15 Amazing Small Futon Ideas

Small futon ideas

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If you haven’t already invested in a futon, you need to get to it right now! What’s the big deal, you ask?

Well, this is a piece of furniture that has everything you would want from a good furniture purchase: accountability, fashionable, comfort, and affordability. If you, like many others, have been holding back because of the misconception that futons can’t be stylish and is a shabby item to have, we’re here to tell you that you’re wrong! 

The key is to look for the right type of futon that can fit your room. Here’s a mini-guide to help you find the perfect futon for your home.


How to Find the Right Small Futon for Your Home or Room?

If you’re looking for some models that can fit in a small room or living room then there are many types of small futon frames to choose from. 

A tri-fold futon folds into thirds and you can use it as either a bed or a sofa. We don’t recommend using thicker mattresses as the mattress folds along with the frame making up its upholstery. You can try different kinds of stuffing like cotton, foam, and down stuffing. This is great for small spaces however the other models may be smoother in trying to change from couch to bed. 

Like the name suggests a bifold futon folds in half. The part of the couch that makes up a backrest can be brought down and turned into a bed. Depending on your needs you can pick from queen, full, and chair sizes. Most bifold frames even have a slider or roller system for smoother conversion. This is probably the most convenient and easiest-to-use option so if you want to play it safe definitely go for this.

If you want a smaller option for a futon, the loveseat futon frame is ideal. It’s practically a sofa with a two-piece mattress that you can unfold and use for lying down. The mattress can fit a twin, full-size bed or even a chair or other small spaces. These futons save a lot of space and you can use them anywhere from guest rooms to home offices.

Now that you’ve looked at the different frame styles you’ll also have to consider which material you want your frame to be made of wood or metal.

Wood frames might be more expensive as they’re made from good quality timber but they come in many colors and finishes which is suitable if you have a color scheme you want to stick to in your room decor. 

Metal frames are the more practical option as they last longer and are cheaper. They can fit into any interior and most come with a matte black finish which gives them a more modern look.

You also have many options for futon mattresses like cotton, foam, polyester, etc. Innerspring futon mattresses are the most comfortable but they might be expensive. Cotton and foam mattresses are more durable and have fewer chances of sagging.

After selecting your futon mattress you’ll want to maintain its quality and make sure it stays durable. Just slip a futon cover on your mattress and it’ll JM not just protect your mattress from dust and stains but you can also select from covers of different colors and patterns.

Now that you know how to choose the perfect small futon for your room here are the best 15 small futons to pick from!

1. Kodiak furniture lounger:

Kodiak Best Futon Lounger Sit Lounge Sleep Smaller Size Furniture is Perfect for College Dorm Bedroom Studio Apartment Guest Room Covered Patio Porch (Light Brown Stone Linen)

If you want a lounger to not just be a part of your room but to upgrade your room, this Kodiak lounger comes in 17 different fabrics to match with your room décor! From traditional to contemporary style decor this longer goes with everything.

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Due to its small size, you can conveniently fit it anywhere. You can use it to sit, lounge, and sleep. It comes with two matching pillows. The mattress is made of polyester blend and blended cotton. To get rid of any stains from this mattress spot cleaning is required. 

Dimensions: 79″ x 32″ x 5-6″ (mattress)  66″ x 33″ x 31″ (sofa) 72″ x 33″ x 31″ (lounge) 

What people are saying: great for small spaces, good quality. 

Buy it now.

2. Novogratz Brittany linen futon:

Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon - Navy Linen

Let’s be honest, the most important feature of a good futon is how relaxing and comfortable it is to spend hours on your couch. The tufted cushioning with polyester and foam filling of this futon guarantees that comfort. Its stylish linen upholstery and slanted oak-colored wooden legs also make it look very stylish and classy.

You can change it into different positions according to your needs. It comes in 9 different colors from dark gray to light blue. Its linen upholstery makes it easy to clean as all you have to do is wipe it with a wet cloth! 

Dimensions: 81.5 L x 34.5 W x 31.5 H inches (couch) 70.5 L x 43.5 W x 16 H inches (sleeper)

What people are saying: firm, comfortable, great look.

Buy it here.

3. Novogratz Leyla Loveseat:

Novogratz Leyla Loveseat, Berry

This is something that can be placed anywhere from a condo, dorm room, office cabin, etc thanks to its small size. This is perfect for modern homes and comes in eight different colors.

The best feature of this loveseat is that it comes with a storage pocket where you can keep a variety of items, useful if you have kids in the house. You can convert the loveseat into a sleeper by simply folding the armrest down. 

