10 Best Keurig Alternatives

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Welcome to the tinder of coffee machines. Finding the perfect coffee machine is no joke and I understand your feelings accurately. It has to look perfect in your kitchen, blend in with all your designs, not kill your wallet, and most importantly get you ready for the day!! A single brand cannot satisfy all your (validated) high expectations. If you’re dissatisfied with the Keurig or are simply looking for ‘the’ coffee machine this article is tailor-made for you. 

Now we all know how tedious it is to drive to the nearest drive-thru, talk to the barista early in the morning, and then probably not get what you even ordered for. Hence a single-serve coffee machine is the most feasible and convenient way to chase away your morning blues and get you ready for the day. As single-serve machines get more and more common, people crave to find something other than the generic Keurig. 


Points to keep in mind while searching for Keurig alternatives

  1.     Make sure you are not getting a knock off version that is not durable in the long run
  2.     It should not be too bulky for the space you have. It should fit your counter space if you have minimal room. 
  3.     If the flavors of the k-cup suit your taste buds then make sure the machine compatible with them
  4.     If you are looking for a machine for your family, make sure it has enough water storage to avoid re-filling it after every cup. 

Why look for Keurig alternatives?

While finding a perfect life partner is unheard of, that rule does not apply to coffee. Believe it or not, there does exist a coffee machine which is perfect for you. Being a coffee connoisseur myself I understand how important it is to have that warm cup of deliciousness every morning.

Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of other brands that are just as good as Keurig if not better. Hence if you fail to find a Keurig that ticks all the boxes don’t worry. There are high-quality products that might fit your needs and expectations better. Most of the brands mentioned below are also compatible with the k-cups so you get the best of both worlds. 

 Now I know what you might be thinking, what if you end up getting a cheap knock-off version. Luckily, we’ve scoured the internet and gone through a plethora of coffee machines to find the best for you.  

Enumerated below are 10 scrumptious alternatives for Keurig, all the information you could possibly need, and a direct link to buy it. Rest assured you will never have to talk to annoying baristas again who always mess up your order! 

1. Nespresso Vertuo

Breville BNV250CRO1BUC1 Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine, 15.511.514.75 in, Chrome

Now if you are looking for a barista level brew this is the machine for you. Trust me there is a good reason why it is first on our list. Nespresso Vertuo has state of the art technology with a single button service. So you get the best coffee with the click of a mere button. Its clever pod extraction technology reads the barcode on the pods and adjusts the machine settings accordingly so you get the best coffee or crema. 


  1.     It has automatic pod ejection so it’s always ready for you to pop in a new one; it also requires minimal preheating time. 
  2.     It spins at 7000 rounds per minute so that you get perfectly blended coffee
  3.     It allows up to 5 cup sizes that range up to a large serving of 14 ounces of coffee
  4.     The Nespresso coffee grounds are hermetically sealed in aluminum pods so that they stay fresh for a long time. 
  5.     You can choose to have an Aeroccino with it that smoothly blends your milk in no time without excessive noise and vibrations.


  1.     It is a little bulky and hence might occupy more space on your counter
  2.     Its unique pod extraction technology restricts you to buying only Nespresso pods. 
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If you wish to bring this brilliant coffee machine home and say bye-bye to all your coffee troubles, check it out on Amazon.

2. Lavazza Single Serve

Lavazza 041953000648 BLUE Classy Mini Single Serve Espresso Coffee Machine LB 300, 5.3" x 13" x 10.2"

The Lavazza single serve is a brilliant coffee machine that will chase away all your morning blues. It works with the Lavazza coffee pods and is an amazing alternative for your generic Keurig. Its design is superbly simple and it has two backlit buttons that let you choose between an espresso (30 ml) and a lungo (100 ml). It’s compatible with various different pods and it’s just as good as any other Keurig out there. 


  1.     It is quick and efficient. It can get you freshly brewed coffee in 30 seconds. 
  2.     It is compact compared to other coffee machines
  3.     You can remove the plastic fitting in the bottom to accommodate larger cups. 
  4.     The design is simple and sleek. So that you don’t have to fight with your coffee machine every morning. 
  5.     You get to pick from 16 different blends of the A Modo Mio capsules


  1.     The water capacity is on the lower side, but that will only bother you if you plan to make loads of coffee.
  2.     The capsules options are significantly less than the Nespresso pods but it has a decaffeinated option if that’s important to you. 
  3.     It doesn’t have a milk frother but you can get one if you pitch in 20 dollars more. 

If you want to get this bad boy home, you can get it on Amazon.

