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31 Shocking Uses Of Coke

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Love Coca-Cola? I do. But there are some stomach-turning uses to it which would make you awestruck with its versatility.

By the end of this article, I’m sure that you will be amazed by 31 cleaning hacks using coke.

1. Removing Oil Stains 

You can remove those nasty oil stains from your driveway without putting much effort by using cola.

Pour a bottle of cola on the stain, let it stay for a couple of hours, and rinse it off with a hose.

2. Skunked? 

I know skunk smells terrible. If you live in an area with a skunk smell issue, take a can of coke, and add it to a bucket of tap water and detergent, just keep this mix out in the open and, it will neutralize the smell.

3. Rust Buster 

Coca-cola is an excellent rust remover because it has citric acid that breaks down the rust and makes the object easier to clean.

Dip the rusted object in coca-cola and let it soak for a day. Then rinse it thoroughly with water to remove the stickiness.

You can use this trick on any rusted object from golf clubs to small pennies.

4. Smelly slacks? 

A bottle of coke can efficiently fight odors, therefore cleaning smelly slacks is not a big deal for it. Rinse your apparel with some coke and then put it for a wash.

5. Car Battery 

Excessive built-up corrosion on the battery of your car can be the reason for it not starting. Make sure the engine is off, spot the build-up, wash it down with the help of Coca-Cola. Always remember, cleaning the corrosion will provide better connectivity from the battery to the engine.

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6. Bug Slayer 

Just cause we love Coca-Cola does not mean the bugs do. In fact, coke is harmful to insects. Take a spray bottle, fill it with cola, and spray it on bugs to kill them.

7. Colour Fader 

If you have dyed your hair a few shades darker than you wanted you don’t need to rush to an expensive hairstylist.

You can just wash your hair with cola to lighten the color and rinse your hair thoroughly to remove the stickiness.

8. Chewing Gum Remover 

If a piece of gum is stuck in your hair, you don’t need to get a haircut, apply cola on the gum, and let it stay for a few minutes and then try removing it with a dry napkin. Repeat if it is too painful to remove.

9.  Pain Neutralizer 

All thanks to the chemicals present in cola, if you get stung by a jellyfish or a bee, you just need to pour cola on your wound, and after some time, you will feel the pain lessening.

10.  Dishwasher 

To clean all your blackened pots pour some cola in them and let them sit. Pot the pot on the stove over low heat, remove it after 2 hrs.

The chemicals will loosen the grim then take a scrubber to clean the pot to get the shine back.

11. Pesticide 

Killing pests is another valid use of cola because of the high sugar content, which makes it helpful to kill pests.

Spray some cola on the field to kill pests.

12. Defroster 

During winters you might find frost on your car’s windshield scraping it off is a task. To remove frost quickly, spray a little cola on it, and within a few minutes, you’ll see the frost lessening.

13. Shine Coins 

To keep coins shining and to remove deposits from them, I used this trick. Dip coins in a cup full of cola let it soak for half an hour and clean it with a sponge.

14.  Paint Remover 

If you have dropped paint on your couch, do not panic. Just apply some cola on a rag and rub it on the stain. Wash the area with soap and water to remove the stickiness.

15.  Loosen Bolts 

Iron bolts are difficult to remove if they catch rust. Pour Coca-Cola onto them and leave them for half an hour. Try again, and you will find that the bolt is very light and you will be able to turn it outwards.

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16.  Pool Cleaner 

You can get rid of rust and make tiles shine in the pool, just by pouring 3 liters of cola and letting it stay for some time. Clean it and, you’ll get satisfying results.

17. Vintage Look 

This works on any kind of paper. Take your developed photograph for example, and dip it into a bottle or pan of Coca-Cola. Let it dry, and the after effect will be a brownish tint on the picture.

18.  Remove Marker Stains 

Permanent marker stains do come off with the use of Coca-Cola. Just apply cola on the stain, it will lift the stain and make it easy to remove. Rub it with a cloth and wash the area with a detergent and water mix to get the original texture back.

19. Clean Toilets 

You do not need to buy toilet cleaners, now Coca-Cola can give almost the same results. Pour some cola around and inside the toilet bowl, use a toilet brush to remove deposits and let the cola stay for a while, and then flush.

This trick is helpful when you run out of toilet cleaner.

20. Kettle Cleaner

Boil Coca-Cola in your kettle for an hour. Clean it with a cloth. Your utensil will be as clean as a whistle.

21. Help Your Backyard Look Lush Green 

It is simple and a cheap way to use coke to keep your backyard green. You just require 1 can of Cola, 1 can of beer, 2 cups liquid dishwasher soap, a ½ cup of household aroma, and 1 cup of mouth wash. Mix them and pour the mixture into a 10-gallon hose and spray it.

The mixture of cola and beer will kill bugs.

22. Make Sweet BBQ Sauce 

Whenever you are making barbeque sauce, and you will love the sweet after-taste on it, just add Coca-Cola to the recipe.  It might be an acquired taste.

23. Clean Tile Grout 

Cola is a marvelous cleaner, pour a little cola on your tile grout and let it sit for 15 minutes, wipe it after. If the stains are hard, use a cleaning brush and scrub it before cleaning the area.

24. Remove Dirty Smell from Laundry 

This trick is helpful, I used this trick to get rid of the sweat smell from my soccer clothes, and it works wonders. All you need to do is rinse the clothes in Coca-Cola first and then wash it in your machine.

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25. Low-fat Brownies 

For this one, we use the diet Coca-Cola as you would have guessed from the heading. Add diet Cola to your brownie mix, use it in reasonable quantities to avoid over-sweetening the brownie.

Bake it as you always do. You will find the same sweetness and also a distinct after taste which you might recognize as the cola.

26. Remove Stain from Carpets 

You can easily remove nail paint, bloodstains, etc. off your carpet with a little cola.

Apply some cola over the stain, and rub it till you can see it coming off. After you finish getting the stain off, clean the stain with liquid detergent to retain the original texture of your carpet.

27. Relieve Congestion

You can use your favorite cola to relieve congestion. Boil it and drink it when hot. This will do the trick instantly.

28. Cure Nausea 

Travel sickness is a sign of discomfort for many. Drink a tablespoon of flat Coca-Cola every hour during your travel.

To get rid of burps, rinse your mouth with chilled cola. This will get you better in no time.

29. Cola and Aluminum

Clean a rusted chrome by applying diet cola on the rusted area. Use an aluminum foil to scrub away the nasty rust and then rinse it with cold water followed by wiping it with a thick cotton cloth.

30. Remove Paint from Metal 

The chemical reaction between Coca-Cola and paint on metal can easily strip off the paint without damaging the texture.

Take a towel, soak it in cola and rub it on the surface keep rubbing it for a while and you will see the paint coming off.

31. Window Cleaner

Generally, window cleaners contain flavors and various scents, but the constant component among them is citric acid, which is found in oranges and if you guessed, Coca-Cola. Pour the cola into a spray and let it perform the magic. Use as you do with the window cleaners. Coke is an amazing window cleaner.

Whoever said Coca-Cola is just for drinking will surely be greatly surprised after knowing all about its other uses.

Written by Pulkit D

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