Dimensions: 56″L x 30″W x 32″H

What people are saying: super easy to assemble, comfortable.

Get it here.

4. DHP Bergen Futon:

DHP Bergen Convertible Futon with 6-inch Coil Mattress, Navy

This is a one-of-a-kind piece that offers both a unique look and the comfort of a real bed, all in a size that fits small spaces! If you’re going to do a lot of sleeping on your futon this is the one for you as it converts from a sofa into a full-size bed with a 6-inch coil mattress in linen upholstery. 

Its solid wood arms, sturdy metal frame, and indented mattress give it a mid-century style look. 

You can choose from three different shades for your mattress: tan, navy, and grey. 

Dimensions: 73-3/4 long by 54 inches wide by 6 inches

What people are saying: great for a home office, comfortable.

Buy it on Amazon.

5. Best Choice Products Upholstered Button Tufted futon:

Best Choice Products Upholstered Button Tufted PU Leather Convertible Reclining Lounge Couch Futon Sofa Bed w/ Sturdy Wood Frame - White

This elegant and classy couch can fit right into any contemporary home. It comes in two colors white and black so you can choose according to your home decor. It has tufted faux leather upholstery and wooden legs which give it a sleek look. 

Go for this especially if you’re looking for couches that can fit in small spaces and still be useful. It’s convertible to several positions including a recliner and bed. You don’t have to worry about comfort as it has soft plush padding. 

Dimensions: 69″(L) x 33″(W) x 30″(H)

What people are saying: easy to assemble and doesn’t look cheap. 

Get it here.

6. Best Choice Products futon:

Best Choice Products Living Room Convertible Linen Fabric Tufted Splitback Sleeper Plush Futon Couch Furniture w/ Pillows - Dark Gray

This split-back futon provides style, comfort, and versatility! You can choose from nine different colors beige, dark grey, and red. The mattress is tufted with plush padding and hypoallergenic filling.

You can use it as a couch or recline the back and use it as a bed if your guests decide to stay the night. The mattress is made of soft linen and it comes with two small matching pillows. It also comes with pockets where you can store your pillows and armrests when you convert them into a bed. 

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Dimensions: 75.5 x 35.4 x 33 inches

What people are saying: comfortable, sturdy, and stylish. 

Buy it on Amazon.

7. DHP Paxson Convertible Futon:

DHP Paxson Convertible Futon Couch Bed with Linen Upholstery and Wood Legs - Grey

DHP makes its products especially for small homes, condos, dorms, etc. This Paxson futon has soft linen upholstery and a pattern of diagonal stitched lines on it which gives it a mid-century look to it. It comes in 5 different trendy colors and has rounded wooden legs with padded bottoms to avoid scratching your floors.

This futon also has a split back design and you can enjoy both sitting and lounging on it at the same time. The mattress has a tufted design which makes it quite durable. 

Dimensions: 78.5 inches W x 32.5 inches D x 32 inches H (couch)

44 inches D x 23 inches H x 78.5 inches W (bed)

What people are saying: modern looking, pet-friendly, and sleek design. 

Get it on Amazon.

8. Best Choice Products Modern futon:

Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed Fold Up & Down Recliner Couch with Cup Holders - Black

If you want a futon that can fit in small spaces and still be comfortable enough to enjoy a movie night with your friends this one’s it! This futon comes in three different colors: black, white, and brown, and is made of faux leather. It has chrome metal legs which give it a modern look. The tufted mattress and back make it look sleek.

It has a reclining backrest so you can either lounge or sleep and the middle section can find down to serve as an armrest with two cup holders. Talk about multifunctionality! The arms can be removed as they are attached using Velcro. 

Dimensions: 30.5 x 65.2 x 31 inches

What people are saying: modern look, easy assembly, and functional. 

Buy it on Amazon.

9. DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed: 

DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed, Modern Convertible Couch With Chrome Legs Quickly Converts into a Bed, Black Faux Leather

For something classic yet modern DHP’s Emily futon is perfect. It has tufted upholstery faux leather with squared patterns and shiny chrome legs. It is available in 15 different colors so you can pick the one that goes with your home decor.

The split-back design of this futon makes it convert your couch into a bed. You can sit, lounge, and sleep on your Emily futon! If you want some more matching decor items to go with your Emily futon you can try the Emily chair, chaise, and ottoman as well. 

Dimensions: 71″L x 34″W x 32″H. (Couch)

71″L x 43″W x 16”H. (Bed)

What people are saying: easy to assemble, comfortable, budget-friendly. 

