12 Rustic Home Decor Ideas For Giving You The Countryside Feel

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘rustic’? Little house in the countryside? Imperfect things? Antiques?

Must have heard the saying “Old is Gold”. The rustic style, any experiments with wood becoming hugely popular these days. Well, rustic is something that I find simple but beautiful, imperfect but still looking perfect. Those unique combinations of those few unique imperfect pieces which still add to the aesthetics.

You don’t even have to live near the farmlands or in the country to have a rustic look in your home. You can get a rustic look in your home without undergoing an expensive large-scale renovation of your home or buying a new rustic place. All it takes to add a few unique elements and ideas to create an altogether different feel.

I have found out some of the best rustic home decor ideas to give your home the beautiful rustic look. You will definitely find something in this collection which would be helpful for your house. These projects are easy to do and can be done in less time. Have a look at them and let me know what do you think.

1. Distressed Milk Paint Picture-Hanging Rod

Via Kruse’s Workshop

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When first looked, it gave me the feeling of family photographs in an old, ancient photo frame. You definitely need to visit your nearby hardware store for this as chances are very less of finding most of the required materials at home. You need some flanges, elbows, anchors (too much of hardware terms, phew!) for this rustic home decor idea.

2. Hutch In The Living Room

Via Love Grows Wild

This hutch completely implants the rustic feeling along with providing a huge space for storing things. But don’t fill it up with things. Leaving it open, decorating and keeping a few things in a proper curated manner as shown in the picture will make it more soothing and elegant along with keeping it simple.

3. Dining Room Flower Centerpiece

Via Laurie Annas

This huge flower centerpiece will look perfect on your grand dining table. It just completes the room shown in the above picture. What else is needed. The box in which the flowers are kept gives the exact rustic look which is needed for a dining place and thus, gives it the aesthetics of an ancient abode.

4. Milk Can Coffee Table

Via Love Grows Wild

When I first looked at it, I couldn’t even recognize the milk can. It looked to me just like an ordinary stand supporting the table. It costs around $20 to make it. Yes! A new rustic coffee table for you in $20 ($2 for the can and around $18 for rest of the stuff) and some hard work to make it. You will definitely get better at crafts after making this.

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5. Rustic DIY Wood Crate Centerpiece

Via Beautifully Tarnished

An amazing rustic home decor idea from Beautifully Tarnished. A centerpiece for the dining table, living room or wherever you desire. Again this too involves some boards, some hardware tools, and carpentry work. And a jaw-dropping fact is that it just costs $10 to make. Difficult to believe right?

Check out the step by step tutorial at Beautifully Tarnished.

6. Rustic Dining Table

Via Rogue Engineer

You can guess the materials required to make this rustic dining table.  You will learn how to make a table as this dining table has to be entirely made by you, starting from the base to the tabletop.  So this is for you if you don’t mind doing carpentry work; cutting, painting and assembling stuff.

Jamison perfectly explains the entire process of making it at Rogue Engineer.

7. Rustic Three Tier Wood Slice Stand

Via Personally Andrea

This is something very different. This stand looks amazing as a showpiece along with being used for keeping things. You require three wooden slices, two glass candlesticks, three wooden cabinet knobs, and epoxy glue. It is very easy to make.

First, stick the two glass candlesticks and the wooden slices with the help of glue such that it forms the structure as shown in the pic above. Allow it to dry. Then glue the three cabinet knobs to the bottom as feet. Not at all a rocket science!

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It’s great for seasonal decor at your home or setting out food at the party or as a showpiece with some stuff arranged on it.

8. Old Window Photo Frame

Via Marty’s Musings

This rustic home decor idea turns a cast-off window and an engineering print sized family photo into a rustic old window photo frame.

9. Rope Wrapped Lamp

Via Amy Allender

All that has been done in this idea is converting a modern lamp into a rustic lamp for the room using a rope and giving it a new design. As you can see in the picture, this transformation has been done with so much perfection. This idea which is so easy to make is a must try.

10. Decorative Letters With Twigs

Via The Happy Housie

Super easy to make this twig letter which looks very rustic. It will hardly take an hour to make this twig letter.

For the base, take a white wooden letter. Collect some twigs and cut them of the size that will cover the letter as shown in the above picture. Place them loosely on the letter, also allowing some of them to overlap each other and them stick them with the help of hot glue gun.

11. Edison Style Chandelier

Via Lia Griffith

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Each and every inch of it looks vintage. It’s a little bit costly to make as some electrical equipment are required to make it but trust me, its worth it. You yourself can see it in the above picture.

12. Stepladder Side Table

Via Funky Junk Interiors

It looks like a creative furniture piece which has been bought from the market. Would you have ever thought that it’s just a ladder with some boards being attached on top of its steps if the name had not been disclosed above? It will highly contribute to your idea of a rustic place decor.

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