50 Best Organizing Tips for the Tidiest Home Ever

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A clean house is everyone’s dream. But not everyone is born with the gift of keeping everything as neat and organized as Monica Geller.

From seeking advice from our grandma to observing how our neighbor keeps everything so neat, we have tried just about everything to improve the look of our living space. But sometimes, it still feels like our place is not as organized as we’d have liked.

Maybe you’re not that good at organizing, or maybe you’re a hoarder, or you’re simply unaware of some of the best tips for achieving the tidiest home ever. That is why we’ve compiled a list of around 50 tips for letting you achieve your dream of having a clean and organized home.

Go ahead and check them out!


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50 Best Organizing Tips for Tidiest Home Ever

1. Good Riddance 

I bet you have around 5 to 6 sweaters or tops at the bottom of each shelf in your closet that have been left untouched for God knows how long. Well, it’s time you put them to use.

Reuse the clothes that you never wear as rags in your kitchen or backyard—let’s admit it, you were never going to wear them anyway. 

2. File Them!

Can’t keep track of your expenses ‘coz the bills are scattered all over your desk? Store all your bills and invoices in one place in a systematic manner with the help of folders—you can label each folder so that it makes it easier for you to find the one you need.

3. Display Your Jewelry

Via Thesunnysideup

Keeping all the earrings and necklaces on the counter or in a box might not be a good option as they always end up getting tangled. 

Instead of storing them like this, hang them, and let gravity minimize the mess for you. All you need are some hooks (you can buy the butterfly hooks shown in the picture). Do a bit of hammering and you’re done!

4. Basket for Bathroom Reading

Via Simpleijustdo

If you are one of those people who like to take long baths and spend hours in the bathroom reading, then this tip is solely for you. Just store the newspapers and magazines in a basket!

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5. Many-in-One

Invest in multiple tiered drawers for space under your sink and organize all your supplies in one place. Use the bottom-most drawer for garbage and the ones above them for detergent and other cleaning supplies.

6. Hang Up Your Bikes

Saris Glide Bike Storage Ceiling Rack, Add-on Kit

Storing bikes can be difficult when every member of your family is a fitness freak and you are low on space. Well, there’s nothing to worry about as long as you invest in a Bike Storage Ceiling Rack—it will help minimize the clutter in your garage.

Buy it on Amazon.

7. The Take-away Desk

Via Womansday

Do you have a habit of misplacing your keys? Or do you forget to take important invites whenever you go out? Never let this happen again by keeping all the essentials on a desk near the entrance.

8. Line the Linens

Are bed sheets and pillow covers creating a mess in your wardrobe? Fold your bedsheets and place them inside pillow covers. Now stack all these vertically on the shelf. This hack makes it super easy to prevent clutter, plus, you’ll never have to hunt for sheets and pillow covers ever again!

9. Organizing Drawers

There are always some of those outdated plates and bowls that we don’t use anymore. Instead of throwing them out, place them inside your drawers to store things like cutlery, pins, nail paints, rubber bands, etc.

This way, you can easily access whatever you need and prevent clutter too.

10. Drip Into The Drains

If your plant pots have drainage holes, then you might have some idea of how messy they can get after watering them.

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Place all your indoor plants above your sinks. Now every time you water them, you don’t have to worry about dripping water all over your kitchen counter—all the extra water goes directly into the sink.

11. Charging Shelf

Via Womansday

Charge your electronics without having to place them here and there around the house. Just drill some holes into your picture ledge or floating shelf to turn it into a charging dock for your phones and tablets. You’ll never have to witness a drained battery ever again.

Buy it on Amazon.

12. Use Baskets

Via Honeywerehome

Here’s another hack for organizing your linens. Organize them in your closet by using baskets and labeling them for ease of access. This will prevent things from getting messy and will also enable easy access.