Buy it on Amazon.

10. Corwin convertible sofa:

Play it safe with this simple, functional, and comfortable sofa. You can convert this sofa into a twin-sized bed in case you’re expecting company. The mattress has polyester blend upholstery and a metal frame.

To maintain this upholstery you can spot-clean it with a damp rag and mild soap or cleaners. The button-tufted high-quality fabric and high-density foam help make sure you have a comfortable sleep. This product is patented with a finger protection system. 

Dimensions: 29.5” H x 33.1” W x 66.1” D (sofa)

15” H x 37.6” W x 66.1” D (bed) 

What people are saying: easy to assemble, good quality.

Buy it on Wayfair.

11. Bane Twin Convertible Sofa:

This convertible sofa is affordable and a convenient choice for any small space like studio apartments, dorm rooms, home offices, etc. You can fold the back of the sofa to turn it into a twin-sized sleeper.

This futon comes in four different colors and has microsuede upholstery with deep button tufting and squared indented designs. The slanted back and armless sofa give it a modern look. The mattress can be easily detached. 

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Dimensions: 32” H x 71.5” W x 35” D (sofa)

14.5” H x 71.5” W x 39” D (sleeper)

What people are saying: great for small spaces, comfortable. 

Buy it on Wayfair.

12. Babineau Convertible Chair:

If you don’t want to go for complete sofas as they take up too much space, consider this convertible chair which can turn into a recliner. It has a polyester blend upholstery and chrome-finished legs.

The futon comes in two different shades of ivory and matching tufted cushions. To clean your chair all you have to do is wipe with a damp cloth and mild soap. 

Dimensions: 29” H x 36.25” W x 37” D

What people are saying: suitable for small spaces, easy to assemble, chic look. 

Buy it on Wayfair.

13. Pearington Leather Convertible futon:

Pearington Leather Convertible Transforms to Sofa, Couch, Lounger, Bed-Durable Metal Frame and Legs, Java Futon,

This futon is a stylish piece that is also multi-functional and meets all your needs. With its java-colored premium leather and solid hardwood frame, you can match this with any modern décor. This futon comes with a high-density foam mattress which guarantees you long comfortable naps. 

You can place this almost anywhere thanks to its small size and it contains a finger guard safety system. Depending upon your plans and whether you’re expecting the company, you can use this as a sofa, or lounger, both using split-back or a bed. 

Dimensions: 71. 3″L x 42. 1″W x 17. 7″H

What people are saying: durable, quality sofa.

Buy it on Amazon.

14. REALROOMS Adley Small Space Convertible Futon:

REALROOMS Adley Small Space Convertible Modern Futon Couch Lounger, Dark Grey Linen

Some futons are simply invitations for you to nap on them! This is one of them. This futon is available in three colors and it is built with a wooden frame and legs which ensure that it remains durable for a long time.

Its linen upholstery and button-tufted backrest and seating give it a very rich and sophisticated look. In case you’re feeling like taking a nap or have some company all you have to do is just push or pull to convert it into a recliner or a bed. This way you can sit, lounge, and sleep on it. 

Dimensions: 68.5”L x 32.5”W x 30.5”H. (Sofa) 68.5”L x 38”W x 16.5”H. (Bed)

What people are saying: easy to assemble, takes up little space, durable.

Buy it on Amazon.

15. DHP Ariana Kids Sofa Futon

DHP Ariana Kids Sofa Futon, Converts from Futon to Bed for Kids, Teal

Don’t worry, we’ve got something for people with kids as well! After all, why should adults have all the fun?

 Getting a futon for your kids’ room makes sense as kids usually have their friends over frequently and an extra couch or bed can come in handy. This kids’ sofa provides enough space for two kids to sleep on and it’s available in five different vibrant colors to pick from! You can convert your futon to 3 different positions based on whether you want to sit, lounge, or sleep in it. 

The best part about this futon is that it is super easy to get it cleaned which is a valuable perk in a kids’ futon. You can simply use a damp cloth to do away with stains. Since it is built with a sturdy frame there is less chance of it breaking and a higher chance of it lasting longer than regular futons. Even the packaging is child-friendly and the pieces come in hidden compartments. 

Dimensions: 46″L x 28.5″W x 24.5″H. (Sofa)

 46″L x 34.5″W x 11″H.(bed)

What people are saying: perfect for kids, comfortable, easy to assemble. 

Buy it on Amazon.

So there you have it. Those are our picks for the best small futons armed with the knowledge of how to pick the perfect one for your home, the rest of the process will be a breeze! 

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