for days. Get tutorial on Gluesticksblog.

11. Puzzle wreath

Get the children involved with the festivities. This wreath is designed for the younger ones to exercise their creativity to the fullest. By sticking puzzle pieces together, you can make a decoration that will make both you and your children proud. The lessened burden is just another additional bonus. Get tutorial on itallstartedwithpaint.

Now that you have a wreath for your door, move ahead to spicing up other aspects of your porch by incorporating some of these designs into your masterpiece.

1. Crave some Mumkins

Mumkins are the new way to use pumpkins around the porch, with half the effort of carving. By placing flower vases or dry husks in the pumpkin, you can make a decoration that is effortless but yet festive. By making a mumkin and adding in a few of her sidekicks, you have an entire porch ready to welcome guests. Get the video tutorial on Southernliving.

2. Paper bag Luminaries

Looking to decorate on a budget? Nothing beats using paper bag lights as a makeshift lamp to lighten up the porch. These are economical and leave an ephemeral glow to their surroundings. There are also quite simple to make, involving nothing but a few paper bags, scissors and lights. Here is a tutorial that will help make it easy.

3. Paper lanterns

A step ahead from paper bags. Paper lanterns are something straight out of a movie. They require no prior experience, and are no fuss to set up. While you can buy paper lanterns for a more durable kind, the ones you make from scratch are just as good in setting the atmosphere. Get the tutorial on Lia Griffith.

4. Set up some Crates

Glitzhome Wooden Crates Fall Decorative Baskets 14 x 12 x 6 Inches Rustic Wood Crates for Display Set of 2 Farmhouse Wood Crates Wooden Storage Box for Harvest and Halloween

Nothing looks more rustic than a crate full of harvests. Crates are the quickest way to establish a farmhouse theme, and are versatile in their uses. Fill them up with whatever you would like. You can choose to keep them as a storage for artfully places flowers or pile them up with goodies for your guests to take back home. You can buy these crates here.

5. Pretty in pastel pumpkins

Pastels will always remain one of our favorite color themes. They are easy on the eyes and give a feeling of comfort and relaxation, no matter the individual. Go out of the box and color your pumpkins in pastels to make your porch an Instagram worthy place. Get the tutorial on Kraftmint.

6. Dyed mats

Use natural dyes to make a mat that will match your porch’s get up to the T. This dye is an exciting project for so many reasons. It is Eco-friendly for one, and has a pleasant color pay off. Your guests will asking for your secret dye for days on end. Get the tutorial on Sugar and Charm.

7. Fall Plotting Bench

Get the plants in the thanksgiving agenda. This idea involves painting on your pots to emulate the holiday spirit. You can either choose to send across a holiday greeting, or simply paint them in fall colors to match their surroundings. Get the tutorial at ourfifthhouse.

8. The thankful tree

This tree is a great way to remind everyone to express their thanks to one another. The tree is made from withered branches and scraps of paper. It is a great idea to get the entire family involved, and puts a twist on the tradition of giving thanks verbally. Get the tutorial at Createfullife.

9. Wooden Pumpkin

For those who lost their pumpkins to an army of garden pests, fear not. You can always have a pumpkin in spirit, and another in wood to tide you over this Thanksgiving. With a bit of woodwork, you can make your very own pumpkin from reclaimed wood lying around. Get the tutorial on Infarrantlycreative.

10. Light Grapevine

The perfect light can add drama, interest and just the right amount of fairytale effect to your porch. This grapevine light is the one thing you need to put up on your porch. It is the perfect way to light up your entire porch during the night, guiding your loved ones and little goblins to safety and warm. Get the tutorial on Janis-allthingsbeautiful.

11. Gold tipped Feathers

Feathers are an understated piece of design that can completely liven any space. If you’re a sucker for shine and sparkle, these gold dipped feathers are right up your lane. They are inexpensive and require minimum elbow grease to make. Use them as a garland over the door or as decoration pieces individually, they will surely not disappoint. Get tutorial on Simplestylings.

12. Fall Festival Sign

Thanksgiving is the perfect occasion to indulge yourself and host multiple games. There are innumerable activities and seemingly not enough time to participate in them all. Create a sign board to guide the lost ones to their favored destination, be it the smores station or the scary maze. Get the tutorial on Lydioutloud.

13. Make a Pumpkin Topiary

Topiaries are so easy to create, yet the final product looks grander than anything you could imagine. By using pumpkins, these topiaries are festive and statement pieces in their own right. By mixing and matching elemental pieces, you can make one that uniquely you. DIY Network has a tutorial on how to make it easily.

14. Leaf Garland

The perfect shade to add to the red, orange and yellow hues of the scenery is a dash of gold. Dip some leaves into a pot of gold and you’re good to go. You can even convert it into a family activity by asking everyone to write down what they are most grateful for on the leaves with white sharpie. Get the tutorial on Thesweetestoccasion.

15. Make a sign Board

If you have a plank of wood lying around, then consider this to be a sign for you. Boards are a fun way to express your thoughts. They grab everyone’s attention at a glance and are the deal makers of the theme of the decoration. The possibilities of customization are endless with this one. You can choose from a large variety of colors to match your aesthetic and size up the board as per the space available. Get tutorial on Tatertots and Jello.

16. Ticketed Pumpkins

Image Credit: Country Living

If you like the retro look, check out these pumpkin decorations inspired by raffle tickets. The final product looks like a prop straight out of a ‘stranger things’ set. By completely covering up the pumpkins in tickets, this sure is one unique way to dress up the porch for thanksgiving. You can shop for tickets here.

17. Spruce up your doormat

A quirky doormat adds character to the porch like none other. Give your old doormat a boost by painting on some leaves in a color of your choice. Although the original blog keeps it minimalist by painting on white leaves, the realm of possibilities with this one are quite endless. Get the tutorial on Lifeisaparty.

18. Use wood tags

Wooden tags are a cute way to leave behind greeting message for your guests when they arrive. These tags can also be used as an improvised door knocker. Pull out your calligraphy pens, because this is sure to make your neighbors jealous. Get tutorial on Jaime Costiglio.

19. Chalkboard

Reminiscence about the good old days by using a chalkboard to liven up your porch. There are absolutely no restrictions on this one. You could make a simple greeting or go all out with fancy calligraphy. A good example of balancing art and design can be seen at Cottage in the oaks.

These ideas are about as exciting as the cinnamon pies waiting for us, if not just as good. What are your favorite areas of your house to freshen up for the new season? Let us know in the comments below.

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