13. Keep It Chill

Whynter CUF-110B Energy Star 1.1 Cubic Feet Upright Lock, Black Freezer

Your refrigerator’s freezer can get congested due to the mass variety of items you try to stuff in there. How about storing them in a separate mini freezer? It won’t take up much space and you’ll have additional space for storing food items.

Buy it on Amazon.

14. Shoes Under the Bed

Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizers ,2 Pack Fit 24 Pairs, Underbed Shoe Storage Containers Box Bags with Clear Cover ,Reinforced Handles ,Sturdy zippers,Breathable Fabric Grey Set of 2

Don’t want to stuff your closet with a thousand pairs of shoes that you have for every occasion? Keep them under your bed! Get these under-the-bed shoe storage containers and live a clutter-free life!

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Buy it on Amazon.

15. Hang Your Socks

Socks have a habit of magically disappearing in the washer and dryer, and if we’re lucky, we might find the missing pieces after ages.

You can get hang the socks that come out of the wash without a pair on a picture frame using some nails and rope. Then whenever you find the missing piece, you can easily match it with the other piece which was attached to the frame. Keep this frame in your laundry room. 

16. Install Rails in the Kitchen

Via Removeandreplace

Cluttered cabinets and countertops are enough to drive anyone crazy. Why not make use of the wall spaces to hang all the pots and mugs? Just install a steel rail near your kitchen counter and hang all your pots, mugs, towels, and much more over here.

17. PVC Holders

Via Thefamilyhandyman

Cords of curling irons can easily make your place look messy. Just attach some leftover PVC Pipes from your plumbing sessions on the back of your cabinet door with the help of hook-and-loop tape, according to the length and diameter of your curlers.

18. Slim And Tall Containers

Airtight Tall Food Storage Container Set, 12 PCS 2.8L Pantry Organization and Storage,Kitchen Pantry Organization,Cereal Dry Food Storage Containers,Plastic Canisters Ideal for Spaghetti, Flour&Sugar

Switch your basic containers with the ones that are slim and tall and give you the same storage space as your regular ones. These containers make use of vertical space rather than horizontal due to which you can store more items in your cabinets. 

Buy it on Amazon.

19. Screwdriver Rack

Via Tool-rank

This simple DIY screwdriver rack made of a plywood sheet and some hooks is a real-time saver when you’re mending things or building things.

Just cut a plywood sheet according to your preferred size and install hooks on it. Now, hang it with the help of a pegboard mounted on the wall.

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20. Lazy SusansCopco 2555-0187 Non-Skid 2-Tier Pantry Cabinet Lazy Susan Turntable, 12-Inch, White/Gray

Taking all the ingredients and containers out of the shelves to reach the one you need is cumbersome. Also digging around for things in the hard-to-reach corners is a tiring and time-consuming task. So, get your hands on a Lazy Susan turntable which will provide revolving storage, and hence, easier access.

Buy it on Amazon.

21. Get Transparent Containers

Searching for the right ingredient in the pantry is extremely annoying when you have to open every container and jar to see what it contains. Use glass jars and clear containers instead of opaque ones so that you can access the right one without wasting your precious time.

22. Jewelry Organizer

Alezywels Hanging Jewelry Organizer Bag (56-Pockets) Dual-Sided, Thick Oxford Fabric, Zippered Storage, Clear PVC Plastic Windows, Roll-Up, Portable Travel, Rings, Earrings, Necklaces (Beige)

Prevent your necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled up inside drawers by using this clear bag organizer. Just hang it on a hook behind your closet door or bedroom door and you’re good to go!

Buy it on Amazon.

23. Mount Baskets on the Wall

Via Ourfifthhouse

Walls can hold more than the picture frames, trust me. Mount baskets on your walls (the ones that go along with the theme/ color code of your room) and you’re all set to display some toys or even your favorite books!

This idea can be implemented in your bathrooms too and you can store towels and toiletries in baskets.