3. Cuisinart SS – 10P1

Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker Coffemaker, 72 Oz, Silver

This is a single-serve coffee machine whose biggest advantage is that it is compatible with any coffee pods including k-cups (Keurig pods). While Cuisinart is fairly new to the market it has expertise in making small appliances. And it is manifested in this coffee machine which is fairly easy to use with some buttons and a backlit LED display. 


  1.     It can be used with any coffee pod and it also has an inbuilt HomeBarista cup so that you can use your favorite ground beans. 
  2.     Its hot water system offers a lot of versatility for soup, tea or some cocoa. 
  3.     There are 5 cup settings and 2 temperatures that you can choose from.
  4.     It has a fairly large water capacity and it also has a charcoal filter to ensure that you have the purest and freshest brew. 
  5.     There is a built-in rise feature that automatically cleans the brewing chamber
  6.     There is a programmable auto-on function if you like to wake up with coffee ready for you. 
  7.     There is also an auto-off which shuts the machine 30 minutes after usage. 


  1.     It is rather bulky when compared to other single-serve coffee machines. 
  2.     Its construction is largely plastic which might affect its durability.

 Check out this amazing machine.

4. Breville – Nespresso Essenza Mini

Nespresso Essenza Mini Espresso Machine, Pack of 1, Black

This amazing machine is the ultimate counter space saver. Its new sleek and compact design ensures that you don’t waste a lot of space without compromising on the quality of the coffee. Coupled with their wide variety of Nespresso pods it is the perfect option for a college student or a person living in a small apartment. It is easily portable and the quintessential tiny coffee maker. 


  1.     It saves a lot of valuable counter space without compromising on quality. 
  2.     It creates barista-level coffee with its single-touch operation system that produces 19 bars of pressure which means you are getting a true espresso with a rich crema.
  3.     The water reaches the ideal temperature in just 25 seconds
  4.     Its energy-saving technology ensures that the machine is shut after 9 minutes of no use
  5.     It has an adjustable cup size with options of espresso and luogo. 
  6.     It includes a complimentary gift that includes a starter pack of 14 capsules with unique aromas. 
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  1.     Due to its compact design, it has less water storage. 
  2.     Not compatible with any other pods except Nespresso Pods. 

To buy this perfect machine to chase away all your college/work stress click here.

5. Sboly Single Serve

Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker Machine with Thermal Mug, Compatible with K Cup Pod and Ground Coffee, 3 Mins Fast Brew Single Cup Coffee Makers Brewer, 6 to 14 Oz Brew Size

The Sboly Single Serve is an amazingly low priced coffee machine with a tiny footprint. It saves a lot of counter space and just because it is on the lower end does not mean it inadequately delivers when it comes to making coffee. It is compatible with all k-cups and also has a reusable pod that can be used to make coffee using coffee grounds. 


  1.     With the press of a button, you can brew the coffee in 3 sizes i.e. 6, 8, or 10 ounces. 
  2.     The reusable filler allows you to brew up to 12 – 14 ounces. 
  3.     It has a one-touch automatic hassle-free cleaning system
  4.     It automatically shuts down after making coffee saving energy in the process 
  5.     Its stainless steel and plastic component ensures durability
  6.     It is small and compact and hence is perfect for an office desk, dorm room or small counter spaces. 


  1.     It takes about 3 minutes to brew coffee which is a little slower compared to the other options
  2.     It has a small water tank of 14 ounces which might prove to be a hassle for big families. 

Check out this quintessential coffee machine.

6. Chulux Single Serve

CHULUX Single Serve Coffee Maker Brewer for Single Cup Capsule with 12 Ounce Reservoir,Black

The Chulux single-serve coffee machines the machine for you if you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative for Keurig. The price is significantly less but the features that they have are almost identical to the Keurig. The coffee machine is very simple. It does not have any buttons to be pushed, just put the pod in, shut the lever and the coffee automatically starts brewing. 


  1.     Very budget-friendly and hence easily accessible
  2.     It is made of safe BPA plastic which has been tested multiple times
  3.     It has an automatic shut off which saves energy in the process. 
  4.     It is very simple to use and can be operated by anyone
  5.     It has a space-saving design and hence you save a lot of valuable counter space


  1.     It takes around 3 – 5 minutes to brew a coffee
  2.     It might be a little noisy and vibrates a lot 
  3.     It only has a 1-year warranty. 

Buy this budget-friendly goodness on Amazon. 

