19 Best Plants To Grow Indoors Without Sunlight

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If you are a plant person and live somewhere where murky or cloudy, then you should consider growing plants that don’t need sunlight. That sounds kind of impossible right? Well, it might amaze you that there are plants that can grow even under the indirect light source.

If you are a college student and would love a little potted plant on your study desk or an adult who loves plant decor in their office where there’s no sufficient amount of sunlight available, here’s a list of few plants to indulge your green thumb.

19 Best Indoor Plants:

1. Peace Lily

If you’re thinking about how often you have to water this plant, just wait for it to ask. It’ll droop a little when it needs water, telling you that it’s thirsty. You can water it once a week and keep the soil moist.

Peace lilies are sensitive to chlorine. So if your municipal water system is chlorinated, make sure you percolate chlorine out by allowing some water to stand overnight before pouring it.

2. Snake Plant

The snake plant is a classic yet versatile houseplant with a sword-like foliage design and a natural air purifier. It can purify the air, absorb toxins from the atmosphere, and release oxygen at night time.

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This plant is indeed a bedroom keeper and will make your home interior look beautiful and healthy.

Water this plant every 2-3 weeks, make sure it’s moist and keep the leaves dust and grease-free—that’s all this plant wants. Very low maintenance right?

3. Spider Plant

Keeping the soil moist is all they need to survive—water them once a week, that’s it. Spider plants are non-toxic and edible which makes them safe for pets and small kids in your house.

4. Lucky Bamboo

The Lucky Bamboo is known to be an auspicious gift to be given for the Chinese New Year—it’s believed that this plant will bring good luck and positive energy.

This plant can survive not only without sunlight but without soil too. Interesting, isn’t right? If you have an empty corner in your living room, let this plant help you out to fill it.

5. Bromeliads

Bromeliads are known for their thick foliage and variety of colors and forms. This colorful plant with long-lasting inflorescence fits in every corner of your house. All this plant wants is bright light and humid surroundings.

6. Parlor Palm

The Parlor Palm is one of the slowest growing plants and is low-maintenance. You have to place it somewhere humid.

All you have to do is water it only when the 1st top inch of soil feels dry. Yellow fronds are an indicator that it needs water but refrain from overwatering. 

7. Dracaena Plant

This plant is one of the best purifying plants. It removes 87% of the volatile organic compound from the air every 24 hours. Place it in low humidity and keep the soil slightly moist. You can also lightly mist its leaves with water once in a while.

8. Calathea

This plant which closes its leaves at night time and opens again in the morning is very low maintenance. Keep the soil slightly moist and place it somewhere there is indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight can burn its leaves. 

9. Maidenhair Fern

This delicate little plant needs a lot of attention and moisture. You can keep it anywhere you like because it’s safe and edible, so if you find your cat trying to eat it up, you don’t have to worry.

10. Chinese Evergreen

This plant needs medium and low light conditions, and make sure the spot you choose for it is warm and humid. Water it once in a few weeks and see how beautifully it flourishes.

Overwatering it can cause root rot, so give it a limited amount of water always (it’s okay if the soil dries up a bit too).

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11. Prayer Plant

Keep this interesting little plant moist by watering it every 2 weeks and this houseplant won’t disappoint you. It’s a slow grower and has beautiful, ornamental leaves that will flourish in indirect sunlight.

Interesting fact: They’re called prayer plants because their leaves fold just like hands while praying.

12. Creeping Fig

This very fast-growing and low-maintenance house plant needs bright light and an occasional water supply to flourish. So if you’re planning to put fences somewhere around in your house don’t forget to put this plant vine on it.

13. Umbrella Palm

The leaflets that grow on top of the stems of this plant look like umbrella spokes! Keeping it in moist soil, an adequate amount of light, and normal room temperature is all this plant asks for.

14. Begonia Rex

If you want some colorful things on your study table or want to spruce up your living room with colorful plants then here is the right choice. It can grow in bright indirect sunlight with moderate watering (allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering again).

Keep it out of reach of small children and pets as ingestion of leaves are toxic.

15. Japanese Sago Palm

This rugged plant needs minimal care and it can live for a lifetime and some more. Watering it once in 2-3 weeks is enough for its survival but make sure the soil is always moist. Don’t place it in a spot with direct sunlight or else this “pot-head” plant will suffer from sunburn and stress.

16. Heartleaf Philodendron

This plant prefers growing in humid conditions. Mist it regularly in the growing season every 2 or 3 days and during winter in every 4 or 5 days. Make sure you don’t overdo it or else it will rot or get soggy.

Suggestion: You can grow the plant in such a way that its roots are in the aquarium but leaves are out of it. It will help get rid of any toxins in the aquarium and are not harmful to fish.

17. Aloe Vera

This easy-to-grow plant is a smart choice—it not only purifies the air but also the gel present inside its leaves helps heal cuts and burns.

Place it anywhere in your house but the optimal place is by your bed because it helps in increasing sleep quality, purifies the air, and produces oxygen. It will help you stay calm and restful.

Personal experience: I went on this nature trail a few days back and got a cut near my lips. I was not carrying medicine and it was burning very bad so I used aloe vera gel (a very little amount) direct from the leaf and it helped a lot. It stopped burning and gave a cool sensation and even healed the cut faster than normal.

18. Pothos

This vine plant can stand neglect and dark rooms—it’s perfect for a home office. Water it only when the top inch of soil becomes dry and keep it clean by wiping its leaves once in a while. You can prune it if its growth gets out of hand.

19. Queen Fern

This non-toxic plant requires regular watering and some indirect light to flourish. You can hang it on your porch and shift it inside during the winter season.

Now lack of time and sunlight shouldn’t stop you from keeping plants at home. There are plenty of plants that do not need sun and much attention. Let us know in the comments below which ones you’re going to plant!

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