24. Receipt Fork 

STOBOK 2pcs Receipt Holder Fork Invoice Holder Notes Metal Needle Folder Straight Receipts Check Bill Fork/Rose Golden Keep a track of all your expenditures on food, groceries, etc. by keeping all your receipts in one place. A receipt fork is an efficient tool for this and won’t take up much space on your desk. 

Buy it on Amazon.

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25. Use the Doors

Be it a cabinet, bathroom, or closet, doors are always the best place to store the things that you wouldn’t want to clutter up the shelf space. Add hooks, transparent organizer bags, baskets, and use up that dead space.

26. Keep It All Together

Store all your cleaning supplies in one place using baskets. So, whenever you are on your weekend cleaning mission, you don’t have to go around the house trying to find cleaning solutions or gloves. They can be stored in the kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

27. Make a Drawer Pantry

Via Iheartorganizing

Convert your drawers into a small pantry by adding multipurpose bins to store veggies and fruits that don’t need refrigeration and other food products. Now you’ll have leftover space in your actual pantry.

28. Sliding Shelves

Instead of making your hands do all the searching, let the shelves slide everything right in front of you. Install these efficient beauties in your kitchen drawers and get your work done easily!

29. Undergarment Arrangement

Separate your undergarments from your everyday outfits by placing them in separate baskets in the drawers. This way, they won’t get mixed up with your other clothes and create a mess inside your closet.

30. Tote Bags For Shoes

Via Heartworkorg

Make a shoe organizer to be placed in a small corner in your closet with the help of a tote bag. Divide the bag into several compartments with the help of wine crate dividers and store all your footwear effortlessly! Goodbye clutter!

31. Toothbrush Holders

Via Craftingintherain

Can’t remember which toothbrush belongs to which family member? That won’t be a problem anymore if you take some PVC pipes and caps and mount them near your sink. Label them with the initials of the person to whom the toothbrush belongs.

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You can also attach these holders to the inside of the cupboard door.

32. Hair Dryer Holder

AXUAN Hair Dryer Holder Wall Mount,Bathroom & Bedroom Hair Care Styling Tools Organizer for Flat Iron,Curling Wand,Hair Straightener(Silver)

The wait time for letting those hot hair equipment cool down is never-ending. Eventually, they are left on the sink counter and never get to see the inside of their cabinets. But, a messy sink counter is a big NO.

To solve this problem, attach a hairdryer holder to your bathroom wall and place your dryer in it right after you’re done using it.

Buy it on Amazon.

33. DIY Utensil Caddy

Via Homeyohmy

Make easy rotating cutlery stand with a wooden circle, lazy Susan, some cups, and other easily available materials. You can use this to store the spoons and whisks that you regularly use in the kitchen.

34. Add a Shower Rod

iDesign 59216 Euro Metal Hanging Bathroom Shower Caddy with Swivel Hook, Extra Space for Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Razors, Loofahs, Towels, 11" x 4.5" x 14.86", Silver

Don’t want to create a fuss in your shower by adding extra shelves for your toiletries? Let’s hang them instead. Just add an extra shower rod and hang shower caddies containing toiletries from this rod. This way, everything’s where you want and won’t even take up considerable space.

Buy it on Amazon.

35. Use Cord Bundlers

Via Dreamingindiy

Keep your cords in place by using command cord bundlers that make sure that all the cords stick to the appliance itself. Hanging and tangled cords won’t mess up your desks, cabinets, and counters anymore. Just stick these bundlers to the back of any wired appliance.

Buy it on Amazon.

36. DIY Wonder Hanger

Via Theshabbycreekcottage

Don’t have much hanging space in your closet? This is where a soda can comes to your rescue. Slide the hook of one hanger through one of the openings of the tab of a soda can. Put another hanger through the second hole.

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Hang as many clothes as possible this way. Pair up matching pieces of clothing so that your outfits are ready in advance.