7. Oxx Coffeeboxx Job Site

As the name suggests this is the perfect coffee machine for all those construction workers out there who require a highly needed dose of energy. It can easily be stored with all your other tools and is transportation safe. It is engineered to be ultra-tough so that it can handle all rough job sites out there. So no matter how much you man-handle this machine it won’t fail to deliver a fresh cup of coffee. This is the perfect machine for you and your boys. 


  1.     It has an impact-resistant design and a crush-proof chassis with a 1500 pound load rating. 
  2.     It is compatible with all k-cups and you can choose between 3 different cup sizes. 
  3.     It is water and dust resistant for outdoor construction.
  4.     It only takes 30 seconds to preheat and 70 seconds to brew a coffee. 
  5.     It has high versatility and can be used to make hot tea, soup, or cocoa. 
  6.     It has a large water tank with an innovative spill-proof design. Its sealed caps avoid water from spilling during transport. 
  7.     It has an integrated carbon filter. 


  1.     It needs 120 Volts power outlet
  2.     It is specifically made only for construction sites and hence is a little heavy
  3.     It might be overkill for everyday home use 

Buy this machine to demolish all your work stress with a much-needed boost of energy.

8. Hamilton Beach 49968 Flexbrew

Hamilton Beach 49968 FlexBrew Connected Single Cup Coffee Maker with Amazon Dash Auto Replenishment for Coffee Pods

This is perfect for all the people who are looking for something cheap but don’t want to compromise on the quality. Don’t get fooled by its 60 dollar price, this coffee machine lands a punch when it comes to making coffee. It is perfect for that struggling college student who does not want to spend unnecessary money in coffee shops and drinking mediocre coffee. But also wants something to keep them awake and ready for a day full of classes and assignments. This product honestly gives you value for money.

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  1.     The price is very low and is affordable, but it does not compromise on quality.
  2.     They are compatible with K-cups and they also have a small reusable filler
  3.     It allows up to 3 cup sizes and with the reusable filter, it allows up to 14 ounces of coffee. 
  4.     It has a removable water reservoir so you don’t have to fill water every time you brew
  5.     It shuts off immediately after brewing saving energy in the process


  1.     The component might not be that durable
  2.     It does not have a big water storage
  3.     It takes about 3-5 minutes to brew a cup of coffee. 

Click the link to get this highly affordable coffee machine. 

9. Mueller Ultima

Mueller Single Serve Pod Compatible Coffee Maker Machine With 4 Brew Sizes, Rapid Brew Technology with Large Removable 48 oz Water Tank

The Muller Ultima is a nice and feasible compact model that weighs very little. It has a very simple and sleek design and is a breeze to use. You get hot and fresh coffee in no time. It has a rapid brew technology that chases your Monday – Sunday or any blues in no time. It does not require a lot of space and is suitable for people who have minimal counter space but also want to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. While this might not fit in your office desk it is perfect for those who live in a studio apartment or don’t want to waste a lot of counter space.


  1.     It is small and compact but does not compromise on quality
  2.     It has a 1 minute brew time so you get a fresh cup of coffee in no time
  3.     It is compatible with a lot of coffee pods so you have a wide variety to choose from
  4.     It has a 2-year warranty


  1.     It can be a little difficult to clean
  2.     The loose coffee grounds can easily clog
  3.     It makes loud noises while brewing. 

Buy this machine.

10. Mr. Coffee Maker Single Serve

Mr. Coffee BVMC SC100 2 Single Serve Coffee Maker, Black With Silver Panel

This model is affordable and perfect for all who want fresh coffee with fresh water. This machine uses a ‘pour in, brew out’ method which means that the amount of water you pour in, that much coffee the machine will make. People commonly believe that coffee tastes much better if it is made of freshwater. If you’re one of those people this is the machine for you. This machine is compatible with all k-cups and filters as well. 


  1.     It is very flexible and brews up to 10 ounces
  2.     Its removable drip tray makes the cleaning process very hassle-free
  3.     Automatically shuts off after use in order to save power
  4.     It is compatible with both k-cups and reusable filters. 


  1.     There is no removable water storage
  2.     It only has a 1 year warranty
  3.     It is a little noisy

Buy this machine now!

The list above includes the best alternatives out there for Keurig. We all crave a delicious cup of coffee before we run off to our classes or work and these coffee machines are going to be your new best friend.

There is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a professional barista brew, a compact model perfect for your small counter space, something for tiring days at job sites or something that gives you value for your money. All these products have stellar reviews on Amazon. So I hope you’ve found the perfect coffee to fight all your morning blues. 

Happy brewing to you!!

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