37. Magnetic Knife Bar

Modern Innovations 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar - Use as Knife Holder, Knife Rack, Knife Strip, Kitchen Utensil Holder and Tool Holder

Organize all your knives and metal cutlery on an unused wall space instead of keeping them in kitchen cabinets. Invest in a magnetic bar knife organizer and align all your metallic equipment on the wall.

Buy it on Amazon.

38. Spice Organizer

Via Familyhandyman

It can be cumbersome to find the spices of your choice when they’re all messily stored in a cabinet drawer and you are in the middle of making your favorite pasta.

But, there’s nothing that thoughtful organization can’t solve. By adding this stair-like board to your drawer it won’t ever be a problem to find the right herbs and spices.

39. Icy Earrings

Via Yesterdayontuesday

Here’s another tip on jewelry storage—store everything in an ice tray! This is a perfect option to store all your earrings in a drawer as it will provide ease of access. Your jewelry won’t get tangled up either.

40. Install Chalkboards on Cabinet Doors

Via 11magnolialane

The insides of the cabinets can hold more than some jars for you. Install chalkboards on the inside of cabinet doors to keep a track of your weekly tasks or bills to be paid. You can also write down your meal plan for the week over here.

41. Utilize the Space under the Stairs

Via Europeanantiquepine

Make the most out of all the space available to you by installing shelves in dead spaces. For example, the place beneath the staircase—this place is almost always neglected. Installing shelves here can provide you with a lot more storage space.

42. DIY Canned Food Cabinet

Via Classyclutter

Store all your canned supplies in a hidden cabinet next to your refrigerator. You just need a wooden board, nails, rods, a drill machine, and some wheels. Don’t forget to add a handle for your convenience.

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43. Use a Tension Rod for the Lids

Via Imperfecthomemaking

This is a tip for keeping your lids in place every time you open the cabinet drawer. It’s pretty annoying when they fall every time you slide the drawer open. Add a tension rod to keep them in place.

44. DIY Plastic Bag Holder

Repurpose an old tissue box to store all the plastic bags that are scattered here and there—just follow the easy instructions in this video to achieve this. You can keep this box on the table or countertop, but if you want to keep it out of sight, stick the box to the inside of the cabinet doors.

45. Tuck ’em In

Via Makigai3

Are pairs of indoor slippers scattered all around the house? Keep all your slippers in one place by installing some towel rods on your closet doors. Then tuck in all the slippers over there. This Japanese organizational hack is genius.

46. Cookie Jar for Cookie Cutters

Via Designimprovised

The last thing you need on your plate while baking cookies is having to look around for the right cookie cutter. To prevent this from happening, store all your cookie cutters in a clear glass or cookie jar.

Not only does this look pretty but it also makes it easier to find the desired shape every time you go on a baking spree.

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47. Organize Those Brooms

Via Justagirlandherblog

Hang all your brooms and mops with the help of this simple DIY using a pegboard. Just mount a pegboard and install some hooks, now hang all you want! This will make your garage or house look much tidier.

48. Coz Your Laundry Is ‘Your’ Responsibility

Instill the quality of being responsible for your family members by making them do their laundry. Assign different laundry baskets for each member so that every time the baskets are full they know what to do next.

49. Lego Storage Can

Via Organized31

Repurpose your old cans to store the toys of your little ones with this easy hack. Take a yellow can and draw a lego expression on it with the help of markers—your kid can participate in this activity too. Viola! The storage can is ready!

50. Book Depot

Via Cmongetcrafty

For all the book lovers out there, this one’s for you! Create a book station with the help of racks and display your golden collection over here. Paint the racks or floating shelves with a color that will match the room. This is an efficient way of storing and maintaining your books.

Always try to organize things in a way that makes it easier for you to access them, instead of keeping them at a particular spot just because it looks good over there. Think about your needs and necessities and arrange everything accordingly.

We hope that these tips and hacks will help transform your living space and make your life a bit easier, and a bit more joyful. 

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